Dawn Of A New Day

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We had been waiting a long time for this morning. The explanations, the fights, the defensive reactions, the loving, the caring, the passion – the worth of it all could not be measured in material terms. Annette and I knew that come what might, this morning, and the event that lay ahead would change not just our lives, but the lives of every American, and in time, human society.

We had been making plans for two months. Annette’s parents would attend, while I couldn’t believe my luck – my ex-husband, Sam was coming. He had been pretty nice about it all – he even joked that he wouldn’t mind giving his own wife away. When I told him that Annette and I were getting married, come May, he had laughed and said that we deserved it, especially after what he had put me through when I told him I loved another woman.

Our friends would be there of course. Many of them had ceremonies of their own to attend. We had planned a small celebration in the evening with Jack & his prospective spouse, a college professor from Illinois, who had moved to Cambridge five years ago. I knew Jack from my days with Sam, when Jack was the out-and-out gay in our group. I couldn’t believe I had even joked about it. That was before I discovered my own feelings, and before I discovered Annette.

We were all good friends now. The last couple of years had been good all around. A lot of the old animosities had died down as the people who mattered in my life had come to accept my preferences. I could even go into the local public houses with Annette, and be served without a smirk from the regulars. Not that we didn’t face some unpleasantries. In fact, since the judgment, some people who had earlier seemed non-committal came out against us. I didn’t blame them, but I didn’t expect them to understand.

We were going to the clerk’s office, then straight to the courthouse to get a waiver on the traditional 3-day waiting period, and then back again for the actual civil ceremonies. I couldn’t wait. I was wearing a dress that I had selected at Lord’s. It was mauve silk, with a velvet lining. Annette was wearing a special dress her parents had got her. I hadn’t seen it yet. Our friends were dressing her up. I had elected to dress myself. For some reason, I wanted to be alone this morning.

I wiped a tear and proceeded to the shower. I prepared myself for my bride. We had abstained from sex for a month now, promising to make it up to each other in the days and nights ahead. I felt a tingle run through my body as I imagined our life ahead. I let my fingers run down my belly and across my vagina, as I imagined Annette caressing me, a woman, a love and a wife. A smile crossed my face at that last thought.

I dried myself off, and got dressed. I was wearing pale blue garters and a matching set of underwear, white heels and stockings. casino siteleri Annette and I had visited a spa earlier this week, separately of course. The women at the spa had laughed and said they were twice as busy this wedding season. I could imagine – not a few people would be queuing at the courthouse in the weeks to come.

Once ready, I took a look at myself in the mirror. I saw a thirty-seven year old white blonde, 5’9″, with a good body, if I said so myself. I took a deep breath and stepped out to face the brave new world.

I drove to the Cambridge Courthouse on Thorndike St. I smiled to myself, when I remembered that I had met Annette at the Galleria Mall, not far away. I was shopping for shoes when I met her. She had complimented me on my taste, and we had ended up having lunch together. I still don’t know if she intended to seduce me, but in a week, I was driving to Beacon Hill for my first-ever infidelity and that too, with a woman. I had had the occasional flirtation before, but never anything serious. She had been a gentle lover, and taught me more than I imagined possible about the pleasures of the body, heart and soul.

As I drove on, I reminisced about that first time, when I truly became a woman, and when I found a new love. She had drawn me into her home, touching me by the fingertips. I followed, spellbound by this beautiful woman, who made me feel like a sixteen-year old again. She had handed me a slender glass of wine, and indicated the plush loveseat by the bay window. I settled in, looking up at her, and smiling. She remained standing, but moved closer and gently moved a few errant hairs off my forehead.

“What am I doing here,” I had mused. “You are a woman, and I am married.”

“Then why don’t you leave?”

“I can’t – I want to be here – with you. I want – you.”

At that, she had lowered herself beside me and started kissing my face. I turned and let her feel my willing lips. She pulled me closer. Her tongue ran across my mouth, demanding entry. I opened my mouth and it slipped in. I felt her soft breasts brushing against mine. She was wearing a loose caftan. I slipped my hand in and felt her breasts hanging free. At my touch she leaned back and let my hands unfasten her sash. As it fell away, the caftan opened, giving me my first look at her warm body. She was all woman, her breasts were full and I could feel a soft belly. I climbed over her and began kissing her forcefully, letting my fingers do the talking. She responded in kind, making me squirm in pleasure. I could feel her fingers reaching up my skirt and inserting themselves beneath my panties. I was wet and ready. I came for the first time as she touched me. It wasn’t the last, not by a long shot.

We had carried out an afternoon affair for a year. She was an author, canlı casino and as I reminded myself often in the first months, I was a WASP soccer mom, not a dyke. It finally hit me how much I cared for her when she fell terribly ill that winter. I had spent many nights caring for her, changing wet towels and applying them to her forehead. Sam knew we were friends. He told me later he had even suspected we were more than that once or twice, but never truly believed it. The next spring, I had finally made up my mind. It broke my heart to tell Sam I was leaving him. We had had a good life together. He did not neglect me, but I wanted something else.

I felt a tear cross my cheeks as I pulled the car into the parking lot of the courthouse. We were going to park there and go to the town hall together. I saw Annette standing on the steps with her parents. She looked positively radiant, with a pale green dress, her hair made up high, and a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

I kissed her, and her parents. They were wonderful people. We had spent last winter with them in Florida, and I felt a special affection for her mother who had taken to me instantly. I felt a pang of regret that my own parents were not with us. I knew that many battles still lay ahead of us, but quickly put that thought behind me.

We got into her van and set off for the clerk’s office. The parking lot was almost full, and it was only eight in the morning. I could see many couples we knew, and some were already leaving. Things must have started early today.

The clerk was a pleasant lady in her forties who quickly issued us the necessary forms relating to the intention to marry. Then it was back to the judge’s chambers for the waiver. Before I knew it, I was signing my name in the clerk’s register, Annette by my side.

“You may kiss the bride, or is that the brides”, said the clerk with a laugh, as I signed. I turned to Annette, and felt her gripping my hand tightly. There was a hush in the room, as if we were in a distant space. I could hear noises all about, but somehow this was our moment, and we were determined to make the most of it.

Annette and I embraced, as her parents and Sam threw some confetti at us. We then took our first kiss as married people. It had a special poignancy to it. I knew I would remember it for a long time to come. Then we posed for pictures in our bridal gowns. I could see many people doing the same around us. The halls were crowded with happy and gay people, pun intended. Applause was all that could be heard. There were black, white, Asian, Christian, Buddhist, humanists all.

The rest of the day passed in a blur of congratulations and photographs. I could feel Annette by my side throughout. In the evening, we dressed each other up, stealing many loving caresses as we did kaçak casino so. The party was a blast. The restaurant was filled with celebratory couples. Jack and Ignatius were looking marvelous, dressed in matching suits from J.A.Banks. We made promises to have each other over soon.

Soon I was on the steps of Annette’s Beacon Hill home, my home now too. She smiled at me and led me in. We closed the door behind us. We walked to the bedroom, not talking, just savoring the feeling. I took my shoes off and watched Annette with a loving smile.

As she undressed, my eyes drifted over her body. I could see her pink, erect nipples through the cups of her white lace bra. She was looking at me too. Needless to say, I was very nervous. Although, we had been naked together too many times to count, she was still a sight to behold. To change the mood, I put on a CD.

Still in her lingerie, she stepped into my arms. I had taken my bra off, but was wearing my panties. We danced close together. I put my hands on her hips. She nestled her head on my shoulder. I was taller, and loved it when she did that. I began to move my body against hers. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She moved back slightly and let it fall away. I felt her breasts slide against mine.

“Sweetheart, lover, lover, lover – we are together now. My dearest wife.” she murmured, as her hands slipped down and began to slide my panties off.

“Dearest wife, this is the best feeling I have ever had in my life.” I breathed into her ears. I let my tongue toy around her earlobes. I knew she liked that.

She squirmed in pleasure and squeezed me hard. She groaned as she pushed against my naked body. She was dancing to a different beat now. I knew her body well, and felt an orgasm building. I continued to hold her close, kissing her neck and ears. I moved my left hand to her thighs, and slipped my fore and index fingers into her sopping wet cunt. She groaned and burst into a shudder of orgasm. I felt her fingers thrust into my own cunt, bringing me to the edge.

She shook against me, and I felt wetness against our thighs. She pulled away then and fell back against the welcoming sheets. I could feel a reservoir of unused sexual energy building within me. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor before her legs.

She lifted me and we moved onto the bed. She rolled to her side and took me into her welcoming arms. We hugged each other. I could see tears running down her face. I knew my face was wet too. We kissed each other’s tears away. These were tears of joy, and pleasure. They were tears for all the women, and men, who had loved and lost, and then loved again.

The night never seemed to end. We pleasured each other in so many ways. We disdained any of our toys this night. It was a night for our bodies to experience a flowering that I knew was being replicated across the state this night.

Satiated, we finally rolled off each other, but slept holding each other close. The morning would dawn, as it must, and we would be changed, as was the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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