Click Ch. 03

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Click: Part 3
Revelation and Redemption:

It was Sunday afternoon. I got a text from Brenda, the former Queen Bitch of All, and I agreed to meet her at the park. I drove the twenty minutes eager to see my scarlet haired lover. I knew I had found her when I saw the brand spanking new Bugatti parked near the fountain. She was wearing blue jeans, a half shirt and tennis shoes. I liked the way the dark green shirt stopped just below her gorgeous breasts, what a tease. I couldn’t help but notice that her hair was intricately braided and wondered how long that had taken. I got out of my mother’s car and we literally raced into each other’s arms. The kiss was fierce and hungry. I was lost in her embrace and it felt so damn natural. She broke the kiss and staggered back with a huge grin on her face.

“I missed you too,” she said at last. “So how was your weekend?”

“Intense,” I said.

“I’m glad; I have a surprise for you. Do you trust me?”

“Without hesitation,” I said.

Her face went serious for a moment then she smiled again. She turned around, bent over the convertible’s door and grabbed something from the passenger’s seat. I watched her ass with great interest.

“Me too,” she said half moaning.

“You too what,” I asked as she turned around.

“I want you to bend me over and take me from behind,” she said handing me the blindfold. “But first my surprise, so what do you say lover? Do you trust me enough to wear this for a little while?”

I didn’t answer I just put it on and let her make all the little adjustments. She helped me into the Bugatti and off we went. Talk about a smooth ride, I could hardly feel our movement. Brenda was correct, the ride didn’t take long at all. We pulled off the main drag that much I was sure when I smelled the strong scent of pine. The car came to a halt and Brenda removed the blindfold. I blinked a few times and then looked around. It was wilderness with no apparent road anywhere near us. How the hell had we gotten here? But it was the bluff we were parked in front of that utterly stumped me. Where were we? She got out and motioned for me to follow. On the ground near the edge of the bluff were ropes, backpacks and two helmets.

“Ever repel,” Brenda asked.

“Um… no,” I said.

“How about spelunking, ever been caving?”

“No,” I said again.

“Good this truly will be an adventure then,” she said as she bent down and unzipped one of the backpacks. She took out two harnesses and held them up. “Are you ready to follow me down?”

“Down, we have to repel to get to this cave,” I asked.

“Yep, are you afraid of heights or tight dark places?”

“Hehe, no and no, let’s do this thing,” I lied. I hated heights but I wasn’t going to let it show.

The way down was a leap of faith on my part. I trusted her completely. Well I had to, so as I stepped off and drifted down in a controlled descent, there came the thrill of pushing past old limits. When we reached our goal, I still didn’t see the cave. Brenda helped me out of my harness, and then led me to the cave’s entrance. It was hidden behind a stand of bushes. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d never find it. Brenda had me take off my backpack and inside was our spelunking gear. We stepped into the cave’s entrance and slipped on the knee and elbow pads as well as the head lamps. I put the backpack on and in we went.

The first chamber was massive, possessing a twenty foot vaulted ceiling and huge stalactites hanging from the ceiling. We turned on our headlamps and Brenda led the way. She headed for the back of the chamber where things got tricky. The access to the chamber was a fifteen foot vertical slit that was too narrow to walk through, so we took off our backpacks, and Brenda turned sideways and stepped up into the gap. I followed carrying a backpack in each hand. It was like walking sideways on a tightrope with the balance bar. Twelve feet later the gap ended in a small chamber that was barely tall enough for me to stand up in. Brenda never hesitated and headed for a hole in the floor, yes we were about to get on our bellies and crawl now. We wormed our way through a twisting, turning tunnel until it deposited us in a damp room. I could hear running water off in the distance and by the time I had exited the tunnel Brenda was standing on a mat she had brought along. She had already removed her shoes and now as I watched she began removing everything else. She slowly tugged off her shirt, while I watched smiling from ear to ear. I will never get tired of looking at her perfection. Her tits came into view and I felt my mouth go dry and my cock start to swell. She set her shirt on the ground and unbuckled her jeans. Brenda turned around with her back to me, she bent forward and grabbed her ankles and then she slowly tugged her jeans down. Gods what a sight, my headlamp illuminated her sun kissed skin as it came into view and I swallowed hard as she teased me with that firm round bottom of hers. I could see the T-bar bisecting her luscious globes of ass flesh, canlı bahis damn girl! She stepped out of her jeans without standing up; she looked behind her and smiled as she reached for the waistband of her panties. Again the wicked little imp slowly pulled down revealing her puckered little asshole and then her soaked slit came into view. The T-bar joined the rest of her clothes on the pile next to the mat. She stood up now and faced me, reaching up she turned off her head lamp and set it atop her clothes. Now the only illumination in the chamber came from my light. Brenda beckoned me over and as if in a dream I walked over to her.

“Let me take it from here please,” she said in my ear when I was close enough.

“Just this once,” I said.

“Thank you Master,” she moaned. “I want to undress you, suck your cock and then ride you. Is that alright with you?”

“Sounds perfect,” I said.

“Now, from now on, the only thing that comes out of your mouth is going to be moans and groans, understood.”

“Uh huh,” I said.

Brenda grinned and rewarded me with a coy smile. Then she tugged my shirt slowly off my head, but she stopped half way and I felt her tongue and lips on my nipples. That surprised the hell out of me. I let out a gasp of wonder which was followed by a low moan. She worked my nipples like a pro and it didn’t take her long to get me rock hard just doing that. Brenda reached down and rubbed my cock through my jeans.

“Damn baby, you are rock fucking hard already, I bet that will hit the back of my throat easily,” she said softly.

Then my shirt was tugged up and off. Brenda dropped down to her knees and was unbuckling my belt and dropping my jeans a lot faster than she had my shirt. I knew she was eager to have my cock between her lips. I stepped out of my jeans and she gently pulled my boxer briefs down and away from my erection. I was out of my underwear and her hands wrapped around me in seconds flat. Brenda spit on the shaft and began double stroking me. I was grunting as she jacked me off. Then she hungrily wrapped her lips around the head and began making love to my cock. Brenda’s head lowered inexorably downward until she was deep-throating me.

“UNNNNNNNNNNNN,” I cried out, my voice echoing off the stone walls and continuing outward into the surrounding chambers.

This prompted her to drive her head up and down the length of my erection. I watched her intently as she forced my cock all the way down her throat over and over. I felt my eyes roll up in my head. The orgasm came out of nowhere and Brenda had no warning and yet she swallowed every last drop. When the last of my cum hit the back of her throat she continued to suck me off. My first instinct was to push her head off but I remembered my promise and kept my hands at my sides. I clenched my fists as the second wall of pleasure struck, my fingernails dug deep into my palms as I came a second time. A second cry escaped my lips; it was far louder than the first and surprised me to no end. Brenda greedily drank while I locked my knees to keep from collapsing.

“Ahhhhhh,” she moaned when the last of the cum was swallowed. “That was amazing.”

I could only nod. She noticed the state I was in and patted the mat. I sat down and then she pushed me down onto my back. Brenda lay on top of me purring contentedly. We lay like that for a time before Brenda’s hand snaked down and began to caress me. It didn’t take her long to get me ready for round three. But before she straddled my cock, she reached up and turned off my headlamp.

“Close your eyes,” she whispered. I closed them even though everything was pitch black and then I felt her fingers track down my forehead and over my eyelids. “Good, now just let your other senses fill you.”

I felt her move, grab my cock and then lower her pussy onto my erection. We were both moaning now as I sunk deep into her. Finally she was fully impaled and I knew that this was going to be intense. I could smell her musk as she began to ride me. She had been right, my other senses were kicking in and the pleasure was multiplied because of it. Fucking in a cave was like the ultimate blindfold. I wanted to thrust my hips upward but I kept my promise and didn’t. Brenda was in complete control and I liked it. Then she was kissing me, her tongue invading my mouth and there was that now familiar taste of copper. She had either bitten her lip or tongue and her blood was slithering down my throat. Was she into vampirism or just a freak, it didn’t matter to me, as long as she remained in my harem I could care less.

“Oh god, you feel so good,” Brenda cried out. “So deep… so thick…”

“Uhhh… uhhhh… uhhhhh…”

She rode me harder now, thrusting her hips down onto me with more and more force. Then her back arched and Brenda lost control as she came. She ground her pussy and hips against me as she climaxed. Brenda folded forward and lay on top of me panting. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

“When… when I catch my breath I want you to take me from behind,” Brenda said between gasps.

We didn’t rush; we had hours and hours to play in the cave. Once bahis siteleri she had recuperated I felt her rise up and off of me.

“Open your eyes lover,” she whispered.

I opened my eyes and I could see! What the fuck? We were too deep in the cave and both of the headlamps were off. How the hell could I see her? I knew this wasn’t normal night vision since I could see her in color. I looked around and the rest of the chamber was easily visible. Suddenly, I realized leaving ‘Uncle’ Carl’s place and how easily I had seen in the dim light. It was her blood! I had suffered from a fever after making love to Brenda the first time and after that my senses had been enhanced. Oh it had been subtle but now my eyesight was noticeably better, not just better but amazingly heightened. I opened my mouth to speak but she laid a finger on my lips and silenced me. Brenda got on her hands and knees and that took my mind off this minor miracle. I forgot about it long enough to get behind her and ease my cock back into her.

“I want you to fuck me hard and fast,” she said ordering me about.

I grabbed her by those curvy hips of hers and began thrusting into her. The short hard jabs of my hips were rewarded with a moan each and every time. I smiled as I fucked her faster now. The slapping sound of our bodies echoed loudly in my ears. Her moans got louder and louder urging me on. I wanted her to climax for me, I wanted her to scream. I hauled off and swatted her ass, hard. That did the trick, Brenda went off like a gun shot. She thrust her hips against me and ground hard as she came.

“Shoot your load inside of me,” she whimpered. “I want to feel your cum hit the walls of my pussy.”

I growled and began thrusting again. This time it was for me and I wanted to make the most of it. I alternated my speed, force and rhythm. I took every ounce of pleasure from her pussy that I could before I felt my own climax building.

“I can feel you growing inside of me,” Brenda howled. “Fuck me harder!”

I did. I pulled back and slammed into her. She urged me on and I hammered her from behind as fast and hard as I could. I passed the point of no return and was driving into her with complete abandon. When I came she was mere seconds behind me. Our mutual orgasm was on a whole new level for me. I felt my strength leave me and I folded my body over hers.

“I got you,” she said. “…That was amazing!”

“Uh huh,” I said. Hell, it was all I could manage.

It took a while to catch my breath. We reclined together and held each other. I waited a while to approach the subject of my eyesight and her blood.

“Can we talk,” I asked.

“Yes, we both have awkward things to discuss.”

“I don’t understand,” I said.

“Perhaps I should start then,” she said and I nodded. “Tell me about your weekend.”

“You mean my date with Asuna,” I asked and it was Brenda nodding now. I shrugged and launched into what had happened at the theatre. I told her everything, including the strange woman who had been caught up in the flash from the phone. I even told her about what had transpired at Asuna’s house with the four of us.

“What happened after that,” she asked, her finger tracing a path across my chest. I continued on with the story, I told her about coming home and finding my friends there and how my mother and sister were dressed. Then I launched into the details of the orgy and my actions.

“So you left after fucking both of them up the ass, is that it?” She asked.

“Yeah, they continued on after I left.”

Brenda sat up and was quiet for a long moment; the slap across my face came out of nowhere. I sat up and looked across at her. Brenda’s features were a mask of anger and disappointment. She shook her head before she continued.

“You maybe my Master, but you are heartless and a pig,” she said coolly.

“But my mother invited them over…”

“Shut up, think about it before you speak to me again,” she snarled.

I lowered my head to my chest and thought about it. Mom had invited them over because I wanted her to. It wasn’t her idea, it had been mine and she was only following orders. My sister had gone along to make me happy. I had treated them like filth and their reward was to be left alone with my friends like pieces of meat. How stupid could I be?

“Oh my god,” I said.

“Yep,” Brenda replied.

“I am a complete piece of shit,” I said.

“You can still fix this,” Brenda offered. “It’s not too late.”

“Do you really believe that,” I asked.

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe you had a chance.”

“I am so done with my plan, I have to…” The next slap caught me off guard as much as the first had.

“Stop, you are being stupid… again. You still have at least two more bitches to acquire, don’t disappoint me.”

“Wait, disappoint you, I don’t understand.”

“You started out with a goal, don’t be a bitch and falter now.”

“I have you in my life now, why do I need to continue?”

“So it is okay that these bitches get away with what they did to you?”

“NO, I mean, okay I was overreacting. Now I need some answers bahis şirketleri from you.”

“Not yet, I still have things to show you. Then you can ask to your heart’s content, agreed.”

“Agreed,” I said liking the old bitch peeking out.

Brenda got to her feet and offered me a hand up. I took her hand and she pulled me up with ease.

“You are stronger than you look,” I said.

“So are you,” she said. “Walk with me.”

She slid her arm around my waist and we walk together towards the far west wall. There was a large opening that we could easily walk through. But just before we crossed that threshold we stopped.

“Close your eyes,” she said. I closed my eyes and she let out a piercing whistle. Then my world changed, forever. The sound bounced off every surface and came back striking my body and forming a mental image. I knew what was all around me, it was as if I had memorized every square inch within ear shot. It wasn’t just the walls, but the ceiling and the floor as well.

“What the hell,” I said in utter shock.

“Echolocation, just like what whales, dolphins and bats use,” she said in explanation.

“But how,” I asked.

“It is in your blood,” she said nonchalantly.

“You mean your blood,” I said.

“That was just a catalyst.”

“What do you mean,” I said confused now.

“These abilities slept in you, just like they did with me,” Brenda said.

“So someone woke them in you?”

“My mother did,” she said. “My real mother did, not the woman who raised me.”

“Your birth mother,” I said.

“Yes, I am a changeling,” she said proudly.

“You mean like the old story,” I said.

“Yes, it is tradition, so that a new generation can cope with human society.”

“So, you are saying that my real mother is out there somewhere.”

“Yes, but in our case, we were switched in the hospital.”

I felt the denial building like bile in the back of my throat. But I looked like my parents, the family resemblance was noticeable. How was she going to explain that away?

“Your birth parents chose a family that was similar to their own, in appearance at least.”

“Okay, you read my mind,” I said.

“Now that you are awakened, I can take you to the heart of this cave.”

“What is there,” I asked.

“You will have to see for yourself,” she said mysteriously.

“Lead on,” I said.

Brenda guided me through the labyrinthine tunnels; all the while the sound of falling water grew steadily louder. Finally the tunnel opened and the roar of the waterfall could be heard undiminished. The chamber was half flooded and rimmed with deposits of crystals of varying color. The quarts ran the range from clear to a violet so dark it was almost black. Even as I took in the view Brenda dove into the water cutting the surface with barely a disturbance. I followed suit and dove, I cleaved the water with equal skill as my lover. Beneath the surface was a forest of crystals along the chamber’s sunken walls and in the very center was a massive stone that was dark at its center and became more transparent near its faceted edges.

I kicked upwards and broke the surface letting the air fill my lungs. Brenda was there waiting for me. She was all smiles as she treaded water.

“One more thing is required of you, and then I will answer all of your questions,” she said.

“Fine, what do you want me to do?”

“You need to swim down and touch the large crystal below. If it accepts you it will reward you. If not, then it will manifest its displeasure.”

“What sort of displeasure,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I was accepted.”

“Great,” I said. “Well here goes nothing.”

I took a deep breath and dove. I kicked hard to drive my body further and further down. My ears popped at one point and still I swam downward. I reached out and stretched as I got closer and closer to my goal. Finally my fingertips touched smooth cold stone, the contact was electric. I felt a cool intellect in my mind.

‘I approve,’ it said. ‘Please accept my gift star born child.’

I thanked the voice and then turned to face the southern wall. One of the dark violet stones appeared to be glowing. My lungs were burning but I knew I had to retrieve the stone now or never. I swam the distance as swiftly as I could, once more I was reaching out but this time it wasn’t just to touch but to grab. My fingers wrapped around the stone and I pulled. The stone came free and I was heading for the surface as quickly as I could. There was white hot fire in my chest as I strove to resist my desire to take a breath. I saw the dark flecks form in my vision as the last of the oxygen was leaving my system. Brenda was there hovering in the limbo of the water, but she didn’t try to help me she just observed me dispassionately. Then I noticed her smile and the fact that she was inhaling water, what the fuck! Was this my leap of faith? Well I either drowned or I survived, I trusted her and against all my instincts I opened my mouth and took a deep breath. Water flooded my lungs and I could breathe! It was harder to do yet here was another miracle, or was it a gift passed down from my birth parents? I smiled up at her as we drifted slowly up to the surface. When my head breached the surface I took a lungful of air and somehow the water dissipated without any trace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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