C’mon, Let’s Spice It Up Ch. 11

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Two weeks after our encounter with the neighbors, I received an unexpected e-mail from Morris (Morris40 at Literotica) whom you will remember as Tina’s online lover in Chapter 7 of this series.

Morris stated in his e-mail that he was scheduled to attend a scientific conference in Singapore the following month. His wife Alicia would be accompanying him on the trip.

The couple would be making a one-week stopover in Tahiti on their way to Singapore, and Morris suggested that Tina and I meet them on the south Pacific island.

Morris did not elaborate any further but, considering the sizzling online affair he had with my wife, it wasn’t difficult to guess what a major item on the agenda would be. And exotic Tahiti would be the ideal place for such an illicit rendezvous between my wife and her online lover.

After her recent sexual exploits, first with Dave, and later with Fred and Frankie, Tina was losing interest in online sex. Her unbridled experience at the hands of these real-life lovers had left her yearning for even more venturous sex.

My mind worked overtime on the possibilities such an encounter could offer, and I was in the grips of excitement as I went through the e-mail at least five times to make sure I was not just imagining what I had read.

Tina was simply stunned. She couldn’t believe that she would actually get to meet Morris. And meeting Morris meant more than just shaking his hand.

“How embarrassing …” she exclaimed, trying to conceal her excitement “How am I going to face him after all those things we said to each other?”

“Just face him as his lover,” I comforted her, “Think of all those naughty things you’ll actually get to do with him. And don’t forget, I’ll also get a chance to taste his wife Alicia.”

Before we knew it, we were on the flight to Tahiti. Most of the passengers were tourists headed for the white beaches. During the flight, Tina was visibly excited, but she was also a bit apprehensive.

“It’s not the same,” she pondered aloud, “The guy may be completely different in real life. I only hope it doesn’t end up as an anticlimax.”

“Just enjoy yourself,” I advised her, “He won’t be able to resist you when he sees you in real life.”

It was mid-afternoon when we landed at the International Airport in Papeete. We were picked up and taken to the resort by van.

Just as we finished checking-in at the reception counter, a distinguished looking couple, who appeared to be in their fifties, emerged from the elevator. They hurried towards us, and I easily recognized Morris.

He greeted me with a firm handshake. The girls hugged and kissed each other on the cheeks. Then Morris took Tina’s hand in his and gave her a nervous peck on her cheek, while I gave Alicia a warm hug.

In the elevator, Tina maintained a demure disposition, with lowered gaze, avoiding direct eye contact with anyone. She appeared very self-conscious, probably because of her steamy online trysts with Morris. I hoped that she would not take too long to recover from her embarrassment. I really wanted her to enjoy herself with Morris.

Morris had booked two adjoining rooms with an interconnecting door. Tina and I placed our luggage in the room allotted to us, and adjourned to the adjacent room for a welcome drink.

The other couple had already unpacked their suitcases. Alicia stood behind her husband with her arms around his waist, as he poured red wine into small glasses. They projected themselves as a very loving couple.

“Let’s make ourselves at home,” Morris suggested, holding his glass up in a toast. Tina and I settled onto the sofa, while Morris and Alicia made themselves comfortable on the thick carpet.

Tina was initially very quiet, but the wine and Morris’ verbal nudging quickly soothed her nerves, and I was glad when she started talking more freely.

“We have a whole week here. I love canoeing and kayaking, and that’s what I’ll be doing most of the time,” Morris teased, looking at Tina to see her reaction, “Unless anyone has any other suggestion …”

“But you also love sex, don’t you?” his wife interjected, “And you know who is here with us. I bet you aren’t going anywhere near those boats … not with Tina around.”

My wife’s face turned visibly red even as she pretended to be not paying any attention to the conversation.

“You talking about my wife?” I asked with a blur look on my face, “She’ll make sure you spend most of your time in bed.”

We carried on with the banter, sportingly poking fun at one another, with frequent sexual innuendos, often implying the possibility of adulterous sex.

Later, when the two ladies decided to go out onto the balcony to “get some fresh air” and to “check out the scenery”, Morris and I managed to exchange notes on our expectations for the next few days.

“The scenery is just an excuse,” Morris said in a lowered voice, “Actually, Alicia wants to have a word with your wife to make sure she’s ready, and to clear the air about what to expect.”

“If casino oyna you’re talking about sex, Tina’s just waiting for some really good fucks in the next few days,” I told Morris, to his utter delight.

We discussed a few issues and concurred on most. The main purpose of our holiday together was to swap and share our spouses, relinquishing matrimonial restraints in favor of individual choice and consent. Morris and I ventured a little further by accepting the possibility of other suitable individuals getting involved in our intimate activities.

“It’s beautiful out there,” Tina announced, as she and Alicia came back to join us. I was pleased when Tina sat down on the carpet next to Morris, and Alicia plopped onto the sofa beside me. Obviously the two girls had done some serious talking out there, and Alicia had shared more than just the beautiful scenery with my wife.

The four of us continued with our flirtatious banter, but now that the cards had been laid out, sexual connotations were becoming more explicit and the girls were becoming visibly aroused.

A subtle but intended realignment of relationships was taking shape. There was an unquestionable attraction between Morris and Tina, while Alicia and I were fast developing that feeling of closeness.

Morris gave a knowing smirk when he saw my hand resting on Alicia’s knee, but he soon became too engrossed with Tina to notice my fingers sneaking a little higher up his wife’s thigh.

Morris’ foot shifted closer to Tina’s, and his big toe rubbed impatiently against the side of her foot. Tina made no attempt to move her foot away, obviously enjoying the physical contact.

Apart from such innocent flirting, no one made any move of a blatantly sexual nature. Morris was a real gentleman with polished mannerism and very polite speech. Everyone was very well-behaved.

Under a totally non-intimidating atmosphere, we gradually loosened our marital bonds. We were in no hurry. We had a whole week ahead to enjoy ourselves.

As we freshened up for dinner, I told Tina not to hold back anything during our stay in Tahiti.

“Is it going to be a free-for-all?” she asked, trying to confirm what she may have heard from Alicia.

“Looks like that …” I said, with a mischievous smirk, “You don’t mind having more than just Morris, do you?”

Tina did not respond. I knew that the Devil had already got to work on her.

The sun had just set when the four of us made our way to the coffee-house for dinner. While we faithfully led our respective wives along the corridor to the venue, the seating arrangement had Tina sitting next to Morris while I sat opposite her, with Alicia seated next to me opposite her husband.

Morris proposed a toast to the foursome, and wished everyone a hot romantic week ahead. He made Tina break into a nervous smile by mentioning that he looked forward to consummating his relationship with her. He also advised his wife to put aside all inhibitions and have a great time. Turning to me, he said, “My friend … take good care of Alicia, make full use of her, and don’t worry about Tina.”

After we had clinked glasses, Morris gave Tina his first, albeit brief, kiss on her lips. I did not fail to notice how she pouted her lips to receive the kiss. Alicia and I followed suit, but we added a little more passion to the kiss, being in no great hurry to part our lips.

No one was really very hungry as we had munched a lot of tidbits earlier. So it was a light dinner with lots of wine and plenty of small-talk.

There was some physical contact across marital lines, like Morris wrapping his arm around Tina, and me allowing my hand to stray over Alicia’s thighs, but generally we maintained a respectable level of decorum and preferred to err on the side of caution and patience.

Morris did kiss Tina again a couple of times during the course of the dinner, and I felt a tinge of jealousy as they talked to each other in soft whispers and then mashed their lips together with increasing passion.

The ladies took a break to visit the washroom, and that gave us guys a chance to compare notes. Morris wanted to be sure that I had absolutely no reservations about him having his way with my wife. I reassured him that Tina would be all his to do as he wished as long as she did not object.

“Go ahead and fulfill all your fantasies with her,” I told him, “She can go all the way to the very extremes.”

“Just make sure Alicia gets a good dose of what you have to offer,” Morris responded, “She needs a younger cock for a change. Just treat her like a lady and she’ll be game for anything.”

“Tina’s a bit different,” I almost boasted, “She likes to be used … like a toy … she likes it wild … and rough … and she likes to be treated like a whore …”

Tina returned from the washroom to a new, more assertive Morris. Alicia looked truly startled when her husband took Tina’s hand and drew her onto his lap. Without mincing his words, he told Tina very blatantly that “I hope your pussy’s canlı casino all ready for some real stuff”.

Tina responded with an enthusiastic nod before turning around to plant a very wet kiss on Morris’ lips. The waitress, who had come to clear the table, stood dumbstruck as she watched Tina grind her pelvis over Morris’ crotch while they exchanged a very hot and passionate kiss.

Alicia had an apologetic look on her face as she sat close to me. She seemed a bit worried that her husband’s liberties with my wife might offend me.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered, taking her in a loving embrace, “That’s what we are here for. This is just the beginning.”

Then I clamped my lips over hers in a kiss that heralded the adulterous storm that was about to wreak havoc in our already depraved love lives.

By the time we adjourned to the dance lounge for the next part of the evening, our relationships had already been firmly realigned. Tina was no longer mine. Morris was in full possession of my wife, and Alicia belonged to me. All accepted norms of matrimonial propriety were about to be shattered.

I really wanted Tina to have a great week with Morris. He was, after all, her first extramarital lover even though he had never touched her physically. I was sure that he would give her even more excitement and satisfaction than he had done online.

Morris has already provided a good description of what happened that night (“From Writing To Reality” by Morris40 at Literotica), and I shall try to offer an account from my perspective.

The lounge was packed with revelers. Alicia and I clicked from the very first moment we got onto the dance floor. We swayed together, desperately clinging onto each other like we never wanted to part.

Alicia had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, and my firm hold around her slender waist ensured that her body was continuously pressed against mine. She had large breasts, larger than Tina’s, which I had noticed even when I first saw her in the lobby. Now her ample globes were squeezed against my chest. Our lips remained locked in an eternal deep kiss.

Tina and Morris danced just next to us. Tina was wearing a new outfit which appeared almost transparent under the UV light. Her light-colored bra and panties fluoresced under her very short black dress. Red stiletto heels and black patterned stockings completed a picture of irresistible temptation.

Tina and Morris also had their lips locked in a passionate kiss. And they were dancing with a peculiar rocking movement which gave the impression that they were fucking each other in the upright position. They rubbed their pelvises together, and Morris’ hands roamed all over her back.

“Look at the online lovers,” Alicia whispered.

“They seem to be fuck-dancing,” I commented.

“It’s been a long wait for him … he’s been wanting her ever since he saw her picture. All these months I’ve been role-playing as his Tina.”

“And she’s been longing for his cock,” I added.

Alicia was a very sensuous woman. Her alluring looks, her soothing voice, her gentle touch and her softly melting kisses could magically arouse strong pangs of passion and desire in any man. She was more than a decade older than me, but I had the feeling that she would give me the best sex yet.

I noticed that Morris was getting progressively more intimate with Tina. His hands were venturing lower down her back to her buttocks, and also to the front of her chest. He wasted no opportunity, fondling her breasts through the material of her outfit and even easing her short dress up to squeeze her ass cheeks.

Meanwhile, Alicia was not going to let her extensive experience with men go unharnessed. She slowly slid her hand down to my crotch and, after caressing the area for a while, gripped the bulge and began to gently massage my erection.

“I see you are ready … or at least your cock is …” she teased me, “… nice to have a younger cock for once. I’ve often thought about your cock …”

Then she unzipped my pants and began to fondle my cock through the soft material of my underwear. I was afraid that she might make me cum right there on the dance floor.

“Don’t worry,” she reassured me, as she took her hand away after a while, “I won’t let your seed go to waste.”

Just then I realized that Tina and Morris had disappeared. I strained my eyes to scan the far corners of the lounge, but there was no sign of them. Alicia could sense my anxiety.

“Stay cool, honey, I know my husband,” Alicia spoke with a mature and confident tone, “Tina just led him away towards the elevators. They sure can’t stay off each other any longer. They’ll be at it like wild rabbits.”

I liked Alicia’s cool and composed nature. She didn’t easily get ruffled in any situation. I suppose it was an indicator of her vast experience in dealing with people especially at an intimate level.

“Let’s go for a stroll,” Alicia suggested.

And so we took a casual stroll to the dimly lit poolside. We stood kaçak casino in each other’s arms at the far end, kissing like high school lovers. Alicia did not resist when I began to unbutton her blouse and when I slipped it off her shoulders, she just took it from me and tied it around her waist.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she whispered, “We have to catch up with them.”

Alicia seemed to enjoy the curious stares as she made her way through the lobby clad in only her bra above her waist. I saw the naughty side of her in the elevator when she thrust her chest out to make sure she was noticed. One of the guys in the elevator kept gazing at her chest. When he looked up at her face, she gave him a flirtatious smile.

Before I could unlock the room door, Alicia had already unhooked her bra. Once inside, I wasted no time pulling down her skirt, leaving her stark naked. I was surprised that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Took them off in the washroom … just in case your hand went higher up my thighs …”

I stripped off my clothes, leaving them scattered on the floor, and led Alicia to the bed. She looked good, just too good for her age. She had a perfect body.

The interconnecting door was slightly ajar, and in the dim light I got a glimpse of Morris sprawled over my naked wife in the ’69’ position. His face was buried between her thighs while he pumped his massive cock into her mouth.

With the image of my wife and Morris locked in the ’69’ position engraved in my mind, I had this strong urge to savor the scent and taste of a hot wet pussy. So, when Alicia plopped onto the bed with her legs wide apart, I immediately brought my face down between her thighs and began to eat her pussy.

It didn’t take her long to go into an orgasmic spasm. She clamped her thighs around my head and rubbed her soaking wet genitals over my face.

“Let’s join them,” she mumbled, as she finally came out of her first climax in Tahiti.

I helped Alicia up and we headed for the next room where Tina seemed to be in firm control.

“Fuck her Morris! You’ve got her now! Give it to her! She wants it really hard from you!” I don’t know what made me say that, but I guess I just wanted Morris to know that I wanted him to give my wife a good fuck

Soon Morris was sprawled on his back on the bed, and Tina was sitting firmly on his face, feeding him with her heavenly nectar. From the moaning sounds that my wife was making, I knew that his tongue must be busy probing into her cunt.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, my erect cock waiting for Alicia’s womanly attention. Glancing at Tina’s face, I noticed a glob of thick semen on her chin.

Alicia suddenly switched on the room’s main lights.

“I like to see what I’m eating,” Alicia announced, as she stooped to take my throbbing cock into her mouth.

What a woman! What a job! She made me forget that my wife was being taken by Morris on the same bed.

I almost came a couple of times but held back, saving my juices for her womb. I did not want to cum so soon. I wanted to take her slowly, thoroughly enjoying every part of her. But I especially wanted a second helping of her seasoned pussy. So I drew her up to lie in a ’69’ position over me, my lips clamped over her vulva and my cock stuffed deep inside her throat.

Alicia worked on my cock while I explored her pussy with my tongue, licking fervently between her engorged labia and at the opening to her vagina. When I began to suck on her clitoris, Alicia lost control of herself and screamed in ecstasy as her body tightened and then convulsed in an explosive orgasm.

I suddenly realized that we had an audience. Tina was lying on her tummy, and Morris lay with his head resting on her bums. Both were engrossed in watching their spouses’ carnal antics.

Before their very eyes, I rolled Alicia over onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. Morris watched as his wife added another cock to her list of phallic conquests. I penetrated her slowly, driving my cock inch by inch into the depths of her vagina.

This was the first time Tina had actually watched me take another woman. She could not resist the temptation to bring her hand between Alicia’s crotch and mine to feel my shaft embedded firmly in Alicia’s vagina. It was almost as if she did not believe what she saw with her eyes.

I mashed my lips against Alicia’s in a blatant display of illicit love, as I began to slam my pelvis against hers, fucking her like there was absolutely no tomorrow.

It was a long and wild fuck. Alicia was very vocal, begging me not to stop and uttering expletives that did not seem appropriate for her polished personality. But this wilder side of her aroused me to want her even more.

When I finally released my load deep inside her, Alicia was almost weeping in excitement. I continued to lie on top of her with my penis still embedded in her flooded vagina. I could feel my juices oozing out of her around the length of my penis.

“Please … Morris … fuck me please …” I heard my wife yelling in the bathroom. I had not realized that Tina and Morris had slipped away into the bathroom while I was busy fucking Alicia. Now they were in the midst of a fuck session in the bathroom.

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