Dirty Deeds

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Atlanta, Georgia

Pre-Conference Cum

Mr. Molawi walked inside my office. He knew I worked alone. He also knew the rest of the Board members were away at the conference meeting. Mr. Molawi would attend the second day of the conference. For now, he had to make a stop at my office to pick up a few corporate credit cards for the members at the meeting.

I was exhausted. It had been a long day preparing everything for the Board members. It was a day of checking over details and editing any mistakes. I was ready to go home, but the traffic on the freeway was congested. I was buying time in my office when Mr. Molawi walked in to pick up the cards. I could have left, my job was finished for the day. He had a key, so he could have easily opened the office to get the cards; but, I really didn’t want to jump on the freeway to sit in Friday evening traffic, so I waited at my desk for the traffic to go away.

When Mr. Molawi entered the office, his smile immediately brightened my disposition. He was average height, bald, and his teeth were porcelain white and beautifully contrasted against his dark skin color. His hands were large and perfectly manicured, and his eyes were piercing.

Mr. Molawi walked over to my side of the desk. We briefly chatted about the day. He showed interest in my activities for the office. He then walked behind my desk and placed his hands on my shoulders.

Mr. Molawi asked, “Do you like massages?”

I was a bit stiff and apprehensive with the situation, but I was not too taken aback to not feel a little hot attraction towards him. I had recently lost some weight, so I felt comfortable with my body; actually, I felt the most sexual I had in a long time. My breasts were large and my body was curvaceous. I looked like a 1950’s pinup girl.

I answered, as his fingers caressed the nape of my neck, “Yes, I like a good massage.”

As he pushed deeper into my muscles with a circular massage motion, he inquired, “Do you have to be anywhere this evening, Maple?”

Mr. Molawi started to massage my shoulders with his large hands. His fingers went deep into my muscle, and I could feel the tension leave my body. His hands felt really good. I then responded, “I was hoping to blow-off some time until the traffic loosened.”

Mr. Molawi then asked, “Are you uncomfortable if I give you a deeper massage?”

I was totally nervous and unprepared with any real response. I wanted a massage, and it’s not like I haven’t fancied myself riding his hopefully huge cock, but those were my fantasies and this was reality.

Without any more lapse in time, I nervously responded, “Sure. I am open to that idea. I actually would like it, I’m really tense and could use a deep massage.”

That’s all I needed to say before his hands started to circle around my shoulders. Deeply, his fingers pierced my tight muscles. He sunk his fingers into my tendons and slid his powerful grip down my back and then up towards my neck. His hands were strong.

Mr. Molawi then asked, “Is this too rough for you?”

As Mr. Molawi pushed deep alongside my shoulder blades, I answered, “No, it feels nice.”

Mr. Molawi then inquired, “So, you don’t mind some pressure?”

As güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri soon as he asked the question, his fingers went deep into my muscles along my upper back. So deep that I felt a slight tingle in my pussy. I tensed my body, and then relaxed under his touch. I then responded, “Oh, yeah, that feels really good.”

I could feel my body start to heat. My nipples were getting erect and my snatch was feeling hot. I didn’t know what to do; I knew he was married. I sat in my office chair getting rubbed by a superior executive, and I did not know what to do; the massage started to get deeper. My pink camisole peeked through my low-cut cardigan. I slightly stiffened in my chair. My breath deepened, and I continued to keep my eyes shut. I could already feel my underwear getting wet.

After several long minutes, Mr. Molawi questioned, “Are you feeling relaxed?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “Yes, I am starting to feel the tension leave my body.”

Mr. Molawi started to rub along the front of my shoulders. He rubbed along my neckline. His fingers approached the top of my breasts.

At that moment, Mr. Molawi questioned with slight command, “Do you mind if I rub under your bra? We can take your bra off too, if that is alright with you. A good deep massage gets the whole body relaxed. Are you comfortable with that, Maple?”

As soon as he said my name, his hands swept down very close to my nipples, going just under the neckline of my cardigan. I knew he felt the hardness of my breasts, he at least recognized the raise in my sweater as my nipples peeked under my camisole. My nipples were very erect, and my tits started to swell inside my bra. After several deep breaths under his circular massage, I answered, “Yes, you can go under my bra, Mr. Molawi. It can come off too, whenever you like.”

At that moment, Mr. Molawi slid his hands under the front of my bra. Both of his hands immediately went to my nipples and gave each one a good squeeze, and then he rubbed his fingers repetitively over each one. I squirmed in my chair and said, “Oh, Mr. Molawi. This massage is getting me hot.”

Mr. Molawi continued squeezing my nipples, pinching them, rubbing them. He slightly struggled with his hands under my bra; the bra constricted his movement, but he really had no problem pinching and flicking my nipples with his fingers.

After a few minutes, he unfastened my bra. My large breasts were loose under my shirt, and my strapless bra fell to the floor. He then pulled down my cardigan and camisole, and my tits rested out in the open for him to see. He started to give my nipples really long pinches. He started pulling each tit up in the air by the nipple, and then he released each tit back to its natural place. My cunt was officially wet, and my nipples were huge.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I questioned, with desire in my voice, “Is this massage supposed to make me cum? I don’t think I can take anymore. My pussy is so wet.”

That is exactly what he needed to hear. Mr. Molawi immediately walked to the front of the chair. He looked at my tits rested outside my shirt, and he said, “I’m going to fuck you, Maple. Your sweet, innocent, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri beautiful pussy wants me. I’m going to fuck you, little pussy. My little pussy.”

At that moment, he bent down on his knees and leaned into my breasts and started sucking my nipples like a teenage boy. He slurped, he grabbed, he jiggled, and he wouldn’t stop flicking and pinching my nipples. My underwear was drenched.

After several long moments, he took his hand and spread my legs. I could feel the heat escape my thighs. The smell of sex and vanilla escaped my crotch. My pencil skirt provided no resistance, which made his efforts to touch my snatch relatively easy. As Mr. Molawi flung one of my legs over the chair, he leaned in further to feel the heat off my pussy. He placed his head on my twat. He then said, “My god, sweet Maple, your pussy is so juicy.”

As he stared at my pussy print through my underwear, he remarked, “Your snatch is so fat and juicy. Maple, I need your juicy fat pussy right now. Can you be slutty for me? Let Daddy fuck you?”

Mr. Molawi then pulled my panties to the side and started to finger my freshly waxed cunt. His fingers went deep and slow. I couldn’t help but moan. I said, “Mr. Molawi, oh, please, won’t your wife care?” I sexually squirmed as I asked my question.

Mr. Molawi responded, “She knows I have needs. She allows me to have occasional affairs to please my desires. Sometimes, she joins.”

I felt relieved to know his wife was on board with his sexual affairs.

Mr. Molawi then tasked, “Maple, call me Daddy. I’m old enough to be a father to you, and I want to fuck you like a dominant man. Be my baby girl, ok. Call me Daddy when I ram my cock in you hard.”

Within seconds, he pushed his fingers deep inside my snatch. He held them there and flicked his fingers around inside my pussy. He then started to pull his fingers out, and then he slid them back inside my pussy hole. Over and over he did this; I was so wet my snatch made suction noises. Mr. Molawi fingered my pussy so hard and fast, I couldn’t help but spread my legs wide and fuck his hand. I fucked it so hard. I bounced my twat and moved my hips, and hoped he would go deeper.

I then breathlessly said, “Oh, Daddy. Yes. Fuck me like that. I like it deep like that, daddy. Yesss, fuck me.”

Mr. Molawi started slamming his three fingers inside my twat with ferocity. His face was close to my snatch because he got off on watching his fingers slide in-and-out of my cunt. He went so fast and deep. He said, “Oh, yeah, Maple; my cock is so hard. I’m going to start licking your tight, fat pussy.”

I couldn’t help it, I was hot and wet. I opened my legs wide and pulled my underwear as far to the side as possible. I wanted my twat fully exposed. As soon as I displayed my pussy, Mr. Molawi started to lick my snatch like a Popsicle. He started to stroke my wet pussy with his long and soft tongue. He knew how to lick my cunt, he felt experienced. I couldn’t help but rest my head back and enjoy the ride. I gyrated my hips softly as he played with my chubby little bean-like clit. He really sucked my little bean. It felt good. His large lips glided over my fat twat güvenilir bahis şirketleri while he tongue punched by pussy hole.

After several minutes, he looked at me with his wet face lubricated by my pussy, and asked, “Are you on the pill, baby doll? Daddy doesn’t want to get you pregnant. You know I’m safe.”

I normally use condoms, but Mr. Molawi convinced me to let him fuck me raw. Without much hesitation, I replied, “Yes, daddy. You can slide your cock inside me whenever you want.”

Mr. Molawi continued to finger fuck and suck my pussy. He licked long strokes from the hood of my twat down towards my asshole and back up towards the top; he even tongue circled my butthole a few times. I loved it; he drove me wild. I wanted him to tongue fuck my asshole.

After several long minutes, Mr. Molawi opened my legs wide and held a firm grip. He started slamming my snatch up-and-down with his face. With each thrust, his tongue went inside my body. I moved my hips wildly over his face. I started to feel the pressure build around my pussy. I started to forcefully push my twat into his face. I yelled, “Yes, fuck me, Daddy. Yes!”

I moved my body fast and hard over his face. Mr. Molawi kept ramming his tongue inside my snatch hard. Minutes went by before I felt the urge. The urge developed and I started to yell, “Daddy, yes! Keep fucking me, yes! Harder. Harder.”

Mr. Molawi rapidly pushed my body back-and-forth over his face until he heard my scream of ecstasy. As he sucked my twat and pushed his tongue in-and-out of my pussy, I wildly rubbed my clit with my middle finger. I pumped and rubbed my body over his face until it happened. I yelled, “Yes, daddy! Oh, Yes. Please, keep fucking me. Fuck me dry, daddy.”

Mr. Molawi continued to push his tongue in-and-out of my snatch. Eventually I slowed my rhythm, and he slowed his tongue fucking. After a few more seconds of pleasure, he removed his face from my snatch and looked at me and said, “Damn, you have a juicy pussy, Maple. Daddy is going to fuck you again tomorrow, but I want to see you get fucked first. So, what time are you going to arrive at the conference?”

I still felt the tingles from my orgasm. I was a little confused. I looked at Mr. Molawi’s sweaty face and responded, “I will be there around 11:30.”

My confusion must have been apparent because Mr. Molawi asked, “Are you nervous about what you have yourself involved in, Maple? You must have known a few of us Board members were attracted to you. You’ve given the green light. I’m going to share you with them now, unless you mind?”

It was all too surreal. I felt as if I had entered a special club. A club where I was the special dish of the moment. I was intrigued, but nervous. All I could manage to do was smile and inquire, “But, you didn’t cum, Mr. Molawi. You didn’t fuck me.”

Mr. Molawi looked at me and grinned; he wiped his face with a towel. His white teeth were bright. He then said, “I know you want me in your ass, Maple. I’m going to get rock hard tomorrow watching others fuck you, and then I am going to have your sweet asshole for my own. When I’m done fucking your butt, I might cum in your pussy.”

I didn’t know what to say. I felt like my job responsibilities had changed. I thought, “Should I be getting a pay raise?”

Either way, I’ve always been promiscuous; so this opportunity heightened my sexual curiosity, even if it made my work responsibilities slightly more confusing.

~~~Thank you for reading.~~~

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