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They’d been seeing each other weekly for three months, talking online in between, both testing the waters, both uncertain and scared of hurt yet again, both with their own demons. Finally he began to show he was interested, it was her key to give her heart, that it would be safe Headlong she fell; again, foolishly she repeated mistakes of past failures, giving all of her, losing her own identity. Seeking acceptance from another when she should only seek it from herself. Some painful memories were triggered in him and he began to pull away. The more he retreated the more insecure she felt and the more she clung, the emotions and memories of past rejections stunned her, she thought she had dealt with them. Lowering herself and hating herself even more, she tried to hang on, the anxiety eating her up. Finally he called an end to it. Finally she accepted and threw herself into life on her own yet again. Telling herself daily she loved and accepted herself, nurturing herself as others in her childhood had failed her.

Months later when her anxiety had finally eased, when she had finally accepted he would never call and her pretend efforts at happiness and canlı bahis stability were no longer pretend, he contacted her. He wanted to see her again. She didn’t question why, she didn’t allow herself to get excited. Calmly she silenced the doubts as she dressed, her newly slim figure attractive in her new clothes. He sensed her distance when they met. He noted her lack of questions but he too was happy for once to not think or question.

They had a lovely day together in the cooler autumn colours of the city, exploring the beautiful gothic cathedral, both soaking in the peace within its walls. The silences between them were comfortable. He treated her to a dinner at an exclusive restaurant beside the water, it had been years since she had been to one but she felt safe in his company. She felt very much the lady she was. The comfortable silence continued on their way home.

She walked into the well remembered, darkened apartment, found the candles and lit them in the bathroom while he watched on in silence. Looking into his eyes she slowly undressed, he followed her lead and did the same. She took his hand and led him to the shower. Without words bahis siteleri they both lay on the floor of the shower. She wrapped in his arms. He began to urinate, the golden fluid arching in the flickering candle light covering both their bodies in the warmth. She breathed deeply, closing her eyes and sighing as the beautiful fluid fell on her skin. It wasn’t a dirty act but one of such intimacy and complete acceptance. Both were free spirits and hated taboos, they both wanted to break all the boundaries, share it all, explore it all. Tenderly she licked the fluid from his skin as their fingers entwined; his hands tangled in her hair as he brought her lips to his so he could share the taste on her tongue.

In the candle light he knelt between her legs, she arched her back and proudly opened herself as her own piss began to flow and arch and cover his cock as he stroked slowly looking deeply into her eyes. Unbidden her tears began to flow at the intensity of the connection, the intensity of the total letting go with another, he smiled softly as he too felt it. His hands left his own body and sought hers. Gently he began to explore her arse. She pulled bahis şirketleri her legs back, opening herself, offering herself to him, trusting him completely “Hurt me” she whispered in the dark. The answering lust was instant as he plunged two fingers deep into her bowels, exploring, twisting, and seeking. He found and brought it to his cock, lovingly coating it and stroking. She knelt and took him into her mouth, loving the taste, loving how natural and beautiful and right it all felt with him. Loving the groan she heard coming right from his very soul. She knew finally she had touched him.

They kissed, tongues penetrating and sliding and exploring with lust and hunger as their bodies joined all impotence issues of the past long forgotten as finally their minds stopped and allowed their bodies and souls to fly free. Neither knew where they began and the other ended, their lips together yet not kissing, just sharing the same breath as their bodies danced the primal dance. She cried with the beauty, she always knew such an experience was possible. She always knew she could fly free with the right man. She always knew it would be with him.

In the silence of the night she dressed. “Cheryl” she heard as she closed the door softly behind her. She didn’t stop, somehow she knew his heart belonged to another. The tears fell silently as she walked away independent at last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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