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People don’t know about my wife and me. We have a very naughty secret. Mandy, my wife, and me (Hi! I’m Bill.) both enjoy the hot, fumbling enthusiasm of 18 year old girls who want to “explore their sexuality”.

How I met my wife and how she came to be my wife — that’s a whole other story, one I will tell when I don’t have one particular story so fresh in my experience and my mind.

My wife is now 28 and I am 42. We make a very comfortable income from the three businesses we operate, but we don’t really worry too much about the money.

For most of the last decade my wife and I have taken a very “hands on” role in a fashion store, a delivery service and a café not to make money but to find hot young pussy.

Let’s face it, everybody does basically everything they do trying to get sex the way they want to get it — from the most standard marriage to the kind of insane orgy we call a lifestyle.

Our latest plaything, Shelley, is something special, a story that I am going to enjoy telling because I enjoyed living it so completely.

My wife and I have a very active social life. We do our best to keep the respectable charity event side of our life totally separate from our debauchery. But sometimes they merge.

One day, not long ago, Shelley came home from the sports club committee on which she is the highly respected Treasurer. She had “that” smile on her face, it’s infectious…

“I have some news you will like…” She began.

Maggie Karpinski was a fairly plain woman in her late Thirties. Her daughter Shelley had been playing soccer for the club for years and Maggie was a happy member of my wife’s lunch set.

On this afternoon Maggie had been obviously upset when she arrived for the meeting and after four hours of the standard committee yawn-fest and 3 glasses of chardonnay, she obviously had something she wanted to confide.

Shelley, who played enthusiastically but unspectacularly in our Under 19s squad, a “good Catholic girl” had just broken down less than a week ago and admitted she was knocked-up.

First guy she had ever fucked, only one time in the back seat of his family car after a party, and poor Shelley had the bruise of being a one night stand hit hard by teen pregnancy.

Despite a being four-times-a-year and pay the private school fees Catholic family, Maggie and Tony and Shelley, an only child, had decided that an abortion was the only option.

There’s no time like the present and Shelley had been into the clinic the day before to wipe away the shame and disaster of her pregnancy, but it had taken its toll on her.

No sooner had Shelley and her mother arrived home than Shelley had exploded in a tearful rage that she had not been able to keep her baby and that Maggie and Tony were evil.

Mandy saw the possibilities immediately. There is no hot young woman who is more open to suggestion than a girl who has been damaged. This girl was disconnected, disoriented, unsure.

Mandy was the best friend Maggie could have. She confided that she had terminated a pregnancy when she was 18. Tears were shed. Mandy listened as long as Maggie talked.

Unlike me (unless Mandy had a camera in her bag) my wife had access to the women’s’ soccer team dressing rooms. Guys, can you imagine that? An all-you-can-eat buffet.

Shelley naked was a lovely sight, she told me. Shelley wasn’t gorgeous, but she was pretty, 5’7″, blonde with full tits and a round ass and athletic, long legs.

Sweetest of all, she had the new hallmark of a young woman’ innocence, she had a soft,

downy bush not dark enough to conceal her full, pink pussy lips. Mmmmmmm…

Shelley had just graduated high school and her mother, who worked in a bank, was worried about Shelley at home alone. Was she suicidal? Was she a slut? Who knows with kids?

What was certain was that she had an angry, rebellious and apparently very naïve teenage girl on her hands. Speaking simply, she asked Mandy if she might have a job for Shelley. Bingo!

It was agreed that Shelley could start as a kitchen hand in our downtown café. Not only that, Mandy was astute enough to wangle Maggie’s worries into an offer to pay her wages.

All too easy…

Thinking about how my hot young wife worked hard to bring me home new hot young bodies always had the same effect on me. I knew anticipation would have Mandy dripping long ago.

A few minutes later my wife had her legs around my waist while I moved her up and down, hanging on my cock with my hands cupping her soft round behind.

Mandy knew how to keep me fucking her as hard and long as the first day we met. While I felt her soft wet folds stretching on my cock, she kept up a steady whisper in my ear…

“Are you thinking about how Shelley’s tight wet cunt will feel on your thick cock, Mr Mack?”

I lay down on the bed and let her ride me like a hard, hot dildo. When she lurched forward and put her pushed a nipple into my mouth I knew she was building up to cum hard.

I grabbed her hips casino oyna and pulled her down on my cock while I bucked up and pushed my knob deep into her belly. She started making the deep grunts which came along with the spasms.

It never gets old, emptying your balls while you feel a gorgeous young woman orgasm up and down your shaft. She shuddering thrusts. The yearning in her voice when she feels hot cum.

Hmmmmm. Just writing it down…

Over dinner we lingered making plans about exactly how we were going to seduce Shelley Karpiski, meandering off once in while with the details of how we both would enjoy her.

Central to the plan was Viridiana, a 19 year old Latino who was now one of the managers of the café. Viry had started with us at 18 — a minimum age for us — and we liked her a lot.

Let’s just say that by the time she was 18, while she was still a virgin, she knew all about what men want and her father was in prison. She was typical of abused young women.

She knew that she loved the feeling a man’s hand could give her, she knew how to use her mouth like it was that other tight wet place she refused to give up, no matter what.

She knew the intensity of orgasm and desperately wanted more, gave herself pleasure at every opportunity, but always felt confused and guilty. What she wanted also repulsed her.

Mandy was able to share with her that she also had been abused. Viry, who now lived with a friend in a tiny apartment, having been thrown out by her mother, came over for dinner one night to talk. I was out of town. Mandy was so gentle. Viry didn’t have to get home.

The next night Mandy was sitting in my lap with my 8 inches up to the hilt while we both watched on the big screen in the living room while Viry orgasmed at the time of Mandy’s tongue.

We have our techniques. Less than a week later Viry was looking into my eyes and whimpering a little as my hard knob penetrated her very wet, throbbing virgin pussy.

It’s a very fond memory. We took Viry in hand. We took her every way we could think of. As the sun was coming up, Viry was watching herself on the big screen while she carefully rode my cock and tried to do everything with her hips that my wife had taught her.

But that’s another story.

About 2 o’clock next afternoon Viry was still moaning and I could still feel the last little throbs deep inside her on my knob when I gave a last thrust and grunted in satisfaction.

“I want you to get a girl for me.”

For some reason, rebellious young white girls are deeply affected if they make friends with a girl from almost any kind of minority. Shelley was soon best, best friends with manager, Viry.

A week after she started, Maggie’s mother was very happy to see her daughter bonding with a very nice girl who was actually her boss. Shelley started doing sleepovers at Viry’s place.

Viry still lived with her very hot friend Amanda. After Amanda started working at the café, when my wife and I were getting to know her, the names led to lots of happy confusion.

For situations just like this, we had moved Viry and Amanda into a very pleasant 3 bedroom apartment in the same building as the café. It was very convenient for everyone.

Two weeks after she started at the café Shelley was spending hours naked on the big bed in the guest room with the two residents, toking joints, downing shooters and talking about sex.

With the aid of a few toys, Viry and Amanda persuaded Shelley that she really did want to feel a big hard cock inside her, how she had to get back on the horse.

The girl had been fucked once, one time only, but an 18 year old who came so fast she could hardly remember the feeling, and couldn’t say that any part of it had what she had hoped for.

In a gale of smirks and giggles, Viry told Shelley the way to be sure you had good sex was to find an older guy with a big cock. Knowing looks suggested to Shelley that the girls both knew an older guy with a big cock.

After some mock modesty, and after having sworn her to secrecy, the girls explained how they did both “know” this one older guy, they had even done a threesome with him.

I knew the process was happening because it was a practiced technique. I was also getting myself hard with anticipation watching the clips the girls would email to us each morning.

I spent some happy hours lost in the fantasy of the next time I would get to do a sleepover in that apartment myself — with Viry, Amanda and now Shelley, all on that big bed.

The next time I was in the café I actually was able to stifle my big grin when I actually saw Shelley stealing glances at my crotch. I had gone commando deliberately. Her eyes were wide.

I made a little bit more eye contact than usual and frequently gave her my “I am the nicest boss you will ever work for” smile. Just the level of planning and control was a turn on.

Peer pressure is a curious thing. Most guys wouldn’t want to have girlfriends who their roomies had already been through. canlı casino With girls it seems to be more like joining a club.

Now when Viry or Amanda were working a rabbit deep up in Shelley’s pussy, they would be playfully asking her if she was thinking about Bill’s big hot cock pushing up inside her.

The only thing the girls made Shelley promise was that she wouldn’t do anything that might let Mandy in on the secret. I liked to keep Mandy as a second wave to penetrate any resistance on the beachhead the girls established.

It makes it easy when you have total control over the shifts the girls work. When the next week’s shift was distributed, all three girls were rostered off on Monday. Shelley also had Tuesday off. That meant they could all relax on Sunday night. A good night for a sleep-over?

On Saturday, Mandy told the staff she would be visiting her family in Oregon for the next week. She made a point of speaking to Shelley to tell her to just do whatever Viry told her to do. Every little bit of subconscious suggestion helps.

On Sunday night Shelley came over to the apartment around six. Her mother, Maggie, dropped her off, so happy that her troubled daughter had found some nice new friend, and she seemed to be smiling a whole lot more now. The new job and Mandy’s influence were obviously helping her daughter get through a rough time and making her happy.

The girls had her hot now for the gentle pleasures they gave her and she gave them. They would have some shots and then a few cones and within half an hour or so they were all going to be on the big bed in the guest room, taking turns to feel each other lapping pussy, my girls getting the new offering ready.

Shy girls I like to seduce. Viry was shy when we first met her. But rebellious girls want to be enlisted in some scheme that will show everyone they really are bad. I wanted Shelley to think that fucking a horny older man was the absolutely best thing to do to get back at her parents.

Girls love the way I fuck them. Viry and Amanda were looking forward to a good fucking, to a lot of intense orgasms, to the generosity they could expect for giving me what I want.

I turned up at their door a little after 7. Viry had left the door open in expectation of my arrival. I let myself in quietly. I locked the door behind me.

I could hear soft moaning coming from the other end of the apartment.

As I got to guestroom I could see the door was open. I looked in and I could see they were all in the soft terry robes I had delivered to the apartment a week before.

What a sight. Shelley was laying splayed open on the bed. Manda was on all fours kissing and licking Shelley’s soft, open, pink lips. Viry was sitting on Shelley’s face, just holding her pussy a little above her mouth, and I should see Shelley’s tongue exploring Viry’s brown lips with the pink inside a glistening slit.

As I closed the door behind me I said, “Hello, Viry.”

Viry looked up at me with her gorgeous big smile. She knew she was making me happy and she lived now to make me happy. And she had a soft girl’s mouth on her pussy. Viry was one of the most sensual girls I had ever known and she loved every part of fucking.

I walked over to her. The other two hadn’t noticed me yet. Shelley couldn’t see anything much apart from Viry’s firm round ass. I leaned down and kissed Viry on the lips softly. She reached out and touched my hard cock under my shorts. I stood up and kicked off my moccasins pulled off my shirt. Viry bent over and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. My cock sprang out and she reached around my hips and put her soft wet lips around my knob and started to suck me.

After a long minute of enjoying Viry’s tough butterflying over my knob I turned to Amanda and said, “Hello Manda.” Manda lifted her face from Shelley’s wet muff and smiled at me. Now just like Viry, she leaned forward towards my cock. Viry felt her face come close and she leaned back, took my wet shaft in her hand and pushed it over towards Manda’s hot mouth.

Starting to think of the rare pleasure that awaited me, I reached out and took Viry’s hands and motioned her up off of Shelley’s mouth. Viry followed my lead and swung her leg over so Shelley could now look up and see my huge smile and Manda’s lips pouting out on my shaft as she took as much as she could of my eight inch cock into her throat.

Shelley started and her eyes were huge.

She moved to get up and Viry put one hand on her shoulder and bent down to her face and kissed her. Manda put her face down into Shelley’s bush and started sucking on her clit the way I had taught her to do — sucking hard with just the tip of her tongue flicking over Shelley’s swollen clit. In just a few seconds Shelley was back in the moment, kissing Viry deeply and moving her hips against Manda’s mouth and tongue.

I leaned over and broke off the kiss by softly pinching Viry’s ear. She knew that I was keen to get my first taste of a new girl. As Viry slowly sat up, Shelley was looking kaçak casino into my eyes with her mouth open, just reacting to the expectation.

“Hello Shelley.” I leaned down before she had time to respond and covered her open mouth with my lips and began to explore inside with my tongue.

I think the first kiss is more intimate than the first fuck. You can fuck a girl for an hour and cum five times and make her cum five times and she might not think she has shared anything very personal. But when you have spent a long time with your tongue in her mouth, so the only way you experience each other is with your tongues, and she starts kissing you back, when she surrenders to you being able to do anything you want in that kiss, she is doing more than that, she is surrendering her whole person to you.

I took my time to explore her mouth, exploring down her throat, wanting her to think of how my hard cock would feel thrusting up into her tight young cunt.

At the same time my hand had gone straight to her pussy. While Manda kept up licking at Shelley’s pussy lips, my middle finger stroked along her slit to the clit and my cock gave a little jump when I felt the wet syrup glistening out.

I rolled the tip of my finger over her clit then eased one finger into her sensationally tight cunt. She hadn’t been near a dick more than once in her life and she really was tight.

I started to move my tongue and my finger in some kind of unison, reaching up to find the sweet spot there behind her clit, pulling her tight into me and feeling her give up to it.

When it was clear I wasn’t breaking the kiss, the two girls did what they could to get Shelley’s young heart racing and her cunt aching for cock. Viry opened Shelley’s robe and sucked her exposed nipple. Holding her close she sucked slow and hard.

Then Manda took her mouth away from Shelley and knelt in front of me on the bed and with practiced hands she carefully started to stroke and hold my hard cock firmly in her hand and then she started to suck.

I let this go on. Now I was thrusting my finger into Shelley’s hot wet hole in rhythm with the thrusts of my cock into Manda’s warm soft mouth, feeling her work the magic of her tongue.

Manda eventually broke off and pulled back and I stood up and pulled away from Shelley’s face so I was just standing by the side of the bed with my thick hard cock hanging all wet in front of me.

“Come and meet Mr Mack.” Manda said to Viry, pulling her up by both hands.

The power of peer pressure. Shelley knew what she was supposed to do. She shifted across the bed and then, without any hesitation, opened her mouth and took my knob inside.

I felt a wave of what was probably mostly relief wash through my body as Shelley started to run her tongue under my shaft while she sucked on it.

You can never really know what an 18 year old girl is going to do in any given situation. But this girl was now clearly caught up in the power of the moment and the influence of her new girlfriends.

There is a reason they always make movies and television shows about three girlfriends. The science is clear that this number creates a social hierarchy but not one too complicated to follow. In this little group, Viry was the princess and Manda was her bestie and Shelley was the new girl. She would do anything to stay in with her new friends. She was our slave.

As I felt Shelley’s pretty clumsy efforts to give me good head, I was sharing a big smile with Viry and Manda. They both knew I would be very grateful for being handed a new, hot 18 year old to fuck at my pleasure. I would spend time fucking Viry and telling her she was the girl I would have I wasn’t married. Manda would happily spend an hour riding my cock just the way she knew I liked it, because she loved the set up and she loved my cock.

Manda, knowing what I like, leaned up and kissed me. “You go lie down.”

I slipped my cock out of Shelley’s mouth and lay down on my back on the bed next to her. There were so many pillows piled at the head of the bed I was almost sitting up.

That wasn’t by chance either. I like to have a lot of pillows.

The girls slipped off their robes and then slipped the robe off each of Shelley’s shoulders until it fell at her feet. What Mandy had described hardly did her justice. Her tits were amazing.

Her pussy lips were pouted and purple and glistening from my fingering. The girls took her by the hands and led her over and up onto the bed between them, with my hard cock standing like a pole in front of them.

“Kiss it.” Viry said.

With the confidence of youth, Shelley dropped her head to my cock and slipped just the knob into her mouth and started to suck. Wow. There are just these moments with every new girl.

While Shelley learned from doing, Viry — who is just a slave to her incredibly intense orgasm — got on her knees behind Shelley, put her mouth on her pussy and eased her tongue into the tight wet folds to find the clit.

Manda leaned down and took the base of my cock in her hand and eased it out of Shelley’s mouth. With a toss of her hair she dropped her head onto my stiff cock and started to demonstrate the subtle art of deep throating to our new recruit.

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