Everything Happens for a Reason Ch. 03

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This is a sequel to, “Everything Happens for a Reason, Ch.2”


The storm blew in quick. We both woke up and looked at each other and I quickly went to the window. The wind was like a gale, and sleet was pelting the side of the lodge. I heard a crack and a thump as one of the many trees out front lost a branch. I wondered if the power was next to go. It was not yet dawn, but I could see enough to know that we weren’t going anywhere soon. A sleepy Taylor called out from the bed, “Trent, what’s going on?”

“You won’t believe this wind. I’m worried that the parking lot will be blocked by the fallen trees and sleet is beginning to glaze the cars and the road.” I moved away from the window and sat down on the side of the bed. In just my boxers and shivering, I was suddenly aware of how cold the room was. It was certainly not this cold when Taylor and I checked in. What a night. We were so happy to be with each other! We had mind-blowing sex most of the night. In fact, we had only been asleep for a few hours.

I had driven past this rustic lodge on the way up the mountain. In fact, it was only about three miles from where we met at the turnout on Skyline drive. We had booked the only remaining room. It seems that other travelers had heard about the sudden storm and decided to sit it out overnight. My mind wandered back to the previous evening. We had talked in Taylor’s rented PT Cruiser for many hours, catching up on all that had transpired in our lives. We both agreed to set the “Real world” aside and live for ourselves this week-end. For me, the events of 9/11 brought home the fact that life is too short to miss out on opportunities for finding happiness. Our hands had been all over each other in the car as we kissed. We knew that we needed to be alone together to finish what we had started so long ago.

I had been so nervous that afternoon as I waited for him. I had chosen that location to meet “Brian” because we both loved the Blue Ridge Mountains, and they were roughly half-way between us. I knew that a front was coming down from the Ohio valley, but it was expected to stall, so I suggested that we both make the trip anyway. What a total and absolute shock it had been to see Taylor step out of that PT Cruiser instead of Brian! I was sure that I had traveled to the Twilight Zone.

Taylor had taken on the Internet name of “Brian” and I had taken on the name of “Jim.” We had been chatting for months using those fake names and we had fallen hard for each other. We had finally arranged to meet, even though we had always sworn that we would never cross that line. We were both married with almost grown kids and established careers. We just did not want to take any chances with our reputations. However, after wearing each other down with late-night cyber-sex sessions and declarations of love, we finally could not stop the inevitable.

Fate had a hand in it, I just know it. After all, it was Taylor that had stepped out of that car and not Brian! I had been in love with Taylor for many years but we had only been intimate that one time in the spa way back when, before I moved away. I still had to shake my head in disbelief. The whole thing brought thankful tears to my eyes each time I thought about how amazing it was.

Once we were reunited, we talked in the car for hours at the scenic overlook. There was no doubt in either of our minds that we would spend the night together and that it would be hotter than hot. After checking in at the front desk of the lodge, I remember unlocking the door and putting down my overnight bag. I walked over to the window to look out at the changing weather while Taylor laid his bag on the bed and put his stuff in the bathroom. I was looking out at the stars and watched as the fast moving clouds overtook them. As I reached up to close the curtains, Taylor came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, his hands lowering down to grip my crotch. He laid his head on my shoulder and said softly to me, “Trent, I still can’t believe this is really happening.” I turned around and our mouths met in a kiss that started out tender, but quickly erupted in unrequited passion. Our tongues and roaming hands betrayed our lust for one another.

We stumbled toward the bed, tearing at each other’s clothes, trying not to break our kiss. I was sure that our shirts were losing some buttons but we didn’t even care. I had finally broken away and dragged his pants off and pulled his boxers down to his ankles as he fell onto the bed. As he slipped off his boxers, he said to me, “Trent, I dare you!” He then tossed his boxers across the room. I laughed at the memory of saying the same thing to him about his swim trunks so long ago in the spa. Thank god he had taken that dare. I pulled my own boxers off and tossed them over with his and we both laughed.

Free of our clothing, our naked bodies were pressed together in a tight embrace. Both of us were breathing hard and clutching at each other. Our hands and fingers caressed and wandered all over each casino siteleri other’s naked flesh. Taylor said to me breathlessly, “I forgot that you said in one of our chats that you wanted to shave your balls some day! I want you to know that I got a lot of mileage out of that thought, while jerking off! And now, here they are, all smooth in my hands.”

I laughed. “You told me you liked them on that guy in that hot pic I e-mailed you, so I decided to surprise you by shaving my own, once I knew we might be together, Mr. Itsbeen2long! I take it you approve?”

Taylor gently stroked and cupped my silky-smooth balls and said hoarsely, “I definitely approve!” I slid my cock up and down against his belly as we tussled on the bed. I warned him that I was so horny that I would not last long. He just smiled at me and said, “In that case, I’ll race you!” He began grinding his hips underneath me and pressed his hard cock against mine. We could feel each other’s hot cocks, pressed against each other.

After a few minutes of kissing and rubbing, he called my name out, “Trennnnnnt…aaahhhh…ooohhh….geeeez…ahhhh!” I could feel the heat of his cum on my belly as he spurted it between us. That was all it took for me. I lifted up onto my palms and shot all over Taylor’s chest. The intensity of my orgasm stunned me. I was aware of at least six spurts. I collapsed next to him while we both caught our breath.

He smiled at me as I took his hand into mine and held it to my chest to feel my heart beating. He tenderly took some of my cum from his chest, and with his index finger, massaged it onto his rigid nipples. I then kissed his nipples and then kissed his lips. We were both hopelessly lost in the abandon of uninhibited man sex. Nothing was taboo between us. Everything just felt so right, and we felt safe.

We looked tenderly at each other for the longest time without even speaking. Finally Taylor broke the silence by saying, “You know Trent….it’s all your fault, for daring me to take off my bathing suit in the spa all those years ago!”

“Yeah Taylor, I really had to twist your arm, didn’t I?” As we lay there gazing at each other, I knew that I finally had my dream lover back. I rose from the bed and went in to turn on the shower. I called out from the bathroom, “Are you coming, Taylor?”

“I already did. Look at yourself in the mirror if you don’t believe me!” I charged back into the room and wrestled with him on the bed. We were laughing hard as I tried to get him into a half-Nelson but he quickly got the upper hand and flipped me over and grabbed my balls. I was pinned underneath him. The aroma of his drying cum was intoxicating.

“Ok, ok, I give!” He let me go and then he climbed on top of me in a 69 position. He licked my cock like a lollipop and tickled my balls. Returning the favor, I pulled him into my mouth and before long we were both moaning. I tasted his oozing pre-cum as he got more and more aroused. He abruptly lifted himself up and turned over. I did not want to let his cock out of my mouth.

“Come on Trent, the shower is running.” Shit, what a tease! I reluctantly allowed him to pull out of my mouth and I followed Taylor into the bathroom. He turned off the main light and just kept the heater light on. In the soft orange glow he looked like a Greek god. As we stepped into the shower I put his glorious naked body under the spray and I said to him, “Let me bathe you.”

That had been our first shower together and it was sweet. I started at his neck and massaged the lather against his chin. I could feel the stubble on his face as I washed and rinsed him. The look in his eyes told me all I needed to know about the feelings that Taylor felt toward me. I turned him around and washed his back. Soaping up my hands again, I massaged his buttocks and cupped them in my palms, swirling the lather on his fuzzy buns. I worked my way lower and he instinctively spread his legs and groaned, leaning forward with his palms against the shower wall. I knelt down and gazed up at the wonderful sight of his half-erect cock, those delectable hairy balls and that tight ass. It was like a meal on a plate.

I detached the shower nozzle and brought it down beneath his ass. I aimed it up and the strong jets rinsed off the soap and needled his balls. I moved it forward and up to allow the jets to stimulate the underside of his cock. Taylor reacted by quickly coming to full mast and groaning at the sensations. After putting the nozzle back and soaping myself up, I stood and pressed myself against Taylor. My cock was now between his legs and nestled in between his ass checks.

Taylor and I had never shared anything but oral sex, but now all I could think about was mounting him. I reached around to his chest and pinched his nipples and pressed myself against him until he was flush against the shower wall. There could be no doubt in his mind what I wanted to do to him. Taylor’s head was turned to the side. He gasped and looked at me expectantly. I kissed canlı casino him and said, “Do you have ANY idea how much I want you?”

“Yes, and I want it too. Fuck me, Trent.” He then slid down the wall a little and pressed backward against my cock until I was pressed against his male opening. I wasn’t sure I could do this, but I sure wanted to.

Taylor must have sensed my hesitation because he reached up to get the conditioner and then handed it to me. With a nervous smile he said to me, “Lube me up good, Trent!” He then turned back toward the wall and flattened himself against it. I put the bottle up to his ass and squeezed it. Taylor squirmed and chuckled at the sensation. I then “conditioned” my cock.

The spray came down on us like rain as I pressed into my lover. I had no experience with anal sex, but I knew enough to go slow. Taylor had gritted his teeth a little, but every time I slowed down he said, “Keep going Trent.” I felt like I had six inches of hard steel rather than flesh as I felt my cockhead get past the first barrier. Taylor gasped again and moved his arms up over his head and hung onto the shower wall. All I could think about was, “I am fucking Taylor.”

It was like I was sex-crazed, yet I was careful not to hurt him. After about a minute of gentle pressure, I felt Taylor relax a little and I slid deeper into him. Taylor clenched his ass as a reflex and I loved the way that made my cock feel. At the same time, he exhaled loudly and turned his head toward me. I could see he was in pain. I wanted to continue but I asked him if he needed me to pull out and he said, “Yeah, I’m really sorry.”

I gently pulled out, stopping at the last minute, as I felt resistance against the head of my cock. “Don’t be sorry, Taylor. We can try later, if you want.” One more gasp from Taylor and we were separated.

Taylor turned around, looking relieved. “Uh…I’ll be honest. That hurt a lot Trent, but it was kinda interesting. Maybe it would work better on the bed, I don’t know.” He then French kissed me and said, “Let’s clean up because I want you to shave my balls!”

“No way,” I replied back.

“Yes way, but after this.” He sank down to his knees and took me into his mouth. I leaned back against the wall and felt waves of pleasure as Taylor sucked me. He put some conditioner on his finger and inserted it inside me, ever so gently. With subtle pressure, he waved his finger back and forth. I felt the volcano rumbling and I warned him that he was going to be covered in hot lava soon.

He kept sucking and working his finger in my hole. I am sure the folks in the next room heard me as my cock erupted into Taylor’s mouth. He pulled back and let some of my cum splash on his face, then he went back to finish me off. My god, he was savoring my cum, and it was all I could do not to collapse as I witnessed the wonderful blowjob that he was giving me. When it was over, he smiled up at me. I grabbed his head and brought our lips together. Our tongues met and, between us, we cleaned up his face.

Taylor suddenly opened the shower door and ran to the sink, dripping wet. He rummaged for his razor and shaving cream. I love the look of a naked man with the hair on his ass and legs plastered down from the water. I stepped out of the shower and said, “Taylor, you need scissors or we can’t do this!” I went into the other room and found scissors in my shaving kit. They were small, but they would work. Complaining like babies about how cold the air felt on our wet bodies, we practically ran back to the shower, accusing each other of causing the other “shrinkage.” We were laughing as we both jockeyed for control over the shower nozzle. The hot water felt SO good!

It was kind of awkward at first, but I finally figured out a way to trim the hair on his balls. After cutting 95% of it off with the scissors, I rinsed him and applied the shaving cream. We kept laughing as he maneuvered himself in such a way that I could get access to his balls and ass. No matter what position he was in, he looked like he was posing for a porn mag. Of course I had no complaints about the view! After several false starts with him saying, “No, wait, I’m not ready yet,” Taylor finally let me go to work. I started on the sides of his scrotum where he could see what I was doing.

After he felt more trusting, I headed for the more sensitive areas. Rinsing the razor constantly, I slowly and carefully shaved the hair around his hole and worked my way up. His erect penis made the job easier and a lot more fun! I worked my way up to his shaft which was mostly hair-free with just a small tuft of pubes on each side of the base. The power dimmed a couple of times and Taylor got scared of the razor but I was almost done. The whole thing took about ten minutes. He was surprised when I announced, “Ok, all done and with hardly so much as a paper cut!”

Taylor caressed his smooth scrotum. “Wow, oh man it feels hot, just like your nuts feel…so smooth. I’m not going to be able to kaçak casino keep my hands off of myself!” He rinsed off and I then pulled him toward me and licked and sucked at his hairless ball sack. His cock was sticking straight up as my tongue explored between his legs. I worked my way up and down his ass crack, pausing each time to tickle his hole. I took each ball into my mouth as Taylor trembled. He leaned back against the wall with one hand clutching his newly smooth balls and the other hand working its way up and down his hard shaft. Trent…Trent…aaahhh…you’re gonna make me cum buddy….oh man, oh man…uuumph….aaah…aahh…AAHH!”

At that moment I pressed my finger against his hole and put myself in the line of fire as he jerked himself off. He came all over my face and neck. I opened my mouth and some of his sweet nectar found its way onto my tongue. When he stopped spurting, I brought him into my mouth and gently suckled him until he was dry and spent. I stood up and we repeated our “cleanup routine.” Our open mouths met, and we moaned and panted out how hot it was to share our cum with each other. We could have stayed in the shower forever but the water was getting cold. We rinsed and dried each other off, shivering the whole time.

We knew it was windy when the lights dimmed in the bathroom, but when we went back to bed, we could hear the wind gusts slam against the side of the lodge. Taylor got up and looked out the window on his side of the bed. Even with the distraction of the storm, I could not take my eyes off of him. He was the very definition of masculine. Tall with dark features, he was slim and fit. His silhouette against the faint daylight was like an erotic sketch.

I could see every angle of his handsome face. His chiseled jaw was clenched as he peered anxiously out at the weather. My eyes took in his wide shoulders tapering down to his narrow waist. He turned to the side and leaned against the window to see more and I once again drank in the vision of his body. My cock started to harden again as my eyes followed his treasure trail as it made its way toward his cock which was now flaccid and nestled against his brown triangle of pubic hair. He was barely visible in the dim light. I imagined my tongue exploring the crevices of his body as I had in the shower a little earlier. He was amazingly sexy, and I could not get enough of him.

“Trent!,” he shouted out. “Shit!” We both heard the crash as another big branch went down, this one right behind his PT Cruiser. I got up and looked out and saw huge branches blocking and covering several cars. Some of them must have come down when we were in the shower. We looked out in silence at the thrashing trees. I finally left the window and lay down on the bed. I watched Taylor some more as he gazed out on the landscape. He stayed at the window for quite awhile. I wondered what he was thinking about.

As if on cue from my thoughts, Taylor returned from the window and crawled back into bed. We wrapped our arms around each other. Taylor looked at me and told me, “I still can’t believe I am here with you. In my wildest dreams I would never have guessed that I came here to meet “Jim” and that it turned out to be you.” I smiled at the realization that we had said this over and over again to each other since meeting the day before. He pulled the covers up to our necks and snuggled next to me.

As I held him tight I asked him, “Taylor, I know you made the right decision about us, so long ago. Can you forgive me for having such a hard time with it? I can’t explain it to you, but when you found out that you would be a father for the first time and I saw the adoring gaze of your wife as she told you that she was pregnant, I knew that I could not compete with that. If I had gotten in the way of that baby’s future I could never have forgiven myself. At the same time, I felt like she was taking you away from me. Taylor, you were never mine…I had no right to feel that way. Taylor laid his arm over my chest and his fingers gently tickled my underarm hairs. He instinctively knew I loved that.

After a moment or two of reflection he responded back, “I thought we agreed not to talk about that stuff. Besides, I am the one that told YOU in that e-mail that I had my life on track and that it was best that we go our own ways, remember? Trent, I was a fraud then, pure and simple. I was going through the motions, man….doing what I felt was expected of me without regard to my own needs. I knew you were into me, and maybe I was selfish for saying that to you at the time, but that’s how I felt, then. But I don’t feel that way now, Trent.”

“No, you were not selfish; you were just trapped, like me. Like you, I have always loved my wife, but as the years went by I realized that my life was incomplete without you, Taylor. I thought I was going crazy. I was drinking too much and I was depressed. I had decided to ignore my cravings for men and to just go with the flow but it has been a steep uphill battle. The chat rooms were both my friend and my enemy, you know? Taylor, we have raised our kids and accomplished a lot, but you were always in the back of my mind. What I did to deserve you coming back into my life and by such coincidence, I don’t know.”

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