Fantasy Fulfilled

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It is said that bisexuality doubles one’s chances of being laid on any given night. Of course, the joke only works if the subject is “out,” and I certainly was not, even at age 19.

High school…not always the best time to let your friends know that you fantasize about both genders. I first started fantasizing about other guys during junior year, but I thought at the time that my lust for men was just another weird fetish phase. Naturally it would pass quickly…well, it didn’t. I managed to keep my feelings secret from all but a few people, and the people who I did tell were other closeted guys who approached me about being gay or bi. I never knew how they found me out—I guess some people just have a sixth sense for this sort of thing. In any event, for the next two years I fooled around with both guys and girls (the former in total secrecy). I used to wish sometimes that I was strictly straight, because at least I could imagine that I had a slim chance with incredibly hot girls. But being bi, I had to come to terms with the fact that I could never have most guys.

Where I come from, football is a huge sport, and my old high school had the best team in the state. Some players were venerated so much at school that one would think that motherfucking Jerry Rice was a member of the student body. Of course, there were a number of hot guys on the team, but the hottest of them all was Cam. At around 6’3″ the boy towered over most kids in our grade by the end of senior year. He had a model’s face, with glowing ivory skin, soft facial features, and sparkling white teeth. His eyes were a penetrating deep blue, and he kept his short blonde hair spiked up in the front. I jacked off to his shirtless Facebook pictures constantly. His torso was lean, yet extremely well muscled from abs to pecs. His biceps were the best part—huge rocks when fully flexed. It was no secret that Cam didn’t mind getting fully naked in the football showers, and although I never got to see him (fuck!), it was said that his cock was monstrously huge. I usually pictured myself fucking the stud in my fantasies, but something about that big dick made my asshole tingle.

Even though Cam and I shared a few classes senior year, we never had much of a reason to interact. We hardly spoke a word to each other except in passing, and I didn’t have the balls to talk to him. Thus, we lived our separate lives—him being his hot self while I got my rocks off to his pictures. It continued until graduation, and after that I gradually forgot about Cam as college life got under way…

…until one day during spring break. That afternoon, as I was sitting in front of my laptop, something happened that I did not expect. I was on Facebook, messaging some hot chick, when all of a sudden I got a message from Cam.

“hey.” That one word made my heart skip a beat, and I nearly choked on the juice I was drinking. Forgetting all about the girl I was chatting with, I sent back a quick message. What the fuck could this be about?

“hey man, I havent talked to you since graduation…whats up?” I pressed enter and waited for his reply.

“yeah I know lol,” he typed back. “This is really random I know but I got something to ask you.”

“yeah what is it?” I replied. Naw, it can’t be, I’m just getting my hopes up. He’s probably looking to score some weed off me or hook up with some girl I know.

“i just wanna ask you what your opinion is on guys liking other guys cause after high school i realized that id like to try something with a dude. senior year you kinda gave me a vibe that made me think you liked guys, im not gonna lie i thought you were pretty good looking and i was wondering if you wanna experiment and mess around some time. i hope im right i got a feeling that i am, but if you arent into that plz dont tell anyone about this…i think i can trust you.”

For a few seconds I just stared at the screen, mouth agape. I was stunned. No, fuck no, this could not be real. Dozens of emotions flooded my head at once. It’s just a trick. The fucking jock is trying to out you. Blackmail you. Who the fuck knows? He doesn’t like guys though, that’s for sure.

“naw im not into guys srry man,” I typed in. I prepared to hit the enter key—but I did not. The blatant lie typed into the message box stared back at me through the screen. Grow some balls, Billy. Tell the truth for once in your life. You want this. He’s 18 or 19 by now, it is okay. Aw, fuck it! I highlighted the bullshit message and erased it. I knew I was taking a risk, and my heart pounded at the thought of what I was now going to write. My hands nearly shook as I typed.

“HOLY SHIT i never knew you were curious like that or i wouldve talked to you a long time…yeah, I guess you could say im bi.” I hit send and waited for his reply. Seconds ticked by. I could actually hear my heart beating hard against my chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

“WOOO haha yeee i knew i was right about you!!!” came Cam’s reply. “Soooo…what did you think of me? like casino oyna in school? cause i think youre wicked hot.” He ended the message with a little winking emoticon.

YES YES YES YES was the only thing going through my mind at that moment.

“wow i cant believe you think that…im not even close to being as good looking as you. You were the hottest guy in our school by far.”

“yeah thx,” Cam replied. “but still youre pretty hot yourself. I dont know if this is creepy but i used to beat off to your pics a lot.”

Cam…the hottest guy I know, the great football stud…beat off to pics of me?

“not creepy at all man,” I told him. “truth is i got off to all those shirtless pics of you on Facebook.”

“YOU DID?!?!” came his reply. “well i guess its pretty obvious we are attracted to each other lol. Wanna come over for awhile? i got the whole house to myself for the next few days. i live at 50 Summer in case you need to know…theres so much shit I wanna do with you.”

Yeah…like doing me.

“could I come over now?” I asked.

“yeah!” he replied back without hesitation.

“sweeeeet.” I typed. “im on my way.” Lurching up from my seat, I ran to the bathroom mirror to get ready. I brushed my teeth thoroughly and made sure my hair looked okay—I was more nervous than I had ever been about my appearance. When I finished getting ready, I ran outside and jumped into my car.

Cam was there to open the front door when I arrived. He had not changed much in almost a year, and he looked delicious standing there in a tight muscle shirt and basketball shorts.

“Hey what’s up,” I said awkwardly.

“Hey man,” the stud replied. I stepped inside, and Cam shut the door behind me. I noticed that one of his hands was stuck down into his shorts. “Lookin’ good Billy,” he said with a grin, his perfect white teeth flashing.

“Yeah, you’re still wicked tall,” I said stupidly. Cam didn’t seem to pick up on the awkwardness of the comment.

“Well, not if I bend down.” He leaned his head toward me, and just like that, we were making out furiously in his hallway. I had kissed a few other guys before, and plenty of girls before that, but none of them compared to the lip lock with the tall boy. Cam was a masterful kisser. He knew just how to position his lips for maximum pleasure, and his tongue moved around in my mouth with frantic activity. His hands were in motion as well, moving along my back and down to my ass. I could feel his large hard boner through his basketball shorts, and I’m sure he felt mine as well. At long last, we broke apart.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he said quietly, as if someone else might hear. I followed him eagerly to what must have been his parents’ room. A large king-sized bed sat beneath a curtained window. The condoms and bottle of lube on the nightstand did not escape my attention. With his strong arms, Cam shoved me onto the bed and straddled me. We made out some more, but before long the clothes started to come off.

“It’s getting hot in here,” Cam declared. “I don’t think we really need these clothes anymore.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I agreed, still breathing hard from the intensity of the kissing. Cam ripped off his shirt to reveal his muscled athletic torso. In person, it looked ten times as good. We both pulled off all our clothes until just our underwear remained. Cam’s boxer briefs had the biggest bulge that I had ever seen—I knew that my own seven inches would seem puny by comparison.

“You first,” I told him. I was practically drooling at the idea of looking at his cock, let alone sucking it.

“Sure, but how about you take these boxers off for me,” the stud shot back. I badly wanted to take that penis into my mouth right away, but first, I wanted to worship his ripped body with my lips. I approached Cam and started kissing his neck, working my way down to his arms.

“First, flex your whole body for me,” I told him. Cam tightened his arms, chest, and abs, the big muscles popping out.

“You like that?” Cam asked me.

“Yeah I fucking love it, you’re so fucking hot.” I replied. It was the truth—his body was the definition of perfection. I worked my tongue and lips over one of his huge, rock-solid biceps. I then moved down to his pecs, where I sucked and played with his nipples. I ran my fingers through the grooves of his tight, defined abs, kissing each and every muscle of his perfect six-pack. When I got to his boxers, I reached into the garment and felt his dick. With one fluid motion, I pulled down his underwear, and ten inches of hard man meant swung out in front of me. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold. A very light patch of blonde hair clung to the base area of his cock, and his big balls appeared to be freshly shaven. The penis itself looked quite welcoming, a very smooth shaft topped by a fat, light pink cockhead.

“You’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen,” I informed him, as if he didn’t already know.

“Ohhh, so you like my big cock?” he questioned playfully. “How about you canlı casino suck it.”

I took Cam’s gigantic tool into my hand and began licking the underside. I teased the huge mushroom head with the tip of my tongue, licking up the little spots of precum dribbling out. Working my way down to his big, low-hanging balls, I took turns gently sucking on each shaved nut. The whole time Cam moaned softly, the foreplay clearly turning him on big time. It wasn’t long before he was begging me to go down on him all the way.

“Billy, please, just suck my cock already!” he pleaded.

Gripping his dick at the base, I wrapped my lips around him and moved up and down the shaft, sucking as hard as I could.

“GAHH that feels so fucking good!” Cam exclaimed, throwing his head back in pleasure.

There was no way that I could take all ten inches of him, but I still managed to swallow a good six or seven. In short time, Cam had his hand on the back of my head and was bucking his hips into me, literally fucking my face. My own dick was rock-solid just from the thought that I was giving this boy so much pleasure.

After a few minutes we moved to a sixty-nine position. I was sucking his big dick when I suddenly felt his warm, soft lips engulf my own cock. I moaned loudly though the meat in my mouth.

“MMMMMMM,” came my muffled reply. It was truly an effort to keep from coming at that moment. I distracted myself by sucking even harder on Cam’s cock, but the feeling of him blowing me was way too hot.

“Cam,” I said, taking my mouth off his big tool, “you think I could get a look at your ass? I haven’t even gotten to see it yet.”

Cam took one last deep suck, removing my cock from his mouth with a loud pop. “Yeah, sure,” he answered, getting onto his hands and knees and sticking his ass in the air. “You like my butt?”

I didn’t like his butt—I loved it. Cam’s ass was a work of art, a big round rump that had just the right amount of muscle. It was a bubble butt for sure, protruding nicely from the rest of his body, but it was not too large. I put a hand to his butt and squeezed one of his freshly shaven cheeks. God what an ass.

“You ever eat an ass before?” he asked me.

“No,” I replied truthfully. But then again no one else had one as juicy as yours. “But there’s a first time for everything.” I gave his ass a few good kisses, and without another word, I parted his cheeks and dove in. Forcing my tongue in as deep as it would go, I ate out Cam’s sweet pink hole like it was candy. Cam squirmed around wildly, moaning and sighing loudly as my tongue found every crack and crevice. I reached around and started jerking him off, but I stopped as soon as I felt his balls start to tighten. You aren’t coming yet, baby.

I stood back from his asshole and admired my wet handiwork. “How about you return the favor now?” I suggested.

“Sure thing man,” he replied eagerly. “Show me your ass.”

Now it was my turn to be eaten. At first Cam probed hesitantly with his tongue, but soon he was working my hole just as well as I had worked him. I buried my face into the sheets, almost writhing in pleasure. Nobody had ever rimmed me before, and the sensations that I felt were fucking amazing. As the pretty boy ate me out, I began to feel a tingling in my ass, a need for something more. I knew then that it was time for me to be fucked in the ass for the first time. The notion of his mammoth cock up my ass both terrified and excited me.

“Cam,” I declared decisively, “I want you inside me so bad.”

The stud looked up from his ass meal. “You sure?” he replied with a cute smile. “You think you can handle me?”

“Fuck yeah. You got lube and condoms over there…use them.” I stayed where I was on the bed, my ass in the air. I heard a bottle open, and soon I felt Cam’s lubed fingers poking around my butthole. He worked in a few fingers to warm me up a bit, but I could not stand waiting much longer.

“Put your cock in me,” I commanded. I looked around and saw Cam’s face shining with excitement.

“I’ve wanted your ass for so long,” he said. He slapped his big tool on my ass a few times and followed up by rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack. Before long I could feel Cam’s fat cockhead pressing against my asshole, his swollen mushroom trying to stretch my sphincter muscle open. My heart thumped furiously in anticipation, just waiting for the moment when this big football stud would pop my cherry. I took in a deep breath and relaxed my butt slightly, trying to make it easier for him to enter me. When his big cockhead finally popped into my ass, I let out a gasp.

“Oh shit….” I moaned.

For a second, Cam just allowed the tip of his dick to sit inside of my ass. Then, very slowly, he began pushing his ramrod deeper into my butthole.

“Your ass is so fucking tight,” Cam said as his cock passed the halfway mark. Since it was my first time taking it, I was certain that all ten inches of his manhood would not fit. By the time his dick was two-thirds of the way kaçak casino into my ass, I was already whimpering in a combination of pleasure and pain. But even so, once my asshole adjusted to Cam’s enormous tool, I wanted more. I hungered for his dick.

“Keep pushing into me,” I panted. “I want you in me all the way.”

A few moments later, Cam’s ripped torso found my butt cheeks—he was balls deep inside of me. He took a hold of my hips and began to thrust in and out, taking care to go slowly at first. Despite his sluggish pace, it hurt like fucking hell—but at the same time, I felt like I needed more. After a few minutes of his slow fucking, I felt I was ready for something a little more intense. .

“Enough of this slow shit,” I told him. “I want you to fucking pound me.”

Cam obeyed fervently, accelerating the thrust of his cock. At first it was so painful that my eyes began to water. I almost tore away from him out of pain, but I knew that I had to hang in there. Within a few moments, the pain subsided to be replaced by pleasure once again.

“Harder!” I yelled at him. “Fuck me HARDER!”

The big dick in my ass began to pound harder and faster. Cam grabbed my waist firmly with his large hands, and pretty soon he was putting the full force of his body behind every thrust. The noise of his loud grunting and my sharp moaning mixed together along with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Tears streamed down my face, but the pleasure that I was feeling was more intense than anything I could have imagined. I was mad with ecstasy as the big hockey stud totally dominated me.

“Oh Cam, oh God you’re so big!” I yelled. I felt lightheaded and drunker than I had ever been, high off of Cam’s powerful fucking. His tool rammed me so hard and deep that I thought that my ass might split in two, but I did not want the sex to stop. I couldn’t have the sex stop. The monstrous dick inside my ass, the big sweaty balls bouncing around off my butt—it was pure fucking pleasure. But pretty soon, Cam was close to coming.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Cam repeated, his thrusts growing slower and sloppier.

“Pull out and cum in my mouth,” I told him.

Cam yanked his cock out and tore off the condom. I spun around and positioned my face in front of his beautiful dick, readying myself for a shower of his cum. Cam stroked his cock fast, moaning in such shallow tones that I thought he might hyperventilate. It only took a few seconds for the release. Cam loudly sucked in his breath as a stream of cum sprouted from his fuck stick and into my mouth. I put my lips around his dick and sucked as spurt after spurt of semen hit the back of my throat with a force that I did not believe possible. Cam fired off a vast volley of cum, filling my mouth with his sticky man juice.

“Your cum tastes like strawberries,” I said through a mouthful of his cream. I licked around my lips and swallowed his entire load.

“Yeah, I had some earlier,” Cam replied with a wide grin, his pure white teeth gleaming in the light. He bent down and kissed me hard. I groped at his cock, finding it still stiff.

“How the fuck are you still hard?” I asked, surprised that he could still get it up after such a titanic orgasm.

“Dude…I feel like…I could go…for a few more rounds,” Cam replied in between kisses.

“I haven’t even come yet,” I said, rubbing my raging boner against the naked flesh of his muscled thigh.

“Well, we should fix that,” the big stud declared. His dark blue eyes bored deep into my own. “You wanna fuck me?”

I stared at him dumbfounded. Was this muscle boy really willing to part his ass cheeks and take a dick up his bubble butt? My dick? My throat tightened, and for a second I couldn’t even make a sound.

“Yeah,” I squeaked. “Fuck yeah.”

“Let’s do it then,” he said, tossing me a condom and the bottle of lube. Fumbling slightly, I slipped the condom over my throbbing dick and lubed up. I squeezed out a generous amount of lube onto my fingers and positioned myself behind Cam on the bed. His beautiful bubble butt just stuck out there, waiting for my dick to penetrate it. I smeared a glob of lube onto his puckered pink hole and stuck in a finger. God what a tight ass. Soon I worked in a second finger and lubed up his hole nice and good.

“Just fuck me already Billy,” Cam commanded. “I want you inside me NOW.”

I did not have to be told twice. I grabbed Cam’s waist and placed my dick against his hole. My cock was throbbing so hard that I felt as though my heart was down there instead of in my chest. I added more pressure, willing my penis into his asshole. I kneaded the flesh of his muscular bubble butt with my hands, savoring every moment of anticipation. At long last, my dick slid past Cam’s tight ring, and just like that, I was inside of him. Cam whimpered slightly at the moment of penetration, his beautiful big back muscles tensing up. I stood still for a moment in complete disbelief. I can’t possibly be doing this right now. But I was—I was fucking this pretty stud. I pushed in a little deeper, the warmth of his soft, tight asshole engulfing my dick. Nothing, and I mean nothing, ever felt so perfect. I bent over the tall boy to kiss his neck and suck on his ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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