Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 02

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Fetish and bondage modelling is something, I’ve always thought about and now I’ve decided to take it up. It compliments my escorting, and it’s a Muslim friend of mine who encouraged me to take it up. Zayna, is dark skinned, dark haired and green-eyed British-Pakistani girl who has been doing fetish and bondage modelling for a while. She introduced me to little group of her friends who do it and they include two Pakistani girls, two Iranian, one Lebanese and two Bengali girl. Zayna is meeting me today and we are going to do a shoot together. I’m so excited by this new challenge and I wait outside of my university for Zayna to arrive. It’s great that I’m doing it with my friend and then I see her approaching. I walk over to her and we kiss each other’s cheeks.

Zayna: “Salaam, how are you? Are you good?”

“I’m good, very good. And you? What have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while. Alia said you were having family issues and that’s why you haven’t been around recently?”

Zayna: “Yeah, I’ve been having problems with my brother, I’ve told you about him before. He’s been on at me for not dressing modestly, he recently joined the Islamist party Hizb-Tahrir and so relations between him and I have become awkward. My leftists, Feminist, post-colonialist and borderline socialist stances really get on his nerves. He also suspects that I have boyfriends too and so it’s been a tense few days. Fortunately, he doesn’t suspect my bisexual increasingly lesbian leanings and nor does he know about my escorting or fetish modelling. Speaking of which, are you excited about today?”

“Oh yes, I’m so looking forward to it. Shall we head there now?”

Zayna: “Yes let’s, can’t believe it’s your first time at this! You’ll be great though, you’re hot. I’m not sure what today’s theme will be, but one of my friends is already there and she doing a shoot. Her name is Mona, she’s Egyptian, lovely…lovely girl. You know I do work on black and ethnic politics and sexuality, if you remember, I did those series of video blogs about it? Well I met her during the project. She was a donor for my project. She is a very successful woman works in investment banking, but also does this on the side. Her beautiful dark skin get’s her a lot of work.”

“I vaguely remember the project. She sounds great, can’t wait to meet her. We are at the tube now; we should hurry to catch the train.” We catch the train and head towards the studios. “So are you totally lez now? Because, I remember you’ve had many men.” Zayna: “I do still sleep with men, but if I have a relationship, then it’s with a woman. Actually during the project I was just talking about, I had my mouth full of black cock. And when I was in Kenya, I attended a sex orgy, it was fantastic. So much better than when I was with Neil, you know, I lost my virginity to him? Get this, he’s a white kid from middle-class suburbia who thinks he is a class-warrior and a champion of ethnic minorities. When we first got together, I told him that I didn’t mind doing anything he wants, but I didn’t want frontal penetration. I use to believe that losing your virginity before marriage was wrong. And you know what he said to me? Mr I’m sensitive to all your needs. He said that if his penis ended up in there accidently, he would not remove it. Anyways we are here.”

We leave the train station and within minutes we arrive at an office block and we see Mona standing outside. She runs over and greets Zayna and then we are introduced.

Mona: “So you’re here, I’ve just finished my shoot. It was standard bondage stuff, but for Soraya they have something a little different in mind. They want her to do Muslim girl fetish shoot. They want to dress her up in Hijab (headscarf) and do some shoots. They will be a series of different shoots in different outfits, but this is the main theme for Soraya today. For you, Zayna, they will do a series of regular tie up and bondage shoots. Is that cool?”

Zayna: “Yes that seems fine to me.”

“Yeah, I have no problem.”

Mona: “Great! Let’s go upstairs and meet the crew.”

We head upstairs and into an office, which has been converted into a studio. We are greeted by the receptionist who takes us through to the photographer. Our photographer is called Mark and he comes over to us and greets all of us. He then stops and looks at me.

Mark: “Hiya, you must be Soraya, I can see you’re even more beautiful than Zayna described and your pictures suggest. I love your fair skin, blondish hair and your big green eyes; you look like you are a very photogenic person. I understand you’re of Iraqi patronage, is that right?”

“Yes, I am. I was actually born in Baghdad. But have lived her most of my life.” Mark: “Good. Has Mona explained everything?”

“Yes, a little.”

Mark: “Cool, in a minute you will head through to make-up. For our first shoot I want to do Muslim girl fetish theme. I have a series of different kind of outfits for you. The first one involves smoking, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri do you mind smoking?”

“No, not at all.”

Mark: “Great. If you would head through to the changing rooms and make-up area and we’ll get you set up.”

I head through to make-up and pretty soon my face is made up. I’m a little bit nervous, because I’ve never done modelling before and everyone expects me to be great. In the first scene, I am wearing a white headscarf, which is tightly wrapped around my head and leaves no hairs visible. I’m also wearing black latex leggings, leather high heel boots and white t-shirt, but half way through, I will be topless. I’m also told that when this is done, they want me to do another one with a black abaya (cloak thing) and black hijab. I’m also working with a male model for some of the shoot. I slide into my first outfit with the white hijab, white t-shirt, latex leggings and high heel leather boots. I then head towards the main studio and Mark is waiting for me. He looks at me and his eyes widen.

Mark: “Sexy as hell. Look at you gorgeous! Okay, if you’d like to go over there, where the white screen is and sit on the desk.”

I walk over and sit on the desk.

Mark: “Beautiful, beautiful. Give me a smile and then a frown. Cross your legs.”

My right leg goes over my left leg and I smile. He keeps screaming beautiful at me. He asks for me to give a naughty smile and then I should place my finger over my mouth and shh him. Once we really got into it, I began really enjoying it. I am a natural and everyone can see it. I do pouting, pushing my breasts together, sitting on the desk with my legs uncrossed and then I took my top off and did the same poses again. We then did our first cigarette scene; I had to puff away with attitude and look like a tiger with animalistic expressions on my face. Also did some shoots of my tongue sticking out. It was going really well and then it was time for me to shoot with the male model.

Mark: “Okay, I want you to get off the desk, but stay dressed as you are. You’ll be working with Daniel. In our first joint scene you’ll be smoking a cigarette and you will be tugging away at his cock ring, which has a string attached. You will also blow smoke onto his cock.”

I get off the desk and onto my knees and wait for Daniel to come. He walks in and I look up at him for the first time. What else can I say, he’s so unbelievable hot and sexy. Muscular, tanned and with a large cock. Daniel is Italian and speaks with a smooth accent. He’s wearing latex pants with a hole at the front and back and his cock is hanging out. He has a cock ring and string attached.

Mark: “Okay, Soraya I want you to stare at his cock, but don’t touch it. I know you’re desperate too.”

“Shame” I say. I move my head as close as possible to his succulent manhood, as I could, without touching it. I pout and give off attitude. Mark yells how much he loves it and tells me what facial expressions he wants.

Mark: “Okay, I want you to now pull the string, make it look like your aggressively trying to control your sex slave.”

I reach out and pull the string and Mark goes crazy. He tells me to look at the camera as I pull, he then tells me to look at the camera and open my mouth wide. He then tells me to face the cock and do it all again.

Mark: “Good, now I want you to smoke while you tug at the string. Some shoots with a cig in your mouth and some with you blowing smoke. First face the camera as you do this and then we’ll take some of you facing his cock.”

I slide another cigarette into my mouth and light up. I face the camera, pout and pull on the cock string. Lights flash and I try to keep my focus, I’m trying to be professional while I have this beautiful thing next to my face. I blow smoke into the air and then I do it again, but this time facing Daniel’s cock. I lean forward as if I’m going to give him a blow job and then I stop and blow smoke onto his cock. Smoke surrounds his cock and Mark goes hysterical, he shouts beautiful so much, that you begin to think he is close to climaxing. Without instructions, I decide to blow hoops onto his cock and Mark seemed to really love it. I also notice Daniel seems to like the attention and he is getting harder and growing bigger, so much so, that I am worried he is about to hit me in the face.

Mark: “Okay, now someone take the cigarette from her. Soraya, I want you to face his cock and stick your tongue out. The first few shots your eyes towards to camera and the rest your eyes facing his manhood.”

I breathe in deeply and then I move my head towards him and open my mouth and hang my tongue out. I look towards the camera and then towards him. After staring at his manhood, I am told to look up at his face as I stick my tongue up, but keep my head where it is. I look up and Daniel is smiling at me. He compliments me on my big green eyes. Flashes go off and then Mark tells me to stick my tongue güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri onto Daniel’s manhood and hold it there. Few flashes later, Mark tells me to kiss Daniel’s manhood and hold it there. My lips brush and make contact with his throbbing cock and I know I’m in the right job. Then comes the moment I’ve been waiting for, Mark orders me to stick Daniel’s cock into my mouth and hold it there. Fleeing his succulent cock pushing past my lips and into my mouth, I had to hold back and not allow too much of my saliva to wrap around his manhood. More flashes went off.

Mark: “Okay, that’s perfect. You can now spit him out. Okay, now Soraya, I want you to change your hijab from white to black and we’ll do all the same shots again.”

I quickly change into the black hijab and we do all the same shots over again. Once, this is done, Mark tells me to change into a traditional black abaya (cloak thing) with the black hijab on and we repeat the shots again. Once this is done, we move onto the next scene, I’m still wearing the black abaya with hijab and leather high heel boots. But the set is changed over and now there is a motorbike. While I wait for the next scene to start, I am staring at Daniel and trying to make eye contact with him and I have my bedroom eyes focused on him. I’m trying to indicate that I want it. While I am doing this the background music changes from Rihanna’s S & M to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, how convenient. Daniel acknowledges me back with his eyes to say he wants it too.

Mark:”Okay, Soraya, I want you to sit back-to-front on the motor bike and I want you to do a series of poses. Get over there.”

I move over to the motorbike and I sit at the edge of the bike and I face the camera. The background music changes to Britney Spears I love rock and roll, and I stick my tongue out and flashes go off. I rock back and forth on the bike, I lean backwards and more flashes go off. I then lean forward and then upright again. I stick my hand up my abaya and simulate rubbing my pussy. Britney Spears Circus now comes on, I wonder if they choose the songs deliberately for the shoot?

Mark: “Okay, that was great. Now, I want you to get dressed into another outfit. The black latex Los Angeles police uniform with pants, but with your hijab still on.”

While I am getting changed into my new outfit , Kanye West’s black skinhead is playing in the background and Mona approaches me. “Hey, girl. You’re great, how are you finding it so far?”

“It’s great; I’m having a good time.”

Mona: “You’re so lucky to be working with Daniel, you know, he asked me if you wanted to have some fun after the shoot? You’re obviously gagging for it.”

“Is it that obvious? I’m up for some fun.”

Mona: “Great, I’ll tell him. We sometimes have a mini-orgy at the end of shoots, you’ll enjoy it.”

I leave the changing room and head back to the bike and I sit on the edge again. I place my leather gloved hands above my breasts and push down. Smoke is being pumped in by the smoke machine, I lean back and then forth and more flashes go off. I then put sunglasses on and continue the poses, we take both colored and black and white stills.

Mark: “Great, okay we are now going to change the scene. Daniel will come back in and he will have both a cock ring and a latex leash around his neck. You will pull at them. Some will be with you in sunglasses and other without.”

Mark re-enters the set and he has a latex mask on with a collar and leash and the same latex pants on as before and a cock ring. He gets on all fours and bows at my feet, after a few flashes, he reaches over and kisses my boots. I pull on the leash and try to look authoritative, I place one leg over the back of his neck. We then move onto the next scene, my back is turned away from Daniel and I am walking ahead while pulling the leash and drag him along. Quite a few snaps are taken of me dragging him along. I then sit on Daniels back and ride him along like a horse, my poses, suggests I am being very strict with him and I also have a police stick to hit him if he steps out of line. We then take a break and I change back into the abaya and black hijab and we resume the shoot of the same scene but with different clothes. Once this is complete, I change into my finial outfit, lingerie, black leather high heel boots and black hijab.

Mark: “Okay, Daniel is tied up and strapped on the chair, Soraya, I want you to stick a strap-on, on top of your see through panties. And then you tease Daniel by sitting in his lap. Then we will do the finial see of you beating Daniel.”

I jump on Daniel’s lap and I feel his hard cock pushing up against my panties. I’m facing Daniel with my back turned away from the camera, but my head tilts sideways. A few snaps and then I turn my body to face the camera.

Mark: “Sexy, sexy. Yeah you like that don’t you Soraya?”

“I’m impartial to it.” I respond.

Mark: “LOL! So modest. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Everyone here can see that your gagging to get off with Daniel. Now pout!”

I push my lips together and stick them out. More snaps, I know it’s nearly over and so try an savour the moment. We now arrive at the final scene, Daniel is on his knees, I raise my leg and motion kicking him. I then stand next to him with my strap-on in his face, he sticks his tongue out and brushes it. I then push the strap-on into his mouth and hold as more pictures are taken. We then take some of me lubing up his anus and sliding strap-on into it. We then finish up and I head for the changing rooms. I am excited, because the best part is about to come, but I’m also curious. I haven’t see Zayna around since the shoot began and Mona has also disappeared. But as I reach the changing room door, I hear “Fuuucckkk…Yes, you like it when I do that daddy?” and then a male voice groaning with approval. I then hear another girl groan something out and I open the door and I see Zayna riding some guy on a chair and I glance over to the other side of the room and I see Mona doing the same to another guy. Sluts! They didn’t even wait for me. But then I feel an arm wrap itself around me and someone breathing down my neck from behind.

Daniel: “Come on let’s get to it. Your friends have already started and your friend Zayna is a noise slut. Let’s see what you’re made off.” “Oh yeah, well let’s see what your made off mister.” I turn to face him and I slide my tongue into his mouth. My tongue brushes past his lips and rubs his tongue and we exchange salvias. He then pushes his tongue into my mouth and teases my tongue. He smells great. I tried to breathe him in and his oiled up tanned body brushes and teases mine. I push him away and grab his arm and lead him to the spare chair. I throw him onto it and I pull down my panties.

“Ready?” I ask.

Daniel: “Come on give that Muslim pussy.”

I jump onto his lap and slowly pull his penis up and rub my outer lips. The gently feel of his throbbing cock brushing my lips sent tingles down my spine. “Oh my, you’re so big and manly, so much hotter than a lot of guys I’ve been with.” Meanwhile, Zayna is getting louder and louder, at this rate she will have no vocal cords left, but I focus on my man instead of her. As I rub his cock against my outer lips, I see and feel his growing even larger. I move inwards and kiss him on the lips and start kissing around his neck. My tongue cresses his neck and I begin to kiss and lick his ear. I blow air into his ear and whisper “I normally charge for this, but as it’s you, it’s free.” And then I start kissing his lips again and slide my tongue in. I then withdraw and I tease and rub his cock with my hand, he groans and then I slide his cock inside my pussy. I do it slowly and gently and I feel every inch. I push back his foreskin as I slide him in. “Ahhhhh.” I let off while he pens me.

His entire manhood is now in and I lean back over to his face and start ravaging him with kisses, I am literally eating his face off. I then push myself up and then down again, I do it once and then twice and then three times. I smile at him and then I start jumping in his lap. Up and down and up and down. His enormous manhood nearly slips out half a dozen times, but I don’t care, I go on riding him. I then make pelvic movements back and forth, my facial cheeks go red, and my nipples become hard. I’m so aroused; I begin pounding him harder and harder and faster and faster. The chair is shaking violently and I am worried it will break in two. And despite making fun of how noisy Zeyna is being, I am now screaming my lungs out. It’s so sweaty, I have sweat running down my brow, but I’m in the middle of humping and can do nothing about it. The oil on his body in now running down him and is going all over me. Zayna calls out to me.

Zayna: “How’s it going Soraya? I see you’re enjoying him.”

“Yes, this is the best work out I’ve had all day, how’s yours going?” I scream.

Zayna: “Can’t complain.”

Mona: “Yeah, Soraya you’ve got a good stud right there. Mine’s good too.”

“I know Mona, I know. Yours looks pretty good too.”

Mona: “Yeah, I think he’s ready to cum. Will get back to you once he’s done.”

“It’s always good to have a working dick. Zayna, what would your brother say if he could see you know?”

Zayna: “He’d kill me, hahahha.”

I lean my head back and I can feel an orgasm coming on. I close my eyes and continue to pound and I feel bits of pussy juice oozing out. I can also feel bits of precum landing in my pussy, I’m going to be so wet by the end of this. Five minutes pass and I’ve gone from trickling pussy juice out to positively leaking. Although in all fairness, my cum is mixed with his precum. Daniel is now screaming and he is now pounding back. He is ready to climax and so am I. We both close our eyes and scream. And then I feel my cum flying out and within second his cum began flying out too. He couldn’t stop cumming, Daniel is a heavy cummer.

Daniel: “How was that baby?”

“Excellent. Thanks baby.” I then get off him and head for the shower. Once I’m clean, I leave the studios and head home. I really like fetish modelling. I will do more shoots in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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