Couldn’t Help Myself

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I always thought I would be faithful to my boyfriend, I did truly love him. Unfortunately, there are things in the world that you just can’t resist, no matter how good your intentions are. I found myself in this situation not too long ago.

I had been with my boyfriend for just over five years. We had never had any major arguments, everything had always been great. I had never even looked at another man. I’m still at a lost to explain what happened that day, I try to blame it on the alcohol, but in the end, I enjoyed what happened far more than I should have.

My boyfriend had invited his friends over, a couple that he had known since college. We’ll call them Jerry and Kitty. We had met them several times on double dates and the like, but I had never found Jerry overly attractive. He wasn’t ugly, but, as I said, I had never looked at another man and Jerry was no exception. Kitty made me really jealous. She had long blonde hair, gorgeous pale skin and big beautiful tits, I’d guess 34DD. I wasn’t much smaller than her, I’m 32DD, but she always wore clothes that showed of her ample cleavage, while I was usually too nervous to. She was a couple of years older than me, about 23 compared to my 20. My hair is long and ginger which most people seem to think unattractive, although my boyfriend always said he loved my hair. My skin was just a pale as Kitty’s, however mine was also covered in freckles, as most gingers are, making me seem blotchy in places, again something that my boyfriend said he liked, but no one else seemed to.

Jerry wasn’t anything special. He was about the same size as my boyfriend physically and he had messy black hair. I had never looked at him from a sexual light, which made what happened even crazier.

We all ended up drinking that night, playing a few video games, watching some films. I was a lightweight, so by the time it reached midnight I was feeling really tipsy. Kitty had pretty much passed out on the two mattresses we had placed in the living room to sleep on, but the two lads still seemed to be going strong. Eventually it was suggested that we go to sleep to try and avoid any major hangovers the next day and we all ended up in bed before one. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was awoken a few hours later by something hard pressing into my ass. I didn’t think anything of it, I assumed it was my boyfriend, until I realised that he was asleep right in front of me. I opened my eyes in a haze to make sure of it, and sure enough, there was his face only a few inches away from mine. He was sound asleep. It could only have been Jerry’s cock pressing against me. I tried to ignore, I assumed it was an accident. The mattresses weren’t very big, we hadn’t really thought the idea through, so it was fair to assume that we’d end up in close quarters. The trouble was, I couldn’t ignore it.

His cock felt big. My boyfriend has always been able to satisfy me, but he wasn’t the largest in the world. Slightly above average maybe. Jerry’s cock felt like it was at least eight inches long and nice and thick as well. I found myself unconsciously pushing myself back against it, trying to feel how big it was against my asshole. It felt so erotic, looking at my boyfriend’s sleeping face as I felt up his best friend’s cock with my ass. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my hip, and my heart leapt. Jerry was awake! Had he felt me pressing my ass casino siteleri against him? How could he not have?

He was pulling my hips back so that his cock pressed even harder against me. I couldn’t help but sigh slightly with pleasure. My pussy was starting to get wet. I knew this was wrong. I should have stopped him, but a mixture of the alcohol still lingering in my veins, the wetness of my pussy and the large cock against me made it impossible for me to stop.

I felt the hand on my hips run up my side, underneath my shirt, inches away from my boobs. I grabbed it in a panic. I wasn’t sure how far I wanted this to go. Jerry let me hold his wrist, his hand just a few millimetres away from my chest. Could I really do this to my boyfriend? He had always adored my tits. Could I let him best friend have a feel of them?

There was one, large reason against my ass that said yes. Reluctantly, I accepted that I was a horrible girlfriend and guided Jerry’s hand onto one of my boobs. His hand felt great as he softly massaged me. His other hand moved down to my ass and softly squeezed it. I felt his whole body move in close so I could feel him right against me. My pussy was burning with lust. I started to imagine how his cock felt inside me. It would fill me up like my boyfriend never had. In one submissive movement, I lowered my shorts and knickers to find that Jerry had already released his cock. It slapped against my ass sending shivers all over me. He angled his cock so it rubbed against me pussy. I was so wet by now, I knew I had to have him. I was done playing games. I turned my head slightly so I was facing behind me and said just two words, confirming myself as a cheating bitch.

“Fuck me.”

Jerry seemed to have been waiting for that command. He rearranged himself slightly and forced the tip of his cock into me. It already felt amazing. Just with the head of his dick he was stretching me wider than ever before. I moaned, louder than I meant to and quickly covered my mouth with a hand. His cock pushed further into me. I felt like I needed to scream. It felt too good. His cock was now halfway inside of me and the lust had become too much. Tired of playing games, I pushed myself back further onto his beautiful long cock until I felt his balls softly slap against my thighs.

The feeling was intense and absolutely fantastic. I could feel my juices hurriedly coating his cock. He held me tightly as he slowly pulled himself back out of my soaked pussy before slamming himself back in. I moaned loudly into my hand, so loud I had to look over to my boyfriend to make sure I hadn’t woken him. He was still facing me, fast asleep. It turned me on so much to look him in the face as his best friend rested comfortably inside me. Jerry continued the motion, pulling himself out before ramming himself back in, even harder than before. I could already feel an orgasm building as he fucked me slow and deep, one hand holding me in place by my tits, the other caressing my ass.

He picked up speed, fucking me harder and harder sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout me. The pressure was too much for me and with yet another loud, slutty moan, I creamed all over his cock, one hand desperately trying to cage the noises I was making, the other gripping the duvet so hard I could have ripped through it.

He must have felt me cum. He pulled me down hard onto his canlı casino cock and held me in place. I recognised the motion, he was trying hard to stop himself from cumming. I waited for him, breathing heavily, trying not too move. It was too soon for him to cum. I was desperate for more. After half a minute he pulled himself slowly out of me with a wet squelch.

“Suck my cock.” He ordered into my ear. I don’t know why, but this sent electricity through my body. Watching my boyfriend, I slowly moved some of the duvet down before turning my back on him. Jerry was lying on his back, his huge cock flopping onto his chest. It was definitely eight inches, maybe more and a good few inches round. I must have been really horny to have taken it all so easily, although with how wet I was, I wasn’t really surprised. I looked over to Kitty as I slowly lowered myself towards Jerry’s balls. She was turned away from us, all I could see was her plump ass. I have no idea why Jerry wanted me, as far I was concerned she was far hotter than me, but as I took one of his balls into my mouth and felt his cock cover the length of my face, I was not about to dwell on it.

I could taste some of my cum on his balls, making me even hotter as I softly jerked him off with one hand. Then, starting at the base, I slowly licked up his shaft to the tip before running my tongue slowly over his head. He let out a few sexy sighs and I felt his hand reach the back of my head. His size suddenly hit me, there was no way I was going to be able to fit him all in my mouth. I could barely fit my boyfriend and Jerry was starting to feel like double his size. Taking a deep breath, I lowered my mouth down onto his cock. He stretched my mouth out so far I could only take him an inch or two before having to pull him back out.

“You’re so fucking huge…” I panted, louder than I meant to, putting his cock up to my face again. It was amazing being so close to it, it seemed to tower over me.

“You’re a luck slut then.” His reply came. My boyfriend never called me things like that before. It made my pussy get even wetter. “Now suck my cock.” He ordered again. I softly slapped his cock against my tongue, enjoying the weight of it hitting me over and over. After a little, I had worked up the courage to try again.

I pushed my head down onto his dick, feeling my mouth spread for him followed quickly by my throat softly giving way. It made me choke almost immediately, but I managed to hold it there for a few seconds before having to pull him out. I licked all over his head again as I tried to breathe before going back down on him again. His cock just felt too good in my mouth. My pussy was burning as I rammed him down into my throat before slowly pulling it out again.

I could hear his moans and feel his hand giving me encouragement as I started to pick up speed. I could feel my saliva sliding down his cock as I gagged and choked myself on it. It was starting to feel too good. I was so hot for him by now, I honestly wouldn’t have cared if my boyfriend had woken up at that point. If he had, I would have just continued fucking his best friend with my throat, without even stopping to explain. At this moment, I was Jerry’s whore. All I could think about was the gorgeous dick invading my mouth.

Finally, the lust was growing too strong again. I let his cock drop out of my mouth with a satisfying splodge before kaçak casino saying quietly, “Can I fuck you again? Please, let me fuck you.” He didn’t reply, just grabbed my hair and slowly pulled me up towards him, me quickly kicking off my shorts and knickers while trying to to wake up our significant others sleeping either side of me.

As I reached his head he pulled me down onto his mouth, kissing me hard as I positioned myself over his dick. His tongue entered my mouth and I sucked it happily as he guided my hips down onto his cock. It penetrated me with ease as my juices lubricated him again. The feeling was just as good as when he first entered me, even better if possible. Somehow I had already been feeling empty while I sucked his cock, now I was feeling filled up again, the way I should be. I moaned into his mouth as I already felt an orgasm building up once again. I lifted myself off of his cock and glided back down again, taking in his feeling. I had to stop kissing him, as my moaning was making it too awkward. I rested my face on his neck and moaned softly into him as he grasped my hips, pulling me down onto his dick over and over. I came for a second time all over his cock but this time he didn’t stop. He moved a hand up to my mouth and covered it, I hadn’t realised how loud I was moaning, as he started fucking me while pulling my ass down onto his cock repeatedly. My second orgasm hadn’t even fully subsided before a third had started building.

I could feel his thrusts getting more and more desperate. I didn’t want it to stop, but at the same time I wanted his cum. “Cum inside me.” I panted through his fingers. “Please, fill me with your cum.” I begged. He didn’t answer again, but his thrusts picked up pace. His cock started throbbing inside me. I lifted myself up onto my hands to help push myself down onto his cock. I had started to cum for the third time when the first burst of his cum hit me. He didn’t stop though. He continued to thrust and groan, while I bit my lip to stop myself screaming. Finally, he pulled my down onto him, releasing the rest of his cum inside me. It took three bursts for him to fully unload. I could feel it leaking around his cock as he gave out a satisfied moan. I sighed and took in the feeling of being full of cock and cum at the same time. After a minute or so, I pulled myself off of his slowly softening cock before dropping down to his hips to take his cock back into my mouth. In his slightly softened state, I was almost able to take him ball deep into my mouth and all I could taste was our combined cum. Finally, I gave his balls a few licks to clean the cum off before lying back down in my place.

Jerry and I lay there together, breathing heavily, his cum leaking out of me. I could feel it getting the mattress wet. Suddenly, what I had done hit me. I shoved my shorts and knickers back on quickly and pulled the covers up over myself. I looked at my boyfriend’s sleeping face and had a pang of guilt flow through me.

And yet…it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I felt Jerry sort out his clothes and turn away to spoon Kitty, his best friend’s girlfriend’s cum dripping all over his cock and balls.

During that night, I thought about what I would tell my boyfriend in the morning. I told myself I would explain everything to him, through myself at his feet and beg forgiveness. But by the time morning came and I woke up with Jerry’s cum still very much inside me, I knew I would tell him nothing. And I knew that, if Jerry ever so much as hinted about wanting me again, it was him I would beg. I would beg for his cock like the horrible cheating girlfriend that I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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