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High Blood Diet

Once a person has been diagnosed with hypertension it is often suggested to them that they follow a high blood pressure diet to help bring their blood pressure under control. The first suggestion on new eating habits will reflect the person¡¦s weight. Any person who is overweight has a higher risk of hypertension. Therefore any diet that you are put on could be one to help you shed a few pounds. On the other hand if weight is not an issue the diet suggested will be somewhat different. 

Certain foods should be eliminated while others should be increased. Salt is believed to be a culprit in pushing up a person¡¦s blood pressure. Therefore diminishing the amount one uses is a necessity. It is recommended that an upper limit of five grams of salt a day be adhered to. This means finding other things to season your food with. As well, it is suggested that someone suffering from hypertension no longer use salt when they are cooking. One way to help diminish the salt intake is to carefully check the labels on tinned food products. Choose the ones low on salt or that say they have no added salt. 

A person on a restricted diet due to hypertension should lower their alcohol intake. They should eat less fatty foods. Fish intake should be upped. It is best to eat salmon or tuna as long as they are not tinned, or sardines, herring or mackerel. Those who like to eat meat should make sure it is lean. That is one reason chicken is good to eat. Fried foods are not great so use vegetable oils when frying. Starchy foods are very good for people with hypertension. This includes pastas, cereals, potatoes and rice. As well, fruits and vegetables should be eaten in abundance. Add a little exercise to this and you will see that the high blood pressure diet is designed to improve a person¡¦s overall health while lowering their excessively high blood pressure.

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