Emily the Demon Barber

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Emily and David are back in yet another strange adventure. Thanks to all for your support and comments so far.

Emily first appeared in “Emily the Church Lady” and “Emily Goes Door to Door”. Like those tales, this was written to be read as a separate story, but it would certainly make the author happy if you were to read the others as well, if you haven’t already.

I submitted the story in the Fetish category, but there is not an single overpowering theme to the story. Exhibitionist and voyeur was also a possibility.


1. Vacationing with Emily.

It was the middle of June, the time of year in the northeast when rainy spring begins to turn into the all too brief summer. We had been a pair for much of the year, Emily and myself, and it had been a marvelous adventure thus far. We enjoyed being in each other’s company, and while we agreed on many of life’s issues, we differed on enough things to make it constantly interesting.

We decided to take a short vacation together, and had settled on a trip to Cape Cod, about a four hour journey east. We planned to spend a long weekend out there, hoping to beat the madness of summer by going when we did, and prayed we would get lucky with the weather that time of year.

Emily said that she knew a place that was fairly reasonable and a little bit out of the way. I had only been out there once before, and I found it hard to believe that such a place existed in Provincetown, but I was game for anything involving Emily. So it was that we headed off on a cool and rainy Friday morning, hoping for better weather as we went toward the Cape.

Naturally, the damp and dismal weather followed us as we drove east, and managed to become even more miserable the closer we got to our destination. Lighting was flashing all around us as we drove through Truro, toward Provincetown on the tip of the Cape. The weather reports kept promising better weather for the weekend, so we kept our chins up as we pulled into our motel parking lot. The thought of being in a motel room with Emily for a weekend with nothing to do but… you know, was not all that horrible a scenario regardless of how the weather turned out.

Quiet and out of the way are terms that mean different things to different people, I figured out. The place was very nice though, and for Provincetown I suppose it was relatively secluded. The term “fairly reasonable” was also relative, as I almost had a stroke when I saw the price of the room. When I saw that the price was not the total for the three nights, but for EACH night, I thought cardiac arrest was on the horizon.

Emily didn’t blink, however, and whipped out her credit card as we checked in. I protested and moved toward my wallet but Emily cut me off.

“No David” Emily said firmly, “this was my idea so I’m paying. You can take care of the meals and stuff.”

I agreed to that with a sigh of relief that I hoped was not as audible as I feared. It then hit me that we had never discussed money or salaries, and the possiblity existed that she might be a lot better off than I was. Certainly without the college bills I had assumed for my sons, that was not impossible.

The room was truly gorgeous; with a view of the bay, a jacuzzi in the bathroom and the swimming pool just far enough away to be available but not so close as to be noisy. The windows were open, and as the salty air filled my lungs, I was reminded of how hungry I was, and how dinner time was fast approaching.

“What should we do, my dear?” I asked Emily as we unpacked our things.

“Well, we know that we wanted to go out to dinner one night at a really nice place” Emily reminded me, holding up the slinky black dress that I had bought her when we first started seeing each other.

“Maybe tomorrow night would be better for that” I suggested, looking outside. While it had cleared a bit, it still was not exactly an ideal afternoon.

“No, not tomorrow night” Emily said, a little more decisively than I would have expected.

“Why my dear?” I asked. “Did we have something planned for tomorrow night?”

“Oh, no” Emily said while tossing her undies in a drawer. “It’s just that we were going on the whale watch tomorrow morning, right? What happens if we get sick on the boat or something and don’t feel good?”

“Yeah, I suppose so” I agreed. “Speaking of the whale watch, I bought something you can wear on the boat tomorrow” I said while digging into my suitcase.

I found the bag I was looking for and brought it over to Emily, who was brushing some imaginary lint off that exquisite black cocktail dress. How I longed to see her in that!

“I figured you’d want to see me in this dress on the boat” Emily said with a giggle.

“An black evening gown on a whale watching boat?” I laughed. “That’s silly! Besides, the salt would stain it. Here, I got you these, and you can take your pick. Here’s number one.”

I held up the red blouse, a glorified tube top of sorts. No shoulder straps, with a front that was kept together by laces. Emily’s güvenilir bahis eyes rolled back a second after I held it up.

“Next!” Emily immediately announced as she gave me a tsk-tsk type look.

“You don’t like it?” I asked, my feelings a little hurt as I had pictured how sensational she would look in that. “Okay, then this one you’ll love!”

I held up the other top. This one was a light blue sleeveless blouse with little spaghetti straps.

“David,” Emily moaned as she shook her head, “I can’t wear those.”

“Why not?” I asked her. “I think they’re really cute and I thought you’d look amazing in them.

“I can’t wear blouses like those” she said while taking the red one off the bed. “You can’t wear a bra with either of those!”

“So what? I said. “You don’t need to wear a bra.”

“I know that already David” Emily said. “You don’t have to rub it in.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it” I insisted. “You’re on vacation, and nobody even knows you here.”

Emily picked up the light blue blouse and, after holding it up, took off her clothes and put it on. I helped tie the strings and stood back and admired her view.

The thin cotton was a tad more revealing than I had thought, but Emily still looked wonderful.

“Well, at least this one has straps to keep it up” Emily mused. “The other one would fall right down on me. You need something on top to be able to wear things like that.”

Despite my months of positive reinforcement, Emily was still self-conscious about her breasts, or lack thereof. I knew all about lack of confidence and negative body images, but I failed to see how anyone could look at this woman and not declare her gorgeous looking. One guy had, and the resulting damage was apparently as extensive as it was difficult to shake.

“Honey, you’re beautiful” I said hugging her close. “I’m going to keep telling you that until you figure it out for yourself. If you don’t want to wear either of these blouses, that’s fine by me.”

“Well, maybe this one” Emily said. “We’ll see.”

2. Dressing for dinner.

Emily finally decided she would rather go out on the town tonight, as the rain had let up. I showered and got dressed while Emily bathed. When she came out of the bathroom I watched as she walked around getting her things ready.

I thought back to our first encounters, when Emily would hide herself from me, not letting me get even a glimpse of her naked or even close to it. I had even thought that she had horrible scars or something that she was trying to hide. Looking at Emily prance around naked, I thought how silly she had been, even though there were reasons behind it.

From behind, I admired her cute rear end and shapely legs. Her back and shoulders were tiny, but almost muscular in a way. Not bony at all, but slender. Petite, she would always correct me when I would use another term. Her barely five foot frame probably couldn’t weigh a hundred pounds if she was soaking wet and carrying a rib roast.

I came up behind Emily and put my hands on her shoulders, rubbing them softly and looking over her at our reflection in the dresser mirror, enjoying the smile that came to her face as she looked up at us. My hands slid under her arms and cupped her tiny breasts, squeezing them gently and feeling those bulbous aureolas start to respond to my touch. Emily started squirming and let her head fall back onto my chest.

“Almost dinner time, isn’t it David?” Emily reminded me. “Better not start something we can’t finish. Besides, you had better save your energy, because after dinner I’m going to wear you out!”

“Got something planned?” I asked, always in the mood for any of her wacky schemes.

“You’ll see!” Emily said. “David, if I’m going to wear that beautiful dress, there’s something I’m going to have to do first.”

“Thank me?” I kidded. “You already did, and wearing that dress is going to be thanks enough anyway.”

“No, not that David” Emily said while lifting her hands up and reaching back to run her hands through my hair. “I’ve got to shave.”

I looked down at Emily’s underarms and smiled at the sight of the tiny wisps of golden hair nestled in the gentle recesses of her armpits. In our early days, I had mentioned the fact that I found women who chose not to shave very attractive, and without my asking Emily had let the hair under her arms grow. While I was shocked that she had done this, I figured that it might make her uncomfortable to be seen like this, and was not surprised by her decision.

“Oh well,” I said, sliding my hands over from her breasts and toying with the sparse fur, so blonde and so fine that it was almost invisible.

“It was fun while it lasted,” I said. “At least I can kiss it goodbye” I announced and proceeded to do just that, nibbling and kissing the silky down while enjoying Emily squirm with pleasure just like she always did.

“Arrrrgghh… David, not now!” Emily yelped while finally breaking away. “You remember this later when I have you türkçe bahis begging for mercy!”

“I’ll try” I said, while Emily took a package of disposable razors from the suitcase.

“I thought you’d get more bent out of shape about this” Emily said.

“Sorry if I disappointed you there, kiddo” I said. “It’s you I’m crazy about, and everything else is just… stuff. I want you to be comfortable with yourself and happy.”

Emily smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me in that insanely passionate way of hers that never failed to arouse me.

“Do you want to do it?” Emily asked shyly.

“You know I do” I said, and cupped her butt tightly while pulling her close.

“Not that” Emily said softly. “Do you want to shave me?”

“Hmmmmm…. okay, sure” I said, and while in all honesty the thought had occurred to me before, I began to get very interested in the prospect. Frankly, every opportunity to touch Emily always appealed to me.

“I read where Sharon Stone said that shaving your partner is the most sensual thing imaginable” Emily whispered to me.

“Let’s see if she’s right” I responded and helped Emily lay towels on the bed. Emily produced a can of shaving gel and razor and gave me the works before hopping onto the bed and laying on her back.

“Just be careful David” Emily said. “Start with my legs, they’re really hairy.”

I sat next to Emily on the bed and squirted a little of the gel into my palm while looking at Emily’s legs, trying to see what it was that I would be removing. I had to run my hand up and down her leg before I finally found what I was looking for.

These were the “really hairy” legs that Emily referred to, a narrow strip of light down on the insides of her lower calves. No wonder I had never felt anything but smooth skin when I would massage her legs, because there was practically nothing there. I dutifully rubbed the gel around, watching it foam up in response.

I tried to make it last as long as I could, letting the razor glide effortlessly up from Emily’s ankle to just shy of her knee, and then repeating the process on the other leg.

“Mmmmmmm… this is so nice” Emily cooed as I mowed away quietly. “Are you having fun David?”

“Of course I am” I assured her, and I was. Despite never having cared much about leg hair one way or another, I was fascinated by doing this, and was just getting into it when it was done.

I took some baby oil and rubbed it over Emily’s calves while enjoying their silky smoothness, although in all honesty I didn’t feel much difference in them now.

“There, how did I do?” I asked, getting up from the bed as Emily sat up and ran her hands up and down her legs.

“Great!” Emily announced. “You did a wonderful job too, with no nicks or cuts at all.”

“Was it as sensuous as Sharon Stone promised you?” I asked while cleaning the razor off.

“It wasn’t the most sensual thing we’ve done, but it was way up there” Emily said while grinning widely. “I see you liked it too” she said, while nodding toward my crotch.

“That always gives me away, doesn’t it?” I asked, while attempting to shift my erection around in my pants to make it less obvious.

Emily laughed and fell back on the bed, putting her hands behind her head, all the while watching me studiously as I sat up my her side.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Emily asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “I think it was you that asked me to do it, didn’t you?”

My hand reached down and stroked the little wisp of hair in the center of the gentle hollow of Emily’s right armpit, and tried to figure out if there was a way I could make this last more than one brief stroke.

“I dunno. I just thought that you would try to talk me out of it, that’s all” Emily said.

“I didn’t talk you into it, as I recall” I mentioned. “If it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s not worth it to me.”

“It was kinda weird being all hairy” Emily said, beginning to squirm as my fingers kept stroking the sensitive underside of her arm.

“Especially when I went to the doctor last week” Emily continued. “I hadn’t even thought about it, but then there I was with the doctor probing around under my arms during the checkup.”

“Oooooh… tell me more” I said. “The doctor, was it a man or a woman.”

“The doctor was a man and the nurse was a woman” Emily said.

“So they were both groping all over you and…”

“Are you out of your freaking mind, David?” Emily said while shaking with laughter. “It was a freakin’ doctor’s office! What do you think goes on there anyway?”

“Probably not nearly as much as I imagined” I admitted, as I prepared to go back to work.

I ran my hands over Emily’s chest, her breasts disappearing as she reclined, leaving only those magnificent strawberry-sized auroelas jutting proudly upward. I found it impossible to resist a sweet caress of those puffy delights in passing before reaching for the can of gel.

“You’re sure doing this won’t bother you, David?” güvenilir bahis siteleri Emily asked once more.

“Emily, whatever you decide is fine with me” I insisted. “I think it’s sexy as hell like this, but I also thought you were sexy when you were smooth as silk too. Remember? It’s only a little hair, after all.”

“Do you mean that David?” Emily asked, and I nodded with certainty.

“Okay, I’ll remember that!” Emily announced, and suddenly jumped up from the bed, leaving me sitting there with a handful of goo in my hand and a confused expression on my face.

“Huh? What do I do with this?” I asked, looking at the blue gunk in my palm.

“Save it for later!” Emily announced as she went to the dresser and began to get ready. “I’ll be using it on you later. After all, it’s only hair!”

3. Dinner and beyond.

We had a nice dinner at an upscale Provincetown restaurant, and I got to discover what a thirty five dollar filet mignon tastes like. Not surprisingly, it tasted quite a bit like the twenty five dollar variety, but it was enjoyable anyway.

It might have been my imagination, but Emily was the main attraction in the place. That dress was absolutely stunning on her. Emily had gotten her haircut before we went, changing from the Goldie Hawn shag style to a very short Peter Pan type thing. The new do made her look even younger, and although I wasn’t that crazy about it in the beginning, it was growing on me. The combination of those big aquamarine eyes, golden blonde hair and that slinky black dress was irresistable.

“You look absolutely stunning” I said during dessert. “Everybody in the place is gawking at you, even the women.”

“Well after all, this is Provincetown, David” Emily reminded me. “Besides, they’re probably all staring at my hairy armpits.”

I shook my head and stabbed at my cake, mentioning the fact that I was sitting a couple feet away from her and couldn’t see anything, and so long as she didn’t do jumping jacks I figured her secret was safe.

After dinner we went out for a drink at a nightclub and I even let Emily coax me out onto the dance floor a couple of times. That proved to me that I had a buzz on at the very least.

“Want to head back to the room?” I whispered in Emily’s ear as we danced. “We have to get up pretty early tomorrow morning.”

“We can go back to the room alright” Emily agreed. “As far as getting sleep goes, you can forget about that, buddy. I’ve got plans for you.”

4. Tie me up, tie me down.

We got back to our room and after I locked the door, Emily attacked me, practically climbing on my lap while I was still standing. She tore off everything I was wearing in record time and I was naked in less than a minute. I started to undo Emily’s dress but got rebuffed.

“Get on the bed David!” Emily ordered, and I eagerly complied with her command.

Emily fished around in her luggage and pulled out what looked like rope. I laughed as Emily wrapped a piece of rope around each of my wrists.

“What else did you pack in your bag Em?” I asked as she finished winding the rope.

“You’ll find out David” Emily informed me. “Now lay down and put your hands up toward the hreadboard.

I did as Emily asked and she tied the ends of the rope to the bedposts. The ropes had me down pretty secure, but not so much that I couldn’t get loose if I wanted to, I thought. At this point, who would want to?

Emily stood my the side of the bed and surveryed her handiwork. My arms were pinned high above my head, and Emily had spread my legs wide. She then took a couple more lengths of rope and soon had my ankles secured to the bottom of the bed as well.

“There, are you comfy David?” Emily asked, smiling and clearly enjoying my helplessness.

“I’m fine Emily, but what are you going to do to me?”

“Ummm… whatever I want to, I guess” Emily said. “How come you don’t have a hard-on, babe? You scared?”

I strained to look down at my member, which was limp for the first time all night.

“Maybe I am, but I think it’s more like it’s taking a rest” I said. “I’ve been walking around with an erection all night, ever since you put that dress on.”

“I’m glad you got this for me” Emily said, rubbing her hands over the front of the dress. “It makes me feel pretty.”

“You don’t need the dress for that Emily,” I offered, “but it did get a lot of attention.”

“Do you like it when other men look at me, David?” Emily asked as she reached back and unzipped, then allowed the dress to fall off her.

“Sure, I guess” I admitted. “I’m really proud to be seen with such a gorgeous woman.”

Emily smiled and reached into her bra, deftly removing her bosom buddies and setting them aside. She slowly unclasped the front of the harness and pulled it off, and then worked the panty hose down provocatively. The panties followed and then we were both naked.

“That excites you David? Another man staring at me? Undresing me with his eyes?” Emily asked.

Her hands went sliding up, cupping those little mounds, pinching and tweaking those puffy nipples. I was getting pretty excited at the sight of this show and Emily took note of the rapid swelling of my cock, which was now hard as blue steel and ready.

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