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It was a cold day. A light dusting of snow covered the sidewalk as I walked huddled over to keep warm. My eyes focused on the ground so I wouldn’t miss something that would hurdle me downward. Stuffed in my pockets for warmth, my hands remained cold. I was going to be late for work – again. I had left dirty dishes in the sink so I could stare at some new pictures of amputee men for a few minutes before leaving. I was addicted to them – the pictures and the men in them. I just did not know anyone that represented my ideal in men.

The snow swirled as I reached out to open the door to the office building, but someone held it open for me. My eyes still looked at the ground. There was only one foot and two crutch tips. My heart soared, pounded hard inside my chest, felt like it was going to drill a hole and fall near where I was looking. Somehow, it did not.

“Unusually cold this morning,” his voice said, warming me throughout my whole body.

For the first time since stepping off the bus, my head lifted. I looked at a man at least a dozen years older. He was handsome. Even without the missing leg, I probably would have been attracted to him.

“Yes,” I replied quickly walking ahead of him though the doorway. A sexual surge raced though me as I imagined him touching me or me touching him. My nipples remained firm, erect, now because of my fantasy rather than the cold chill of the morning. His crutch tips tapped against the marble floor of the building lobby as he moved along side me.

“Have a nice morning,” he said as he nodded and smiled. I was tongue tied as I stammered with nothing actually coming out of my mouth. It was a huge relief as he stopped and retraced his steps in my direction.

“My name is Leah,” I finally said as I held my hand out in his direction and watched him. “Leah Morton.”

“Thom Patterson. I work on the fifth floor. Martin Development.”

“I know the company. I work on the sixth floor. Martin Development.” The company had two of the fifteen floors. I laughed and released his hand. It had been warm and comfortable and I hated to let it go.

“I started Monday in the software group. Listen, I’m sorry to say I have a meeting in a few minutes. I hope to see you again.”

I stood cemented to the floor and watched him blend into the crowd in front of the elevators. “Shit,” I whispered just loud enough for Marcie to hear.

“Oh, I just blew a chance to meet the new guy.”

“Who, Thom? He sits down the aisle from me … seems quite nice.” Marcie began moving towards the elevators and I followed in a mild trance. It was crowded and I called “Six” from the back of the elevator.

At my desk, I fumbled with a folder of papers about the design of the software I was working on with four other developers. My attention was a floor below me and I did not hear Kevin standing in the opening to my cubicle calling my name.

“Sorry. I’m being slow this morning,” I said as I turned in my chair and looked at him.

“It’s okay, I just wanted to remind you of the meeting in five minutes.”

“Great. I’ll be there.”

He walked off and I sorted though the pile of papers to find the stapled pile of papers the design team was to review in the meeting. It was the last thing on my mind, an all day meeting when I’d rather walk downstairs and chance a sighting of Thom. That was the only thing I could think of. If I screwed up the review, my job would be on the line. I had to get myself together.

It was late and dark by the time I walked out the building doors onto the nearly empty sidewalk. The morning dusting of snow was gone and now it was just windy and cold. I thought about Thom crutching on slippery surfaces and if he ever fell. My foot hit a small patch of ice and I struggled to not fall. I laughed aloud at the irony.

At the bus stop, I danced between each foot as I tried to maintain a little warmth. Thoughts of Thom actually generated most of the heat I was feeling. A taxi splashed though a puddle of melted snow showering a man standing near me. The bus stopped and the doors opened. I rode home lost in thoughts of amputees.

A jiggle of the mouse woke my computer from its long sleep and a screensaver of pictures of amputee men appeared. The images floated across the screen changing all the while. My hand slipped under my long dress and my fingers played with tender and demanding parts between my thighs. Watching the pictures, fingering myself, it did not take long to knock off a quick orgasm. I leaned back and watched for another few minutes, tempted to do it again. I shoved a finger inside leaving it still as I tried to imagine what Thom would look like without clothes.

The rumbles from my stomach and the full bladder were now competing with the still raging feelings between my legs. “Later,” I said aloud as I stood and took another quick glimpse of the pictures before walking towards the bathroom.

Buttons slipped from holes one at a time, top to bottom, revealing more of my chest. Fabric casino oyna slipped from one shoulder then the other. The dress fell along my body. I watched in the mirror as a voyeur. I wished it were he watching. The bra fell onto the dress I’d kicked against the wall. I cupped my breasts and tilted my head enough to wrap my lips around one nipple, then the other, leaving it rolling between the wetness of my lips for a while. I squirmed, rubbed my thighs together, and pressed my pussy lips, moving them around. My nipple grew. I sucked more. I felt the wetness grow. The orgasm began. A hand dropped. A finger dug. I finished and fell back against the wall.

I dropped my purse on my desk, sad, even angry that I’d not bumped into Thom this morning. The odds of doing that again were slim and I knew it.

“Morning,” Marcie said before I sat down. I turned and grimaced as I looked at her. “What’s wrong?” she asked as she casually leaned against the opening to my cubicle. Her arms crossed lightly over her chest.

“Ah, just a restless night. I didn’t get much sleep.”

“He’s in.” She smiled.

“Who?” I tried to make it seem there was some question about whom she was talking. I knew exactly who – Thom.

“I talked to him for a few minutes yesterday. He’s single AND new in town.”


“He said something about how nice it was to meet you in the lobby. I think he’s interested in you.” She grinned, the smile filling most of her face as if she already had us in bed screwing like bunnies. She leaned closer as if to tell me a state secret. “If I wasn’t married, I’d be after him, what a nice catch he’d be.” She paused. “Even with one leg.” I stared in silence. She continued. “I hear some people might be interested BECAUSE he has one leg. Strange, huh?”

“Yeah, strange.” I shook my head a few times. I could feel my pussy scream for attention. “Was it anyone you know?”

“No. Something I read on the Internet. Guess it takes all kinds to make the world go around.”

“He didn’t say anything like that, did he?”

“Nah. I must run. Catch ya later.”

I watched her shapely hips round out her ass under the short skirt. Her long legs seemed to go on forever. I pondered how she might have learned about interests in amputee and before I could convince myself it was probably innocent, I looked around and caught the guy in the cubicle next to mine watching too. I glared at him as if to suggest he should not be looking so hard. His head disappeared as he sat back down.

It was about eleven when I managed to break away from my keyboard. I needed to stretch my legs and let my brain relax. The large fifth floor was a maze of cubicles with street signs at the intersections of each aisle so people could give directions. The aisle down the middle of the looked like it was several miles long and known as ‘Main’. Marcie was at the intersection of Main and twentieth.

I peeked into her cubicle and smiled. Without looking away from her work, she mumbled only, “Eighth,” and I nodded. We both knew what I was after – Thom’s address.

“How are your first days?” I whispered as I stopped at the entrance to his cubicle.

He was reading something and his screensaver image of a mountain range with a meadow of flowers bounced around slowly. His crutches leaned near where I stood. Only his head turned. “Lean Morton, right?” As I nodded, he twisted his chair so he faced me. The single right leg hung over the edge of the seat; the left looking like it was completely gone.

I struggled not to stare. “Yup. Very good.”

He pointed at an empty chair. Realizing his briefcase filled the seat he reached over and moved it to the floor. I sat, and crossed my lower legs as they stretched out slightly. I nervously brushed at the wrinkled legs of my pants until they were passabily neat.

“I’m starting to catch on to things,” he finally replied to my question. “I looked for you downstairs this morning. Sorry I missed you.”

“Me too. I was looking forward to that myself.” I giggled. “So, are you new to town or are you a native?”

“Hardly a native.” He leaned back and placed both hands behind his head while looking my way as if he was trying to undress me. “I wouldn’t mind having a guided tour someday.” He eyes continued to search me like an x-ray machine. His hands moved away from his head and gripped the front edge of the seat as he leaned forward. “That is, if you wouldn’t mind being seen with me.” His smile became a frown, as if there were a history of rejection. He leaned back and the smile reappeared.

“‘Cause of your leg? That wouldn’t be a problem at all-l.” I dragged the last word out like a slow journey of my lips over his naked body.

“I’ve been eating at the Golden Cow the past few evenings. Still haven’t unpacked the kitchen things.” He laughed. “Join me tonight and we can talk more. I think I need to do more reading now.”

“That would be great. I usually finish about five-thirty. I’ll come back down here.”

It canlı casino felt like half a lifetime until the clock finally reached the time to head back downstairs to rendezvous with Thom. My knees were weak with excitement as I walked off the elevator and made my way to his cubicle. My heart sagged when I found him not there. I scanned the tops of neighboring cubes hoping to see his head above the sea of walls without luck.

“Hey,” the voice said sounding far away.

I turned and watched him crutch towards me. It was a sight that I would replay a thousand times in my head, one that I could easily get used to seeing at home.

“Hey right back at ya,” I teased as he neared. “Are we still on for dinner?”

He nodded and gathered a few papers shoving them in his briefcase before slipping his waist length wool jacket on. With the briefcase dangling from the fingers wrapped around one padded grip on his underarm crutches, he asked, “Ready?” He stepped in front of me and I followed enjoying the view of his pants leg wrapped around the legless hip and stuffed inside the waistband at the back.

Alone in the elevator, he asked, “How was your day?” We made small chit chat until we were on the crowded sidewalk. “It’s only a few blocks,” he told me.

“I thought I was to be the guide for the newcomer,” I teased as we waited for the traffic light to change. I mockingly struck him on the shoulder and giggled. He looked at me without turning his body. His smile said that it was okay.

The crowd packed the sidewalk and we dodged people going in both directions on both sides of the walk. There was no way to carry on a conversation so we remained silent.

We followed the young woman with menus in one hand to a booth by the windows facing the sidewalk. She acted as if she remembered him from other visits and smiled in a way that made her seem happy he didn’t have to eat alone tonight. A wedding ring adorned her finger. We waited until she was gone before speaking.

“What do you recommend?” I asked without touching the menu.

“The bacon cheeseburger is great. Of course, it is a burger place.” He placed his menu on mine and pushed at the edges until perfectly aligned. He noticed me watching. “Sorry, I’m a little compulsive that way.” He pushed the menus to the edge and left his hands in the middle of the table.

I reached out and rested a hand on his. “I don’t mind,” I softly said. I hated that the table was hiding the part of him I most wanted to see. I curled my fingers around his and let them rub against his hand. “So, you’re still unpacking. It must be a bit of a challenge with one leg.”

“I hop around. It’s not so bad having one leg. It’s been a while and I’ve relearned how to do everything. That only took a short time, actually.”

“You make it seem easy to move about on your crutches, graceful even.”

“Thank you. I pride myself on that. They say presentation of one’s self is important.”

The food arrived and we ate the first bites in silence. “Yum, this IS good,” I told him. “Thanks for suggesting dinner. I don’t take myself out as often I should.” I held the burger over the plate as I ate. My eyes never left his face as I soaked up every detail.

“I’m enjoying myself tonight. It’s nice not to be eating alone … I hope we can do this again.”

“Count on it,” I said more as a tease, but deep down believing every word. I stroked the back of his hand twice. “Yes, it is nice to not be alone.” I left the ‘eating’ out of in an attempt to let him know how much I was enjoying my time with him. I just hoped I could maneuver him into bed.

“Do you have any hobbies, things you like to do when you’re not chained to your desk?” He laughed. “Or maybe you are a workaholic.”

“Not on your life. I only work to exist, so I can do other things, you know. I’m into black and white landscape photography and like to take day car trips when I have free time.”

“Wow, what a coincidence, me too. I bet you know some great places. You’ll have to show me.”

“Maybe you’ll grace a large rock for me.” I smiled and giggled. “I could call it ‘Rock eats man’s leg’. I laughed.

“I’m glad you’re comfortable about it to make a joke. I like that.” He paused and looked into my eyes. “Maybe Rock eats naked man’s leg.”

“Oh, la, la. How about ‘Woman eats naked man’s leg’?” I flashed him a suggestive smile hoping I had not strayed over the line.

He leaned forward and softly whispered, “Only if I can eat you.”

My hand pressed against my chest and I heaved a loud sigh towards him. “Oh yes, Thom. Please.”

Our plates were clean and the glasses of wine empty. Our hands intertwined on the table.

“Would you like to share a piece of cheesecake?”

“Why, do you want to fatten me up?” I snickered. “I liked the suggestion of nibbling on each other … if you weren’t just teasing a moment ago.”

He shook his head and signed the credit card slip.

The sidewalk was mostly empty by the time kaçak casino we left the restaurant. We walked a short distance and then I stopped. He retraced his steps and stood close enough I could feel his warm breath. We stared for a moment, unsure, and then I leaned closer. I could almost feel his lips on mine. They were so close I should have be able to. Suddenly they touched. I don’t know who made the last move. A few heartbeats later, our tongues touched and danced together. Our breaths filled the other’s mouth. His palm pressed against my breast. I sighed, not rejecting the touch, but welcoming it with my hand pressing against his in a soft circular motion.

I looked into his blue eyes. “I’m a short bus ride away,” I offered.

“Me too.”

It seemed that I would have to make the decision. I walked to the curb and waved my hand. A taxi stopped and soon we were at my place.

“Not much, but it is home,” I said as I closed the door and looked at the man with one leg standing in my foyer. “Goddamn, you look so good.” I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer letting my face burrow into his chest. I kissed up the front of his sweater. “We could do it here, but the bed would be softer.” I laughed and looked at him again then pulled away so I could lead him down the hallway.

I sat on the bed and watched him enter the room. “Strip for me,” I begged in my most sultry voice. My fingers fumbled with the buttons of my blouse, my pants already wadded on the floor.

Thom’s left hand lightly stroked the bulge in his pants as he watched me. “I want to watch you.”

I pushed at the elastic of my panties. “We have all night … if you want. First I want you to perform for me.” I snickered and dragged my finger up the inside of my thigh.

His hand fumbled with the buckle of his belt. His eyes focused on me. “Can I just sit down and undress?”

I patted the mattress next to me. “Sure. Let me help.”

Sitting, appearing to be unsure of himself, he looked shyly at me. “Really?” he asked as though no one had ever been so forward with him.

“I don’t mind … that you are missing a leg. It won’t….”

He cut me off before I could finish. “You are different. Since, ah, then, I’ve….”

I could tell there probably had not been any other lovers for him – at least none that had appreciated him having one leg the way I did.

“Well, tonight is going to be OUR lucky night.”

Thom lay quietly on his back; his hands cupped behind his head, his eyes curiously watching as I unbuckled his pants and begin working them along his thigh. My lips kissed and nibbled at each piece of newly uncovered skin. I moaned with pleasure and joy. His eyes closed as I began to nibble at his cock. I could feel it pulse and throb as it began to disappear inside my mouth. I teased him by letting half of it slip inside for a moment before letting it fall back against his stomach.

“There are other part to kiss,” I whispered loud enough for both of us to hear. My fingers slipped over the legless hip and across the scars. My lips followed closely behind. I could hear him attempt a vain protest, something about how I didn’t have to. I shushed him. One of my hands cupped the hip gently massaging and playing with the way the thigh was no longer part of it. “This is nice. Let me just enjoy.” My lips trailed a string of kisses along the faded scar. “I hope you don’t mind.” By now my lips were below his balls and I pulled them into my mouth, one at a time, and squeezed the base of the cock with fingers encircled the bottom of it. “Yeah,” I mumbled as I listened to him moan and groan. Letting the cock replace his balls in my mouth, I began dragging my lips along the thick shaft. Soon, the warm fluids rolling down my throat, stream after stream.

“Wow,” he said as he pulled on my shoulders encouraging me to slide along his body so we could let our lips be together. His tongue dug deep inside my mouth tasting his fluid and pleasuring me.

I pulled back just enough to look at him. “I hope you don’t mind,” I whispered.

“Mind what? I’m just happy that you don’t seem to mind that I have just one leg.”

“No-o way,” I drawled. “I hope I wasn’t the first to pay attention to that part of you.” I pecked at his lips several times. “It makes your hip look nice to not have the leg there.”

“Hmmm,” he hummed.

“You seem quite taken with that.” He let his fingers probe inside my pussy. “I like this part of you.”

My hand roamed around until it rested over his cock. He was insatiably erect. “I like this part of you too.” I giggled and worked my body around until it was poking the entrance to my pussy. I wiggled and pressed. It popped inside. “Ah-h,” I groaned then pressed letting it slip a little deeper. “Yeah-h. Do you like it inside me?” I glanced down at his face. His smile grew. As he attempted to lift his head to kiss me, I pulled my face further back and giggled. “Answer me first,” I teased. He nodded and I let him kiss me as he worked his cock deeper. “Oh baby.” I sucked his tongue and wiggled my hips helping him slip even further inside until he could enter no more.

“I like the way there isn’t anything on one side … nothing pressing on my leg.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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