Explorers Ch. 02

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It didn’t take long for all the school activities and classes, of course, to occupy most of my time. Lana was busy working on the school paper and she and Gayle were on the school annual staff again. I volunteered and joined them. The school had purchased a couple of digital cameras for the journalism class and for use by the paper and annual staffs. Lana quickly learned how to use one of the cameras and Gayle and I helped her start to collect pictures of the sports, dances, clubs, classroom activities, and after school activities for possible use in the annual.

One good thing about all the activities during and after school was that I got to be with Lana away from the eagle eyes of her parents. She still had to be home by a certain time every night, but we did have a certain amount of privacy outside her parent’s view.

I had used a lot of my summer earnings to buy a car. It wasn’t anything super special, but it was wheels. Lana’s parents seem comfortable with her riding with me to and from school and the activities. We made sure she got home on time and that we didn’t hang around too long parked in front of the house.

All the school activities were chaperoned so her parents were comfortable with us being together at those times. We didn’t get much chance to make out, but we found time and privacy for kissing and cuddling. We didn’t get to do much heavy petting, but we were getting an occasional opportunity for some pretty serious making out and even some groping. This usually took place when Lana and I double dated with Gayle and one of her boy friends. I guess the girl’s parent’s thought there was safety in numbers.

Football season was winding down. Kenny and I were busy with basketball practice. Gene was heavily into training and maintaining his weight for wrestling. Chuck was involved in intramural sports so he could stay in shape for track in the spring.

Kenny and I didn’t get in on together as much as either of us liked or wanted so we were both always horny. One night after basketball practice the assistant coach asked several of us to stay and run through some drills he was working on. He was the assistant coach whom I’d seen step out of the video booth at the adult arcade where I bought the anal starter kit. He had never said anything about it and I certainly wasn’t going to mention it.

Anyway, after the several of us walked and ran through the drills for an hour or so, Coach was satisfied and told us to hit the showers. Kenny and I stayed behind to gather up the towels, practice balls and other equipment that was scattered around the gym.

Everyone else had showered by the time we got to the locker room. We gave the equipment bags to Coach. The last of the other guys had left the locker room to go home by the time Kenny and I were ready to shower. We stripped out of our sweaty clothes, picked up our towels and went into the shower.

I was standing in the spray when Kenny came up behind me. He put his arms around me. His mouth was close to my ear. “Does your dick need to be sucked as badly as mine does?” I could feel his dick pressing against my ass.

“Uh, we better be careful,” I whispered. Kenny slipped his hand down to my crotch and wrapped it around my dick. I felt his nine inch hard-on slide between my ass cheeks and prod my nuts. “Kenny, cool it.”

He moved away from me and turned around. Coach stuck his head in the shower room door, “Hurry up, you guys! It’s getting late.”

“Almost finished, Coach, Kenny yelled.

“And make sure all the showers are turned off.”

“Sure thing, Coach.”

I turned off my shower and wiped the water off my arms and legs. Kenny looked at me and winked. I stepped out of the shower room and began to dry myself. Kenny was right behind me. We dressed quickly and got ready to leave. There was a light coming from under the closed door to the coach’s training room. Kenny knocked on the door.

“It’s open.”

Kenny opened the door. “Good night, Coach.”

“Good night, guys. See you at practice tomorrow.”

We walked across the parking lot to my car. Once we were inside, I looked at Kenny, “What the heck was that all about in the showers?”

“Don’t get mad, Gary. I’m so horny I could honk.”

“So am I. But I’m not going to let you blow me and I’m not going to give you a blowjob in the showers. We could’ve gotten caught in there just now.”

“Nah, I don’t think Coach saw anything or even suspected anything since we were so far apart in the showers.”

“Well, anyway, we need to cool it until we can be by ourselves.”

“My folks are going up to visit my sister at school this weekend. They’re leaving Friday right after they get off work.”

“Maybe we can get together then if Lana doesn’t want to do something.”

“You’ve got a thing for her. Don’t you?”

“I like her just like I like you, Kenny. She’s my girlfriend just like you’re my boyfriend.”

“Oh.” Kenny was silent as we drove to his house.

“I’ll ask Lana if she wants to do casino oyna anything together Friday night. If not, we can get together at your place.”


As I drove home I thought, ‘Kenny’s right. I’m horny too. I’d love to suck his dick and maybe even take him up my ass. And I really do need a blowjob.’

The next day, Thursday, at basketball practice we ran through Coach’s drills. Coach yelled at us to tighten them up and to run faster. We were running hard when me and two other guys collided at full speed. We all got knocked down but we were soon on our feet. Everyone seemed all right so we lined up and started the drill again. I had to pull up because of a pain in my hip.

Coach came over and checked me. “It looks like you took a knee in the hip. Let’s get some ice on that bruise before it gets any worse. You two guys o.k.?”

Both of them shook their heads that they were o.k.

Coach walked over and looked them over, “Let’s clean those floor burns. The rest of you might as well hit the showers. We’ll call it an early evening.”

I limped along behind everyone. Coach took me into a small office off the training room. “Lie on the massage table while I get a couple of ice packs. You’d better take off your shorts and jock now before the bruise and swelling gets worse. Here’s a towel to cover yourself.” Coach left the room and I did as I was told. He returned in a couple of minutes with two ice packs. He laid them on the towel covering my hips. “Hold these on the bruise while I take care of Joe’s and Eddie’s floor burns.”

I could hear the three of them talking in the outer office. I must have been there twenty minutes or so when Coach came back. “Everyone else has gone home. How do you feel?”

“O.k., I guess, except I may have a case of frostbite too.”

“Take the ice packs off. I’ll be right back.”

He was back in a few minutes. I heard the outer door to the coach’s training room close. He stepped into the room where I was then he turned off the lights in the outer office. He pushed the door closed. I wasn’t sure but I might have heard the click of the lock. “Here are some chemical cold packs that you can take with you to use tonight if it gets too painful.”

He set them down on the end of the massage table and picked up a clipboard. “I’ve got to do a report for the school records and for the school nurse. If it is still really hurting you tomorrow, she’ll probably check you and excuse you so you can go see your family’s doctor.”

He busily filled out a form. “Let’s see what it looks like.” He folded the towel back so it covered my crotch. He gently touched my thigh. “Boy, that’s a beaut of a hip pointer.” He lightly rubbed my thigh with both hands. I could feel the back of his hand and fingers brushing against my dick and nuts as he worked a hand down the inside of my thigh.

As he moved his hand back, the towel was brushed off my crotch. Coach didn’t do anything, but he looked at my dick which was flopped over on my thigh.” “That’s a beaut too.” He looked at me. There was a strange look in his eyes. I could feel my dick starting to grow under his gaze. His hand touched my dick. “Do you . . .?” There was an odd catch in his voice. I just gulped and nodded.

He took my dick between his thumb and forefinger. After holding it for a moment he bent over and licked the head then he licked the full length of the side of the shaft. He straightened up and pulled his t-shirt over his head. I’d seen him working out on the weight machine so I wasn’t surprised at his flat abs and muscular shoulders. I was surprised his chest was shaved. A thin line of darkish hair ran down from his navel and disappeared under the waistband of his sweat pants.

He looked at me again. I smiled and nodded. He smiled and took my dick in his hand. It lay across his palm. “Nice.” He bent over and sucked on the head until my dick was stiff. I let out an involuntary sigh as he slid his mouth down over my cock. He didn’t stop until his chin pressed against my pubic bone. I tried to imagine deep throating Chuck or Kenny.

Coach held my nut sac as he slid my dick in and out of his mouth. He rolled my nuts between his thumb and fingers. I felt my dick moving in a circle and his tongue was running all around the head. This man was doing things to my dick, with his lips and tongue that I had never felt with Kenny.

I reach over and touched his hip. Coach was standing beside the massage table sort of facing my feet. I pushed my hand between his legs from behind. I put the palm of my hand over his crotch. He used his free hand to press my hand against himself. I could feel his dick inside his jock and sweats. He straightened up and I pulled my hand back.

He turned towards me as I put my hand on the waistband of his sweats and started to pull then down. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband and pushed his sweats and jock down to his knees. I touched his dick. He touched my hand. “Do you . . .?” I nodded as I ran my tongue over my lips.

He moved canlı casino closer to the head of the massage table. I sort of rolled on my side. I opened my mouth and looked up at him. Coach held his semi-hard dick. He smiled as he fed it into my mouth. His was the fourth dick that I sucked. It filled my mouth. It was thick. I liked the way it filed my mouth. I also liked the way it felt as it got hard and lengthened as I sucked it. “You’ve got a nice soft mouth, Gary.”

I took his dick out of my mouth. “You’ve got a nice thick dick, Coach.”

He touched my face, “It’s a cock, Gary. Boys have dicks. Men like you and I have cocks.”

“Your cock is nice and thick, Coach.”

“So’s yours, Gary. Now we better take this someplace else. What are you doing Saturday?”

“I’m going to Lana’s birthday party Saturday afternoon.”

“How about coming over to my place Saturday morning around nine or so if that isn’t too early?”

“Uh, I can be there then.”

“That’s good.” Coach pulled up his jock and sweatpants. He pulled the towel over my hips then he put on his t-shirt. After placing the ice packs on my hip, he opened the room door and turned on the office lights. He opened the outer training office door.

He came back in and picked up the clipboard. “Use the chemical cold packs tonight to keep the swelling down.”

There was a noise in the outer office. Mr. Goins, one of the custodians, came into the office. “Evening, Coach. Got someone hurt?”

“Evening, Jim. Gary was in a collision on the court tonight. Took a knee in the hip and got a pretty good hip pointer. Now, Gary like I said, use the cold packs tonight. You can skip practice tomorrow. You don’t even have to show up, if you don’t feel like it.”

“Thanks, Coach.” I pushed myself up into a sitting position. As I turned, my leg slid out from under the towel.

Mr. Goins whistled, “Boy, that’s a dandy. I bet it smarts, doesn’t it, son?”

Yes sir, Mr. Goins. It smarts.”

He laughed, “Well, do as Coach says and you’ll back on the court in no time. Better there than in the family jewels. Right, Coach.”

Coach laughed, “Right, Jim.”

“Well, let me empty these trashcans and I’ll be out of your way.” He disappeared into the outer office and we heard wastebaskets being moved about. He stuck his head back in the door. “Good night, Coach. Goodnight, kid. You’ll be o.k. Just do as Coach says.”

“Yes sir, Thanks, Mr. Goins, Good night.”

“Good night, Jim.”

“Don’t forget to leave the security light on, Coach.

“I won’t, Jim.” Coach turned to me, “Are you going to be able to drive yourself home?”

“Yeah, I’ll be able too. It’s my left leg and my cars an automatic so I’ll be o.k.”

“Good. Drive carefully. And don’t forget Saturday morning.”

“I won’t, Coach, good night.” I slid of the table and stood up. I wrapped the towel around my waist and picked up my shorts, jock and the cold packs. I hobbled out of the office and to my locker. It was a long hobble to my car out in the parking lot.

As I drove home, I thought about Coach’s invitation for Saturday morning. And I thought about Mr. Goins advice to do as the Coach says. I was certainly planning on doing that. I hoped he would say that I should suck his fat dick, er, cock for an hour or so.

When I got home my Dad came out to the driveway to meet me. “How are you doing , Son? Kenny called and said you gotten knocked down during practice and the Coach wanted to ice a bad bruise.”

“Yes, I collided with two other guys during a fast drill. Coach says I have pretty good hip pointer. I may see the school nurse tomorrow and she may want me to see our doctor. Coach iced it for about an hour and he gave me some cold packs to use tonight.” I got out of the car and limped towards the house.

“You could have called. I’d have picked you up so you wouldn’t have had to drive.”

“Thanks, Dad, but Mom would have had to come along to get my car. It’s o.k.”

“Marcia could have come with me and driven your car.”

I kept forgetting that my little sister was seventeen and had been driving for a year. “Do you think you could of gotten her off the phone long enough to do that.”

Dad laughed, “You’ve got a point there. Let’s go inside. Your Mother has dinner just about ready.”

When I got inside Mom told me that Coach had called to tell them I was on the way home. Over dinner, I told everyone what happened and that I wouldn’t practice tomorrow and that Coach wanted me to come over to his place Saturday morning.

Dad wondered why and I said that he probably just wanted to see how I was doing.

Marcia giggled and said she would like to run into either Eddie or Joe any time.

Mom told her to watch what she said.

After dinner, I called Lana and told her what happened and that I probably wouldn’t be up for much if she was able to go out with me Friday night. She was sympathetic, but maybe it had worked out o.k., other than me getting hurt, because some of her kaçak casino relatives had called earlier and they were coming over for her birthday party and they wanted to take her and her folks out to dinner Friday evening. I told her that would work and I would be at her party on Saturday. She blew me a kiss over the phone.

I called Kenny and told him that we were on for Friday night if he still wanted to get together. He sounded excited and said he could hardly wait.

I used the cold packs before I went to bed and I iced the bruise again in the morning before going to school. The school nurse checked it over and said it looked o.k. and told me to come in during the noon hour and during study hall for more ice packs. Coach stopped by to see how I was doing. I asked him about Eddie and Joe. He said they were probably more stiff, more stoved up and more sore than I was because of the floor burns on their arms and legs. I must have been on top of the pile because I didn’t have any serious floor burns.

I watched practice for a while then went home early. I had talked with Kenny and he said to come around about seven or so. I told my folks that I was going over to Kenny’s after dinner to do homework and that I’d be home by eleven. When I got to Kenny’s his folks were just leaving. I wished then a safe trip and to tell Eva, their daughter, ‘Hello’. They thanked me after telling me that they hoped I felt better. Kenny and I drank a brew before going to his bedroom.

He made sure the shade was pulled and the curtains were tightly closed. He came over to where I was standing. “Gawd, Gary, I’m so horny.” He started to unbuckle my belt.

“We don’t need to rush, Kenny. I told my folks I’d be home by eleven.”

“Oh. Good.” Kenny stopped trying to unbuckle my belt and began to unbutton my shirt. “Get naked. I can’t wait.”

I sat down and took off my shoes and socks. Kenny watched as I took off my shirt. He was still fully clothed. “If you can’t wait, why aren’t you naked already?”

“I like watching you undress.”

“Oh.” I unbuckled my belt, undid the fly and pushed my jeans and shorts down together. I stepped out of them then picked them up and hung them over the back of the chair.

“Boy, you did get hit hard.”

I put my hands on my hips and faced him. “It’s getting better. Now get your clothes off. You can’t touch me until you’re naked too.” Kenny quickly got naked. His hard dick popped up as he freed it from the waistband of his shorts. “I see you’re hot to trot.”

Kenny grinned and began to stroke his dick, “You bet.” I sat down on the chair. He held his dick straight out as he walked towards me from across the room. I opened my mouth. He didn’t stop walking until his dick was buried deep in my mouth and my lips were tight around the shaft. “Suck my dick, Gary. Suck my dick good.”

I put my hands on his hips as I pulled my mouth up his shaft. I held him steady so he couldn’t fuck my face. Instead, I moved my head and pumped Kenny’s dick in and out of my mouth.

He touched my head. “May I fuck you later?”

I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him, “Sure. After I fuck you.”

“Fuck me?”

“Yes. You’ve fucked my ass several times. I think it is your turn.” I licked him from balls to dick head then swallowed as much as I could.

“My turn?”

“Uh, huh,” I mumbled through my full mouth. I released his dick, “Your turn.” I wet a finger. I reached between his legs and rubbed the wet finger against his butt hole. I had his dick head between my lips. Kenny rose up on his toes and pushed his dick into my mouth as I pushed a finger up my buddy’s ass.

He was pushing down against my finger. His dick moved all around in my mouth as he wiggled and rotated his butt. “Jeez, that feels pretty good.”

I pulled my finger out of his butt. As I sat up, his dick slipped out of my mouth. “I think you should get the lube then get my cock ready by sucking it as hard and as big as you can.” Kenny ran over to his dresser and rummaged around in a drawer. He ran back and handed me a bottle of silky lotion. Without being told, he got down on his knees and went to work on sucking my cock up into an ass opening hard-on.

Kenny was really giving my cock a workout. If I hadn’t told him to stop, I’d have blown my load. He stood , “What do I do?”

“Bend over and lean on the back of the chair.” He folded his arms and leaned on the back of the chair. I squirted some lube lotion into my hands and warmed it up by rubbing my hands together. I rubbed it up and down his ass crack as I ran my fingers over his butt hole.

After lubing a finger, I fondled his dick and nuts as I worked the finger into his asshole. I rotated and pushed my finger in and out. I stopped playing with his dick and, instead, rubbed the small of his back as I worked two fingers into his butt hole. Again I rotated my fingers. Kenny spread his feet farther apart.

“I don’t want to scare you, but I’m going to do three fingers.” Kenny grinned as he looked back over his shoulder. I squirted some more lube down his ass crack. He groaned as I worked the third finger in. I could feel his sphincter muscle relax as he got used to the stretching and rotating fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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