Fiery Heat Ch. 06

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Comments, critiques and tips are welcome. Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


Damon heard the sound of a motorcycle and smiled. Tristan was in.

“Tell you what,” he interrupted the ramblings of his accountant, “let’s do this in the study. You do know where it is don’t you?”

“Of course Damon.” The accountant quickly turned and headed towards the study.

Damon got to the door just as Tristan pushed it open.

“Hey.” Damon said softly, taking in Tristan’s look. He looked good enough to eat in a tight black V-neck T-shirt, leather jacket and ratty jeans that broke over his boots just the right way. He looked particularly dangerous in leather. And he smelled incredible. “Damn you look good.”

Tristan grinned as if to say there was no use denying it.

“You, my friend, would look good even in rags.” Tristan shot back at Damon, his sincerity obvious. “What are you up to?” Tristan asked, ignoring the fluttering inside his belly on hearing Damon’s deep, sexy voice.

“Nothing much. Just going over something with my accountant. We’re not going to take long. Why don’t you head on upstairs. There are drinks in the fridge up there. Help yourself.”

“Okay.” Tristan turned to go.

“Tris?” He heard Damon call out huskily and turned to look at him.

Like slow motion, Damon reached out and pulled Tristan to him and covered his lips with his own. God he had missed those lips. By the time they ended the kiss, Tristan was trembling so bad. They were both getting hard.

“Go.” Damon said hoarsely. He was this close to carrying Tristan upstairs to have his way with him.

“I don’t think I can do that.” Tristan muttered against Damon’s lips, sliding his hands under his t-shirt and running his fingertips over Damon’s nipples, drawing an agonized groan from him.

He lifted his chin and licked at the hollow of Damon’s throat, biting the tendon.

“Fuck Tris.” Damon felt his cock swelling even more.

Behind them, someone cleared his throat. Damon groaned with frustration and turned to see who it was. Though it was a holiday and he had given the staff the day off, some were still around. It was his red-faced accountant standing behind him.

“What is it Stanton.” He all but growled at the accountant.

“I left the KAKRA file in my car. I wanted to go and get it.”

“Don’t bother. I have a copy. Just wait for me. I’ll be right with you.” But even before he could finish, the accountant, whose face was beet red, was already rushing back to the study.

“I won’t be long Tristan. Promise.” Damon husked dropping a quick kiss on Tristan’s already swollen lips. Then turning around, he moved towards the study with long strides.

Tristan shrugged out of his jacket and hanged it on the stand beside the door, then headed upstairs. When he got to Damon’s bedroom, he went to get a bottle of orange juice from the fridge and looked around. He was so hard he contemplated getting himself off. But decided to drink some juice, walk around and try to get his mind off his hard-on. Fuck!

Tristan noticed a small gadget that looked like a monitor in a corner of the room and went to take a closer look wondering what it was. He saw an on and off button and curiously turned it on. He immediately knew it was a security camera, and clicked on the last recording. The time on the recording was 2:56 a.m. What Tristan saw next caused the blood to drain from his face. He could clearly see Damon embracing another handsome man at his living room door. One could see they cared about each other. Who was the man? Tristan wondered. Was he Damon’s lover? He laughed bitterly. Of course he was his lover. Why else would he be in his house at such an odd hour? Tristan quickly turned off the device and sat in the couch lost in thought.

What was he to do? Leave? He knew they hadn’t said anything about being exclusive but he thought…just maybe…Damon would be serious about him. He knew the tabloids always carried pictures of Damon with different women. It was obvious he had a pretty busy sex life. But Tristan couldn’t help how he felt about Damon. He loved him God help him.

Tristan felt anger and hurt mixed in his heart but he couldn’t bring himself to leave. If Damon couldn’t be serious about him, he was going to be with him any way he could. And if that meant he was going to have to share with others, so be it. He was a man after all, and should move with the flow right?

When Damon eventually got into the room, it was to find a relaxed Tristan watching golf on TV.

“What are you drinking?” Damon asked going to place some documents on the big study table beside the window.

“Orange juice.”

“Are you okay?” Damon didn’t miss the hitch in Tristan’s voice and turned to give him a closer look.

“Yep.” Tristan stood and went over to where Damon stood beside the table, wrapped both arms around his neck and pulled him down to meet his desperate kiss. “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know…there was somethi…forget about it. Where were we?” Then Damon was casino siteleri bending to capture Tristan’s lips again. Tristan’s lips were soft yet strong against his. He applied just the right amount of pressure and suction, rubbing with lips, caressing with tongue to drive Tristan mad with desire. He nipped his lower lip and then drew it into his mouth to suck it gently, soothing it with the tip of his tongue. It worked.

Tristan groaned harshly and tore off Damon’s t-shirt. “I want you so bad right now.”

“I loved that t-shirt.” Damon said getting hard instantly.

“I will get you a another.” Tristan said pushing Damon backward until he fell onto the bed.

“Move up.” He commanded.

Damon’s heart was beating so hard within his chest he was having a hard time breathing. He moved up till his head was on the pillows and laid still watching Tristan tear his already torn t-shirt into shreds.


But Tristan just crawled up his body and picking up his right wrist, proceeded to tie Damon with a strip of the t-shirt. He moved to do same with his other wrist. Damon silently watched what Tristan was doing. Two days earlier, Tristan had said he trusted him. It was now his turn to show he trusted him. He proved that by remaining quiet instead of questioning what he was doing.

Tristan took the remote from the bedside desk and pressed the music button. The beginning chords of the violin for Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ filled the room. When the sexy voice of Steven Tyler started belting out the lyrics, Tristan felt an incredible feeling of love that he never wanted to lose go through him. Shit! He put it on auto repeat.

Then bending over Damon, he took one of his erect nipples into his mouth and bit down softly on it.

“Oh Fuck!” Damon groaned, gazing at the fully clothed Tristan with eyes filled with so much lust.

Tristan blew on the wet nipple and moved to give the other one the same attention. Damon was going out of his mind with pleasure. The thick ridge of his cock was pressing against his fly, begging to be released.

Tristan moved down, dropping kisses on the hairy abs and sexy six-pack. He dipped his tongue into his belly button, giving Damon a tongue fuck that he wasn’t going to forget anytime soon. Damon sucked in a breath, his stomach clenching as Tristan’s worked on his belly button. Then Tristan sat between Damon’s legs and started slowly unbuckling his belt, as if he had all week.

“God Baby, please.” Damon begged. “I’m dying here.”

“What’s the rush Damon? We have all day.” He laughed softly at the growl that came out of Damon’s throat. For someone who had had a lover over in the early hours of the day, he sure was desperate.

“Untie me Tristan.” Damon demanded roughly, pulling against the binds around his wrist. But Tristan only grinned devilishly at him and shook his head slowly. “What the fuck are you playi…” but the rest of his words got lost in a hoarse cry as Tristan swallowed the head of his cock into his warm mouth. “Fuuuuuck!”

Tristan bobbed his head rapidly to stimulate the head, loving the feel of the jewelry in Damon’s piercing, on his tongue. He was careful to keep his lips over his teeth so he wouldn’t scrape Damon while he sucked him vigorously, his lips bumping over the rim, flicking his warm tongue over the enlarged head.

“Yeah, baby,” he gasped. “That’s it.”

Tristan kept sucking until Damon was a shaking mess, his skin tingling, unable to stop the soft sounds he was making. Then taking his mouth off the huge dick, he gently circled the base and slowly, carefully began to move his hand up and down the shaft before sucking the tip back into his mouth. The man had a beautiful organ. Slick, wet, and so hard the veins were visible. Tristan could remember how good it had felt sliding in and out of his body. He wanted Damon’s cum in his mouth. He stroked faster, his hand gliding firmly over his smooth skin, and sucked harder, as if he wanted to draw out his creamy cum into his mouth.

The combined sensation of sucking and the firm stroking of his cock was too much for Damon. His face was flushed with undisguised bliss and his sensual lips parted as he gasped in pleasure, his eyes tightly closed.

“Tris,” he moaned and ached his back.

Tristan’s cock hardened even more and leaked like a faucet within the confines of his jeans at the sound of his name on Damon’s delectable lips. He lifted Damon’s cock and licked his balls until Damon was screaming for him to stop. Tristan took his cock back between his lips and sucked hard, his cheeks hollowing, letting his tongue rasp against the slickness of his skin. He took in another inch, his lips flattening, his tongue like liquid fire as it stroked the sensitive little spot just beneath the tapered crest. Damon’s head thrashed from side to side, the sound of his rough breathing scraping the air around them.

“Oh my God, Tris, what was that?” Damon jerked his hips and his dick went deeper into Tristan’s mouth. “Fuck!”

Tristan was determined canlı casino to drive Damon out of his mind, wanted to give him something to compare with when he was with his other lovers. He moved, pulling back until only the head rested within his lips, then swirled the tip of his tongue over the slit. He wanted Damon to come harder than he ever had before. He was in his power.

“Oh God Baby, your mouth is amazing.” Damon whispered.

Damon watched Tristan through half-lowered eyelids. He was wonderful, beautiful, sexy, talented and…oh God, he was going to come.

Tristan dipped down on him again, relaxing his throat so he could take him even deeper. Then he swallowed and heard Damon swear in a guttural tone that made him smile around the cock in his mouth. He returned to the tip and used his teeth to scrape against the skin, and just like that, Damon lost it.

“Tristan,” Damon screamed as he came, flooding Tristan’s mouth with warmth. His body shook as Tristan continued to pumped and suck his cock. He filled Tristan’s mouth with his hot, salty, amazing flavor, and Tristan moaned whilst swallowing down the very essence of the man he loved.

“God, Tris.” Damon’s voice was harsh, the words, a tortured pleasure. His cock throbbed inside Tristan’s mouth and he trembled with aftershocks till he stilled. Tristan lapped up the remaining flow of cum, circled his tongue on the head and then released him into the cool air. He lifted his head and their eyes met. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. Neither of them moved. Damon wasn’t sure if he was still capable of breathing.

Watching Damon intently, Tristan could see on his face an expression of pure satisfaction and… love? That couldn’t be! Damon seemed spellbound, amazed at the satisfaction Tristan had just given to him. Tristan move up Damon’s body till his lips were close to his.

“God, Tris…God…that was…”

But before he could finish, Tristan bent and covered his lips with his. He kissed Damon then, long, drawn out, and passionate. Tristan caressed his lips, tasted them, his tongue stroking his, rubbing it. The kiss became frantic as Tristan’s fingers tightened in Damon’s hair. The kiss was so erotic Damon gasped brokenly into Tristan’s mouth.

“Untie me Tris.” Damon whispered against Tristan’s lips.

Tristan sat up and stared down at Damon. He was beautiful. His abs standing out beneath that flawless skin and the soft patch of hair that led right down to where Tristan kneeled, straddling him, his chest…his gorgeous sculpted chest…heaving as he tried to catch the breath.

“Tris please. I want to hold you.” Damon pleaded.

“Are your wrists hurting?” Tristan asked quietly.

“No.” Damon sighed after looking up at his wrists. He could sense that Tristan wasn’t ready to let him go.

“Then No. I’m not done with you just yet.” Tristan said pulling Damon’s jeans together with his boxer briefs off.


“But one thing you should know…that orgasm you just had…must be cherished because you’re not going to get another any time soon.”

That got a groan from Damon who was getting hard again already. Tristan moved to the edge of the bed and picking up some of the shredded t-shirt, tied Damon’s ankles to the corners of the bed, leaving him spread eagle. Damon closed his eyes, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.

“Fuck, you’re hot,” Tristan said as he ran his eyes over Damon. “So goddamn sexy.”

Then changing the music to Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’, Tristan started undressing, and it was so fucking sexy. But Damon couldn’t help laughing when Tristan actually turned sideways and arched his back a little with his hands on his hips and his elbows pressed back, mimicking a stripper’s move.

“Let’s get it on.” Tristan sang along sexily.

When Tristan striped to his boxer briefs, he went down to a squat and came back up to a full standing position, with his hips swaying whilst he rolled the boxers off his body. Then he draped the boxers over the length of his erection and shook his hips raunchily.

“Yeah Baby!” Damon couldn’t help screaming at that sexy move. Tristan blushed but laughed excitedly and threw the boxers at Damon.

Just as ‘This I Promise You’ by NSYNC started playing, Tristan, his heavy erection bobbing in front of him, got back on the bed, and started kissing a trail down Damon’s belly to the inside of his thigh, stroking down to his feet and kissing each toe.

“Christ Tris.” Damon gasped, “I don’t think I can stand this.”


He proceeded to kiss his way up Damon’s legs, till he got to his inner thigh. Damon was at full mast by then, the metal in his piercing shining with all the pre-cum oozing out. He arched his back and then thrust his hips up, pushing his erection towards Tristan. Pleasure was already building up inside him. Tristan didn’t touch his cock but rather moved up to drop kisses on his stomach.

“C’mon, Tris.” Damon groaned as Tristan licked and bit his firm tummy and hummed to himself.

“Patience, kaçak casino they say, is a virtue,” Tristan muttered into Damon’s chest earning a curse from Damon.

Tristan leaned over to kiss Damon’s throat as he began to tease him more deliberately with his fingers. He was subjecting him to a sweet torture and Damon didn’t know how long he could stand it. He could already feel an orgasm building inside him which was rather surprising considering the fact that he had gone over the edge not too long ago. Tristan nipped lightly at his flat nipple, teasing the hard peak till Damon groaned harshly, his arms straining against the binds. If only Tristan would allow him to touch him, make him feel as good.

“Need to touch you,” Damon said. “Need to, so much. God, you have no idea…”

“I do. But you have to wait.” Tristan said drifting back down his body to suckle hard on his stomach. When he pulled back, Damon sensed how pleased he was to see a little red mark, a bruise forming. He licked down to his hip and without warning, licked the head of Damon’s leaking cock.

“Fuck Tris!” Damon groaned. He was so hard.

He gasped when Tristan slid down and started to nuzzle those heavy balls. From the earlier blowjob, he knew Damon loved having his balls licked and that’s exactly what he did. Damon thought he could very well die from the pleasure of it. The building pressure in his groin reached its peak and he tensed.

“Oh fuck,” Damon groaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. Gonna…”

But before he could even finish what he was saying, Tristan squeezed him hard at the base of his cock, stalling his orgasm.

“Fuck Tris!”

Then Tristan reached into the side drawer and took out the tube of lube. He squeezed some onto Damon’s already wet cock and some on his own fingers. Whilst stroking Damon and rubbing the lube on him, he used his fingers to open himself up.

“Jesus. That is so hot baby.” Damon gasped, his breath was coming fast as he watched Tristan fucking himself. He had never seen a sight so erotic. Tristan with his lips slightly parted, with tiny moaning sounds coming out of his throat, his hard cock leaking profusely. It was all he could do not to shoot right there.

When Tristan felt he was open enough to take Damon’s monster cock, he straddling his hips facing him and started to lower himself onto him.

“Fuck!” They both said at the same time, making Damon smile.

Closing his eyes, Tristan sucked in a quick breath through his teeth and dropped down. Heat raced up his spine. He tried to relax but Damon was so big. His body opened up one agonizingly slow inch at a time, stretched him to his limits. Tristan shuddered, still incredibly hard. He didn’t even realize he was gasping for breath until Damon spoke softly.

“Baby untie me. I want to help you.”

“No. I got this. Oh God, you’re so… thick.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No. Feels full but great.”

Then Tristan gasped and moaned loudly. He had all of Damon now. Tristan gasped when he felt the metal at the head of Damon’s cock rub over his pleasure button and fought the orgasm that threatened to explode out of him. He took in deep breaths but couldn’t stop it. He tumbled over the edge with a loud cry as spasms gripped the base of his cock and his ass tightened around Damon’s cock. Damon groaned, watching as thick ropes of cum shot as far as his shoulders, some splattering across his partially open lips. His tongue came out and clicked what was on his lips. Tristan’s body went limp and he fell against Damon. Damon knew he would give anything to be able to wrap his arms around the sexy man lying on him but stubborn Tristan wouldn’t allow it. Shit!

“Kiss me Tris.” Damon whispered shakily.

“I’m not finished with you.” Tristan whispered back breathing hard.

“I know. Kiss me or let me touch you. Please.”

Tristan suckled and licked the side of Damon’s neck until waves of pleasure coursed through him and he shuddered, hardening even more inside him. Then he moved to give Damon a kiss so passionate, his toes curled. Damon surged up helplessly into Tristan, making him moan brokenly into the kiss. Tristan took a deep shuddering breath against Damon’s mouth, licking at his lips and sucking softly on his tongue. As he kissed Damon, Tristan’s hips starting to move, taking Damon deep.

“Ah, yes,” Damon gasped.

Tristan cried out as he moved to sit up, his rapidly filling cock prodding Damon in the belly. He felt like a total slut like this. This is exactly what he’d been craving…deep, hard penetration. It felt so good he just wanted to feel Damon moving inside him. He didn’t need anything else. Just this. He rode him hard. Tristan threw his head back and screamed when he felt the metal rub constantly on that button. He knew he wouldn’t last long.

He looked down at Damon through his lashed and reached up to twist his own nipples with his fingers. Then he started undulating sensuously, making Damon groan loudly.

“Oh God. Don’t stop, Tris. You feel so good. Perfect.” Damon whispered shakily.

Damon was moving so much the restrains were biting into him, sending bolts of fire through his body. “Oh Fuck, Tris, please I have to cum. Oh God.” Damon heard the whimper in his voice and didn’t care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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