Fat Bottomed Girl Pt. 04

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For over a year my affair with Sheila has evolved from a mutually beneficial female led relationship to a one-sided, female dominated lifestyle.

As my dependence grew, so did my love and desire to please my lady. It was a gradual maturation of what Sheila had begun with me when she first convinced me to be her nude man in our CFNM games. Slowly but surely Sheila had taken me further and deeper into my submission to and reliance on her.

It may have been my instant attraction to her wide ass and my worshiping of it that led Sheila to believe that she could dominate me. If so, I have only me to blame. My fetish for fat bottomed girls grew into a need, an addiction if you will, to please her. My reward for pleasing my lady was to be able to make oral love to her wide, dimpled buttocks, ending with her permitting me to slide my dick up and down between those mounds until I spill my seed on her back.

Intuitively Sheila knew that in the long run I’d do anything within reason for that privilege and slowly took me to task.

Even now, as I sit nude at her feet, polishing her toe nails as she talks on the phone to a friend, I feel a deep connection to her, such as I’ve never known. She’s going out tonight. I know she’s leaving me here in her apartment to do my chores while she enjoys the company of her friends at a local bar. This is reasonable to me. Sheila needs her down time to relax and enjoy the company of others.

I have no need for that same amusement. My needs are met by pleasing Sheila. She provides me with a sense of serenity. I will happily clean her apartment, wash her clothes, prepare meals, and be naked for her friends. It’s a small price to pay for me to be allowed to lavish her fat ass with kisses.

Sheila has provided me with a pinafore. She has me wear it when house cleaning and preparing meals. Of course I’m naked behind it. She explained the sanitary reasons and she made perfect sense. And, because Sheila wants a clean and sanitary environment in her home, I have been directed to keep my body devoid of hair below my head. Again, for sanitary reasons it is the right thing to do. I mean who wouldn’t be disgusted seeing one of my pubic hairs on the floor, much less an arm or leg hair. I can imagine Sheila’s embarrassment if her friends were to see a stray hair that once was on my body, on the furniture or floor.

I’ve not only grown accustomed to being shaved but rather like the smoothness of my body. The moisturizing creams Sheila bought for me has softened my skin to where Sheila really enjoys my closeness. She has taught me to be more supple in my movements when serving her company. Since they are mostly ladies of stature like my Sheila, I understand her wish that I make them feel comfortable, superior to me.

There are those of you who would scoff at the level of degradation I have allowed myself to be drawn into. You have no understanding of the freedom I feel when I’m paraded out nude, in a room full of Sheila’s friends. The sense of pride I get from her smile when I’ve preformed well for her guests is beyond comparison. I see my lady beam as I masturbate myself for her and her friends amusement and lick my spending from my hand to their smattering of applause and giggles.

No, you have no idea how sexy I feel walking nude throughout a room full of clothed women to whom I’m serving snacks and beverages. The spanks they give my ass, the tugging of my rigid dick, the hefting of my balls by the many friends of Sheila’s are a sign that my efforts are appreciated. That pleases Sheila and in turn, that pleases me.

So you might not understand then, that it didn’t take more than a few days of coercion and convincing me that my sucking Mikes’ cock for her would be a valuable tool in my desire to please her.

Once convinced, I had several days to wait and think about how it would go. My priority was to please my lady so ultimately, I had to please Mike to accomplish that. My only qualms were in regard to how Sheila would see me after I performed fellatio.

She eased my insecurities by reminding me that I liked pussy, both eating and fucking it, therefore I could not be a homosexual. Sheila’s logic prevailed and I imagined how I would look, naked, on my knees, sucking Mike’s rather large cock while a roomful of fully dressed women watched. The scenario gave me erection every time I thought about it. My willingness to submit to an act of homosexuality became over powering and I knew that not only would I do it, I wanted the humiliation of being seen doing it. Finally, after days of waiting, my desire to please Sheila by degrading myself became an obsession.

The evening finally arrived. I was erect most of that day in anticipation. My ladies guests arrived over a period of 30 minutes with Mike and Bev joining us last. Sheila explained that she wanted to surprise her lady friends who weren’t expecting what they were about to witness.

Naked as usual, I provided cocktails and joints to Sheila’s guests. The usual dick tugs, fanny smacks had casino oyna me in a state of sexual tension. I knew that my release would only come after I had pleased Sheila.

When all ladies had their drinks, Sheila clapped her hands, getting their attention. Summoning me to her, Sheila announced to her friends that they were in for a real treat. Without further explanation to them, Sheila whispered to me, asking if I was ready. I nodded my assent.

Sheila directed me to stand in the middle of the room. Then she nodded to Bev who sent Mike to join me. My time to really show my lady how much I loved her had arrived.

The room grew still as I helped Mike out of his shirt. Kneeling at his feet, I removed his shoes. Still kneeling, my erect dick pointing up at him, I unfastened his trousers and pulled them down. I saw the great bulge in his briefs. I smelled his masculine scent emanating from his crotch. I placed my hands on his ass and tugged his underwear down.

His meaty cock was inches from my face. I looked at Sheila and saw her grinning at me. I looked up and saw Mike looking down at me. Making eye contact with him, I hefted Mikes cock up and began to suckle his scrotum. I licked, sucked and kissed his balls, feeling his cock harden in my hand.

I heard the ladies gasp when I licked the head of Mike’s cock. I lavished that mushroom with sloppy tonguing and slurping kisses, and then swallowed as much cock as I could.

One hand caressed Mike’s balls, the other held his ass for balance. I bobbed my head up and down his large appendage, taking him to my gagging point before pulling back. I pulled him out of my mouth and could see a saliva string connecting his cock to my lips. I rubbed his cock all over my cheeks, relishing in the depravity of what I was doing.

My own dick was dripping pre-cum as I made loud, sloppy love to Mike’s cock.

I heard one of the ladies call me a cock sucker as I continued pleasing Mike. I felt a sense of pride at that. I was, after all, sucking a cock and I to get the acknowledgement of some one calling me a cocksucker, must mean I was doing it properly.

Mike, who had been standing still, began to grind his crotch in my face trying to force his cock deeper into my slurping, sucking mouth. I submitted to his onslaught, kneeling docile as he fucked my mouth. Both of my hands held Mike’s ass as he fucked and crammed his cock into me until my nose was at the base. I’d done it. I had deep throated him.

In and out, in and out again and again, his cock went. I heard him groan as he began to cum. He called me a motherfucking faggot as he humped and fucked his cum down my throat. His first blasts went directly into my stomach. Then Mike pulled out so he could cum in my mouth. His cum was salty and thick, much like my own. I tasted and swallowed.

Then much to my dismay, Mike pulled out and jacked his cock off, spraying my face with the last of his climax.

Cum ran in thick rivulets down my cheeks and off my forehead as I took his spent cock back in my mouth, cleaning him until he became soft. Mike took his soft cock in hand and used it to collect the cum on my face. Then he offered it to me. I took him back in my mouth, finalizing the last act.

Sitting back on my haunches I looked at Sheila and saw that she was very happy with me. The proud look on her face told me I had done what I set out to do. I had pleased my lady in the most degrading way possible, and I had done it in front of her friends as well.

Two days later Sheila had Bev and Mike over. This time there was only the four of us. Mike and I spent our afternoon and evening naked as our clothed ladies gabbed and chatted about the reactions of the other ladies who watched me debase myself.

I found myself stealing glances at the cock I’d sucked. Strangely, I was no longer repulsed by Mike’s continual teasing and rubbing his cock in the crack of my ass when he thought the ladies weren’t looking. After preparing dinner in my pinafore, I removed it to join our guests.

Bev was telling Sheila how cute I looked in it as I blushed at her compliment.

I was at the sink rinsing our dishes when Mike rubbed up against me, and reached around to fondle my dick. This time, I reached back and gently jacked him in return. I was becoming familiar with my naked partner and was learning to enjoy his company.

I know you readers will scoff and demean me for my acquiescence and the ease to which I became comfortable with another man’s genitalia. I would say that if you think about or do something long enough, it no longer becomes a chore.

The sexually charged atmosphere generated by Sheila and our CFNM lifestyle, heightened my sensuality. I was and am confident in my heterosexuality. One homosexual act does not make me a queer. That fact was hammered home to me when after out guests had left the night when I became a cocksucker, Sheila let me worship her ass, and permitted me the honor of cumming from fucking her generous buttocks.

And to amplify my love canlı casino of pussy, Sheila rode my face for nearly 20 minutes, grinding out several orgasms after I had cleaned up my own. Although her cunt and wide thighs drowned out most of what she was groaning and moaning her climax, I thought I heard her say something about someone being a glorious faggot.

So while I’m at the sink jacking Mike off as he played with my dick, it is not difficult to understand how or why I turned and knelt before him and once again took his wonderful cock in my mouth. If an explanation is required then it is suffice to say that my fetish for Sheila’s large ass morphed into a fetish for Mike’s spectacular cock. It isn’t so much that I wanted to be his cocksucker. It was more like it was my intent to worship something large, dominant, and wonderfully sexy.

After a couple sucks and kisses, I rose and finished doing the dishes. Both Mike and I knew the evening had yet to play out and we could expect to be directed by our ladies to perform for them.

Rejoining our women, Mike and I both sported erections.

It was Sheila who suggested that we adjourn to the bedroom. I watched Mike disrobe Bev. Her tits were larger than Sheila’s and had a sag to them. Her cunt was covered by a larger, unruly bush so thick I could hardly make out her labia.

Then they watched as I removed my lady’s clothing, folding her capris and hanging them in the closet. I then knelt at her ass and pulled her panty down. Bev and Mike were treated to the sight of her thin, wispy, red pussy hair, and I her big ass.

Sheila bent over the bed allowing me to worship at the altar of my desire. Bev and Mike watched me as I licked and lapped at her Sheila’s wide pale buttocks.

Bev and Mike pulled the covers down and lay on the bed. Sheila joined them. I stood at her side and watched Bev stroke Mike’s cock, tugging hard, almost painfully.

I was in anguish when I heard Bev tell Mike to fuck Sheila. Worse yet, as Mike knelt between my woman’s legs, Sheila looked at me and told me to put him in her. My love, my dearest love, wanted me to not only let another man fuck her, she wanted me to be a willing accomplice.

I could feel the tears well up as I took Mike’s cock in hand and rubbed his familiar head up and down my lady’s wet cunt. When I felt she was ready, I put the head of his cock at her entrance. Mike pushed in and suddenly, just like that, my relationship with Sheila was changed forever.

Watching Mike fuck Sheila was both stimulating and heart breaking. Tears rolled out of my eyes although I tried not to cry.

Bev motioned me to her side of the bed. She was grinning at my discomfort, enjoying my heartache. Then she pointed to her hairy cunt and I knew what she wanted. I moved between her legs and placed my face in her crotch.

Taking a deep breath, I lapped at the hairy, fat labia. Bev became impatient with my foreplay and grabbed my head, forcing me deep in to her pussy lips. I lapped at her cunt, fucking her with my tongue. She was very wet and suddenly I realized that she and Mike had fucked earlier. As Bev ground my face in her crotch I could taste the salty tang of Mike’s cum. She wanted me to clean his sperm from her well fucked cunt.

Resigned to my fate and feeling the bed bounce as Mike fucked my woman, I ate his spending from his woman. I decided that the best revenge for Mike’s fucking my lady, would be for me to make Bev cum hard. I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her hips from the bed. I sucked on her clit, gently nibbling. I lapped at her spunk filled cunt, swallowing Mike’s sperm and bringing Bev to her first climax.

I moved back to her clit and remembering how Sheila trained me to eat her, I rolled my tongue around it, at the same time sucking it gently. Bev came again after a few minutes and I knew I was accomplishing my goal. Bev ground her puss in my face and groaned out another climax. After that one subsided, she pushed me back. She’d had enough.

I was happy I could make her cum so easily. Still it hurt when she told me that I wasn’t bad for a cocksucker.

My own dick was hard as I watched Mike fuck the shit out of Sheila. His ass pistoned up and down as he gave my lady long strokes of his over sized cock. Sheila had her legs up around Mike’s waist and his balls slapped her ass when he was deep in my woman’s pussy.

Sheila was in a constant state of climax, moaning and groaning. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as Mike fucked her into a drooling stupor.

I watched his ass tense and knew he was going to cum in my lady, my Sheila.

It’s hard to explain and I know there are those of you who will think I’m some sort of sicko when I say this. Although my heart ached, I was still happy my lady was being pleased so well. I knew that Sheila liked our fucking but Mike’s cock took it to another level.

The pang of jealousy I felt was matched by my desire to see my lady pleased. I knew this probably would not be the last time Mike and Sheila fucked and kaçak casino that thought brought both feelings of shame and excitement in me. I knew instinctively that Sheila’s dominance over me would lead her to demonstrate it again. The ease in which she welcomed another man’s cock into what was once my domain, made me feel so damned submissive, so needful of her approval. I knew I would not complain nor voice any displeasure with the latest change in our relationship. To do so would have gone completely beyond what I had become. I wanted Sheila to be happy and It was painfully clear that Mike’s cock was doing just that for her.

After Mike finished dumping his load in my lady, he moved aside. I saw Sheila’s freshly fucked cunt gaping open, drooling Mike’s cum down to the crack of her ass.

My submission was evident to all as I moved my face between her thighs and lapped at the cum leaking from her cunt. I placed my mouth over her labia and sucked hard, trying to clean all evidence of their fucking. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful and began to savor the familiar flavor of Mike’s semen.

Sheila grunted, pushing more sperm into my mouth and said something about me being a cum eating cocksucker. I didn’t catch all of what she moaned out but it didn’t matter to me.

When Sheila forcefully turned me on my back and squatted over my face, I could barely hear the disparaging remarks she was saying about me as she grunted and fucked my face until she came again.

My eyes were closed when Sheila finally moved off my face. I lay there, eyes still closed, panting, trying to catch my breath when I felt someone straddle my head. I opened my eyes to see Mike leering down at me, his cum and cunt juice covered cock deliciously close to my mouth. This last humiliation was too tempting for me to decline. I raised my head and took his deflated cock in my mouth, tasting both he and my lady on the shaft.

Yes, I cleaned his cock for him. Part of me did it in gratitude for the splendid fucking her gave Sheila. Part of me did it because I was not ready to face those three. And finally, part of me did it because, God help me, I wanted to. Submitting to this large cock seemed natural, so appropriate.

I lay there, nursing on Mike’s big cock and lapping at his balls, I realized my face had been in the crotch of all three people in our home that evening. I’d made two of them cum. I wanted to perform a hat trick, to finish what I’d started, earlier in the kitchen.

I bobbed up and down, licked and slobbered until I could feel Mike harden once again.

Mike rolled off me and lay on his back. I placed my face on his stomach, held his balls and sucked him like a hungry baby on a bottle. Bev’s calling me a cocksucker did nothing to diminish my efforts. Sheila calling me a faggot only strengthened my resolved to tame Mike’s huge cock.

I forced my head down and deep throated him. I licked, lapped, sucked and, fucked my mouth with his manhood until I was rewarded with his orgasm.

Mike flooded my mouth with three blasts of cum, not as much as the first time but then he’d just minutes before dumped a load in my lady. I was content to let what sperm he gave me run down his shaft so I could clean it again and again.

Finally my jaws began to ache and I finished my latest queer act.

Sheila moved to me and we swapped spit and Mike’s residual cum as we tongue kissed. She held me tightly to her little titties as our tongues danced together.

Bev and Mike spent the night with us. Both Sheila and I watched in the morning as Bev sat on Mike’s cock and rode him to their mutual climax. They then watched as I paid homage to Sheila’s big ass. I knew they were amused to see me sliding my dick in between her pliant buttocks, finally cumming on her back. I heard them chuckle as they watched me clean my sperm with my mouth.

I didn’t hear anything as Sheila sat on my face and fucked my mouth with her pussy until she had a couple, three orgasms.

All were dressed but me as I served coffee. My submission to those three the night before was only enhanced as I moved gracefully around the room, filling coffee cups and offering cream and sugar.

After Bev and Mike left, Sheila and I showered. I helped her into a blue bikini panty that was tested as it stretched over her wide ass. She put on a short robe and went to her vanity.

As I brushed her red hair Sheila commented on last night’s events. She had seen my anguish, my tears. She told me that it both pleased and excited her to see me hurt. First, she explained, my tears were proof that I loved her. That pleased her. Then she told me how seeing me watch her being fucked by a larger cock excited her.

When she asked me my feelings on the matter, I was at first, at a loss for words. I mean how could I define the mixed emotions that were up to then, unknown to me. I told my lady that I didn’t understand what was going through me. I told her of my jealousy, my shame and of my own excitement.

Sheila explained that what I felt was cuckold angst. She could tell that I was turned on watching her get fucked. My hard on was obvious. She also explained that those feeling were common and to be expected in cuckolds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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