David’s Summer of ’61 Ch. 04

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(It was the summer of 1961 and I was 21 years old and was continuing with my hobby of bird watching. I had spent the previous two weeks on the banks of Brantwood Water in the English Lake District. I had been studying waterfowl.

One night at the hotel where I was staying a hen-party of eight middle-aged women arrived. I was invited up to their rooms when they found out that I did not mind pleasuring them orally)


I heard Heather swallow and ask for a bottle.

“Yes that was bloody good,” she said and wiped her lips. “I wish my John could do that to me. Where did you learn to do that?” she asked me.

I just replied “Natural, nature,” and she laughed.

The room felt stuffy and someone opened a window and turned down the electric fire.

I lay on my back naked and stared at the central ceiling light. Eileen stood up and walked up to me.

“Go on Eileen, knickers off,” said Colleen who appeared to be totally drunk.

I stared at Colleen’s French knickers which were still on view, supposedly for my benefit. Her hand was now blatantly placed between her legs. She leaned back against the bed and urged Eileen on.

“Hello young man and how do you want me?” she said in low seductive tones. My penis extended visibly as once again I realised that it was now me who was ‘calling the tune’.

“Can you squat over me?” I suggested, and was just about to say please when she swung one leg over my chest and stood astride me staring down.

She looked a picture. Her makeup and hair were immaculate although I could see greying hair at her temples. She wore a dark brown dress covered in tiny orange flowers. Her outfit had an autumnal look to it. It clung to her curvaceous figure as far as her generous hips then became very full and flared where it ended at her knees. I noticed it was slightly shiny and made of nylon. It made an incredible swishing sound as it slid against her slip and black stockings. My penis was becoming rock hard and ramrod stiff.

“You can remove my knickers young man,” she said to me, much to the approval of the other ladies who all now appeared to be watching and egging Eileen on.

She stood still as I sat up and slipped my hands under her clothes. I slid my fingers up the outside of her thighs, under her petticoat feeling the scratchy smoothness of her nylons. My hands felt coarse next to her stockings and I hoped I wasn’t going to ladder them. I found her rear suspender clips and then touched naked smooth flesh above them before seeking the waistband of her knickers.

All my instincts told me to duck my head under her dress but I resisted. I was hoping to delay that pleasure a little longer. She lifted her dress at the back and helped me ease her knickers down to her knees.

“That’s it girl,” shouted Colleen and giggled insanely.

The silky shiny material felt lacy in my hands and pulled them down to her ankles where she stepped out of them. They were jet black and had a lace panel at the front very fine lacework on the legs. They felt warm and slightly moist.

I have to admit that I placed them to my nostrils and breathed in her exquisite natural fragrance. Eileen appeared pleased as she patted me on the top of my head like some old dog. With that I resumed my position flat on my back at her feet.

She kicked off one shoe, then the other and rubbed her stocking clad feet over my chest and nipples. I stared up into her eyes and squirmed like a cat. She slid her feet up and down my body from the tip of my penis to my neck. Each movement made my erection twitch wildly around and I reached down and began wanking.

“No you don’t young man,” said Eileen and kicked my hand away,” Save that until later,” she said standing astride my upper chest.

I stole a glance up her dress and there was her petticoat. It was quite full to match her dress and it was also jet-black to match her knickers and stockings. The edge was finished in fine deep concertina pleats in almost transparent nylon. I reached up and let the ornate hems spill through my fingers.

“Go on Eileen squat on his face,” cackled Colleen who evidently wanted to see some action.

“OK, ok, don’t rush me,” said Eileen placing her feet to each side of my face.

I stared up her dress and saw that her suspender belt was also black and her stockings framed her thighs and bush of dark brown hair which awaited me.

Slowly she bent and opened her legs and with great care placed her damp cleft over my nose. Although I felt a certain amount of deja-vu with the situation the thing is that I just could not get enough of tonguing women off, and I took a certain amount of pride in doing it.

“Oh my gosh,” whispered Eileen as she felt my tongue slowly ease her labia apart.

She dropped her black petticoat and brown dress over my face so that I was only visible from the rest of the room from my shoulders downwards. I could tell by her sighs and by the way that she fidgeted that no one had ever done this to her before.

Betty told her to enjoy herself and clearly had an affinity with her; perhaps they had been best friends at school.

My face slowly became sticky with fanny-juice canlı bahis and my nostrils were beginning to fill. I snorted and resumed my licking and tongue-probing of her clitoris which flinched at every movement.

Inside her dress I listened to the froufrou sounds of nylon sliding over nylon and watched in awe at her petticoat which hung down over me between her thighs. I stroked her buttocks through her dress and revelled in the slippery smoothness as layer slid over layer beneath my fingers. The whole experience was incredibly sensuous. To be under a woman’s derriere with her legs spread across my face and her clothing draped across my naked chest and neck was like being in paradise and their was only one thing more which would keep me on this elevated plane.

As if by instinct, or perhaps she just wanted to join her friend, Betty stood up and straddled my waist.

I felt her clothing touch my legs as she squatted down. My heavy penis was caressed then held in an upright position until the tip came into contact with some curls. Further movements followed as Betty guided me to her portals then lowered herself onto me. She was incredibly damp and I slid into her in one movement. She squeezed me and told me that it was OK to ‘come’ inside her.

“Betty,” said Eileen,” I’ve never seen you like this before,” she said to her friend who squatted behind her.

“Well I’ve never seen you with your legs apart squatting on a young lad’s face before,” she said.

I was so thankful that my penis was at long last inside one of the women.

I now felt more energised than I had been all night and started bucking my pelvis up and down. Betty followed my lead and matched my movements. I have to say that I was not used to fucking in this position so the whole thing was a new sensation.

In front of me Eileen’s large fleshy vagina gaped wide open and I pulled a cushion under my head so that I could enjoy her more easily. My hands reached up under her petticoat and kneaded her firm rounded buttocks. She was like putty in my hands and mewed with pleasure as my tongue slurped its way up and down inside her. The two women now were bouncing up and down on top of me. The other ladies urged them on. Colleen was clapping in time with the bounces while Glenda appeared to be counting them.

“45,46,47,48…..” said Glenda giggling and spluttering at the sight in front of her.

Someone tickled my feet.

“Don’t do that; you’ll put him off,” said Pamela in her recognisable sexy voice.

My tongue was now beginning to feel quite tired. It had been inside so many women that to be honest I was in need of a rest. I thought that at least I’d finish Eileen off then see how I felt about pleasuring the final three.

Before long I felt a tidal wave of semen gather in the base of my erection. Betty was expertly taking me to the point of no return and she knew, by the way I reached down and touched her stockinged knees, that I wasn’t far off coming.

I frantically nibbled and nuzzled Eileen’s clitoris which had noticeably grown under its hood.

Eileen whispered, “No more, enough, enough” as she began shaking and shuddering, apparently out of control.

I watched spellbound as her petticoat and dress shimmied and shook around me making a hissing swishing sound. She stopped her bouncing and placed her whole weight on my jaw.

At the same instant I felt semen boil inside me then I released eight spurts into Betty who shrieked with surprise.

Meanwhile wave after wave seemed to grip Eileen as she pulsated with her orgasm. She had tears in her eyes as it passed and Betty put her arms around her in an effort to help her.

With the weight of both forty-three year olds on me my body felt very weak and vulnerable and I was thankful when first Betty, then Eileen, stood up and allowed me to recover. They shook down their skirts, adjusted their petticoats and suspenders then left the room, presumably to visit the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

Colleen watched me like a hawk. She was a relatively large woman and had wide hips and a large bosom. She agreed with Joyce and Patricia that she would ‘go next’

“I’d like that tongue up me, with me lying on my back,” she said in a matter of fact way.

Colleen wasn’t one to mince words and she knew what she wanted and how she wanted it.

“I’ll get on the bed and you can kneel on the floor between my legs,” she told me. I suspect that Colleen had taken notes and had realised that this position would be the most comfortable for her, if not for me too.

Eileen and Betty returned and the room became full of perfume.

“It smell’s like the proverbial tart’s boudoir,” said Colleen kicking off her black three inch high heeled court-shoes and sitting on the bed open legged in front of me. I stared at her skirt which was quite full and made of black satin.

“You’ve seen my French-knicks and I prefer to leave them on if it’s all the same to you young man,” she said pulling her skirt up to her thighs and revealing an equally full petticoat.

She lay flat on her back with her arms by her side.

She slid forwards so that her bahis siteleri feet rested on the floor at the bottom of the big double bed. Her skirt rode up further and I watched the full length of her dark tan stockings come into view.

My flaccid penis still dripped with seminal fluid and sperm but the sight in front of me was sufficiently erotic to begin raising it.

My head buzzed with lecherous thoughts as I slipped my fingers along her nylons and played with her suspender clips. Colleen shut her eyes and opened her legs even further as I lifted up her petticoat and touched her loose legged French knickers. Her crotch was sopping wet and clearly she was completely aroused.

“For fuck’s sake get on with it,” she pleaded.

“Watch your language Colleen,” said Pamela and they laughed.

“Yes watch your fucking language in front of the young lad,” said Glenda giggling loudly.

Colleen opened her eyes and smiled wildly at me. She bucked her arse off the bed and pulled her skirt down all around her legs as far as her knees. I took this to mean that she was ready for me to begin pleasuring her.

I again raised her skirt and petticoat with both hands and ducked underneath. Her aroma hit me. She smelled mainly of warm moist vagina but she wore a heavy expensive scent which I found intoxicating. I slid my head up to her crotch and breathed in her femininity. She threw her skirt and petticoat over me as I pulled aside one of the legs of her lacy pale blue French knickers and began tonguing her.

Soon by degrees her inner labia parted and I slobbered and slurped my way further into her.

“Oh my gosh, oh my fucking gosh,” she sighed as I found her bud below its hood. She widened her legs even further then placed one foot, then the other, over my shoulders and across my back.

By now my penis was rock-hard once more and pushed against the bedcover. I persisted with sucking and nibbling Colleen’s clitoris. She appeared hyper-responsive to every lick and movement of my tongue and cursed and swore as she approached her orgasm.

“Don’t fucking stop,” she told me, and “If you do I’ll kill you,” she went on, moaning and groaning as I mercilessly continued with my tonguing.

Under her clothes my face perspired like mad. It was so hot and clammy but her natural muskiness drew me into her. I felt as if I was drowning in the intensity of her female fragrance.

Her nylon petticoat shook around me and generated static. Little sparks discharged and crackled about me as I pushed her further and further.

For ten long minutes I tongued her with three of my fingers inside her. She appeared almost hysterical as she eventually ‘came’.

“Yes, fucking yes, yessss,” she grunted ferociously as she pulled me more firmly into her so that I could hardly breathe.

Then it was all over. Colleen swung her heavy legs off me and pushed my out from under her skirt. I felt Glenda, Eileen and Pamela’s eyes on me and on my penis which now dribbled precum.

“Oh, oh, amazing,” whispered Colleen still recovering from her orgasm. She looked visibly flushed and her face was noticeably red.

“So how was it Col?” Glenda asked.

“It’s the first time I’ve ‘come’ like that,” she said,” amazing, truly amazing,” she continued.

I smiled and looked at the two whom I hadn’t orally pleasured so far.

I dashed to the bathroom at the end of the corridor and urinated. I looked in the mirror and admired my toned muscles and stubbly face. Although I was relatively small and puny my upper muscles were well developed: it’s the length of my legs which have always been a problem. I smiled at the prospect of having another woman’s long legs wrapped around my face and almost growled at my good fortune.

Back in the bedroom the ladies were still passing a bottle around. They had easily drunk two bottles of whisky between them. I looked at Joyce and at Patricia and wondered which one would volunteer to be pleasured next.

Colleen was still on her back wiping herself with a handkerchief. She still appeared to be telling her friends how amazing it had felt.

I took my place naked on the floor leaning back on my elbows. Joyce told me that she would like to go next. I watched her uncross her long shapely legs and stand up. She wore a full flared knee-length black skirt beneath a maroon satin blouse. Her breasts looked heavy and her hips were quite generous.

“And how would ‘Sir’ like me?” she asked, removing her four inch high heel shoes.

I told her that I would pleasure her from behind as I found that the most erotic considering she had such a large arse.

I told her to stand astride my head facing my feet. She winked at me and then the others and walked up to my face and swung her foot over. Inside her skirt her white lacy petticoat hung down in gathered folds. It appeared that her underskirt was more bouffant than her skirt. I looked up and in the shadows saw her white knickers edged with broderie and eyelet lace were stained along her cleft. Her dark stockings were supported by white lacy suspenders.

She reached under and pulled down her knickers to knee level then stepped out of bahis şirketleri them and dropped them on my penis. In an instant I wrapped the thin nylon around my shaft and began wanking furiously.

“He’s a one for your undies Joyce,” said Glenda, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

The feel of her knickers on my erection drove me wild, and the view up her skirt was tantalising beyond description. Joyce squatted on my face and my tongue was immediately parting her labia.

“Slow down young man,” she told me as she knelt forward and spread her legs over my face.

I pulled her down on top of me and, with my head supported by the cushion, pushed my tongue inside her and wiggled it about. Her arse was massive but smooth and firm. I couldn’t help myself but fondle it and caress it.

Glenda pulled Joyce’s petticoat and skirt over my head and told her that she must ‘maintain her modesty’ in the presence of ladies. Everyone laughed. Under her skirt it was quite dark and smelled slightly fetid as my nose was rammed between her buttock cheeks.

“Hey that tickles,” announced the hefty woman sprawled, legs apart, on my face.

I was unable to reply but continued ‘ploughing my furrow’ up and down her cleft with my tongue and nose. She smelled unbelievable; a cocktail of warm moist vagina, urine and perfume assailed my nostrils and I eagerly breathed her in. I flicked at her clitoris and fingered her labia as she almost squealed with pleasure.

“Oh wow, don’t stop,” she pleaded and it wasn’t long before I felt the first signs of an orgasm welling up inside her. She wrapped her fingers around my erection and began milking me with earnest. I felt her hot breath on my testicles then her tongue. Slowly she sucked me into her and I swear that my penis doubled in size.

“Who taught you that?” asked Patricia.

“You sly old cow Joyce,” said Colleen who sounded amazed that most of my manhood was now inside their friend’s mouth.

Our movements became more and more frenzied as each pushed the other towards the ultimate pleasure. Suddenly it was over. I gushed and jerked semen into Joyce’s mouth and she gurgled something as she shuddered and shook her pubic area savagely against my face. Immediately I lifted her skirt and slip and gulped in cool fresh air. My brow was covered in small beads of perspiration and I smelled terrible.

I watched her spit the contents of my testicles into a handkerchief and kneel up and then step off me. She smiled at me as if I was a favourite nephew and I saw she still had a string of fluid hanging off her chin.

“That was very nice young man,” Joyce said and swivelled her hips as if she were shaking a tail feather.

She adjusted her stockings and pulled her knickers up over her suspenders. From my position on the floor I stared at her petticoat which she rearranged carefully before shaking her skirt down again. She gave be a playful kick in my ribs and sat on the bed next to Patricia.

“You’re next Pat,” she told a tall slim woman wearing a bright red pleated skirt.

“You’re not going to watch I hope,” said Patricia realising that she would be the last one to be pleasured by my tongue.

I lay naked on my back in the centre of the room with my limp penis lying against my stomach in a drying pool of semen. I watched Pat stand up then circle me.

“Shall I take them off? They’re French ones and quite loose?” she asked as she raised her pleats to show me.

Her French knickers looked expensive and had very wide lacy flounces. They were white in colour and had a satin sheen to them which matched her suspender belt and petticoat. I kept wondering why these women appeared to wear their best lingerie at a hen weekend; were they competing with each other?

“Come on Pat, squat on his face,” came the usual coarse remark from Colleen.

“Well young man shall I squat on your face?” she said shaking her skirt and swivelling her hips provocatively.

I was struck dumb by her question and could only reply in ‘penis language’. There for all eight women to see was my erection growing at, what appeared to be, an inch a second.

“It’s got a mind of its own,” said Glenda admiring my now rock hard appendage.

Patricia removed her shoes and stood with her feet to each side of my neck. I stared up her skirt at the now familiar underwear. She rubbed a foot along my cheek as I reached down and began masturbating.

“No you don’t,” said Betty, “that’s my job that is,” she continued. I felt her run her fingers up and down while someone else scratched the inside of my thighs.

Above me Patricia spread her legs and brought her arse down against my chin. I pulled her knicker leg to one side and slurped my way between her labia. She smelled strongly and had clearly been aroused for most of the evening. Just like all the other ladies she shook both her petticoat and skirt over my head so that only my lower body could be seen. I felt as if four pairs of hands were touching my genitalia and legs. Someone pushed my hand up her skirt where I felt moist curls beneath thin nylon. I reached out with my other hand which was placed on someone’s knee. I followed the stocking up to the suspender clip and slid my fingers under the elastic of some glossy panties and into more curls. I now felt surrounded on every side and virtually immobile except for the writhing woman on the end of my tongue.

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