Clarisse Ch. 01

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The carriage clattered down the cobbled street. Clarisse hung on grimly to the overhead straps. She had only just escaped. Papa had blustered away to the revolutionary guard as only papa could, giving her time to escape through the back door. Phillipe, their groom, had had the carriage ready, and their flight to Calais had begun.

She was only eighteen, an aristocrat and alone in a changed world.

The carriage slowed and stopped. Fearfully she lifted a corner of the curtain. They were at one of the gates leading out of the city. Phillipe was chatting with the soldier on guard. Still chuckling at whatever story her servant had told him, the guard walked towards the carriage door. Gasping she let the curtain drop. Abruptly the carriage door swung open.

“Mon Dieu…..Ahhhh!” Before the soldier could finish his exclamation, Phillipe had driven his knife into the base of his skull. Quickly the groom bundled the body into the carriage , returned to the driver’s seat and set the team to a gallop. For what seemed like hours, Clarisse bounced about the speeding carriage trying to avoid the revolutionary’s body that gravity seemed to insist follow her about the enclosed space.

Suddenly the carriage stopped. The door opened and Phillipe beckoned her to step out.

“Oh Phillipe!” she cried flinging her arms around his neck, “How can I ever thank you!” Although French by birth her family, aristocratic merchants, had lived in London for the vast majority of her life.

“We are in the Pas de Calais” Phillipe said ” Tomorrow we will arrive at the coast and a boat can be found to take you to England!” Phillipe was a tall thin man with hooded eyes, he had ridiculously broad shoulders and a vicious scar that ran from his left eye to the corner of his mouth. In years gone by, something about him had made Clarisse’s mouth go dry and her heart casino siteleri race.

“I will pay you well Phillipe” Clarisse reached into her bosom to access the gold sovereigns hidden in the purse she had tied around her neck.

Phillipe pushed her hand away

“No! Mademoiselle! I do not want your gold!”


“I want you!” Phillipe suddenly gripped her shoulders.

“Phillipe!” Clarisse tried desperately to break away

‘And where will you go ma petite?’ Phillipe smiled cruelly.

“You are an aristocrat, you are surrounded by revolutionary soldiers who would like nothing better than to separate your lovely head from your body” During his speech he gently put both hands around her pretty neck

“I will save you from Madame Guillotine but first….You will pay your dues!”

“My, my…dues?”

“You are a virgin? Yes?” Phillipe placed a hand on her silk covered breast

“A virgin…But of course!” Clarisse was appalled .yet strangely exited.

“Then that, Ma cherie, is my price for your freedom!”

“I don’t understand!” Clarisse spluttered

“Oh but I think you do!” Phillipe grabbed her hand and led her away from the road to a thickly wooded copse.

“We don’t want to be disturbed now do we?” He said

Suddenly Phillipe tripped over an exposed tree root and Clarisse managed to break away. She tried to run but quickly realised that the dark wood was probably more frightening than her erstwhile groom. She came to a stop, her back against an enormous oak tree, her breath coming in short bursts.

Thud, Phillipe’s right fist beat into the tree beside her right ear.

“Enough!” He said. “I claim my prize!”

He took his hand from the tree and smiling at her all the time, he ripped away her bodice, exposing her pert young breasts to the cool air. She gasped canlı casino and immediately her small pink nipples stood to attention.

“No!” She cried

“Mais oui!” Said Phillipe as he dropped his head and kissed her exposed breasts.

She knew that her honour was being impugned and that she should fight her attacker to the death … But a warmth she had never known before was suffusing her belly and as Phillipe licked her erect nipples and slowly moved his hand towards her navel, a new Clarisse appeared, a wilful lustful Clarisse, A Clarisse that wanted to explore the hardness she could feel in Phillipe’s trousers that was being ground against her.

Suddenly Phillipe removed his hand and took a step back. Moonlight suddenly broke through the clouds and lit up his darkly handsome face.

! “Ah Cherie, I feel my attentions are not totally unwanted eh?”

Clarisse was aware of her beating heart beneath her bared breasts

” Monsieur..” She whispered “I just wish to escape France!”

“Just?” Phillipe smiled ” Well Good things come to those who…” He slowly undid the buttons on his trousers reached inside.

” Come here ma petite!” He commanded.

Sifling a sob Clarisse took a step towards him. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to him.

“Time to start paying for your ticket mademoiselle!”

He gently stroked her cheek, then returned his hands to her shoulders and pressed down

“On your knees and meet your new master!”

Clarisse fell to her knees. Phillipe was slowly stroking his manhood barely ten centimeters from her face. She was fascinated despite herself.Previously the closest she had come to an erect penis was watching her Father’s stallion servicing his mares.In the moonlight Phillipe’s appeared to be a rock hard shaft of silver with a dark and slightly threatening bulbous kaçak casino end that glistened with a shiny liquid.

” Reach out your pretty little hand and touch My Dear!”

“Mais Non!” Clarisse involuntarily raised her hand to cover her mouth. Phillipe reached down and pulled her hand away and placed it on his erection

“Mais qui! Now curl your hand around it as if you were holding a tennis raquet!” Clarisse did as she was told. It was hard yet soft and seemed to pulse with a life of its own.

” Qui!” Phillipe breathing had become heavier. ” Now move your hand up and down like this ” He put his own hand over hers and slowly milked his shaft.

” Faster, Ma Petite, Faster..Qui, qui!” Clarisse was fascinated both by the ever increasing hardness of the organ in her hand and the pleading quality that had entered her groom’s voice.

” Now put your mouth around it!” moaned Phillipe!”

” No Monsieur! That I cannot Do!” She protested

“If you wish to reach England you Can and you will!” He Grabbed the back of her head and pulled her foraward His throbbing penis pushed against her lips ” Now!” He demanded.

She closed her eyes and slowly opened her lips. She felt the spongy head pushing against her teeth

“Wider!” he moaned

complying she felt the shaft push in and touch the top of her mouth.He began rocking back and forth pushing deeper into her mouth with each thrust. Suddenly he groaned and Clarisse felt a greatt spurt of hot liquid crash agaist the back of her throat.She tried to pull back but Phillipe held her head against him as spurt after spurt followed, some flowing down her throat and some escaping her lips to drip down her chin. Clarisse should have been disgusted and yet..and yet she was not, she was incredibly excited. These were new feelings and despite the dark and the fear, she realised she wanted more! Phillipe pulled out of her mouth and she looked up at him put out her delicate pink tongue and slowly licked her lips. ” Very good my dear. Very good indeed! I think you are ready for the next payment.”

To be continued

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