Family Nurse Ch. 01

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Getting married always brings about changes that we do not foresee and expect. This was no exception for me.

I had not planned on getting married. Passing 30, I was very happy having dedicated my life to caring for the elderly. A nurse practitioner, I had spent a decade easing suffering for terminally ill and people simply too old to care for themselves.

It was while caring for a woman in this condition that I fell in love with her entire family. She had twin grandsons who are extremely handsome, driving the girls crazy their first semester in college. It was they who introduced me to their father, pushing him to take out the “Hottie Doctor”.

This gentleman, their father, my patient’s son, and now my husband has been the kindest man I have ever met. My love and adoration for him was what pulled me away from my position at the extended stay center. He lived too far away for me to commute. I told myself that I could always find a comparable position closer to my home and family. This could be done at my leisure as finances were well taken care by my husband’s income.

In his kindness, he takes closely after his father, who this story is about. Hank is a combat veteran of the Marine Corp. He is a devoted family man, appreciates women, and knows how to care for them. Truly loving his wife, was all that kept Hank away from the hundreds of women who threw themselves at him. His great love for his wife made her passing very difficult for all of us and it seemed to crush him.

Hank, who was as mentally fit as he was physically, began taking little vacations from reality after his wife’s death. This worried me as a medical professional, and worried me as his new Daughter In-Law. His “escape” was becoming clinical dementia. He casino siteleri would need full time care soon.

For this reason, I suggested that Hank move into our home. I was after all a qualified professional who was looking for a job. My husband teased me that I was insatiable; “Am I and my two college age sons not enough MAN for you?”

He was certainly man enough, and his son’s drove me crazy with their flirting. I was completely shocked the first time that the boys asked me if I planned on breast feeding my new sons. But I digress; they will be addressed in chapter two.

I was pretty sure that Grandpa would be easy for me to handle. I had enjoyed many elderly men’s flirting. Being rather curvy, I reminded them of the pin-ups they had during world war II.

Hank was no exception: He called me Marilyn, of course after the “Some Like It Hot” actress. His deceased wife he called Betti, after Miss Page, the “Queen of Pin-Ups”. I was a bit jealous, I would have preferred it the other way around, but she did look like Betti and he was not the first to dub me Marilyn.

Come moving day, Hank paid special attention to his military footlocker. While I unpacked the rest of his items, he arranged the locker properly at the foot of his bed. He then extracted from it his prized possessions. First to appear from the trunk was a picture of his wife, young and beautiful. Her pose was imitating the original classic pin-up of Betty Grable, clad in a tight swimsuit looking over her shoulder sexily. Truth be known, his wife was even sexier than Grable. The next two items, which he hung on the wall, were a matching set of posters, Betti Page and Marilyn Monroe.

For the next couple of years I spent my days talking with and getting canlı casino to know Hank. He had lived a fascinating life. During the war, he was assigned to the USO. He was the personal pilot and protector of the most famous sex symbols of the era. One girl at a time, he would escort them around the world to perform shows on the front-lines. He got to know each of the girls in-depth.

His wife, Betti, loved hearing about the girls. With his promise to be faithful to her, she encouraged him to write home telling her about his wildest fantasies involving each of the starlets. As I gained his trust, he let me read these letters. Each one was masterful in describing their personality. His letters started including photos, many were nudes of the girls.

My inquiry as to whether Betti had a jealous bone in her body, brought assurances from Hank that he was a true Marine, Semper Fi, Always Faithful. In a quieter voice he clarified; “she promised me that if I saved all my loving for her, she would fulfill each of my fantasies”.

I looked forward more and more to hearing about beautiful actresses that I had admired all my life, seeing sexy if not nude photos of each, and reading about Hank’s most intimate fantasies. After the admission that his wife promised to fulfill them, the highlight of each day became Hank’s reminiscing about how his gorgeous fulfilled each. With every letter, Betti went beyond his dreams, making them even better. Each photo he brought out of a starlet was not accompanied by a mirror image one of Betti. In every photo she was more beautiful than the sex symbol she portrayed.

Hank’s post war work in promoting and representing actresses allowed the girls and associated fantasies to continue multiplying. Betti traveled kaçak casino with him and the girls to various exotic locations making each an erotic experience. Their living out their fantasies continued throughout Betti’s life, the final picture he showed me of her was just shortly before she was forced to enter the care center in which I worked.

Each day I expected the starlet of the day to be Marilyn, as she hung prominently on the wall beside Betti Page. I knew his infatuation with Betti being the intimate connection with his wife, but Marilyn never appeared over the two and a half years we talked. I could wait no longer, Marilyn was my childhood hero. One I always wanted, but could never live up to.

Marilyn was his favorite starlet, his favorite fantasy. She was the one, and only one that Betti would not fulfill. She would promise him, “your Betti will come and deliver you to me”.

With a hand shaking partially from age and partially anticipation, Hank handed me the Marilyn fantasy: Hank was returning home from the war. They were on a train, Marilyn in her famous white dress, and they made the most passionate love the entire trip. Hank finally cumming as the train pulled into the station.

I looked up from the story to see Hank with the white dress in his hands: “I have a train to catch Marilyn, time to get dressed”.

I returned to Hank wearing the white dress I had always dreamed of wearing. He met me with a kiss. He laid me on the bed continuing to kiss me passionately. Not rushing, but with determined actions, Hank lifted the white dress exposing my pussy, wet and ready for him. He entered me in a single stroke, pausing to look into my eyes only after being fully buried in me.

“Take me home to Betti my lovely Marilyn”. With that statement he made the most wonderful love to me. He brought me to orgasm with the skill of only a man of much practice might. Filling my pussy with his seed, he left me. He left the world to return to Betti.

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