Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – Mindy’s first day

My sister and I had a blast with Chris that last summer before starting university. We were both completely free having just finished high-school, and Chris had just graduated and was waiting to start his new job in fall. We were delighted to find a guy who liked us despite of what we were. He not only like us but seemed completely enthralled, and seeing the jealous stares he got I understood him a little bit. Off-course the stares were understandable as well, he was a tiny 5’4″ guy with a pair of twin towering amazonian beauties. When we stood together the with him, the comparison was brutal, our breasts were both bigger and taller than the little guys head.

I grew a few inches, and a two cup sizes that summer, but it was all in vain next to my younger sister. When I gained an inch she would gain two”; I would gain a cup size, she gained two; my hips widened out and my ass grew more shapely, she expanded into a curvy latina goddess with a bubble ass. I might be exaggerating a bit, but I just couldn’t compete. And not only in body development, lately our little Chris had eyes only for my sister and the two were spending more and more time together. Well, that one I didn’t really mind, I think the little thing was completely in love with my sister, he probably would be even if she wasn’t as hot. The poor guy was so head over heels he would probably jump of a building if she asked him to. Instead of pining I gave them a bit of space.

In return I noticed that the incredibly annoying fact that I was a bit shorter and less curvy than Cindy didn’t mean a thing to anyone else except to me. Wherever I went I received stares of admiration, jealousy or just pure lust. I almost caused a few car accidents when I wore a more revealing top. In the past I always considered all of the attention was for Cindy, ever since she outgrew me, but now I realized how tiny the difference between the two of us actually was. I realized I was fucking hot. In the final days before the university I even tried dating a few boys, but they all proved incredibly uninteresting. On the other hand I noticed I had a growing interest in girls. I caught myself staring at them occasionally, and even the queen seemed to agree. The internet was helpful there, with its endless collection of porn. After the first time I jacked off to girls, I never looked back.

Soon the summer was really over and it was time to move over to my new university. We were both planning to move out of the city, but Cindy also made a late application to the local university. When she was accepted at both she chose to stay close to Chris. I stuck with my decision to move away, it was time for me to try and make my life away from home.

A relatively handsome senior student, I was surprised to notice how incredibly tall he was. He was probably over 7 feet tall, his head actually came up to my chin while I was wearing my low 4″ heels. I barely had to look down at all to talk to him. I could tell that this was way more shocking for him; he probably never had to look up to talk to someone before. I guess the administration noticed my height statistic and paired the tallest student they had. I could see a similar look in his eyes I saw in most boys, and as I expected he immediately started flirting with me. Unfortunately for him, I had no interest in him or his attempts at flirting with me.

Having him with me was actually a really good thing, it meant there was much less stares directed our way. From a distance we appeared to be perfectly normal, until someone came closer. There were even a few guys who got honestly mistaken and would approach the tow of us trying to meet the hot new student. They probably had a carefully planned pickup line, but as they cam closer and fell into the shadow under my boobs their lines fell apart completely and they stood there dumbstruck.

The sports grounds were the final part of the tour. That’s the first time I saw Tina, the incredibly tall curvaceous, busty cheerleader. I felt dumbstruck, the girl was like a wet dream, but what really attracted me was her charisma. The girl projected an aura of confidence, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. My eyes met hers for a brief instance, and I could already feel the familiar warm crawling sensation along my thigh. I immediately remembered not having a proper release in over three days, due to all the goodbyes and travelling. If I stay here any longer, my freakish size and boobs will quickly fade behind the most interesting part of my anatomy.

I urged the tour guy to take me to my room, because I was really tired. He agreed although I could see he was reluctant about leaving me, and as he led me to my room he was very pesky about seeing me around and helping if needed.


The room was nice, maybe a bit small. I was also going to have to share it with someone. A brief flash of worry crossed my mind as I contemplated how I was going to share my true nature with my room-mate. But all that was irrelevant at the moment, I still had the image of the casino oyna hot girl burned into my mind, and I could feel my thick meaty cock grow longer along my thigh. In a few seconds I was going to start leaking pre-cum all over my leg unless I get a release. I stripped down to my underwear, and grabbing a towel and my bathrobe headed for the shower. That’s when the doors opened and those same eyes which were plaguing my imagination were right there in front of me.

“What the fuck are you doing in my room” Tina spoke. My heart skipped a beat, as her angry gaze penetrated me.

“I… um… I was assigned to this room.” I answered confused, trying to cover as much of myself as possible with the towel. Luckily I had most of my front already covered when Tina came in.

“No fucking way, what are those little fucks thinking. I tell them I don’t want a room-mate and they take the biggest one in the campus and put her in my room. Idiots…” She continued furiously…

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know, I just got here…” I said, and I really had no idea. They just gave me the key and brought me to this room.

“Urgh…Yeah, Yeah. Listen I know it’s not your fault, but we have got to have this sorted out soon.” The girl said.

“OK…” I answered trailing off, not much I could say, without even my clothes on.

“Now, first things first… I need to take a shower like right now, cause I’m already late for a date. You’re going to have to wait a little bit” She said, winking and starting to take her shirt off.

“OK!” I answered, my mind still trying to catch up with the situation.

“How tall are you, actually. I saw you in the field with Tim, he’s a tower so I knew you had to be gigantic but up close you look really impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as tall as you, or even heard of anyone being that tall.” Tina asked stopping her stripping for a second. I could practically feel her eyes scanning every detail of my body. I was so glad I still had my cock tied to my leg.

“I’m… um … 7 foot 9.” I stuttered the answer. I was completely smitten, and confused. I just couldn’t believe what this girl was doing to me, I was usually never this confused.

“Wow, that’s a lot. And I thought I was tall at 6’8″. By the way, you don’t really need to hide from me you know. I’m not a lesbian or anything, and I’m Tina by the way.” The girl said finishing unhooking her bra, and offering her hand to me now only in her panties.

“Mindy…” I answered and rushing to take her hand I dropped the towel all the way to my hips. This was quite fortunate because I could feel that some parts of me were recovering from shock more quickly. The sight of Tina’s perky E cup breasts made the Queen rapidly grow downwards to its full length, and had I not dropped the towel it would probably poke its head underneath the towel. Unfortunately, this also brought my breasts into full view.

“Wow…” Tina gasped in surprise… “Are those… real, they did seem big when I saw you earlier but damn girl, they are really massive.” Tina said, actually stuttering for a second as she stared at my boobs from underneath.

“They… um they are real” I spoke, a bit of my confidence coming back from Tina’s shock.

“Can I try…” Tina asked, and without waiting for approval placed both of her palms underneath my boobs raising them up. The queen grew thick and started throbbing in response and I could feel the pre-cum starting to slide down my leg.

“They’re quite heavy…” she commented… “Oh! They seem to like that…” she said, licking her lips and watching my nipples grow at her touch. I could feel the blood rush to my face.

“I know I said I’m not a lesbian but looking at those massive tits of yours makes me wonder if I should experiment…” She said, flicked my nipple and turned on her heel walking towards the bathroom.

I collapsed on the bed, weak in the knees from the shock. I swear if she continued any further the queen would tear apart the restraints, I could already hear them creak from the pressure. I was still throbbing, and looking down I could see a puddle of pre-cum forming under my feet. I put on my bath-robe, and sat down trying to relax and calm down. But there was just no helping it, as soon as I closed my eyes I could see Tina’s eyes. This made my cock throb more, and the pre-cum spurts were now already quite obvious. I just couldn’t look like that when she come out, I had to do something. So I decided to try and make a run for the public toilets on our floor. I lifted the queen upwards between my breasts, and closed the bathrobe tightly. A quick peek at the hallway confirmed that it was empty, and I ran like hell.

With each step I could feel my own breasts softly rubbing against my cock as they bounced up and down. I barely passed a few steps out of my room when a door swung out in front of me. I extended my hand to move them, but something got in my way tripping me to the floor.

Apparently I tripped over someone, not something. It was a tiny Asian girl, canlı casino she managed to get up first apologizing and offering her hand to help me up. And then as she was looking down, her mouth fell open, and she stopped breathing. Looking down I understood what she saw, the queen escaped my robe during the fall, and was now pointing in the air all 26″ hard as a rock, dripping a river of pre-cum.

Before either of us could react, we heard voices and people walking in the hallway behind us. The girl looked as if she was hypnotized, and reached out with one hand to touch the queen. My cock responded by shooting a rope of pre-cum at the girl’s face. She squealed in delight, and opening her mouth begun to lean over. I was so horny I almost let her continue, but the noise coming closer made me snap to attention. I grabbed the girl lifting her to my body, and dashed into her room closing the door behind me. While I was listening for sounds, the girl landing on her feet started caressing my erection.

“It’s incredible, I’ve never… anything…” she was at a loss for words, her hands roaming the veiny expanse and looking the queen over. “And so heavy… may I, could I give it a kiss?” the girl asked, and before I even answered opened her tiny mouth and gently closed them around the large glans. She repeated this kiss several times, alternating with licking. I considered stopping her, but at this point I was so horny I was willing to try anything.

This was the first time I got this kind of attention from a girl. But the experience was similar as with Chris, there were questions on both sides but those come later, no it was time for admiration. I absolutely loved how her tiny hands roamed the surface of the queen. I used to love how massive the queen looked in Chris’s hands, but this girl’s hands were absolutely miniature. I looked bigger than Cindy in her hands. I didn’t really have a big fetish on tiny things, like Cindy, but I liked this tiny thing worshipping my cock. I could feel my confidence flowing back like a river at the tiny things’ touch.

She was trying with all her might to fit as much of my glans inside of her mouth, but there was no use. It was frustrating for me to watch her struggle, her tiny lips painfully stretched to their fullest barely reaching 3/4 of the great head. If I pushed any harder I would split her lips open. I know this would make Cindy loose her mind, she had a real thing for being too large for her partners but I just didn’t find it so hot. Fortunately I was already at the edge even before I ran into her, and her mouth was just enough to bring me over the edge.

“I’m gonna… ohhh. Cum…” I whispered through moans and tried to pull away. The thing which really set me over the edge was the pleading look in the girls eyes as her tiny hands pulled me tightly against her mouth.

My eyes rolled back and I held my cock firmly and exploded in orgasm. It was such a strong orgasm that I had my eyes shut for the first couple of seconds. I could tell however that her mouth left my glans almost immediately, which was no surprise. But I could feel her tiny little hands holding on firmly.

When I opened my eyes, her face was already invisible behind the white face-mask. She was gulping hungrily, and trying to reattach her mouth back to the tip of my glans as often as her swallowing allowed it.

I got a sudden urge to cover her entire body in a thick layer of my cum. Tearing the queen out of her hands I pushed her back onto the bed and slowly covered her entire torso and part of her legs before subsiding. While I was catching my breath the little girl was struggling to get her eyes open. She was alternating between rubbing the cum into her skin, and putting more into her mouth. My urge grew stronger, I wanted not only to cover her outside, but to fill her insides as well. I wanted to try to fuck her little pussy, and cum inside of her. As this idea was forming, she was already back on her knees, her tiny mouth eagerly lapping up final drops of cum from the Queen, her hands roaming the veiny skin.

My reaction was immediate, the Queen was ready for more. I could see the shock on her face as she noticed her fingers spreading apart again.

“Already, you’re absolutely incredible. This thing is magical…” she spoke.

“It’s been a while” I answered.

“It’s so heavy, it’s incredible. I never thought something like this was even possible.” She spoke, the fingers of one of her hands reaching between her legs slowly caressing her pussy.

“The Queen!” I said.

“The Queen?” The girl asked.

“That’s her name, the Queen.” I confirmed.

“It’s majestic” the girl said rubbing the thick soft glans against her face.

“Are you sure this thing is real. Maybe you’re just a dream in having.” The girl spoke unable to take her eyes and hands of the monster cock.

“Yes…um. It’s real.” I said, looking worriedly at the girl.

“Oh, don’t worry I won’t tell a soul.” The little girl said noticing my worried expression.

“Th…Thank you. kaçak casino Maybe I should go now.” I said, somewhat unconvincingly as my cock was now fully erect and throbbing again in her hands.

“No way. I’m not letting you go like that.” She said pointing to my erection.

“But…” I tried, to protest but realized I would sound stupid as my cock was already almost fully erect.

“Please let me play with it. I want to touch it, make it grow again. And then I want you to split my pussy apart with it.” She said, her voice trembling near the end of the sentence,

“Oh…” I said stupidly, realizing she wants exactly the same thing. The queen jerked at the thought as well. She spread her legs apart, and started furiously fingering her snatch in preparation. I pointed the now fully engorged glans at her tiny pussy lips. Even though she already had her entire hand in her snatch I was still much much bigger. The queen was almost as thick as the girl’s leg.

“Tear my pussy apart, make my pussy tremble in fear at the thought of the Queen.” she screamed as tip of the monster parted her lips, and then she was silent for a moment. Her mouth forming a large silent “O” as her body realized the full depth of the size disparity. She started furiously gyrating her hips, to which I slowly started thrusting. I got stuck at about half the length of my glans, and then the progress slowed to a milimeter at a time. The girl was besides herself, her pussy already spread beyond anything she ever even thought possible.

“I have never felt anything this big, ever” she whispered while the pleasure was shaking her body. I felt a burning desire to bury as much of my cock as I could inside of her and fill her insides with my cum. I grabbed her tiny hips and pushed, then I pushed harder. But to no avail, she was just too tiny. And I was afraid I might tear her apart if I pushed any harder. But even without penetrating the experience was so unearthly for me that I was ready to cum almost immediately. I held her hips tightly and pulled in preparation for another orgasm.

“Cum… inside… of me… Fill me up Mindy. I want to have that torrent of cum inside of me.” She said grabbing tightly on my cock and pulling it as hard as she could against her snatch. She must have heard my moans and understood I was about to cum. I held her hips tightly while the rush of cum explosion traveled down my urethra. I filled her up with load after load of cum, soon starting to explode around the glans. I pulled out aimed all over her body again.

After we both got breath back, and cleaned up we had a long talk. The girl’s name was Kim, and she lived next door to me. She told me to visit her whenever I needed something, even if just for a quickie. On that note I left for my room. Luckily Tina was still with her date when I came back. I took the opportunity to finally shower, and although it was quite early I went to bed immediately.


Later that evening I was awoken by ruffling sounds in the room. Pretending to be asleep I saw Tina and some boy drunkenly sneaking into the room. They didn’t waste a second clumsily removing each other’s clothes. Tina threw the guy on his back on top of the bed, and unbuttoned his pants.

“So…mhmm… big…” Tina whispered

Mindy tried her best to remain asleep, but the fervent sucking sounds started making her horny as well. Silently shifting in her bed she could see the hot blond outlining in the pale light as her head bobbed up and down on the guys cock. He didn’t really seem big to me, I never considered the size as important when with Chris, but Tina did and so did I now.

“I want to feel that beast inside of me…” Tina whispered taking her clothes of and mounting the boy.

“Wow, babe! I’ve never seen anyone take me whole so fast yet. You’re a real size queen, aren’t you.” The guy whispered.

“Oh yes, honey you are the biggest. So big…” Tina moaned as she sensually rode the boy.

I was a bit surprised by that, I was aware that I was quite big. And true this guy seemed quite big compared to Chris, but I was still over twice his size in length and girth. I was sure I could make him look like a toothpick. And as if to prove me right I could feel a stirring in my loins, and soon enough the queen was throbbing under the sheets aimed at the couple. I had a vision of standing up picking the boy off of Tina and shoving the Queen at her to show her a really large cock. I was definitely big enough to do both, but I remained where I was, listening to the moans and slowly rubbing against the sheets.

I couldn’t help but admire Tina, those voluptuous but athletic curves and the way her whole body gyrated. There was a very sensual mix of authority, arrogance and sexy in those moves. It was clear that if anyone was in charge, it was Tina. And the guy was getting a really good ride. By the time they were done and drunkenly passed out there was a puddle of pre-cum under my sheets, and my erection simply wouldn’t go down any-more. As soon as their breathing relaxed, I got up, sneaked over to Kim’s door. I stood right next to the door and knocked quietly. My thick meaty erection was stuck against the door, it’s throbbing causing the entire thing to shake loudly in it’s frame.

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