Did It For The Team

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I have no idea how it all happened, and it all went down so fast that it was pretty much a blur, but it was just the beginning of a long year of service. I had tried out for the college swim team and remarkably made it as a walk on as a 19 year old freshman. I had been pretty successful in high school but at college I thought about only focusing on my academics during the first year, but when I saw a flier for the open try outs, I figured I would give it a try.

There were about 15 guys who tried out and 5 of us made it. After the try outs, the team captains, both seniors, came over to us and congratulated us and welcomed us to the team. Kent was a tall, dark haired guy with a great physique and dark brown eyes and Jason was a dirty blonde with brown eyes and a ripped physique as well. Both sported orange and black speedos, which they wore quite well. They were the best swimmers on the team and obviously were the head honchos as captain. They complemented my suit, a grey and black suit with white stripes on it. I thanked them, telling them it was my lucky suit. Kent said something that he was sure it would bring me luck, and dove back into the pool. Practices were every day for about 4 hours and both Kent and Jason were always friendly and supportive any time we spoke.

After about two weeks Jason told me they were having a get together at their place to welcome the new swimmers to the team. They had a nice apartment off campus with a pool and hot tub; I was very impressed. Jason and Kent were roommates with two other senior guy swimmers who were gone for the weekend. So they had the whole place to themselves they said. They also had a steady flow of alcohol, which for a freshman is like they Holy Grail. We had been drinking and hanging out in our speedos after hanging at the pool all evening. It was about 1:00 am and the party started breaking up, and Kent said that he would drive me back to campus afterwards. As the other people left and said goodbye, while I hung out by the pool, enjoying the hot September evening and feeling pretty relaxed.

There was one other guy, Dave, a sophomore from my floor, who was on his second year on the team and he came over and we were chatting a bit. He was a nice guy, well built, Italian, masculine and pretty much the same size and build as me. I asked him how he liked the team and how the guys were, and he mentioned how Kent and Jason were really cool and helped him out a lot with the team and all. So, we would up inside and were chilling on the couch when Kent told me that he was glad I made the team, that my talent would help the team that year and that he knew I would fit in well. I was very appreciative about his compliments, after all a senior wouldn’t normally pay any mind to a freshman. Jason had mentioned that Dave had really done well for the team and really was a team player and was there for the team especially for them when they needed him. And they said both said they hoped I would turn out to be just like Dave. I said I would try my best. Kent said that’s what they expected, making eye contact with me as he said it. Naively, I did not realize what was in store.

We casino siteleri all settled onto the couch, Dave and Jason on one side of the sectional, me, I the middle of it and Kent on the lounge part of it. After some talk about the team’s success last year, Jason alluded to the fact that some of the sophomores and freshmen serviced the captains regularly as a rite of passage, and that Dave had been one excellent team player. I was totally blown away by this, but before I could register what was going on Jason said, “Show him.” Dave dropped to his knees on command, clad in his black speedo, and within a minute had Jason’s cock buried down his throat. I couldn’t believe it! Jason then put his hand on his head and settled him into a steady rhythm of sucking his prick. Dave did this without any saying a word; it was obvious he had done this before. I was shocked about this crazy turn of events, never expecting it in a million years, yet I couldn’t look away.

Meanwhile Kent turned to me with a huge grin on his face a second was out of his speedo – his dick was huge and hard! I all of a sudden wanted to run, but my legs would not move. In a flash he also grabbed my hand and pulled it over to his huge dick and moved it up and down. This dude was making me give him a hand job! I was freaked out but his hand held mine hard enough that I couldn’t pull away. He was lightly touching my cock thru my speedo with the two of his fingers ever so lightly which of course made a huge tent in my speedo. I felt a little embarrassed because of both things, giving a hand job and pitching a tent in my speedos. Kent didn’t seem fazed and just said, “Nice man, just relax, it’s cool, just help me out.” A million things were flying through my brain but I was still shocked by the size and smoothness of his cock. I had never seen another dude’s prick up close, yet Kent hand was firmly on mine moving it up and down in a steady smooth motion. Kent started rubbing my back also, which for the moment took my mind of this crazy hand job.

A minute later I felt a hand on my neck and was being guided down towards his cock. Kent, “Do for me what Dave is doing for Jason, come on dude.” That was just crazy; I was not gay.

“Join the club, this is an exclusive limited offer,” snickered Jason from the other side of the couch. Dave was completely under his control, so much that Jason didn’t even have a hand on his neck or back. Dave moved up and down on his prick with the ease of a well-trained cocksucker. He occasionally would let out some moans but they were muffled by the huge dick in his face.

I really did try to stop the downward motion and pull away, but Kent was very strong and insistent. He rubbed my cock again more firmly which I guess distracted me and he repeated more insistently, “Just do it man just do it.” There was about two inches left to reach his dick and I tried to utter the words, “I can’t.” With my opening of my mouth to speak, Kent took full advantage of the opportunity and pushed me closer to his huge cockhead and smeared his precum on my lips. My mouth involuntarily opened and I got a taste of precum in my mouth. A different canlı casino taste, but not unpleasant was the bizarre thing I thought.

Then the downward pressure continued till I had about 5 inches in my mouth. His other hand was on my upper back rubbing my shoulders but I am sure it was also there to prevent me from getting up and he had a pretty strong grip on me. There was no way I could have gotten up. All the while he was saying encouraging things, like, “Go for it man,” and “You’re a great bud,” and “This is so fucking hot, you look so hot.” At this point I couldn’t even speak as I had his huge cock suddenly buried in my throat. Kent held me down on it for a few seconds to get me used to it or to establish dominance I guess, but before I could register this he pulled me up and pushed me down and I realized I was now doing exactly what Dave was doing to Jason and being settled into a slow and steady rhythm of servicing his cock. And all you could hear were the sounds of Dave and me sucking dick and the satisfied moans of both swim captains as they were being completely serviced. It must have been quite a sight; two swimmers in black and grey speedos with their faces in the crotches of the two team captains who kicked back on the couch and watched their underclassmen teammates go to work.

My mind also ceased to think at this point. I don’t know why, but there was no more resistance or thoughts of any kind in my head; I was just being moved up and down his big dick mindlessly which was pretty much what Kent wanted. I did this for about 5 minutes. It felt pretty easy and very natural. He must have trained me well because after 5 minutes, he took his hand off my head and I continued bobbing up and down on my own power. He sat back and laced his hands behind his neck while he watched me at work. He told me I was the world’s newest cocksucker. Jason also chimed in that I looked like a natural. I mouthed something back but it came out as a garbled sentence because I was pretty much filled to capacity with this enormous dick, which I had managed to take almost all the way down to the base with just 10 minutes of “training”.

I realized and found out later that Kent always picked out one new guy on the team each season and zeroed on him. He also told me later that none of them refused him and he had made every single one of them into an expert sucker within 10 minutes. Some people might question how something like this could happen, because I never thought I would do something like this. I would say to any guy to “never say never” because within 10 minutes I became a cocksucker. Kent was the kind of guy who always got what he wanted; he was confident, carried himself well, was good looking and built and nice enough that you wouldn’t want to say no to him.

Eventually I was moved to my knees with Kent’s cock still in my mouth. Kent moved forward and now held both sides of my head. Dave was about 5 feet away, on his knees as well, expertly working on Jason’s dick. So now both cocksuckers (by this time that’s what I was) were on their knees between the captain’s open legs with their mouths stretched out on the captain’s kaçak casino stiff pricks. Dave let out a few moan as he polished Jason’s knob, and seemed to know how to exactly please Jason. I heard Jason’s moaning get louder and he whispered that he was about to cum, and he grunted as he rose of the couch a little. He suddenly stiffened and began to shoot into Dave’s mouth. I couldn’t look up because Kent was holding my head down again to get me all the way down on his dick. I was drooling all over his cock and it was so slick with my spit that it went down so easily. Dave didn’t move off of Jason’s cock so I knew he swallowed the cum because he moaned as Jason came in his mouth and I could hear the gulping sounds he made as he took that load into his gut.

Kent must have gotten turned on by watching the co-captain feed a load of sperm to Dave because I also felt a rush of precum into my mouth and his head swelled up in my mouth. Now Kent had moved his hands to one hand behind and one hand on top of my head and held me tightly as I continued to bob up and down on it like a mindless drone. He was encouraging and telling me how hot it was and how he wanted to take his cum just like Dave did for Jason. I was so far gone in this that even if I had any objection about not taking his load, it wouldn’t have mattered because: a) I couldn’t pull off with his vicelike grip, b) I didn’t want to look like I wasn’t man enough to do what Dave did and c) I looked up at Kent’s eyes and the way they looked at me sealed the deal: they were authoritative yet they begged for me to do it.

Kent’s breathing got a little ragged and his leg muscles tensed up. Within 3 seconds, I felt 4 hot blasts of cum in my mouth, and they were HUGE. “Take it man, do it,” were Kent’s words, which seemed more like an order than a request. I kept swallowing because I didn’t know how much I would deal with. His cum was a little salty, a little tangy and gooey, but not unpleasant. Another two blasts came and went pretty much right down my throat. He waited about 10 seconds and after he was done, and he pulled out my mouth. I had just sucked a dick and swallowed a load on my first try. I kinda felt a little weird, but the other three told me that I was a stud for doing it and took it like a man. Kent said I was a pro already and he was really proud of me. He kept rubbing my shoulders and back. Like a fool believed all of it.

But there was no denying that Kent had made me into a cocksucker and he and Jason were already telling us when they wanted us to come by again. From the sound of it, I surmised that this would continue for the rest of the year. And I also knew I would do it because I wanted to be a part of the team, and didn’t want to let Kent down. I guess that was what it meant to be on the team, doing your part for the rest without questioning. I would up servicing Kent for pretty much the whole season. I sucked off Kent at least 40 times and eventually Jason about 20. Those went down in a few crazy ways, but those are stories for another day. I was treated really well and got to swim in the big meets and was in all the upperclassmen activities. Kent told me it was our secret and that I could tell no one else. As far as I knew, Dave and I were the only cocksuckers that season, because we were kept very busy. I had a great season too, must have been all that extra protein!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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