Cuckold For My Wife , Her Sis Ch. 01

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This story is how I met my wife Susan and how Susan and her sister fucked me and abused me.

It all started back when I was eighteen I had two women that lived next door to me and they loved to fuck and suck all the men around the neighborhood. I remember the first time I watched the oldest one Susan, give her boyfriend a blow job out by the pool. She had his pants pulled down around his ankles and she was sucking his cock all the way down her throat. She would suck his cock then she would stop and jack his cock, and then she would suck on his balls.

She didn’t let him cum in her mouth, she pulled it out and let him cum all over her little tits, then she rubbed all the cum into her breast like it was lotion or something. I was so horny from watching her suck his cock I would go up to my room and jerk my cock off. I would lay on my back and jack my cock, it didn’t take long for me to shoot a big wad of cum up into the air, the first time I cum it came down and landed on my mouth.

That was the first time I tasted cum, it was by mistake but it didn’t taste too bad. My cock was still hard so I jacked it off again. Over the next couple weeks I would wait till I saw Susan’s boyfriend’s car parked in the driveway and then I would slip down there and watch them have sex out my the pool, I never saw them fuck, she would always suck his cock off and he would always cum on her breast.

Every time he cum they would always go back into the house and in a few minutes he would leave and go home, and of course I was in my room masturbating to the memories of my neighbor Susan sucking a cock. Susan was fourteen years older than me and I loved older women. One time I got real daring and started jacking my cock off outside, close to the fence and Susan came over to the fence after her man friend left and saw me jacking off. She opened the gate and came into the yard, it scared the hell out of me, and my cock swiveled up to nothing.

She sat down on the lounge chair next casino oyna to me and ask me what I was doing. I could have died, she then reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock and started masturbating me. She told me that she knew I had been watching her give her boyfriend a blow job. And that she wanted to suck my cock too. She wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking, of course I didn’t last long and I shot cum all over the place. She told me that my cock was bigger than her boyfriends and that anytime I wanted some relief to just come ask her and she would help me out.

From that day on she has sucked my cock at least three times a week. As a matter of fact, She was the one that took my cherry and I was the first one to ever eat her pussy till she came. She loved that and would make me eat her pussy everyday. She always made me cum on her tits; I would pull my cock out of her pussy and shoot cum from her navel all the way up to her face. One time she was sucking my cock and I didn’t tell her I was cumming and I shot a load of cum in her mouth, she spit my cum out and got real angry.

She made me jack off in my hand and eat my cum. At first I thought it was disgusting but when I noticed my cock was still rock hard, I knew I was on to something. She did too, and made me eat my cum from that day foreword. She loved to watch me lick the cum off of her belly and tits. We started doing all kinds of kinky sex acts. She was on birth control so I knew she wouldn’t get pregnant. So I started cumming in her pussy and she would force me to eat her out after I cum in her cunt.

Over the years that we have been having sex my cock has grown 3 inches. And she started wanting to see if I could suck my own cock. I would get up against the headboard and kick my feet over my head and she would pull on my cock toward my mouth, at first I couldn’t suck on it so she would jack me off in that position and the cum would drop into my hungry mouth.

We kept trying and canlı casino after about a month I could get my cock head into my mouth. I can suck about 3 inches of it in my mouth now and I don’t even need her help. Susan started dominating me all the time. One day I was horny and Susan had gone away for the weekend. My roommate wasn’t home so I went up to my room and started sucking my cock off.

I never noticed that the front door of the house wasn’t locked; Susan’s younger sister Sara had came into the house and heard me groaning and moaning. I wasn’t being quiet and the slurping sounds of me sucking on my cock got loud. Sara heard me sucking on my cock because after I had cum and kicked my legs back down on the bed, Sara was standing in my doorway. She walked over to me and wiped some of my cum off of the side of my mouth. And told me that she was real horny from watching me suck my own cock and she wanted to know how I learned to suck my cock. I told her that her sister Susan had helped me master the feat and with a lot of practice I have become an expert cock sucker.

She acted shocked, she than pulled up her skirt, and she had a John Holmes size dildo sticking out of her pussy, she had been masturbating earlier in the day and Susan had told her that I was a kinky guy. She pulled the dildo out of her cunt and wanted me to fuck her. She lay down on my bed and spread her legs wide. I got up on top of her and started fucking her pussy it was very wet and looked like it had been cummed in.

Here I was fucking Susan’s younger sister for the first time. I came real fast and she looked at me and said; I am sorry to have to say this, but I need to be fucked by a real man with a decent sized cock who can last more than two minutes. My cock was small compared to the dildo that had been in her cunt. She then ask me if I would suck her pussy and eat the cum out of it, the cum I just deposited in it. I dropped down on my knees and started sucking on her clit and licking the cum juice kaçak casino that was running down her thighs.

Her pussy was huge I could stick my whole face in it. I could stretch her pussy lips out 4 or 5 inches by sucking on them. I ask her how her pussy had gotten so stretched out and she told me that her black boyfriend had a huge cock and that she had just got done fucking him when she came over to the house.

She then said all that cum that was up in her cunt wasn’t just mine that he deposited a huge load in her right before me. I said, Sara you mean to tell me that I just sucked the cum of a black man out of your cunt? And she said, yes… you just licked my lover’s beautiful black cum out of my cunt along with yours.

She then told me that she wasn’t interested in fucking me any more… since my tiny cock couldn’t fill her hole any ways, but she did want me to suck her pussy when ever she was horny or she would tell all my friends that I was gay and loved to eat cum. She then told me that from now on my role with her would simply be that of a cum-sucker.

And she intends to make things as humiliating as possible for me. She then said that she knew I had been fucking and sucking Susan, and that as long as I serviced her she would keep that a secret and not tell Susan’s boyfriend I told her that I didn’t want to eat the cum of a black man and she informed me that not only will I be eating the cum of a black man I will be sucking his cock sometimes too. Then she ask me if I felt humiliated? I replied that I did. And she said, good because when I get done with you your asshole will be as loose as my pussy. I informed Sara at this time that I intended on marrying her sister Susan. And Sara said that Susan had called her earlier and told her to come over here and see if I would fuck her. Susan wanted Sara to see if I would be loyal Susan. Sara then informed me that if I didn’t to every thing that she told me to do that she would tell her sister that I had fucked her. I was begging Sara not to tell her sister, and I told her I would do anything she wanted as long as Susan didn’t find out I had fucked her.

To be continued.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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