Extra Credit: 1st Experience Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This story is a continuation of Extra Credit: The Tease Ch. 1. All characters in this story are eighteen years old or older. This story is of course a work of complete fiction.


Mrs. Kelser looked at the name on the student seating chart for Mr. Gardel’s last hour. The name sounded familiar, and as it turned out, she too had this girl in her class. Her name was Waian Sfanu, a quiet girl with beautiful dark eyes and long, rich brown hair falling all the way to her lower back, which gleamed with both lighter and darker shades in the sun that came pouring through the window right next to Waian’s seat. Waian was the kind of girl that always smiled, got along with everyone, and always dressed to compliment her form, while still leaving something to the imagination. To say that Waian’s subtle sexuality kept the boys distracted was an understatement.

It was an almost daily occurrence for Mrs. Kelser to watch the young men in her classroom trying to hide their erections, walking like stiff little scarecrows when she would call them up to her desk for not paying attention, daydreaming of Waian’s mouth around their little virgin pricks. She had caught every one of them at some point, even the ones she was convinced were gay, staring at Waian’s full dark lips and her small, soft hands, even the light texture of her fair bronze skin. She was the kind of challenge guys mind-fucked all day. They were all driven to be the one to corrupt her and bring out the whore that she couldn’t quite hide in the way that her hips and her breasts were made for attention, the perfect profile. The look in a guy’s eye when he is completely overwhelmed with a girl’s body is unmistakable, and the more virginal she looks, the better. Waian was the perfect combination of untouched, but not quite untouchable, and any guy that she walked past would sell their soul to pop her cherry.

Before Mr. Gardel’s demand that she bring Waian to him, Waian’s situation with the boys was something Mrs. Kelser simply couldn’t help noticing and found comical at times in regard to her hobbling scarecrow boys trying to camouflage their little pitched tents, but now it was a goal of hers to do what those boys had always fallen short of. She needed to earn Waian’s trust, get into her mind to take advantage of her body, or risk losing the young, muscular, animal fuck-of-her-life, Mr. Gardel. She was amazed what she was suddenly willing to go through to be fucked by him again. Mrs. Kelser was never a slut, though her intentions had been waiting for the right opportunity. He was the man who had looked passed her youthful, deceivingly innocent appearance. He was the man who had nearly broken her with the powder keg of repressed sexual force she had released from him, and which he had then unleashed on her, snarling and fucking her nearly in half.

Which is why Mrs. Kelser had been keeping an especially close eye on Waian as of late, watching to see if she showed any interest in the boys, any one boy in particular, or even if she seemed to like girls for that matter. She needed to know more about Waian, and the only idea she had was the most obvious one, exploiting the teacher-student relationship as Mr. Gardel thought he had when he was fucking her, posing as a sweet little blonde student with cock on her mind.

As the bell rang announcing Mrs. Kelser’s long awaited lunch hour, she approached Waian as she joined the herd of students walking out the door towards the cafeteria, catching her by the arm to turn her around with a wide, bright-eyed smile to lower Waian’s defenses, a true predator in her own right as Mr. Gardel had found out.

“Waian, I just wanted to grab you for a minute to see if you had any time after school this week?”

Waian smiled at her but seemed confused, an obvious concern that she was in some kind of trouble.

“You’re not in any trouble,” Mrs. Kelser quickly reassured her, “there’s just a few things you seem to be struggling with that I thought I might be able to help you…get a better feel for. It’s just kind of hard to give that one-on-one attention when there’s twenty-nine of you, you know?”

Waian was actually one of her better students, in the higher B range with the occasional A+ hardly coming as any surprise to Mrs. Kelser, especially for a course like Advanced Algebra.

“Uhh, sure!” Waian said with mock enthusiasm. “When would be a good time for you?”

“Anytime,” Mrs. Kelser said with a deceiving smile.

Waian cocked her hips to one side, leaning on one leg and shuffling her books in her arms, pushing her butt out with a subtle arch of her back that Mrs. Kelser, as a woman of detail, couldn’t help but notice, watching Waian put herself on display for her, and for the crowd of students walking by her door, catching the eye of several male students who nearly ran into people trying to sneak an extended peek.

Waian was wearing tight white jeans that flared slightly at the bottom and clung to her thighs at the top, squeezing the incredibly sexy nubile flesh of her long, toned legs to the point güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of nearly busting free at the seams, which was even more true of her ass. Waian was definitely the kind of girl that defied all logic in her ability to fit so much ass where there simply didn’t seem to be room for it, straining all that cushion for the pushin’ against pants that looked four sizes too small, were it not for how well they fit around her tight little waist. Even as one of her best features, the Arabic girl’s gorgeous ass still struggled to compete for attention with the low-cut top that exposed the plunging cleavage of gorgeous D breasts, held on display by a lacy black bra which could be seen through the slight tint of a soft red sleeveless top that showed off her shoulders, her long neck, and just a taste of her plunging cleavage. Everything she wore fit her like it was made for her, at barely 5’5 and 125 pounds of all hips, ass, and thighs, and Mrs. Kelser could sense the jealousy among the other girls in the room, no matter how wide they smiled to Waian’s face. Mrs. Kelser had gone through plenty of that herself and almost felt like she identified with Waian, even finding herself attracted to her in her own way.

Which, she figured, would probably come into play later when she finally delivered Mr. Gardel’s poor unknowing fuck-doll to be broken in appropriately.

“Listen Waian, you go on ahead to lunch and just come back here after school and I’ll let you know when a good time would be.”

Waian smiled again, leaning forward slightly, raising her eyes seductively at Mrs. Kelser, lowering the cleavage of her breasts just enough for Mrs. Kelser to lose her eyes in the deep, plunging line between Waian’s soft, supple breasts, disappearing into the fabric of her red babydoll shirt and the lacy black half-shirt over it, expressing a darker side of her femininity that even Mrs. Kelser wanted to get to know better.

“No.” came a voice from across the room, as Mr. Gardel walked in and closed the door behind him.

“What?” came Waian’s surprised, perky little voice.

“Mr. Gardel?” Mrs. Kelser said with genuine surprise. “To what do I owe the honor?”

As Mr. Gardel crossed the threshold of the classroom, he stared at Megan Kelser impatiently, and than at Waian with large, admiring eyes that traced her curvaceous body from her long neck and her feminine shoulders all the way down the curve of her back, down her legs, and up over the precious lace allowing only peeks at the low cut red top underneath.

Waian caught Mr. Gardel looking at her, having gotten used to it from men and women alike, raising her eyebrows with a bit of a giggle at his audacity.

“Mr. Gardel?” she twinkled.

“Mr. Gardel,” he said coldly, “is my father and my grandfather. I’m only twenty two, Waian, which in my mind is about thirteen years before I become Mr. Gardel. Please… call me Rob. And the same for you, Megan.”

“What’s going on?” Waian said with a hint of hesitation in her voice, looking at Mrs. Kelser who suddenly seemed nervous by Mr. Gardel’s presence.

“I’m sure you remember my little address to the class on the first day of school, Waian” he said with a thin but genuine smile. “Honesty, respect…”

As Rob commanded her attention, Mrs. Kelser slipped behind Waian… close enough to smell the beautiful ethnicity that was so erotic and sweet to her every sense. Waian pretended not to notice.

Rob stood before Waian, undressing her with his eyes, glancing at Mrs. Kelser whose eyes were closed behind her, still taking in the rich smell of Waian’s hair from behind.

“The truth is that I have given Mrs. Kelser an assignment, and she has fulfilled enough of her part in bringing you here that I may now do the rest. Her assignment was to bring you to me, privately, because I find you absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, and would very much like to get to know you personally and privately.”

Waian’s face seemed to change to an expression of discomfort, looking for Mrs. Kelser who was still behind her, trying to take a step backward and bumping into a desk. Rob was creeping her out.

“I don’t understand….” Waian said, her voice rising to nearly a whimper with something inside her obviously warning her that the eyes of a predator surrounded her, lingering in the air.

“I think you do,” Rob said very straight. “but here’s what you don’t know. Mrs. Kelser came to me on the pretense of being a student, seduced me to every extent of her tight, youthful body, and I took her with such force and with such… animal lust… that to find out she is not, in fact, a student, left me with an unfulfilled hunger to have one…. and I want you. I can be as gentle as you need me to be if you are interested, but I think you will find otherwise to be true if you allow me to do with you as I would with Mrs. Kelser…. precious little slut that she is.”

“Look,” Waian said, “I’m flattered, but, I can’t do this.”

“Please consider it as nothing more than you and I making each other feel incredible, right güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri now, and know that it will never leave the three of us. I won’t hurt you anymore than what you beg of me in my arms… but you are three things that I have always wanted and I will need good reason if I am to not have it.”

“What three things?” Waian said, a bit curious now.

“Number one, you are a completely americanized but deeply exotic young Arabic girl, which I find hotter than anything in the world. Two you are a student, which Megan only recently turned me on to with a fire I can only explain physically. Three, you are such a seductress by choice and design that the daily temptation of taking you has only filled me with ideas of just what I could do to you, given enough time… we don’t have much now, but, I promise you, every second would be worth it.”

Megan had never heard any of this, only now as he tried to seduce Waian right in front of her could she truly appreciate how soft-spoken, how convincing, and how truly articulate he was. She couldn’t tell if it was working on Waian but it was damn sure working on her. Waian, however, still seemed apprehensive.

“The thing is,” Waian said with almost a hint of being shy. “I’m a virgin.”

“And you can remain one if you still wish that to be throughout the curse of your… education this afternoon. This is, in part, why Megan is here.”

“It’s not just that,” Waian protested. “I don’t fuck white boys.”

Her words caught Megan off guard, opening her eyes with shock as Rob too seemed taken aback, though the fire in his eyes burned only brighter now for the young and treacherously beautiful Waian, who seemed to be coming into her own now, only turning him on more.

“You don’t have to fuck me, Waian. I want you any number of ways, and I’ll settle for any of them. I want to give you pleasure, and I want you to pleasure me… either way, I am happy just to have you… and for you to have me…. and the experience we will both take away from it, which I assure you will be one that nothing you experience after will ever compare to. You will learn things, Waian, you will learn what you like, and you will love it.”

Megan felt her eyes close, nodding with the sudden flash of Rob’s body on top of her, his massive cock swollen with lust as it forced into her asshole, held down over his desk as he entered her, grabbing handfuls of her short blonde hair and rocking his hips rhythmically into hers. She smiled and felt the sudden warmth beginning to melt from between her legs into the soft fabric of her white cotton panties, the smell of her arousal beginning to waft in the air.

“I’m sorry, Rob,” Waian seemed to say with genuine sorrow. “I mean I fuck white girls…”

Rob’s eyes grew wide.

“Just white girls?”

Waian smiled devilishly, rubbing her breasts with her hands to tease him.

“Just white girls.”

Rob’s eyes lifted to Mrs. Kelser, the beautiful Megan he had had every way, her mouth and her ass and her deep, tight pussy which he had filled and extended beyond what any man ever had before him, leaving her writhing in overwhelming emotional release on his desk, parts of which still holding the deep aroma of the soft, shaved pussy which he had aroused so much.

“What about Megan…” he said as Waian turned to Mrs. Kelser with a smile. “What would it take for you to be naked with her?”

Mrs. Kelser blushed, something she wasn’t used to at all, as Waian reached out for her hip and slid her hand up slowly, squeezing Mrs. Kelser’s breast through her soft navy shirt, raising her eyes to Mrs. Kelser’s face as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and closed with a short, breathy moan.

Waian lifted on to her tip-toes gracefully, reaching slowly for Mrs. Kelser’s neck, sliding her soft hands through Mrs. Kelser’s soft blonde hair and pulling her down as Waian began kissing her neck, pushing her soft lips into the sensitive skin and than licking gently up to Mrs. Kelser’s ear as she shivered and reached down to caress Waian’s leg, reaching around to squeeze the back of her thigh and up to feel the weight of her voluptuous ass.

Rob’s eyes sparkled with the sudden chemistry in the air, watching Waian and Mrs. Kelser embrace, watching Waian’s tongue slide up Mrs. Kelser’s neck, pulling away to slowly meet with Mrs. Kelser’s lips, opening their mouths and tilting their heads into a deep, passionate kiss, pulling away to slip their tongues slowly against one another, and than close their lips together again, pulling each other close, letting their hands explore.

Rob watched as Waian’s hands fell gracefully to the bottom of Mrs. Kelser’s shirt, beginning to lift it over her head exposing a white lacy bra similar to the one Rob had seen undressing her, as Waian pulled it over Mrs. Kelser’s shirt over her head and lowered her face to Mrs. Kelser’s chest. She first kissed her collar bone, and than across to her heart, working down to the line of cleavage between her soft, supple double D’s, and than lifting Mrs. Kelser’s breasts güvenilir bahis şirketleri with her hands, snaking her tongue down and inside the fabric of her bra and finding Mrs. Kelser’s nipple.

Rob began to undress, unbuckling his pants and sliding them down to the floor, stepping out of them and beginning to stroke himself with long, slow strokes as his hard meat swelled, desperate to join.

With Mrs. Kelser’s breast against Waian’s mouth as she sucked her hard pink nipple, Mrs. Kelser reached down to un-button Waian’s pants and pulled Waian’s head closer, smothering them against her tits as Waian continued suckling and nibbling at them, reaching down into Waian’s pants to feel the soft lace of her black panties and the damp spot just beneath the burning desire of Waian’s pussy, desperate for Mrs. Kelser’s touch as Waian pushed her hips against Mrs. Kelser’s hand with a moan against Mrs. Kelser’s massive tits smothering her face.

Mrs. Kelser pushed the lace aside and felt the soft lips of Waian’s nearly trimmed little ethnic pussy, sliding a finger just inside the warmth of Waian’s lips and beneath her to her tight little asshole as Mrs. Kelser pressed her chest deeper into Waian’s face and began sliding her finger against Waian’s little hole in brisk little circles.

Waian moaned and bit hard against Mrs. Kelser’s breast, feeling her knees weaken as Mrs. Kelser lifted Waian’s mouth from her nipples and pushed Waian against a desk, pulling her pants down and finally free of Waian’s legs, dropping to her knees as Waian let her legs fall over Mrs. Kelser’s shoulders. Mrs. Kelser pulled Waian’s body closer and pressed her lips against Waian’s pussy, letting her tongue enter Waian and lick up to her clit as her legs trembled and she grabbed tight handfuls of Mrs. Kelser’s hair.

Moving behind Waian, Rob pulled the black lacy shirt off of her shoulders and then lifted the thin red top over her head, revealing the black lacy bra which was partially see through, showing Waian’s dark areolas and her dark brown nipples pressing hard against the lace.

Waian moaned again, arching her back as she felt the air hit her hard nipples poking through the lace of her bra as Mrs. Kelser lapped at her pussy, lifting Waian’s clit with her tongue and tracing delicate circles around it as Waian bent over backwards and lifted her hips, hovering in the air above the cool of the desk, allowing Mrs. Kelser to slip her finger back beneath Waian’s soft ass, working into her tight little asshole while she smothered her face into Waian’s wet lips and worked her clit with her tongue, flicking and licking in soft little strokes that went deeper and faster as Waian bucked with ecstasy into her teacher’s face.

Pulling Mrs. Kelser’s hand from Waian’s hip, Rob forced his cock into her hand, feeling her fingers wrap around it and begin to stroke it without losing concentration as she ate Waian’s pussy deeply and passionately, soaking her face against the flowing juice of Waian’s ecstasy. Rob grabbed a handful of Mrs. Kelser’s short blonde hair as Waian pulled tighter with her own handful of Mrs. Kelser’s golden locks, as Mrs. Kelser moaned into Waian’s pussy and licked even harder, Waian beginning to shudder with the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Mrs. Kelser’s hand moved faster up and down the long shaft of Rob’s cock as he pushed her face down into Waian’s pussy and began shaking her face against Waian’s pussy, causing Mrs. Kelser’s tongue to jerk suddenly against Waian’s clit, pushing her over the edge. Just as Waian forced Mrs. Kelser into her pussy with a strong smothering grip, pulling her into her pussy by the back of her head, Rob felt the cum beginning to build in his balls, the pressure extending up to the head of his tensing cock, a massive load of cum on the way.

Waian humped her pussy into Mrs. Kelser’s face as Rob’s orgasm ran over the edge, pulling away from her hand and jacking off against Mrs. Kelser’s face and Waian’s light bronze stomach as Mrs. Kelser ate the orgasm flowing out of Waian’s pussy, feeling the warm cum spray from Rob’s cock and cover her forehead, splashing against her and running down her cheeks and the front of her face as she forced her finger into Waian’s asshole and the girl cried out with the second half of a brutal orgasm she didn’t even know was possible.

Rob nearly collapsed to the floor with the power of the final cum-shot, looking at Megan’s face covered in his cum as Waian humped a clawing, moaning, writhing orgasm into her face, instantly beginning to feel himself rise to the occasion as the combined smell of their juices filled the air.

Mrs. Kelser finally stood as Rob took her from behind and pulled her on to her own desk, sweeping everything to the floor with a hand as Waian stayed where she was, unable to move, as he pulled Mrs. Kelser’s head over the edge of the desk and began to thrust into her mouth, forcing himself into her throat, fucking her with deep thrusts as he turned her on to her back, fucking her throat as she laid upside down. Crawling on top of her and unbuttoning her jeans, Mrs. Kelser barely felt Rob pushing them down around her knees until his face was buried between her legs to the overwhelming smell of her desperate arousal as he continued thrusting his cock into her mouth, feeling her suck it back to life as Waian recovered across the room.

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