College Days Pt. 06 Mouza 02

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Mouza Part 02

Over the next few days Kip took to stopping a few minutes by the water fountain in the hallway where Mouza had bumped into him.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before he found a small pretty girl standing next to him waiting to take a cup.

‘Hello Mouza,’ he guessed.

‘Hello, sir’

‘How are you today?’

‘Good sir, nice to meet you.’

Kip discreetly looked her over, she was short, the top of her head barely reached his chin.

She had a round face with the scars of a passed acne rash covered by make up on her cheeks. She was wearing her shayla over her hair but loosely over her shoulders. His gaze pause briefly on her breasts, a full cleavage showed through the vee of her dress. Then he noticed her lips, they were full and naturally cherry red. As he met her eyes his cock tweaked mischievously in his shorts.

‘Would you like a drink?’

Without waiting for a reply he bent over to take a plastic cup and released a small amount of water into the cup. As his face levelled with her he said in a low just audible voice

‘Thank you for your letter.’

‘You are wel…’

She broke off her sentence when Kip on raising the cup slowly brushed the back of his hand against her right breast. Would she stay or flee, Kip thought to himself? She stayed, he gave her the cup and she drank avoiding his eyes. Seeing this, Kip spoke over her head, at the same time checking the corridor for eavesdroppers.

‘Would you like some more… touches?’

She swayed slightly as she stood taking in what he had said.

‘Yes, sir,’ coyly now.

‘Are you sure? Maybe you will not sleep later,’ He said smiling warmly at her.

‘That’s OK, sir.’

‘Follow me Mouza.’

Kip lead the girl to the computer lab at the end of the hall, it was open, he had seen to that. This lab, one of two facing each other either side of the corridor, were strictly out of bound to students when not in class use. They had the added benefit on being located just after the building entrance so there was no reason for anyone to pass by. Kip had chosen this lab because he had recently discovered that at the back of the class was a office room where his co-worker David had his computer repair shop, and that morning Kip had taken the spare key from Dave’s desk.

Unseen they both entered, as soon as Kip closed the door he took Mouza firmly by the arm and lead her a little forcefully to the smaller room. Unused to such brisk movement Mouza’s ample breast swayed and bobbed as she walked and she gave out a small gasp of fear. Unlocking the lab door, Kip held the door for her to enter her after him and then closing the door took her gentle by the shoulders and turned her to face him.

‘Would you like to leave Mouza?’ He gestured towards the door. ‘You can, and I won’t be angry, I will not make trouble for you, you are a good girl.’

Kip knew this was what she wanted to hear. Students liked being sexy, naughty and flirtatious but he could never reproach them for it. He was learning that it was always better to give them a chance to end a flirtation without feeling guilty. Some students had started to chat with to him, practicing their charms on him and then panicked, realizing he might be angry, Kip had always casino siteleri joke with them, shrugged it off and changed the subject, asked about their studies and projects. Mouza was now alone with him, the first time in her life she was alone with a man. He saw she was scared but also excited, she had taken bold steps and Kip respected her for that and wasn’t about to scare her away.

‘You can leave now, my dear and I will be happy you shared your thoughts with me. Would you like to leave?’

‘No sir.’

‘Good girl. I will not fuck you Mouza, but you must do what I say, yes?’

She gasped at the word, but stayed and relaxed as Kip stroked her arms and took her hands in his.

‘Shall we share a secret, Mouza?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘Are you still a virgin?’

She blushed, ‘Yes sir.’

‘You have a boyfriend?’

‘No, sir. Not possible for me…’

‘How old are you Mouza?’


‘You can leave now if you wish, you know that?’

She relaxed, gave a half smile and nodded.

‘I don’t want to go, sir, it’s nice being here with you.’

By the small lab work bench was a swivel chair. He pointed to the chair and told her to sit down. As she did her shayla fell from her head uncovering her hair, it was long but had been fixed into a large bun. Her abaya also fell open revealing her breast filled dress bodice. Her legs were still covered but through the thin fabric Kip could see her thighs and with her legs slightly apart he wondered had she shaved her pussy or still allowed a thick thatch of pubic hair. Kip savoured the sight, she was so young, innocent and hopefully his to play with.

There was a hint of trepidation as he approached and she gave a small gasp as he leant over her, placed he hand under her hair, on her neck leaned down and kissed those delightful cherry lips.

Mouza did not know how to kiss but she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to explore her tongue and her thick lips. She did not pull away and kept her eyes open watching him.

He kissed her face, cheeks and eyes lids. Mouza smiled and laughed quietly as this tickled her. Then Kip placed his palm on her throat, stroked the soft velvet flesh then slowly slid it down to her breast. She gasped again as his hand entered her bra and passed over her nipple and cupped the full breast the best he could. More kisses, more fondling of breasts each in turn. Kip’s cock bulged and pressed against her shoulder and arm, she didn’t seem to notice until he stood back and rubbed his hand the shaft thought his pants.

‘Sir!’ When she saw the outline his hard cock.

He unzipped his pants and released his cock and balls to her groan of amazement. Her first kiss, first fondle and now her first cock. She raised her hand to touch it and Kip turned her hand so she held his cock shaft and head in her palm. She squeezed, she stroked, her other hand came up and her fingers nails caressed his balls. Kip was often surprised that most girls had an in built sense of how to handle their first cock and Mouza enforced this. When a drop of precum ooze from his cock eye she rolled it between her thumb and finger then to his joy she tasted it.


‘Yes, sir, more please.’

Kip leaned forward and directed canlı casino his cock in her hand to her mouth and those lovely lips. He knew she could feel his shaft throbbing in her hand. She paused to press his cock head against her upper lip smelling his scent and then after moistening her lips took the first inch, then more into her mouth.

Mousa knew less about sucking cock than she did about kissing and as warm and delicious as her mouth felt Kip soon found himself less being given a blow job and more fucking her mouth, which was fine by him.

‘Wet your lips, Mouza.’

She did and he was able to pump he mouth easier but not too deep as to make her gag.

Lick me here. He said pointing to his shaft and balls, and her obeyed running her tongue along his cock, licking his ball sack then returned him to her mouth. Kip felt his orgasm building, he pumped a little faster and when she rolled her tongue over his cock head inside her mouth he could hold back no longer.

‘I’m coming Mouza, you are so good.’

Kip pulled out of her mouth and pressed his cock head into her cleavage a second before he came, one gush of cum into the heat between her breast, he moaned aloud, a second smaller spasm added cum to her breasts.

‘Sir! I am sorry.’

‘No, Mouza. That’s normal. You’re very good, very sexy. Thank you my dear.’

‘Thank you my teacher.’

‘Now let’s clean my cock and your breasts.’

Mouza looked a little puzzled until Kip again offered her his cock to suck, and clean. She did so without hesitation, taking more control. She was able to take more of his semi hard on in her mouth than when it was fully erect.

After a few moments Kip stopped her and knelt at her side, pulled her breasts apart and upwards though the thin cotton dress and started to lick his cum from her soft brown flesh. She leaned forward pushing her chest toward him and he manage to release one breast and suck hard on her stiff nipple. Mouza moaned with pleasure, placed her hand behind his head and force his face on to her tit. Kip hand sought her thigh and curve of her buttocks as he worked on her breast. Then Kip repositioned his legs to get comfier and started to raise her dress.

The change in her took Kip by surprise.

‘No, Kip, sir you cannot.’

‘I will only kiss your pussy Mouza. I promise no fingers in you.’

‘But sir, it is haram, forbidding. My mother… my secret…’

‘Mouza you have just sucked my cock, also haram. You must do as I say.

‘Mouza fell back with tears in her eyes, one hand over her mouth as to stop a sob.

When Kip exposed her thighs he used her free hand to stop the dress falling back.

Then he saw her secret, behind her thin white cotton panties a small cock bulged.

‘Oh! Bugger me!’

He pulled her bottom towards him, again she tried to protest and he heard her sob his name. Pulling her panties aside the three-inch cock sprang free but slowly began to limp back against her leg. Can’t have that can we, he thought and took the little fellow in his mouth.

Mouza moaned, ‘Teacher!’ she moaned, ‘Sir.’

Within seconds the ‘little fellow’ had grown to a healthy four inches aside a small sac of balls.

Unlike Arab boys she had not been circumcised kaçak casino and Kip toyed with her foreskin and played with her exposed head. Keeping his hand well moistened he wank her shaft like he enjoyed wanking his. He took her balls in his mouth and sucked on the full sack. Then he again took her cock into his mouth and used both his wet fingers and mouth to wank and suck, increase the speed and pressure as he knew he liked himself. Before long he heard her moans increase and her cock started throbbing. Her cum, when she came, surprised him more than the appearance of a cock in her panties. She came more and longer than he did. The first shot filled his mouth with hot creamy jism, the second also and then less so with each spasm of her body. No boyfriend, but this young lady had been wanking to perfection for several years judging from the strength of her orgasms. Mouza slumped in her chair and Kip now saw that she had one plump breast and nipple in her hand, she had also been caressing herself to help in her orgasm

Raising to his feet he took a box of tissues from the bench and wiped his mouth.

‘That was nice, Mouza.’

‘Yes, you are very kind. My first sex.’

‘And my first… Mouza.’

They laughed and Mouza stood adjusting her shayla and robes.

‘Wait please, Mouza.’

She stood still and Kip lifted up her dress again exposing her thighs and panties.

‘Hold your dress up, please’

Mouza did, gathering all her dress she held it up as Kip pulled down her panties and she stepped out off them. Kip stared at the now limp cock and turned Mouza slowly to admire her full bottom. He caressed the cheeks and thighs.

‘Turn around, Mouza and bend over, I want to kiss your bottom.’

Still clutching her skirts, Mouza did as she was told and leaned on the chair for support. Kip’s hand explored her beautiful curves, then spreading them admired her anus. Licking one finger her probed her hole and she gasped as his finger slid into that tight ring, her small cock twitching back into life. Kip leaned in and began reaming her ring, trying to force his tongue as far into her as he could. Mouza moaned with pleasure and moaned even louder as Kip took her cock and ball into one had and fondled the package as one. He ran his tongue along her balls to her perianal, his own erection had started to grow and wetting his head with saliva he pressed it against Mouza’s tight arse hole, easing himself in, first his head then an inch or two. Fully erect, he had grown inside her arse, he began pumping as carefully as he could all the time feeling his cock grow in size and Mouza’s arse grip his shaft. Almost as soon as he reached full size and was sliding a good four inches into her now lubricated hole, he decided there was no need to prolong his pleasure and he let himself cum, at the same time Mouza had been stroking her cock and she too ejaculated onto the floor before her. Slipping out of Mouza’s arse, Kip slumped to his knees and turning Mouza to face him took her cock again in his mouth to savoir the last of her cum, his and her lust fully spent.

‘Sir,’ she said with concern in her voice.

‘Mouza, our secret,’ he raised his finger to his lips.

‘Yes, Kip, our secret.’

‘Go now and Mouza.’ He reached inside his pocket for a folded envelope and handed it to her as he checked the window and unlocked the door.

‘And Mouza, no more letters.’

‘No, sir.’

After she left he noticed the security camera, blinking green!

‘Oh! Bugger!’

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