Facing the Frat Boy Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Ex marks the spot

Levi looked up at his phone that read a simple message.

“Cornell Building Third Floor ADA stall.”

That was it. He looked to make sure it wasn’t some mistake, but sure enough he saw the word “Ry” up on bold letters at the top of his screen.

He scoffed to himself, replying with an “Are you fucking with me?”

Levi watched as those ellipses moved, followed by a single word reply from Ryan.


The frat boy quickly gathered his things around the table he’d been studying at and rushed over to the science building just next door. He walked up the flight of stairs, by-passing the crowd of people stuffing themselves into the elevator. He didn’t know what to expect from Ryan’s text- but knowing him, it would be worth checking out. Once he got to the top, he exhaled heavily and made his way to the restroom. The floor was empty for the most part- with portions of the corridor lights turning on as he walked past the motion sensors. He opened the door to see a similar empty space: a deserted bathroom that seemed to be untouched by the entire student body.

Levi walked past the stalls until he got to the end. He stopped, bending down slightly until he saw Ryan’s white sneakers through the open slot. He nervously pushed the door- not really sure what he’d find on the other end.

Ryan pulled the boy inside, slamming him against the tiled restroom wall.

“What the fuck?!” Levi asked as he saw Ryan’s childish grin, complete with a laugh that echoed through his ears.

“Took you long enough.” The boy replied as he walked up to Levi’s pinned frame and kissed him on the cheek.

Ryan’s hands fell down the boy’s waist, slipping under his boxers as he pinned one of Levi’s arms to the wall with his own.

“Is this why you rushed me over?”

The freshman nodded as he blindly felt around until the warmth coming from Levi’s cock and balls guided him closer. He let himself be pulled into a kiss once he finally took hold of it.

Levi looked over at the boy, with his pleading eyes. He wore that bright blue shirt he loved, because it brought out the tanned hue of his skin that glowed in the afternoon sun.

“I could barely pay attention in my first class.” He admitted, slowly stroking Levi’s length through his jeans.

The frat boy smirked, “Well maybe if you had stayed over, you wouldn’t have been so distracted.” He pulled him in for a kiss, feeling the neediness on his lips.

“I ran out of clean clothes.” He reasoned, before going back in for more.

Levi pulled away and combed his fingers through the boy’s hair, “It was a good move because that shirt looks so good on you, Ry.”

The boy blushed a bit as he felt lips against his neck. Levi was never stingy with compliments- and it took some time for him to stop refusing to accept them and rather just be grateful he was appreciated.

“Sit back” He said as he motioned towards the toilet. Levi plopped down and wiggled out of his jeans, dropping them down to his ankles. Ryan bit down on his lip, seeing the boy’s length stretched up to his shirt. This is what occupied his mind for the past ninety minutes. He watched as the frat boy leaned back and rested his arm on the stainless steel grab bar.

“Cocky” Ryan said to himself, knowing the boy was posing for him. But his mind was too cluttered with every dirty thought that he didn’t even bother to comment. He walked up and unbuttoned his shorts, feeling Levi’s quick hands on his bulge as he felt up the muscled boy.

Levi pulled him onto his lap, and ran his hands underneath Ryan’s shirt. He really did look good in baby blue, but it needed to come off. He pulled it over the boy’s head and tossed it directly onto his backpack.

“How much time do you have?” He asked, teasing those hard nipples.

“I have Public Speaking in fifteen minutes.” Ryan replied, feeling those fingers on his body. Levi applied pressure to his nipples while tugging on them gently, eliciting a moan that carried through the empty bathroom.

“Yes- yes you do.” He said with a chuckle that made the both of them laugh.

“Shut up and fuck me.” Ryan said as he stripped off his shorts. He stood naked in the middle of that toilet stall- apart from his sneakers, as if they provided some sense of protection from the bathroom. He regained his rightful place on Levi’s lap, feeling the boy’s hand wrap around his cock. He stroked the both of them together as Ryan leaned his head back, enjoying the friction of Levi’s grasp.

“So you’ve been picturing this all morning, haven’t you?” He teased, feeling the steel in his hand.

Ryan nodded, “I’m just so horny for you.” he admitted, as Levi took a finger to his slit. “And dripping.”

The older boy brought it up to his mouth and stole a taste- like he was running a finger down a perfectly frosted birthday cake that wasn’t his. He moaned at Ryan’s juices as he felt the boy back up, wedging his cock between those round cheeks.

“Were you prepared enough to casino siteleri remember to bring lube?” Levi asked, thinking he’d stumped him.

Ryan reached over to his bag, not leaving his place at the boy’s lap for a second. He pulled out what looked to be a ketchup packet, except it had a homemade label with the logo of the school’s Gender and Sexuality Center. He tore off the corner with his teeth and handed it to Levi, praising, “I love how progressive this school is. They just give this out for free”

The frat boy laughed as he greased up his dick and Ryan’s hole. The boy couldn’t help but moan as he felt those fingers at his pucker. “He really needed this.” Levi thought as he slipped them out- getting a disappointed pout across that cute face.

Ryan reached for those muscled shoulders as he lifted himself up until the tip of Levi’s cock rested just against his hole. They locked eyes for a second- long enough for the jock to flash him a wink before he lowered himself down.

“Fuck-” he started to say before he felt Levi’s hand covering his mouth. He was loud enough to alert the entire building- and the frat boy knew it. He pulled it off after it had been thoroughly kissed, and when Ryan’s aching hole had gotten used to his size.

“It’s like I can feel how badly you wanted this.” He commented, as Ryan held onto his shoulders, bouncing up and down. “You just take it so fucking well.”

The freshman nodded as he felt that fat cock pressing against his prostate repeatedly. He’d been so worked up all morning that he was playing a dangerous game of trying to satisfy himself without finishing too soon.

He sank down, causing that big dick to go especially deep into him. Ryan opened his mouth uncontrollably, but Levi knew what was coming. He pulled the boy into him and closed his mouth on his- stopping any sort of noise that would trigger someone to look and see what was causing it. Ryan composed himself once more and kissed the boy in thanks, but he didn’t leave their shared space. He bounced up and down, feeling privileged to be this close to The Levi Truong- to smell the mint on his breath and explore those deep brown eyes like they were caverns that light couldn’t pass through. Little did he know that the frat boy felt the same.

Everything Ryan was feeling when they were together started to feel far less scary. It was exhilarating- he resonated- like the sort of roller coaster he’d never get tired of.

“Close.” He managed, in between their intensity.

“Me too, Ry.”

They locked lips again with Levi firmly holding onto the boy’s quivering jaw. A few more thrusts later and he felt his load rising. He clung onto Ryan’s waist, digging into his hips and holding him still as he came. He watched those pretty eyes roll back as he filled him up.

Levi slumped back onto the bathroom wall as he reached for the boy’s throbbing cock.

“Cum for me, Ry” He said, applying just the right amount of pressure that was sure to make him bust. The boy didn’t take much- just a few strokes and he was shooting ropes of white cum all over Levi’s stomach.

“Fuckkkk” he dragged out, finally scratching that itch that plagued him all morning. He looked over at his handiwork- a muscled and slightly sweaty boy, with a large, infectious smile plastered on his face. Down below, he looked at his cum running down like rivers between Levi’s abs only to pool at the base of his softening cock. As if that wasn’t hot enough, Levi brought his fingers into the mess and cleaned himself off, licking up Ryan’s come like it was the best thing he’d have all day.

Even though he’d done this nearly every time, Ryan still looked at him in disbelief as he licked his fingers for good measure.

“What?” He asked.

The younger boy chuckled, “It’s still so fucking weird to see you eating my cum like that.”

Levi snaked an arm around the boy’s back and pulled him in closer. Ryan could smell his load on Levi’s shining lips.

“I can’t help it when you taste that good.”

“I’ve turned you into a cumslut.” He joked.

Levi laughed, “Well considering yours is the only cum I’ll ever want, then yeah, you did turn me into your cumslut.” He said, emphasizing whose he was. He leaned in and licked all the way down the boy’s face like a puppy who was just given a treat.

“Alright stop, I gotta clean up!” He said, pushing the boy away.

Levi laughed as they got up and looked around, making sure they didn’t leave any trace of them on the bathroom walls.

“So is this gonna be a regular thing for us?” He asked, slipping his belt through the loops.

Ryan snickered, “Fuck yeah. What good is having a boyfriend if we can’t fool around in the bathroom stalls.”

Levi joined in as he buttoned his shirt back up. “Don’t you wanna?” He asked, looking at Ryan’s cum stuffed hole and then over to the toilet.

The boy took a second for it to register before he donned a devilish grin. “Nope.” he replied as Levi peered his eyes.

“So we won’t have to use lube canlı casino later on.” He said with a wink as he pulled up his shorts.

“Oh yeah?” The frat boy asked as he held onto Ryan’s hips.

“And when would that be?”

Ryan looked at his watch, “In 57 minutes.”

Levi smirked, feeling his cock grow excited. “I’ll be in my room.”


Saturday night, Ryan was over at the Pi Kappa House emptying bags of chips into random plastic bowls. He didn’t remember what constituted a party this weekend- there were so many that it was hard to keep track. Even still, it’s not like the Kappa’s needed a reason to unwind after what felt like a grueling restart from midterms.

Once all the bowls were filled, Ryan lingered by the bar, chatting it up with Rico as he organized the bottles in a way that made sense to him and him alone. The party was supposed to be on the smaller side- a departure from the mass invites the Kappa’s usually sent out. Ryan looked around to see many familiar faces- most of whom were brothers with their girlfriends and other guys he’d seen around. He smiled to himself- thinking about how he’d become one of them.

If he had to choose, he’d say he liked Rico the best out of all the brothers because he seemed to really go out of his way to make him feel comfortable. The rest of the guys were certainly nice, but Rico didn’t wear an expression that looked like it was dying to ask who was the pitcher and who was the catcher- their terms, not his. That seemed to be an outfit a lot of them wore- especially on the nights he stayed over and the mornings they’d stumble out for food.

Still, it was nice to feel welcomed with a group of people who genuinely seemed to like having him around. He couldn’t believe how things had changed these past few months.

Just over by the beer pong table, Ryan could see Levi talking with some of the new members. He watched as the boy commanded every room he walked into- driving conversation like it was a race to be won. It was no secret that Levi was well liked here- and pretty much everywhere he went. Ryan cursed himself sometimes at how slow he’d been to realize that the frat boy was as good as they came. At least, he no longer had that creeping suspicion hanging over his shoulder like an alarm sounding “I told you so”.

The party went on as it usually did- with Ryan weaving through the crowd and getting pulled into clusters of people gathered at various points in the house. He’d probably heard, “This is Ryan” a good six times that first hour, followed by a round of introductions that he challenged himself to remember. On the seventh time, Levi managed to pull the boy away before they even managed to make a full circle around the group. “It was nice to meet you.” He said, feeling that strong tug that pulled him away.

“It’s about time I get you to myself.” The tall boy said as he started to move his head at the beat. He was standing dangerously close- so much so that Ryan could smell the faint musk that oozed off his skin. He’d been outside arranging some lights with Mac before he came in and stole him away. He didn’t want to admit how much the scent turned him on.

“Blame your friends!” He replied over the music, “I’m like the new puppy everyone wants to bring to show and tell.”

“Nah.” Levi said as he shook his head, “You’re way harder to train.”

Ryan made a face as he felt the boy’s hands placed on his sides. He let himself be pulled in- in the middle of the room with crowds of people around them. Some paid attention, some didn’t have a clue.

“But you’re way cuter.” He finished off before pressing their foreheads together.

Ryan felt the weight of dozens of eyes on them- like what they did in the next few seconds would determine anyone had anything to say about it.

“And you’re pretty touchy tonight.” He tried to brush away, He searched for those warm brown eyes accented by the neon green lights streaked all through the house, “Aren’t you standing a bit close?”

Levi kept a straight face- and based on how close he was to the tanned boy and how his hands looked like they belonged at his waist- it was the last straight thing about him.

“Not close enough.” He said as he leaned in and kissed him. Ryan felt that needy tongue slip into his- like he’d been wanting to do that all day. He felt his boyfriend’s hands rush up to his face, cradling that pronounced jaw as they pulled away slowly. He wore the biggest smile on his face- one that echoed not just acceptance- but pride. He couldn’t help but look around to gauge people’s reactions. Thankfully the most he saw were some pleased grins- and then there was Mac, who raised his fist in the air like the final scene of The Breakfast Club.

They stayed that close for a few more songs because Levi got pulled away by one of the pledges saying they’d run out of ice.

“Back in a bit.” He said with a wink as he left. Ryan chatted it up with a few of the guys and even took Rico up one of the drinks he’d promised him. He watched him do his thing, kaçak casino pouring out what was his version of a whiskey sour, complete with an extra squeeze of lime juice for good measure. He drank it, feeling the back of his cheeks pucker at the citrus, before giving Rico an approving nod.

“I don’t know what it is you put in here, but it’s damn good.” He said, feeling that slight burn of Jack down his throat.

Rico laughed, “Let me know when you’re ready for another one, bro” He said before turning back to mix some more drinks.

Ryan took another sip before he heard someone behind him.

“Ry?” The voice said from the depths of his mind- like he’d suppressed it for a while. He turned, hoping it was anyone else- anyone from this fucking school, from this fucking town.

“Jeremy.” He said- not as a question, but as a statement of fact. It was Jeremy- the last person he ever hoped he’d run into. He was about the same height as him, though a bit bigger in size. The months since they’d seen each other had given time for his body to fill out with more muscle, and for his once smooth face to be dusted in scruff. Before the change, Ryan could use the boy’s baby face as an excuse that he behaved like a child would- but now the added years on his body told him he was an adult who knew exactly what he was doing.

“Fuck, I heard you were going to a school in the Bay, I just didn’t realize it was this one!”

The boy was way too excited for Ryan’s lackluster mood. He smiled coldly, “Yup, you found me.”

Jeremy seemed to brush it off, saying, “My roommate and I are driving to Big Sur for the weekend and decided to visit one of his friends here. He said we should stop by this Pi Kappa whatever party before we go downtown.”

Ryan couldn’t have looked happy if he tried. He wore that same cold smile- the one with slightly pouted lips that looked like they had a million things they wanted to say- but too much decency to utter a word. Jeremy must have taken the hint because his face soured as well,

“Don’t tell me you’re still mad at me.” He said, almost comically- with a breathy laugh that echoed through Ryan’s ears like a bullet trying to find its way out of a metal box as it ricochet off every surface.

“Come on, Ryan, it’s been like eight months. You avoided me like the plague as school ran out and you’re avoiding me now.”

“I don’t need you to invalidate how I fucking feel, Jeremy, you’re the last person I wanted to see” He said, a little louder than he would have liked.

The music was too loud for anyone to make out what they were saying. Jeremy scratched his head, visibly annoyed as he leaned in closer, “Why don’t we go talk about this some place where we can’t make a scene?”

Ryan’s face was like a thin pane of glass- impeccably clear but vulnerable to even the slightest crack. He sighed as he motioned to the backyard and led the way outside. He wanted a lot of things in that moment, with closure being number one on his list.

He sat them in a far corner at a pair of beach chairs the guys had left out from their Hawaiian luau last month.

“Are you ready to be civil about this or are you just gonna yell at me some more?”

“That’s up to you- are you going to be honest or just keep lying to my face?” Ryan asked, barely able to look him in the eye.

“I never fucking lied to you!” He pointed his finger at the boy, right in the direction of his heart like he was taking aim. “I told you I was straight and that we were just messing around.”

“And I was fine with that!” He yelled back, like he’d been exhausted for the past eight months.

“”But then you started texting me to see how I was. Or you’d leave little notes in my locker. You’d sneak me into your house just so we could spend the night together.” He sighed, “I don’t know what you call that, but for me, it sounds like we were dating.”

“We weren’t dating.”

Ryan quipped, “We were dating, but you were just too scared to admit that maybe you actually had feelings.” Both of the boys got to their feet.

“We weren’t dating.” Jeremy emphasized, “We messed around because I wanted to and then the minute I show you some attention, you get all fucking clingy like we’re boyfriends or some shit like that.”

Ryan could hear the malice on the boy’s lips- the same ones he kissed in dark classrooms and empty parking lots. The ones that whispered things into his ear- words that now send chills down his spine. He wished he could play it all back to see if he had misread something- looking for any semblance of a context clue.

“And there were no feelings because I’m not a faggot like you.” Jeremy pushed him, but the boy barely moved. He held firm- like he’d braced himself for that since the last time they saw each other.

Ryan pinned him against the wooden fence so hard that he could feel the blunt edges of every nail that held it upright. He swore he could see fear in Jeremy’s face- the same kind he saw whenever they were almost caught while sneaking around: the afternoon that Jeremy’s mom came back early from her business trip or the night of prom when they’d unknowingly switched ties after a quickie in the bathroom and were forced to lie their way through some reasonable explanation.

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