Doing the Most He Can Pt. 05

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Doing the Most He Can pt. 5

Disclaimer: All persons engaging in sex or sexual situations is over 18. No resemblance to anyone living or dead is implied or intentional.

Todd and Gary were quiet on the way home from spending the weekend with the girls. Now when they thought of the girl’s they included Amelia.

Todd finally broke the silence by saying, “I should buy a big house for the girls to live in.”

Gary looked at him strangely and said, “That’s a nice sentiment, but where exactly would the money come from?”

Todd replied, “I’m not sure exactly. I was told I could get advances on my options that would be repaid when I exercised them.”

“Has all the sex this weekend fried your brain? What the hell are you talking about?”

Todd couldn’t blame Gary for asking the question. The only person he had told about being rich was his mother.

“Options?” Gary said, “you mean like stock options? Where would you get stock options?”

“Well, it’s like this… “

When he finished explaining Gary sat thoughtfully for a long while then said, “So, you have fifteen million now and it will be a hundred mil in a few years, is that correct? Did I understand you right?”

“Yeah, you got it. And I can borrow against that money.”

“It is a very good thing you are driving right now,” Gary told his friend.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

“Charlie sold out like six months ago you said, right?”

“About that, yeah. Why are you so angry? What did I do now?”

“You are a miserable, flaming, fucking asshole. Remember when you were so upset that I hadn’t told you about Lisa and Jenna?”

“Yes, I was upset, I had a right to be.”

“You did, yes, but that secret was only three weeks old. You have been a multi-millionaire for six months and you didn’t think I might be remotely interested in hearing about it?”

Todd said lamely, “I was waiting for the right time to tell you.”

“Oh right, like when? When you decide to invite Bill Gates over for lunch? You really amaze me sometimes pal.”

“Look, it’s not like I sleep on a bed made of bricks of Franklins you know. It’s future money, it’s abstract, it’s, it’s like it’s not real or something.”

“What I really want to know is why you are still driving this piece of shit, six-year old, fucking Prius.”

Piously Todd said, “That is how we well off people stay well off, we don’t waste money on things we don’t need.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Gary laughed, “pull over so I can drag you out of the car and beat your ass.”

“OK, so I have money. The girls are going to be at State for at least four years, maybe five or six. So, I figure I buy a nice house, they get a place to live without a bunch of shitheads like Amelia’s ex-roomie sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong. We get a place to go to unwind and fuck our brains out. After they graduate, I sell the place at a profit. Or, depending on the market, rent it out.”

“I actually don’t see any flaws in your reasoning, that scares me a little.”

“I am going to talk to my lawyers, that’s another thing we rich people have, and get the details of how much money I can get. I don’t know how fast any of this is going to happen, but would you be willing to come over here next Saturday and look at real estate with me?”

“Sure, I love spending other people’s money,” Gary told him.

Gary and Rebecca had just finished a terrific session of anal sex. Rebecca had discovered that she loved for Gary to come on her face. She also found she liked to clean his cock with her mouth after it had been in her ass. They had just sat down to a meal of leftover lasagna when Todd got home. He went to the freezer and got ice cream. Gary asked him why he was so late.

“I met with my lawyer and he took me out to eat and we talked. The short version is I can basically take as much money as I want as a loan. It’s like a regular loan and it’s at five per cent. So, it’s not too bad a deal.”

“It’s a horrible deal,” Rebecca said indignantly. “I will call our trust manager and make an appointment for you.”

“Why do you know anything about this? And why do we have a trust manager?” Todd asked.

“Your father had a life insurance policy for five million. Your grandfather had another one on him for three million with me, you and Lisa as beneficiaries. When your grandparents die you and your sister will each get about five-mil. It is all in a trust fund, well a few trust funds really,” Rebecca explained.

“I have a bunch of paperwork he gave me. Can you call your trust people and have them look it over?”

“Of course, but they are your trust fund bank too you know. What I need to know is why the sudden need for money.”

Todd explained about buying a house for the girls.

Rebecca said, “You definitely need to talk to the trust manager. He can probably take care of everything for you. Including getting a better price on any real estate than you could get yourself.”

“How long do you think it would take to get an appointment to see him?”

Rebecca laughed, “If it weren’t canlı bahis so late, I would call him now. I’m sure you could see him tomorrow if you wanted.”

“Could you call him and set something up for tomorrow afternoon? I’ll take a half day off.”

Todd called Gary the next afternoon on his way home from talking to the trust manager. He asked if Gary would come over to the house after work. Gary told him he’d be there at six.

Rebecca had ordered ribs and they arrived the same time Gary did. They sat down and dove in while Todd explained his, as he put it, trip down the rabbit hole.

“First of all, the corporate lawyers handling the money for Charlie and all of us that had stock options are fucking us royally, sorry mom. They are taking a five per cent annual commission. Then they get huge fees anytime you want to use your own money. As soon as the trust manager saw the name on the paper’s I handed him he told his secretary to bring in a transfer of funds package. I signed my name two thousand four hundred times and I now have a manager that charges a flat 1 ½ percent. I can take out money with no interest whenever I want.

Gary said, “Cool, I’m glad you aren’t getting ripped off anymore.”

“It really pissed those corporate lawyers off though. They called me twenty minutes after I left Mr. Johnson’s office, threatening to sue me for breech of contract. Mr. Johnson said I never had any written contract with them so I’m good there. They are going to be really pissed when Charlie and the other guys call them on Monday.”

“So, the reason I asked you to come over Gary was Mr. Johnson told me I should have a will drawn up ASAP. Would you be willing to be the executor?”

“That’s a hell of a responsibility to lay on me pal.”

“Yeah, but because of my healthy lifestyle, I will outlive you anyway. Think about it and let me know.”

“Pickling your liver is not exactly healthy,” Gary said dryly.

“No, I suppose not, so are we going to go look at real estate tomorrow?”

“Sure, why not, pick me up at what, eight o’clock? I’m going to head out, see you then. Good night you two, I love you.”

“Love you Gary,” they answered.

“You are a very lucky man Todd,” his mother said.

“Having money doesn’t make me lucky, mom.”

“No, having a friend like Gary makes you a lucky man.”

On the way over the next morning Todd explained that he had talked to a realtor and they were meeting her at her office. When they arrived a very exotic looking receptionist who just oozed sex took them to the agent’s office.

They were greeted by a surprisingly young Asian woman. She was not quite five feet tall and maybe ninety pounds. She was not extremely good looking, but her smile lit up her face.

“Hi, my name is Kim Lee, pleased to meet you,” she said shaking their hands.

“I’m Todd Strom, this is my friend Gary.”

“Please sit down,” she said, pointing to a plush seating area. “You told me the basics of what you are looking for and I have six properties in mind. Perhaps you can detail more of your requirements and we can narrow down that list.”

“Well, as I said on the phone, four or more bedrooms, each with a bath. Swimming pool, hot tub, at least a four-car garage. Gary you think of anything else?”

“Security? Privacy?”

“Definitely both of those, yeah.” Todd agreed.

Ms. Lee’s smile got wider as they described what they wanted in a property.

“Well, I think we have just narrowed your search to one property. It’s not my listing but that’s fine with me. This estate is in a gated community with 24/7 security and mobile patrols. The entire five acres is surrounded by a ten-foot brick wall with motion detectors and cameras.

It has six suites, plus a master suite, a commercial kitchen, formal dining room, living room with parquet floors that can double as a ballroom, library, den, and a study.

Outdoors are an English garden, Olympic sized pool, a large hot tub, a sauna, and a spa. The carriage house has six stalls. The second floor of the carriage house is servant’s quarters for up to eight staff. Oh, the house comes furnished also.”

Todd was smiling, Gary was frowning, he spoke first.

“That sounds great Ms. Lee but it sounds like it might be slightly out of Mr. Strom’s price range.”

“You might be surprised on the price. The owners are desperate to sell. The husband is going to prison for fraud. He was a broker that had a Ponzi scheme going and got caught. If they can’t sell, the IRS is taking it and selling it at auction. The owners would not get more than a third of its true value. If they can sell it, they will be able to pay the IRS and SEC fines and their lawyers.”

“So, when is this auction?”

“In sixteen days,” she answered.

Todd said, “Why don’t I just wait and buy it at auction for a third the price?”

“I misspoke actually,” Ms. Lee explained, “the seizure is in sixteen days, it will take them between sixty and one hundred twenty days to inventory the furnishings and get it ready for auction.”

Todd said, bahis siteleri “I don’t want to wait that long. So, what is the price that you have so cleverly been avoiding, Ms. Lee?”

She smiled and said, “Please, call me Kim.”

“Still avoiding me Kim.”

“It’s 2.1 million dollars,” she said, still smiling.

“Jesus cats,” Gary blurted out.

Todd said, “2.1 million, you know if you say it fast enough, it doesn’t sound that bad.”

“Is that a realtor’s dream or is there an actual appraisal,” Gary asked.

She handed him a thick folder and he started reading.

“Where is this place anyway? The reason I ask is my sister and her two friends are going to State. I wondered about the commute.”

“You must care about your sister very much if you are buying this for her to live in.”

“She’s a good kid. One of the other people is my girlfriend. They are worth it,” Todd explained.

“It’s about ten minutes from campus, not far at all.”

“Jesus Todd, the taxes are thirty-five grand a year. The place needs a housekeeper, a maid, a maintenance guy and a gardener. The former owners also had a cook, butler and chauffeur.”

“Well, the girls won’t need those last three I don’t think.”

“The electric bill was eighteen thousand last year, the gas was twelve. Maintenance and gardening supplies were ten. You’ve got seventy-five plus a hundred more for staff. The HOA is three g’s a month. It’s going to cost you twenty thousand a month to own the place, let alone paying back the loan,” Gary told him.

Kim said, “Well some of those figures are a little inflated. Cheating by the staff and by the owners padding the staff salaries mostly. You can probably cut those costs by four thousand a month.”

“Great,” Gary said sarcastically, “now you’re down to an even two hundred grand a year.”

“I can handle that all right.”

“Not easily you can’t, you keep taking money out, you won’t have any in the future.”

“I don’t need to take any money out to pay that. Have I ever told you how much they pay me for putting lines on a computer screen?”

“The only thing to do is go look at this place, I suppose,” Gary conceded.

Kim drove them in her Lexus. They got through security then she had to enter a code to open the gate at the house.

“Wow,” Todd exclaimed, “I can see why you called it an estate, this is a Tudor style mansion.”

They toured the main floor first, which impressed them both, especially the huge kitchen.

They took the broad wooden staircase to the next floor. The master suite took up nearly half of the second floor. The bathroom was the most amazing part. It had a urinal, toilet, bidet, a robe warmer and a towel warmer. The walk-in shower was large enough for a barn dance and had two shower heads in the ceiling and four in the walls.

The rest of the floor was taken up by a sitting room and two bedrooms.

They looked through the four bedrooms on the third floor, then went to the back yard. The pool was an outdoor pool, but it had its own building with rest rooms, changing rooms, a sauna and a massage room. The hot tub was large enough for ten. There was a kitchen under a palapa with a wood fired parilla.

Kim pointed to a sidewalk and said, “If you follow that you will find the tennis courts.”

While Gary stared in awe, Todd turned to Kim and said, “1.95 mil and not a penny more.”

Kim laughed saying, “Hang on, let me text the listing agent.”

It only took a minute for the response YES to come back.

Todd, taking his phone out, saw it was not yet noon. He consulted a piece of paper and dialed a number.

“I’m glad I caught you Mr. Helmand, this is Todd Strom. I’m fine thank you, yourself? Good. I just made a deal on a house. I need you to transfer 1.95 million to an account number the realtor lady is going to give you. Well, you knew I was coming over here to look at houses.” There was a long pause while Todd listened then he said, “Hang on a second, I’ll ask. Kim, does this place belong to Bob McNamara?” Kim nodded and Todd confirmed that it did. He listened a moment more then handed the phone to Kim.

Kim listened then began saying, “Yes, no, I understand, yes, yes, oh course, yes sir, yes sir. I will text the routing number and account number immediately.”

She looked stunned as she handed the phone back to Todd and said, “Who the hell are you?”

“Nobody special,” Todd told her.

“You do know who William Helmand is, don’t you?” she asked

“Some kind of a banker, I’m guessing?”

“He is the largest private equity banker on the West Coast. He just told me he holds the paper on all of McNamara’s assets, he told me you were going to pay 1.8 for this place and I was to ‘Get the deal done honey’.”

“Cool,” Gary said, “once again your mom was right.”

“Isn’t she always?” Todd asked rhetorically.

“So, Kim when can we move in?”

“It will take some time to set up the closing. The abstract people have to do title searches, probably in a month or so.”

“Not good enough, I want to go get bahis şirketleri the girls and get them moved in today. What would the rent be on a place like this?”

Kim hesitated and said, “About twenty thousand a month. With staff and utilities extra.”

“You’ll take a check, won’t you?” Todd said smiling.

“On one condition, I and my receptionist get invited to the open house party.”

“Deal. Why your receptionist? Are you two a couple?”

“Not like you mean, we share a house but not a bed, we do swing both ways, however.”

Gary laughed and said, “Boy, will you two enjoy the party.”

“I will set up interviews for staff ASAP. Do you want final approval before hiring?”

“No, use your best judgement.”

“Hold up a minute there, buddy,” Gary said, “Whoever gets hired will be around your sister, who is also my girlfriend if you remember. Plus, your girlfriend and Amelia, I would like to vet these people, if you don’t mind. Plus, we need staff here to even open the house. We need a ton of food. Who takes care of the pool? Does everything still function after sitting here four months?”

“Are you trying to be an asshole? I mean more than usual.”

“No, just the normal amount,” Gary said reasonably.

“OK, OK. You are right on all points and probably some you forgot. So, Kim do you have any answers.”

She opened her mouth then closed it as a commercial lawn mower came around the corner. The operator of the machine saw them and turned toward them. When he got close, he stopped and shut the engine off.

He looked a little nervous, but he politely asked, “Could I help you in some way? The McNamara’s don’t live here anymore.”

Todd said, “I just bought this place. Did the realtor hire you to mow the lawn?”

“Yes, Senor, but only to mow the lawn, not to take care of the garden.”

Gary took a closer look at the beautiful garden and said, “It looks like someone has been taking care of it.”

“Oh, yes. I take care of it, but they do not pay me for it.”

“Then why do you do it?” asked Kim.

“I worked too hard to get the garden to look this way. I could not go away and leave it.”

“I take it you were the gardener here.”

“Yes Senor, fifteen years, since this place was built.”

“I am being rude sorry, what is your name?” Todd said offering his hand.

The man got off the mower. Taking off his straw hat, he offered his hand, first to Todd then to Gary and Kim.

“I am called Eduardo, Eduardo Lopez.” He replied shyly.

“I am Todd, this is mi amigo Gary, and Kim.”

“I am pleased to meet you all.”

“So, Eduardo would you like your old job back?” Todd asked.

“Yes, Senor Todd, very much.”

“Great. Have you kept track of the hours that the realtor is not paying you for?”

“I could make up a list for you, if you wish.”

“Good, have it ready for me next Saturday. So, what other staff should I rehire?”

“Well,” Eduardo said thoughtfully, “the cook was very good. The maid was good, but her English was not so good. The housekeeper was an evil woman. The butler was also not a nice man. They cheated the family out of many dollars. They had plans, no let me think, schemes is the word, for cheating. I’m sorry, I get nervous and my words go away.

“No reason to be nervous. How about the maintenance man?”

“He was good at is job, but…”

“But what, Eduardo?”

“He was very lazy, always manana, manana.”

“So, do you know someone who could do the job better and faster?”

“Si, Senor Todd, but I don’t want you to think I am playing favorites. He is my cousin you see.”

“I don’t care if he’s related to you or not, can he do the job?”

“Yes, he has many years of experience taking care of large apartment buildings. It would be no problem for him, I know he is not happy where he is now.

You will need to get a new maid, she got another job, she likes it there. What about a cook?”

“I don’t think we will need a cook. It’s three college girls, they eat at school or fix Ramen noodles.”

“That is really too bad. Oh well, it can’t be helped, I suppose.”

“Why is it too bad. What are you trying so cleverly not to say?”

“Well, my wife was the cook. She will be upset that I have my job back but not her. When we both worked here, we lived above the garage. If my wife worked at a different job would it be OK for us both to live here?”

Todd looked at Gary for advice. Gary said, “No, that would not be acceptable, I think it would be better for you both to work and live here.

“Do you mean that Senor Gary, Senor Todd? Oh, she will be so happy, she misses her beautiful kitchen.”

“I have absolutely no idea how much to pay you,” Todd admitted.

“I have old pay stubs. I will show you and you can decide. Our rent is due in ten days. Can we move back here by then?”

Todd looked at Kim, she smiled and nodded her head.

“You can move in today if you want. Do you have a cousin, aunt, niece, daughter that you can recommend for the maid job?”

“By Saturday a maid will be here ready to serve,” Eduardo promised.

Todd pulled out his wallet and counted out a thousand dollars, handing it to him, saying, “Your wife will need at least this much to stock the place with food.”

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