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I wasn’t very popular in high school. I guess that I was relegated to the nonexistent group because I was shy and not forceful or boisterous. I considered myself more of an observer, but was not intimidated by the popular group. I would do my best to appear dignified, and cool, whenever in the presence of the popular kids. This was something that happened quite a bit, because my best friend from grade school happened to be one of the popular kids. His popularity did not rely on the approval of others quotient. He managed to have friends in all the groups, strata, of high school. He was so cool, that he didn’t mind sitting at the unpopular table at lunch. When he did so, he seemed more unique than ever. So, it was easy for me to come across the cheerleaders, athletes, and really hot girls, even though they looked at me as though I were something blocking their view of a person or object of more importance. Vincent also spotted beauty in the girls that were relegated to second or third tier status. He knew that they would one day be considered attractive. And based on subsequent reunions and sightings, he was right.

Although I really liked my friend, I was very jealous of him. He had so many conquests, and girls wanting to be his conquests, that scoring with the girls was never a problem for him. And although I saw many of these girls, either before or after he bedded them down, he never shared any of them with me. He never got them to get a friend for me. I was above average looking, but that shy persona was a deterrent. When these girls were in Vincent’s sphere, they seemed horny and willing to do anything for him. A shy guy was too slow and not worth their time, I reasoned.

He wasn’t very tall, only about 5’7″, and he had a smallish frame that was very fit. He didn’t have to exercise much to stay in shape. Vincent had dark hair and dark brown eyes that undressed a girl in seconds. He seemed to calculate the girl in different outfits, then naked and waiting, wanting for him. He was a very good dancer. It was something that came very natural to him. Later on, I realized that girls equated dancing skills with bedroom performance. I, of course, did not know how to dance. Vincent had an ear pierced and always wore the latest cologne.

I would look on in wonderment, and hostility, when girls I found to be unreachable to me, would act as if they were the ones obligated to being the pursuers of Vincent. There were voyeuristic snapshots of the “in” girls, acting like they were in heat. These scenes would serve as masturbation material for me. I certainly was living the thought of a sex life through his parade of lovers. These girls knew that they were in line, taking a number, waiting to be chosen, and that others had already gotten there. This fact did not bother any of them.

During senior year in high school, we were both 18, and thinking about college, yet as graduation drew near, there were all sorts of people getting together as couples for the first time. There was certainly passion in the air. We were out at a party one night. I tried to vibe off the energy while I watched girls, that I thought were amazingly hot, intermingle with only “A” list kids. Vincent was floating around at the back of the living room with two girls hovering about him. A girl named Jill, who had spent some time with Vincent, came over and started to talk to me. She was very persistent in her pursuit of Vincent, but on the night she and he finally were alone, she was on her period and was only able to give him a blowjob. Vincent said she was incredible, swallowing him whole while paying such caring attention to his engorged member.

“Eric, what is he doing with those two bitches?” Jill said.

“I don’t know. Want me to ask him.” I said.

Jill was borderline cute. What she lacked in beauty she made up for with an undercurrent of sluttishness. She was also eighteen and was planning on going into cosmetology. She had dirt blond hair and a somewhat elongated face. Her body seemed soft and her breasts were a bit pendulous. Her legs were long and her ass was a bit flat. Vincent had said he had not seen her naked. The blowjob was as far as they got. Even though her body was sensitive that night, she was determined to have and intimate moment with him. I guess her best features were her eyes and her hair. Eyes: very blue and mesmerizing if stared at to long. Hair: a wild tangle that made her look unpredictable. Her voice was throaty and always inviting. She like to flirt, but gave the impression that her horny radar was pointed somewhere else. She was one of the few girls that I talked to in high school.

“I wasn’t coming tonight. Changed my mind at the last minute. I was a little… didn’t feel that great. Tell him I’m here, will you?” She said.

“You don’t think he’s noticed you.”

“Just go… tell him I’m here.” She said, as if saying to tell him she was there and wanted to get fucked.

“He looks busy.” I said. I was teasing her.

“He isn’t as busy casino oyna as he is going to be.” She said, flashing a quick serving of her blue eyes.

I walked over to Vincent, bumped into a few perfumed bodies and then caught his attention. I pointed my thumb at my shoulder and shifted my eyes for him to look over it. He smiled when he saw Jill.

I liked Jill, and really did not want to call her the least attractive girl I knew he gave his time to, but she was. I was happy for her though. She persevered on an instinctual, biological level.

I watched him as he moved over to her, leaving two open mouthed girls staring at each other. Two girls who knew they had been bested by a girl of lesser beauty. He was talking to Jill, who was playing with his collar.

The 5’4″ Jill was wearing floral colored pants with a white blouse She wore a belt with a large buckle. The shirt was on loosely and covered her butt. Her heeled shoes were pink.

They were about to leave when she whispered something in his ear. He paused for a second then nodded his head. He motioned for me to leave with them. There was only one thing to really keep me at the party and that was always a masochistic proposition. This girl I desired for a couple of years now, my crush, was there, but with her boyfriend. She always spent her time at the parties surrounded by her friends, while her boyfriend was off trying to out-drink every other guy at the party. I started to head towards Vincent and Jill as the music grew even louder. I glanced back at Olivia, and figured I had had enough crushing for one night. I needed a break.

“Where we going?” I asked.

“Don’t ask so many questions.” Jill said. She was drinking out of a plastic cup. She seemed very happy now.

Vincent was quiet, as if he was preparing himself for an upcoming performance: the act of sex with a very horny girl. No matter how attractive the girl, he had his reputation to think about. If there were ever an unsatisfied lover, it could certainly affect his future with the girls.

We got into his car. He was driving his mother’s four-door luxury ride that had plenty of room for the three of us. I sat in the back seat and watched as Jill drank from her cup and chewed her gum very deliberately. She smelled very nice and that moment, she was one of the hottest girls in school. My thoughts were certainly partially clouded. In the back of my mind I knew that she was certainly one of the horniest, but not anywhere close to the hottest. Vincent drove to our school and parked behind the baseball field. There were a couple of cars parked by the softball field, but none by us.

“Here.” Vincent said. He handed me two beers he had brought from the party. “Take a walk for a few.” He said.

I was about to say something about having been made to come along, when Jill turned around. She was smiling so brilliantly, I was once again happy for her.

“Don’t go to far.” She said.

“Sure.” I said.

“Go man, go.” Vincent said.

As I started to walk in the direction of the school, I glanced back at them, and saw Vincent swoop in over Jill. He wasted no time. I passed by the cars near the softball field. I heard voices and saw the windows all fogged up. There was a bus stop with a bench in front of the school. I opened my beer and put it behind the bench. I didn’t want anyone to see me drinking. I sat there with a hard on growing, thinking of Jill’s sexy demeanor. I admired her prowess at getting what she wanted.

“Got a light?” A voice surprised me.

“No. Sorry. Don’t Smoke.”

“It’s… waiting for the bus?” The man said.

He was tall and skinny and was wearing tattered clothes.

“No. Waiting for my friend to finish fucking this girl.” I pointed my head in the direction of the baseball field.

“Why ain’t you in on it?”

“He… she wanted him.”

“Is it his girlfriend?”

“No. Just some girl that is… always horny.”

“Man. Don’t get all sensitive cause he’s getting some and you ain’t. Go back there when they done and act like you next. Girls like that. Certain nights, they want to be used like that.”

I kept looking back at the car. The man was not waiting for the bus either. I offered him the unopened can of beer, and listened to him talk about some of his conquests. He was certainly inspiring me to go back to Jill and look at her like I was indeed next.

“Trust me. They get done fucking, if she’s a real hoe, she’ll put out for you too.” He said.

I laughed and agreed with him. I didn’t think of her as a hoe, but maybe that was my mistake. I should have assumed I could have her. I felt that not having enough, or any swagger, was a hindrance. I needed to act as though I were entitled to it all.

After about 20 minutes, the headlights of the car flashed.

“See? It’s your turn.”

“Maybe.” I said.

“No maybe about it.”

I said goodbye to the man and thanked him for his coaching. I walked over to Vincent and Jill canlı casino confidently, as if indeed she was there for me. But with every closing step, I was losing my bravado. By the time I got to them, I was ready to slump into the back seat and think about going home and masturbating to what I imagined Vincent had done to her, but Vincent opened his door and stepped out with two cans of beer for himself. He was smiling.

“Ready to go?” I said.

He kept smiling and opened one of the back doors, as if he was finally gifting me with something special. I got inside the car and then my heart started to beat faster. Jill was in the back seat. Her face was glowing, and her clothing was disarranged. She was barefoot. Vincent closed the door and my head started to spin.

“What…” I started to say.

“Quiet, Eric.” Jill said.

She slithered over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She smelled like flowers and felt very hot. I was still a virgin and did not feel it my place to take the lead with such and experienced girl. I think she knew this, and was willing to take charge here. Her lips were very slippery. I awkwardly bit her bottom lip, thinking this was the best way to make-out. I could feel her heavy breathing. My hands reached around her waist. She felt very soft. I noticed her belt was off. I was certain that paired with kissing Jill I was at least entitled to feel her boobs. My hands fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. She stopped kissing me and looked directly into my eyes as she deftly unbuttoned her blouse. She was braless. I wondered where her bra might be. Her pale skin was so comforting. Her tits were long, like her face, and skinny. They were heavy in my hands. I reached down and kissed her nipples. I licked her like a student conducting an experiment. Her skin smelled even better than her clothes. Instead of many flowers, the scent was of one particular flower. Her hand tilted my head upwards and we resumed kissing. My hands held tight to her breasts. They were keeping me anchored while a set of unfamiliar emotions invaded my reality.

Jill nibbled on my neck and made me feel so special. I was letting her do everything. She reached down and started to feel me through my pants. I wanted to unbuckle them, but was hesitant and let her proceed. She unbuttoned my pants and slid down the zipper. Jill gently teased the band on my underwear with a long nail, before finally tugging them down a bit. I felt her warm hand on my penis. I was very hard. She bent her head and took me in her mouth. Her tongue felt so friendly, so right. I was certain that my 6 inches or so was not the biggest she had ever had, but I was also sure it was worthy of her.

I mumbled something. I moaned. I was being treated so kindly, I thought. She was now using her hand at the base of the penis and working in unison with her talented lips. I waited for her teeth to make contact with me, but she was very experienced and not once did that happen. I was at her mercy, as she started to suck my dick like it was a lollipop. My neck snapped back and I banged my head on the window as I started to cum. This was my first assisted orgasm, and at that moment I could not have wished for a better partner. My load was explosive. Jill gagged for a second then regained her composure. I was startled. She swallowed the whole load.

Her blue eyes: primal and sympathetic.

She wiped away any cum that made it out of her mouth, but there was one spot that she missed. The image of her with my sperm on the corner of her mouth was indelible. I have used that as jerk-off material so many times since.

I flashed the headlights to let Vincent know we could go.

“You were great.” I said. “Thank…”

“Don’t say it. Don’t spoil it for me.” She said.

I looked at her with gratitude and was quiet as we waited for Vincent to get back. During the ride home Jill and I were silent. She was pensive and seemed satisfied with herself. Vincent was a little hyper, fidgeting with the radio, singing along with the music, and looking over to Jill. She smiled and looked out the window. I was just trying to relive the moment in my head. I did not feel spent. I wanted more from Jill, but felt that the night was over. As we got back to the party, I felt a sense of guilt. I really wanted my first sexual experience of any kind to have been with my crush, Olivia.

We dispersed inside the party, each going back to his routine. It was only a few moments before Vincent was leaving again. This time he picked a very pretty girl who only kept company with guys. It was as though she had an entourage of guys during the school day. And here was Vincent, taking her all to himself. I didn’t wait for an invite this time. I looked over to Jill, who just smiled at me. I shrugged and smiled back. She blew me a kiss.

I spent the rest of the weekend wondering if seeing Jill would be strange, if either or both of us would look embarrassed, but when I saw her as we were leaving the kaçak casino lunch room, she acknowledged me with a familiarity I had never know from a girl. I returned her friendly greeting. Her best friend even said hello to me. I did not feel shy about what had happened. It all seemed to flow naturally.


As graduation was nearing, time seemed to be running out for any chance of ever getting to know Olivia better. She was in only two of my classes, but I had been in love with her since the first time I saw her: Sophomore year orientation. I only managed to speak to her a few times, and felt that we shared a certain similarity between us. She wasn’t among the ultra popular, but she had a very impressive persona. She had her boyfriend and did not seem willing to look elsewhere. He was a borderline drug addict with violent tendencies. I thought he was wrong for her, regardless of my feelings for her.

Olivia had curly brown hair, with a small patch of lighter brown hair at the top of her head. She was about 5’3″, with and athletic body, even though she did not play sports. Her hips were full. She had a very firm and high ass. Her chest was average, but seemed very proportionate and balanced. For having so many curves on her body, her stomach was completely flat. Olivia had tanned skin that never showed any blemishes. Not once in the 3 years that I saw her on a day-to-day basis did she ever have a pimple. Her voice seemed older and belied her cheerful appearances, as if she had already gone though high school and was merely putting in an encore appearance.

The prom had come and gone. I had decided not to go. I didn’t think of asking anyone. Jill told me she would cancel on her date if I wanted. I almost took her up on her offer, but regrettably said no. There was another girl, Jill’s best friend, who was of the same ilk, who hinted around that she needed a date. I knew it would have been a fun night with Lisa, who was 19 years old, but I was getting sick thinking about graduation and the idea I would never see Olivia again, so I decided not to go. Vincent actually went to two proms. He went to our prom, bringing some very hot woman. She was 20 years old and worked at some clothing store he went to. The following week he went to a prom with a girl from a rival school. His status as legitimate gigolo was forever cemented on those two nights.

On the last day of classes, two days before graduation ceremonies, there was an informal dance thrown together. I wasn’t going to go, but Jill told me that she wanted to dance with me once before saying goodbye to me forever. I agreed, and amid swirling thoughts of unrealized love, I went to the dance. I danced with Jill, who looked sad and happy all at once, and I danced with her friend Lisa, who whispered into my ear that Olivia had broken up with her boyfriend on the night of the prom. What did she know? I thought.

She laughed at me as I moved away from her. Her laughter had a slight mocking tone. Could I commence to fight a battle I thought was lost? Olivia! I stumbled over to a deserted part of the gymnasium. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Vincent heading towards me. He was walking with a swagger I had never known for myself.

“Eric, don’t forget, I am having an after dance party at my mom’s place. She is somewhere else tonight. Bring Jill and Lisa with you.” Vincent said.

“Really?” I said.

“Both those bitches. Jill likes making out with other girls while a guy watches, then anything goes.” He said.

“All right.” I said.

I walked over to where Jill was. She was standing next to Olivia, who looked sullen and not very comfortable. Olivia was wearing a puffy blue skirt and form-fitting top. She had on blue heels. Her hair was an incredible display of curls. Her sad brown eyes looked straight at me when I walked over to Jill. I nodded hello to Olivia, and then got Jill’s attention by tapping her on the solder.

“Hey.” I said.

“Eric!” She squealed. She was a little drunk.

She looked less attractive then usual next to Olivia.

“Vin is having a party at his mom’s place. She’s not around. Do you want to go with me? Bring who ever you want. Where is Lisa?” I said.

I made eye contact with Olivia. She was the one who I wanted to come with me.

“Olivia?” I said, as I reached down and gathered my courage. “Do you know where Vincent lives? Would…”

“Yeah. It’s on my way home. I was headed there for a minute or so. Maybe I will see you there.” She smiled, but did not let on anything else.

For the first time in high school I felt I had hope for something that I really wanted. All the failures of the past were ready to be washed away. Olivia was available and I was sure I was going to find a way into her life. We said good-bye for the moment.

I drove Jill and Lisa to the party. Jill was in the front with me and Lisa was in the back seat. They started to tease me about Olivia.

“What does she have that I don’t?” Lisa said.

“You and I have been intimate. How dare you. I am not sharing you with anyone.” Jill said.

“Yeah. And you and me are going to have sex, and I am not sharing you with anyone. Except Jill.” Lisa said.

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