David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 05

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(It was 1892 and I, David Shaw, then aged 19 joined ‘Maynard and Son, Purveyors to Gentlewomen and the Aristocracy’ on Upper Richmond Road, Putney. The job involved providing ‘underskirt services’ to single women. This was my third day with the firm)


That evening, back at Maynard’s I met another fellow who told me that he’d just returned from an ‘over-nighter’. His name was Timothy Prentice and the lucky chap was one of many ‘attractions’ at a young lady’s twenty first birthday party.

“How many women did you service?” I asked in an off hand manner.

“Well there was the mother, two aunts and twelve ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty five.” He told me in a casual way.

I said that I’d buy him a drink if he would tell me the details.

We strolled up the Lower Richmond Road towards Barnes and found a small pub called ‘The Spencer Arms’. It was a fine evening so we sat on a bench outside, near the door, with our ‘Mortlake Bitter’ beers.

“Come on old chap,” I said to Tim,” Tell me about your ‘overnighter’, there’s a good fellow,” and he told me all about it.


This is what Tim told me…….

I had been given the usual information from Lorna, Herbert Maynard’s secretary. I was to collect a clown’s suit from the fancy dress outfitters on The Fulham Road. I was told that there would be ‘a party’ and I would be available for underskirt duties throughout the afternoon, evening and during the night. I caught an omnibus up the Kings Road and then across town towards Regents Park. The address was in Bryanston Square. I was met by the housekeeper, Mrs. Morrison, who gave me tea and a sandwich in the servants’ sitting room at the back of the house near the mews.

She told me that the daughter of the household, Lucy Bellingham, would be entertaining eleven young ladies during the course of the afternoon and evening and that they would be staying overnight. It was her 21st birthday party and all the men folk, including the butler, footman and valet, had gone by train to Scotland on a pheasant shoot.

“We’ll have quite a houseful Mr. Prentice,” she told me, “And I am not kidding you, mark my words.” She seemed very much kinder than other housekeepers I’ve met and she went on to tell me what my duties would be.

“My mistress, Lady Bellingham, wanted a lighthearted diversion for the young ladies and we have already booked a conjurer and fortune teller. The fortune teller will be Lady Bellingham’s sister in disguise and she’s been practicing her ‘old crone’ accent secretly for several days, it really is quite convincing you know. Under her shawl nobody will know that it’s her.”

It all sounded very jolly and I could smell fresh bread and cakes cooling somewhere from ‘below stairs’. Mildred the housemaid popped in with an envelope addressed to ‘Timothy Prentice’. She looked at me and my tight blonde curls and told me that she’d have my head up her skirt any day, curtsied then sped upstairs.

“Excuse Mildred, she’s too cheeky by half,” said Mrs. Morrison staring at me over the tops of her spectacles.

“You’d better read this Timothy, if I may call you that, you are old enough to be my son and we’re never that formal in this house,” she continued handing me the envelope.

‘Instructions to Timothy Prentice, Underskirt Boy,

* Rule One. Touching of all Women above the Waist is allowed

* Rule Two. Touching of all Women below the Waist is allowed

* Rule Three. Touching of all Women under their Skirts is allowed

* Rule Four. Facesitting of Mr. Prentice by all Women is allowed

* Rule Five. Underskirt kissing and Oral Pleasuring of all Women by Mr. Prentice is allowed

* Rule Five. Exposure of the Penis is allowed and Stimulation of same by all Women. Intercourse is not allowed.

Yours etc Victoria Bellingham’

“Well it appears that I can do whatever I like to whoever I like except ‘Roger’ them,” I said and Mrs. Morrison laughed.

“That’s the sort of thing our Harold says,” she carried on and pushed me playfully on the chest. “We’d best get you changed and ready for the young ladies; they won’t arrive until 2 o’clock so you’ve got half an hour,” she said leading me up the back stairs to the housemaids’ room in the attic.

I was surprised to see Mildred dressed only in her chemise and petticoats sitting on the edge of her bed darning a pair of black cotton stockings.

“I thought you weren’t using this room until this evening; Timothy here needs to change into his clown suit. What is this world coming to?” said the housekeeper to the housemaid. Mildred looked up and stared at my hair.

“He’s got lovely curls ain’t he Mrs. Morrison?” said the young woman. “He can still get changed here can’t he? He won’t mind and I won’t mind so long as I can keep my hands off him,” she smirked at Mrs. Morrison who tut-tutted and left the room and trundled silently down the stairs.

I looked at Mildred sitting with her legs apart and at the arc of her petticoats sweeping the canlı bahis floor. She was very pretty and her skin looked very young and smooth. She could have only been eighteen.

“How long have you been an ‘underskirt boy’ then? I daresay that you’re the first one I’ve met,” she said continuing with the mending. I told her that I’d been doing it for four years and that I also worked as a delivery lad.

She put down the darning and stood in front of me. She was about an inch taller than my five foot two inches. She stared down into my eyes in an impassive, vacant manner and placed her hands on my hair. My blonde curls gave me a somewhat boyish mischievous look which older women find attractive. She was actually younger than me but more used to having her own way I could tell.

“Nice hair Timothy,” she whispered and placed her hands on my shoulders and applied a firm downward pressure and slowly pushed me towards the floor.

“Let’s feel your curly hair between my legs shall we?” and she lifted up the front of her petticoats to reveal that she was wearing neither bloomers nor stockings.

I got down on my knees and ducked under her white lacy frills. She parted her legs.

Her odour hit me straight away. She already smelled moist and ‘ready for it’ and in no time at all I was licking her slit up and down with her petticoats hanging around me on all sides.

I felt her hands touch my hair through the three layers of starched cotton. I swear that I felt I was in heaven. Her hairy cunt almost smiled at me while I diddled her with Mr.Tongue.

“Faster, deeper,” she moaned and groaned as I licked and nuzzled her clitty like a maniac.

She groaned so much I thought that Mrs. Morrison would hear her from the kitchen in the basement. Then she orgasmed and her whole body shook like as an earthquake. My face was sticky with her spendings and she hurriedly pushed me from under her petticoats and wiped herself with a damp flannel. I had the pleasure of watching her dress and tickled her ‘fancies’ while she put on her uniform.

“Button me up Tim, and just look at my hair; Mrs. Morrison will kill me if she finds out what we’ve done,” she told me.

I pinched her on the arse and told her to hurry up as I wanted to change. Truth be known I had a rather large erection which I wished to keep out of sight until the girls arrived for the birthday party.

It took me fifteen minutes flat to change into the clown suit. I could have gone the whole hog and put on stage makeup but, to be honest, it would only have smeared and come off during the ‘underskirt’ sessions so I just frizzed up my hair and wore a happy grin. The clown suit was basically red with yellow and blue spots. They could have seen me coming from as far away as St.John’s Wood it was that bright.

The ladies all arrived at about half past two and I stood in the hallway with Lady Victoria Bellingham, Lucy Bellingham and her eighteen year old sister Phoebe Bellingham. The hallway had been decorated with cards and messages and little tin figures holding up tiny cardboard flags. It all looked exceedingly jolly to say the least. I was introduced as ‘Tim the Clown and underskirt boy’ and they all cheered when I stuck out my tongue at them and wiggled it about.

The two twins Amelia and Beatrice Bernhard shook me by the hand and then touched my willy through my big baggy trousers. It was still erect and their eyes lit up when I told them that I wasn’t wearing any underpants.

“He’s a saucy little imp,” said Lady Bellingham and winked at me.

Charity Baxter had arrived in the same hansom cab as Georgia Snape-Cheddington and I gave them a friendly hello. They were both very tall girls in their early twenties and I appeared very small next to them. Charity asked me if I could touch the tip of my nose with my tongue and I showed them that I could. They all laughed and Georgia gave me a little hug and growled in my ear. She was like gunpowder.

Next to arrive were Charlotte Alsop, Edwina Quartermaine, Laura Rhys-Stansfield and Judith Ffitch. The latter was very tall. They all asked me to stick out my tongue.

“We used to have underskirt boys visit our house when my American aunt came to stay,” said Edwina.

“That’s nice dear,” said Lady Bellingham in a casual disinterested way.

I helped Mrs. Morrison carry their coats up to one of the bedrooms where Mildred hung them on coat hangers in a large wardrobe. I noticed that some extra bedding had been arranged here and there for the girls to sleep on later on in the evening.

When Mrs. Morrison left the room Mildred pushed her hands inside my baggy trousers and fished out my erection then giggled. I told her she was ‘a cheeky little madam’ and pinched her arse again.

‘Madam Destiny’ arrived next in a brand new ‘fly’ carriage drawn by a grey horse. She was clearly and obviously Lady Bellingham’s sister. I could tell by her speech mannerisms and the way she walked. She had an assistant, ‘Gypsy Saffron’, who again turned out to be another of Lady bahis siteleri Bellingham’s sisters. When they entered the hall they quickly disappeared up to the morning room where they set up their stall complete with Tarot cards and crystal ball.

Next to arrive were Matilda Scott-Rippon and Selina Barclay-Farthing. Each arrived in separate Hansom cabs but rang the doorbell almost at the same instance.

“We’re all happy to see you both,” said Lady Bellingham and passed their coats to me which I then passed to Mildred who stood halfway up the staircase.

As the maid turned I noticed her white petticoats below her uniform hem and naturally my pecker began to rise. I was in need of sexual relief, that was sure. and I bided my time and was determined to get at least one of the young ladies to jerk me off.


The Conjurer and Fortune Tellers


The conjurer entertained the girls in the rear parlour overlooking the garden. I sat at the back of the room and watched the young women sitting on low padded arm chairs. Their dresses spilled to either side of their chairs and I found myself staring at silk petticoat lace where it occasionally peeped out from under the hems of their dresses.

Charlotte Alsop sat closest to me and I was riveted by her long slim neck and pearly white teeth as she laughed and talked to Phoebe Bellingham, who wore a check, patterned silk dress which extended down to her ankles. Most the girls had their hair in elaborate plaits and plaited buns. One or two wore their hair loose. I watched them shake their heads and secretly wished to touch them and run my fingers through their hair.

I noticed that all the girls wore shortish dresses which were very wide at the hem. They were all clearly full of petticoats and the familiar sound of frou-frou was evident in the room as they fidgeted and watched the conjurer extract yet another dove from under his cape. Soon there were ten white birds standing in line on a perch. There followed various card tricks and he ended pouring water into a tumbler and making it disappear. All the while I was watching both the tricks and the girls. The tall blonde girl, Charity Baxter kept catching my eye and I smiled at her insanely in my clown’s costume whenever I had a chance.

The conjurer bowed and we all applauded. I watched Matilda Scott-Rippon’s young breasts shake under her bodice and would have given anything to have them resting on my face. The air smelled of lilac and lavender and the whole day had a sensuous freshness about it. I felt that my clown costume fitted the bill precisely and hoped it would allow be to take liberties with all twelve of the young women as well as the three middle-aged ladies.

I stood up and ran upstairs to the morning room where ‘Madam Destiny’ and ‘Gypsy Saffron’ had placed a crystal ball on a large round table in the centre of the room. It sat on a large thick green velvet tablecloth which reached down to the floor on all sides.

“Hello Ladies,” I said to them in a perky and jolly clown-like manner.

“Quick clown, under the table you go, and make some animal noises when we kick you,” said ‘Madam Destiny, who was almost completely covered by a shawl.

I ducked under the tablecloth and sat at their feet. I wondered whether they knew that I was an ‘underskirt boy’ and assumed that they did but prepared myself to be slapped on the face.

There was a knock on the door. “Enter,” said ‘Madam Destiny’ in a cackling voice “And who fore art thou pray?” she said to the first young lady in mock Shakespearean couplets.

“Judith Ffitch Madam,” said a shy voice. I noticed her push her shoes under the hem of the cloth and saw the edge of her maroon dress. Two inches of elaborate silk petticoat appeared and I had to hold myself back from touching her legs and ruining everything.

“I see in my crystal ball several tall dark strangers, all bachelors and with immense private incomes. One of them owns a dog,” she said kicking me in the ribs and I howled like a Bloodhound.

There was a shriek, and then laughter and I watched her little feet move excitedly from side to side.

“One of them is a sheep farmer,” she said and kicked me again. I bleated and baaed under the table until everyone laughed.

Judith’s feet were now pounding the carpet at a furious speed. She was clearly suspicious of my animal noises coming from under the table and had grounds for being so.

“The final young gentleman owns a snake.” I didn’t need a kick; I hissed and ran my hand up Miss Ffitch’s skirt and inside her drawers.

Her scream could be heard across the Square. She jumped up and ran to the door where the other girls giggled and tickled her. “Hiss, hiss,” said one of them and tried to lift her dress.

We continued this way with the rest of the girls for half an hour or so and my repertoire of animal noises was stretched to its limit. I was struggling with Aardvarks and Llamas but when ‘Madam Destiny’ frequently said that there was a ‘escaped ferret’ in the bahis şirketleri room I took that to mean that it would run under dresses and between girl’s legs. In all I touched most of the girls between their legs and only two were curious enough to lift the table cloth to find me, curly haired with my silly grin, smiling and staring back at them.

“Thank you Mr. Clown,” said ‘Gypsy Saffron from above the tablecloth. I decided to see if Lady Bellingham’s sisters were good sports so I knelt in front of them and touched their shoes. They both wore black soft leather slippers with two inch kitten-heels and looked very erotic. This was all I could see of the two women who sat behind the thick tablecloth.

Neither woman moved but instead ‘Madam Destiny’ pulled up the tablecloth to expose the lower part of her full A-line skirt which reached down to her ankles. It was a silk skirt with Paisley pattern motifs. I could see a hint of silk petticoat lace hanging down below and there appeared to be several more beneath.

They began talking of the supernatural, the occult and predestiny in an animated and expansive manner. I touched both women on their ankles.

They were now deep in conversation and I watched as ‘Gypsy Saffron’ pulled up the tablecloth to reveal her clothing. From the knees down I noticed she wore a simple deep red silk skirt with an embroidered pattern along the hem. Her petticoat hems just peeped below her skirt and I counted at least five.

I was now lying on my stomach staring up at both pairs of legs and petticoats under the table and I began to wonder whether I should attempt to pleasure the ladies one at a time or both together. I decided on the latter and was determined to see how far I could get before they pushed me away.

I knelt between them and listened to their conversation. It was entering an erudite world of academia as far as I was concerned and they could be talking in Chinese, nevertheless my fingers were slowly moving up their legs to their knees.

I felt the silky fineness of their black stockings and marveled at the exquisite elaborate laciness of their petticoat hems. ‘Madame Destiny’ pulled up her skirt and parted her knees and my hand edged its way along the inside of her thigh until it found the flounced silk wide lace hem of her drawers.

Similarly ‘Gypsy Saffron’s knees slowly drifted apart and she pulled her skirt up to her knees and there before me was layer upon layer of incredible laciness and I felt the urge to push my face inside them. I resisted and ran my fingers along her parted legs and under the leg of her loose silken drawers. In unison I moved my hands up inside the drawers of both women until I reached the tops of their stockings. Their legs parted further and they casually pulled their skirts up over their thighs. The sight below the table, to me, was totally erotic and my erection seemed to fill my trousers. They kept their hands under the table as if to beckon me.

I listened to the low hubbub of conversation above me and watched both women’s legs almost touching in their attempts to open themselves for my attentions. I withdrew my hands and ran them up the inside of their drawers where their open crotches lay waiting.

“And another thing Geraldine, if predestiny is such a strong driving force why bother to even arise in the morning?” said Louisa to her sister just as I touched both women’s outer labia. They must have noticed the other one flinch. I could not tell whether both or neither of them realised they I was pleasuring the other.

These two ladies, in their forties, were clearly happy to have me diddle them under their petticoats while they carried on with their conversation undeterred and, little by little, inch by inch, the middle fingers of both my hands entered their slippery portals. It was then that I noticed their knees touch and remained touching. I now knew that they both knew that I was pleasuring the other.

I slid more fingers into them and rubbed their clitties with my thumbs. Soon their conversation became ragged and I could tell that neither was listening to the other but just making noises as if nothing was happening. It was after ten minutes of constant attention that ‘Madam Destiny’ reached her climax and shuddered violently, clamping her thighs against my wrist and then ‘Gypsy Saffron shook and shivered as she attained her orgasm. I withdrew my fingers and licked them clean, crawled out from under the tablecloth, stood up and bowed to them.

They looked at me and smiled. “Thank you Mr. Clown, and we hope you’ll join us later on this evening.” They said as I turned on my heels and bowed again and left the room.

The only problem I had was that my erection jutted out horizontally and was difficult to control inside my baggy clown’s trousers.


The Birthday Supper


I walked downstairs to the dining room and saw myself entering the large room in the huge mirror over the mantelpiece. The girls were standing around talking to Lucy who had been opening her birthday gifts. There were boxes of ribbons, notepaper, and silk handkerchiefs. Laura Rhys-Stansfield had brought her some Turkish Delight and dried fruits in little round boxes made of elaborately carved wood.

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