DJ Pt. 13

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As I’ve stated before, I tend to write more from the heart and less from the genitals. It’s easier for me to write love and emotions, than to detail a lot of hot and steamy gay eroticism, but I try to spice it up where I can. Comments are always appreciated. If Literotica had a Gay Male Romance category, I would place my stories there. (complete with a few cum shots, we have to have a little protein, don’t we?)


In part 13

Part 13 promises to be a fun read

DJ and Doug get to know their new managers

DJ catches the Christmas Spirit (first time ever)

DJ learns to make potato salad

The Rainbow Alliance Christmas Party

DJ is propositioned, uncomfortably

It’s the end of the fall semester

Christmas Plans are made, along with plans for Jamie’s 20th BD

Wait till you see what the parents are giving the boys for Christmas

DJ Part 13

It’s Saturday morning, December 2nd. Joe and I awoke, and got on our feet about 9:00 AM, wondering what the boys might do, as for decorations. I was prepared to make coffee, but it was already made, and dirty breakfast dishes were in the sink. There was a note on the table that said ‘We’ve gone shopping, see you later, Love, Jamie’, and I poured coffee for Joe and myself.”

“I guess, Doug,” Joe commented, “that the job I’ve had for the last 23 years has probably kept me sane. I never discussed it, but my life has nearly paralleled yours. I thought, once Dale and I were together, I would have some happiness, but that was short lived.”

Joe continued, tearing up, “I have an unbelievably huge amount of love and respect for both of these incredible young men, and I really doubt that DJ has any concept as to just how much he has touched our lives. Doug, I’m happier now, than I have ever been.”

“I’m soon going to have my long needed husband, and the built-in family is a giant plus. I do worry about the boys though, if ever anything goes wrong between them, we’re going to have a terrible mess on our hands!”

“I have to agree, Joe, that would tear DJ apart. I just hope for the best, but their relationship does seem pretty strong.”

About 10:30 AM, Joe and I were finishing breakfast, and the boys burst in with two large bags of ‘stuff’ and both were smiling.

“Dad’s” DJ announced, “We knew there is limited space in the den for a tree, and we couldn’t find a decent fake one, so we went to one of the live tree places, and got a real one, it’s pretty.”

The boys went into the den and assembled the tree stand, and DJ put a Christmas CD on the player, with older, conventional songs on it. They slid my computer desk down the wall about a foot and placed the tree stand next to it. DJ went back to the Tracker and brought the tree through the front door into the den, and they secured the tree in the stand.

Joe and I walked in to see it. It was slender, only about 2 feet in diameter, but nearly 6 feet tall, and fit perfectly in the space allotted for it. It was perfectly shaped, and was, as DJ had said, pretty. Joe and I both agreed that it was a pretty tree.

Jamie, grinning, “Wait until you see what we’re putting on it!”

Joe and I had resigned to our selves that this was the kid’s project, and we were not going to interfere. Joe headed to the bathroom for a shower, and I proceeded to do up the dishes. Jamie was well acclimated to decorating Christmas Trees, but this was DJ’s first year, and he was having a ball. Both boys paused periodically, and shared a romantic kiss.

Jamie stuck some mistletoe up on the top of the archway between the kitchen and den, but only DJ was aware of it being there. DJ was stringing lights on the tree, and I stood in the doorway watching. Jamie walked up to me, put his arms around me and kissed me, on the lips, for the first time, catching me off guard.

“What’s that all about?” I asked.

Jamie, pointing up over our heads, “Mistletoe!” and grinned.

I grinned, now I know it’s there. I think maybe DJ has caught a case of the Christmas Spirit, and I’m loving it! There is nothing that warms my heart any more than to see DJ enjoy himself. When DJ smiles, it brightens the world, It flashed through my mind, that not too long ago, he rarely smiled, but they often show these days.

I really think that, after 19 years of misery, DJ is finally starting to live and is actually happy! He has changed so much over the last few months, and it’s all for the better. He is so special, and still so fragile. I love him so much and I know I will protect him, in any way I can!

Joe came into the kitchen, dressed in his uniform, while I grabbed a shower. Everyone is scheduled to work at 3:00 today, except Jamie, and he is due in at 4:00. DJ and I get off at 9:00, Jamie and Joe at 11:00. While I was getting dressed, the boys shared a shower.

Joe and I walked into the den, and looked at the boy’s creation. It was really beautiful, with white LED lights, red tinsel, and red and blue glass balls, and an angel standing at the top. DJ casino oyna and I left about 2:30, Mike would pick Joe up about 3:00 and Jamie would be leaving about 3:30. Joe gave Jamie a hand with something, right after DJ and I left for work.

When we got to work that afternoon, I asked Randy if he could give me a few minutes, and he agreed, but asked me to wait until Gloria came in, at 5:00 PM, and he would be leaving afterwards.

I came in from my first round of deliveries about 5:10 and Randy asked if we could go out front and talk, and I agreed, of course.

“What’s up, Doug?” Randy asked.

“My best friend is off on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, and we like to get together when we can, and I wondered if you could schedule one or both of those as my days off so I can spend some time with him?”

Randy, smiling, “You are referring to your fiancée, right?”

Looking down, I replied, “I didn’t know you knew.”

“Doug,” Randy commented, grinning, “as store manager, it’s my responsibility to know some things about my people. I’m also aware that you and Joe are getting married next month, and that DJ and James are boyfriends. It doesn’t affect your jobs, and who someone loves is no one else’s fucking business.”

“DJ’s boyfriend goes by Jamie, Randy, and where are you living?”

“James, Jamie, whatever, I haven’t met him, yet, but I want to, and I hope he’s as nice as DJ. For right now, I’m staying at that little motel on the edge of town, except for my day off, when I go home. We’re going to be looking for a house to rent here. As for those days off, I’m still tweaking the schedule. I’ll definitely give you at least one of them, and see what I can do about the other. That’s the best I can do, for now, Okay?”

“Thanks, Randy, I guess one of them is better than none.”

We walked back into the store, Gloria told me there were some more deliveries. Randy waited for DJ to finish cashing out his customer, and asked him if he knew his spring school schedule yet, and DJ told him he had it at home, and would let him know in a few days.

“That’ll be fine, DJ, when does school let out for winter break?”

“We’ve got finals this week, Randy,” DJ answered, “our last day is Friday, December 8th, and then we’re off until spring semester starts on January 15th.”

“So that means,” Randy stated, grinning, “I have 5 weeks that I can work the hell out of you, over the Christmas Season.”

“Except for Monday’s” DJ responded, “Ja—I always have Monday’s off.”

“Randy, grinning again, “DJ, I know you and Jamie have Monday’s off to be together for the whole day, and that is completely understandable. I want to meet him.”

DJ is thinking to himself, why does Randy want to meet Jamie? He’s thinking that Randy knows a little more about his private life, than what he knows Randy knew. He’s hoping that Randy isn’t going to try and exploit him. There is just a handful of people that DJ really trusts, and Randy isn’t one of them, yet.

About 5:30 Randy caught me to one side, and asked me what time Jamie gets off. I asked him why, and he just said he had an idea, and needed to know. I told him that Jamie normally works until close, which is 11:00 on Friday and Saturday. He told me thanks, and that Gloria would be closing, and he was soon to leave for the night. He then got DJ to one side.

“DJ,” Randy asked, “I’d like to invite you and your Dad to share pizza with me after you get off, at 9:00, over there, at the pizzeria.”

“Is there a particular reason, Randy?” DJ questioned.

“Actually, a couple reasons, I understand Jamie works until 11:00, and I want to meet him, and it’s really hard to get into any deeper conversations with either you or your Dad when we’re working. We can all relax, chat, and enjoy each other’s company, and it’s my treat.”

“DJ, smiling, “I think I can get Dad over there, I know he’ll want to be home by 11:00, but we both like pizza. I think, Randy, you just got a date!”

“Fine,” Randy said, “I’m going to the motel, get out of this monkey suit, and I’ll meet you guys at the pizzeria about 9:00.”

When I came in from my last round of deliveries, about 8:40, Gloria asked if we could talk. Oh, mercy, what have I done wrong.

“Doug, have you ever run checkout?”

“No, Gloria, I’ve never done anything here, except deliveries.”

“It would be quite an advantage, to have another cashier available when we get busy, like during Christmas rush, or when someone calls out, and we’re short. Would you be willing to?”

“I’m not all that computer savvy, don’t you think I’m a little too old for something like that?”

“Honey, you’re never to old to learn something new. We will teach you, I can teach you, and your sweet son can also, he’s very competent.” DJ grinned, he thrives on complements. Then, “DJ show this old man how it’s done.”

“It’s easy, Dad,” DJ spoke, grinning, “Watch this!” Then, turning his attention to the customer, “Mrs. Jones, we’re breaking in a new cashier.”

“Dad, you start by putting in your 4 digit canlı casino code here, the same code you use for clocking in and out. Almost everything in the store is bar coded, for easy scanning. Then you scan each item, like this ‘Cheep’ and put it in a bag. Then the rest of the items, ‘Cheep, Cheep, Cheep’. Then you press ‘Total’ and the screen shows the total, here and there, where the customer can see it.”

“Mrs. Jones,” DJ asked, “how are you paying tonight?”

“Bankcard,”and she handed DJ her debit card.

“So, Dad, for a debit transaction, you slide the card here, like this. Do you need cash back tonight?”

“No thank you, DJ.”

“Now you hit the ‘Complete Transaction’ button, the receipt pops out, and you hand it to the customer.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Jones, see you next time, and we appreciate your business.”

“You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure to have you cash me out!”

“DJ,” I asked, “I didn’t see where you saw her name?”

“I didn’t,” DJ answered, “She’s a regular, and I know her well.”

On her way out, Mrs. Jones almost stumbled over Gloria, as she was looking back at DJ and myself.

“Excuse me, Ma’am, are you new here?”

“Why, yes, I am. I’m Gloria Stephens, and I’m the Assistant Manager here, may I help you?”

“I just wondered, does DJ call that older man ‘Dad’ just out of respect, because he is older?”

“No, ma’am, Doug legally adopted DJ, so they are father and son.”

“Okay,” she said,” I see, DJ is my favorite cashier here, thank you for explaining. Sometimes I just want to grab him and hug him.”

Gloria, chuckling, “You and every other elderly lady that comes in here, he’s a charmer, isn’t he.” Mrs. Jones, smiled, and left.

It was nearing 9:00 PM, and DJ was starting to count his till, I hustled around to empty the wastebaskets, and took the trash to the Dumpster. Gloria did her recount, while DJ turned off the OPEN sign and killed the bright overhead lights. DJ, Gloria and I walked out of the store, and she locked the door behind us.

“Oh, Dad, I almost forgot to tell you. We have a pizza appointment, right now, at Anthony’s. Randy is treating us.”

“DJ, he has already gone home.”

“He’s coming back, he said he’d meet us there, about 9:00 or a little after.”

DJ and I walked over to the pizzeria, Randy was standing on the porch, dressed casually, without the shirt and tie, and wearing jeans.

“I was hoping you guys weren’t going to stand me up!” Randy stated, “Shall we?” and led the way in.

Jamie met them, just inside the door, with the usual eating in or taking out, but smiling at his boyfriend and second Dad.

“Booth for four, please,” Randy requested, then looking at us, “There is someone else joining us.”

DJ and I took the right side of the booth, I slid next to the wall and DJ took the outside. I anticipated we might get to meet the Mrs. or maybe the girlfriend. It was almost like a dejavue, from many months ago, Jamie’s left hand holding the pad, and his right arm leaning on DJ’s shoulder.

DJ spoke, “Jamie, this is my new manager, Randy Shultz, and Randy, this is my Jamie, the boy I love. Jamie, hold your hand out, with mine.”

The boys held their hands out, displaying the pair of Pride Rings. Randy looked at the rings.

“DJ,” Randy asked, “where did you get them?”

“Jamie gave me this for my Birthday, and got one for himself too. We both wear them, every day. They mean a lot to us.”

“Drinks, Gentlemen?”

“Do you have beer?” Randy asked.

“”Draft or bottled?” Jamie replied.

“Doug, you’ll drink a beer with us, won’t you?”

“We-e-e-e-ll, maybe one,” I answered.

“Three drafts and a—”

“Pepsi,” Jamie finished, “I know what he drinks. I’ll be back shortly with your drinks.”

About 3 minutes later Jamie brought the drinks, setting a draft in front of Randy, myself and the empty seat, and the Pepsi in front of DJ. A rather tall, lanky, man that looked in his early 30’s walked in and Randy waved his had to draw the man’s attention. He walked over and joined us, sitting next to Randy.

“How was your day, Hun?” Daryl asked.

“Right decent, how was your drive down here, Babe?” Randy asked, “I think I need to make some introductions. Daryl, these are two of my store associates, Doug Kendall is my delivery driver, and his son, DJ is one of my best cashiers. Guys, this is my roommate, Daryl Cartwright.”

I’m grinning widely, “Isn’t it a little unusual for roommates to call each other Hun and Babe?”

Both Daryl and Randy suddenly had red faces, and looked at each other.

Randy, to Daryl, “I think we’re busted!” We all laughed.

“Guys,” Randy said, “I had an advantage over you. Justin gave me the lowdown on both of you, so I knew, but Justin could never have told you this aspect of my life because he didn’t even know, and neither does Gloria. I would prefer to keep it that way, at least for the time being. It will probably leak out, somewhere along the way.”

Jamie asked, “Are you guys kaçak casino ready to order?”

Randy turned to us, asking what was the best pizza they had? We told him our favorite is the Chicken and Spinach Alfredo with tomatoes and bacon.

“Do you make that in an Extra Large?” Randy asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Then, Jamie, Make it so!”

“Yes, sir, are you a fan of Star Trek?”

“Randy, laughing, “How ever would you guess!” Jamie snorted.

“So,” I queried, “How did you guys ever find each other?”

“Daryl and I were dorm mates, during our Sophomore year of college. Twin beds in one room, a shared bath, a small kitchenette, and a small, like, sitting room with a couch and a couple of chairs and a TV. The most we ever did was to masturbate together a few times. One day I was feeling super horny and I needed some sex, so I opened up the grindr app on my phone, trying to make a hookup. I needed the rest room, laid the phone on the coffee table and went to the bathroom.”

“I came in from outside, “Daryl explained, “saw his phone on the table, noticed that he had grindr open on it, and realized we had something in common. Neither of us had ever told the other that we were gay, and we didn’t know. When Randy came in from the bathroom, I’m holding his phone in one hand, with grindr still up, I put my other arm around his neck and said, ‘Randy, we need to talk!’”

“I thought,” Randy said, “that Daryl was gonna dump me, for another roommate, now that he’d found out I was gay.”

“I asked Randy, Daryl continued, ‘Why are you trying to make a hookup on grindr, when I’m right here, starving for you? I’ve wanted into your heart, and your pants, since the day we moved in here together.’ He started to cry and our lips found each other’s, and we’ve just moved gaily forward ever since.”

“We were dorm mates, until graduation.” Randy continued, “but once we went home, we stayed in touch, at least 2 or 3 times a day. We both had our pharmacist’s degrees, and Daryl was the first to land a job. He got hired by CVS, the same store he works at now, as a pharmacist, then promoted to AM. Once he got his feet on the ground there, he rented an apartment and sent for me, and I joined him.”

“Then I got a job with Southside Drug, first as a pharmacist, then as an AM, and now I am a GM. We are hoping that Daryl can get a transfer to the CVS store here, because right now my home is 60 miles from here, and we both want to live here, and both be close to our work, and to each other. Daryl is off tomorrow, and is staying over with me tonight at the motel.”

“That’s quite a journey you guys have traveled,” I commented, “Daryl, I sure hope you get that transfer.”

“Not half as bad as I do,” Daryl replied, “I’m not keen on sleeping alone, I need my baby!”

“I think we can all relate to that,” DJ stated, “Even Jamie and I have trouble sleeping alone anymore.”

“DJ,” Randy said, smiling, ” your boyfriend is right cute.”

DJ responded, smiling, “Just keep it in mind, he’s MY boyfriend, but I will accept the complement.”

“Jamie, can I have the ticket?” Jamie brought it right over, Randy signed it and added a $10.00 tip.

“You guys can take the rest of that home, Daryl and I have an appointment in room 106, ASAP. See you tomorrow.”

We all headed home, when we pulled into the drive we saw one of those big inflated snowmen sitting in the front yard that wasn’t there when we left for work. We guessed that Jamie had made an addition after we left.

There were two slices of Pizza left and Joe killed them. DJ, as soon as Jamie arrived, was pulling him toward their room. We all are ready for sleep, and DJ and I have to make that potato salad tomorrow before we go to work.

* * * * * *

Sunday morning, December 3rd, started out kind of funny. DJ, and Jamie woke up first, went to the bathroom, and then DJ headed to the kitchen to make coffee, and Jamie came into our room, and woke Joe and me. Jamie told us that the coffee was brewing, and I got out of bed shortly, planning to join DJ in the kitchen.

Joe invited Jamie to cuddle with him in our bed for a few minutes, just to chat a little. Jamie hesitated at first, then decided, ‘what the hell’ and crawled in. Joe wrapped his hairy arms around Jamie, and drew him close, spooning him, and kissing Jamie’s neck. It was a little strange to Jamie, but in a warm and affectionate way. Jamie did feel comfortable and not threatened at all.

“Jamie,” Joe spoke softly, “don’t you ever meet other young men, that you think you’d like to maybe try out?”

“Well, I do find a few that I think are attractive, but I can’t see myself in bed with any of them. I have the one that I love, and I’m completely taken by him. I picture DJ and me getting older together, and someday maybe getting married, for life. I just hope our relationship continues to grow.”

“What if someone else steals DJ’s heart away from you?”

“Joe, DJ is mine! I will protect, and defend what belongs to me!”

Joe, smiling and hugging Jamie, “That seems pretty strong. You’re both quite handsome young men, and I’m certain there are others that might have inclinations to want one of you. Shall we make an appearance, in the kitchen? I’m ready for some coffee.”

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