Churned In The Tub

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Chapter 1: Churned In the Tub

Sex has always been a taboo topic in my family. My mother, Judith, enforced a strict ban on pornography in our home, and on the rare (but still far too often) occasion when she caught me masturbating, she made it clear that she was displeased. She never tried to impose a ban on masturbation, thankfully. But the tone that she tried to set was clear: Porn? Bad. Masturbation? Bad. Sex?

Badder! Most Bad!

This went over about as well as you would expect. I masturbated. I found porn. My friends made copies of stuff and slipped it to me on burnt CD-ROMs disguised as music. (Which triggered a lecture on music piracy when those were discovered.)

When the internet got big, she limited our access to it and had some weird-ass software installed on the router that blocked access to most pornography. It didn’t completely stop me from watching porn when I wanted to, but it was an unnecessary hurdle. (Thanks Mom.)

Thankfully, my Aunt Jenny was there to act as a balance (of sorts) to Mom’s prudish attitude. She told me that sex wasn’t a bad thing and nothing to be ashamed of. Jenny loved sex, a lot, and wasn’t shy about it.

Jenny Sarah Dell, my Aunt.

Voluptuous, stacked, curvy. All of these words apply, but fall short of seeing the woman in the flesh. Six foot five, HH bust size (at least), curvy ass, red hair down to the small of her back, and her voice…Her voice! Pure sex. Husky, sultry, tempting, it made promises that you knew her body could keep.

“Could you pass the butter, Ryan?” She asked, taking a deep breath that made HH cup breasts strain against a cream-colored blouse. (This was at a small family dinner, just Jenny, Judith, and I. My Mom had just left the table to grab a pie out of the oven.)

I passed the butter, brazenly staring into her generous cleavage. I wanted to lick the butter off of them. She bit her lower lip, watching my struggle to turn my eyes in a direction that was decent.

“Thank you,” she purred, taking the butter dish from my trembling hand. As I watched, she rubbed a finger against the butter, then trailed it through her generous cleavage. It left an oily sheen on her pale skin.

I gave a start at this, embarrassed at being caught out so easily. She chuckled, dabbed her tits with a napkin, and winked at me.

Judy disapproved of her sister’s occasional flirting with her son, which is why Aunt Jenny did it so rarely, but when she did, it provided me with plenty of fapping material.

The summer after I graduated high school, one of my friends slipped me a DVD, wrapped in brown paper. It was a four hour compilation porn movie with a slip of paper inside that told me which scene to look for.

I waited until I knew my Mom wouldn’t be home for a few hours, popped it in my DVD player, and watched. My Aunt Jenny’s voice purred from my laptop speakers, her hand wrapped around a man’s cock, remarking upon how large it was, how thick. She blew it, fucked it, and begged him to shoot all over her fat tits.

It was glorious. I shot several thick ropes of cum all over my chest. I was exhausted, dehydrated, and sore after an hour of watching that scene on repeat.

I didn’t get a chance to see my Aunt Jenny that summer. She was “working at whatever she does for a living whenever she isn’t slutting it up” according to my Mom, the disapproval in her voice clear.

A day after getting all huffy over her sister “slutting it up”, I got home early from work and found my prude Mother sunbathing nude in our fenced backyard. I’d gone up to my room to change out of sweaty clothes and I saw a flash of pink out my window that drew my eye.

I caught my Mom getting to her feet and watched her slip back into a black one-piece bathing suit that clung to her abundant curves. It left (almost) nothing to my imagination.

My Mom is taller than I am, but shorter than Aunt Jenny. She’s around six foot two (I’m merely six feet), her bust size is approximately two-thirds of Aunt Jen’s, short blonde hair, startling green eyes, and the most luscious, heart-shaped ass I’ve ever seen on any woman, ever, anywhere. No pornstar I’d ever seen could match my Mommy when it came to her ass. Big, tight, curvy, delicious. I wanted it as much as I wanted Aunt Jenny’s rack.

She was quick, trying to jiggle everything back into the one-piece. Too little, too late, Mother.

I saw everything.

Well, almost everything. Her nipples eluded my gaze, damn it!

She called out as she was climbing the stairs to the second floor, asking if I was home. I responded in the affirmative and stepped out into the hallway. Mommy’s skin was slick with sweat and…Coconut oil? Coconut oil. Definitely.

The black suit looked even better up close. I was shirtless, I’d slipped into some shorts as she climbed the stairs. I’d long ago determined that her nipples were of the “puffy” varietal, though I’d never gotten a peek. Whatever she wore, the nipples were casino oyna always prominent, but never erect.

Mom murmured something about dinner in an hour, I mumbled something back and slipped past her on my way to the bathroom, managing to believably brush my bare chest against hers. Mom gave a little “whoops” and put a hand on my chest, gently pushing me away, giggling.

“Clumsy today, are we?”

I mumbled yes and ogled her ass as she jiggled towards her room. She didn’t turn around once.

I hit the shower and erupted, cum shooting everywhere.

My Mom and Aunt aren’t the only ones in our family that were genetically blessed. The few pictures I have of my Dad (who died in a car crash, mid 90s) showed him to be handsome and fit. We look a lot alike.

I’m six foot, lean and fit (visible six-pack fit), and I have a thick cock. I’d learn much later that I got that from my Dad, too.

I was (and still am) obviously, an attractive young man. Which turned out to be a gift and a curse. In addition to my Mother attempts to keep me away from pornography, she also did a pretty damn good job of ruining my attempts to score.

Despite being active in sports, handsome, and horny as a goat, I was also, technically, a virgin when I turned eighteen. No thanks to my prude Mom.

I fought with her about attending a college that wasn’t in-town. She wanted me to stay at home, I wanted dorms, or a frat. I wanted to fuck something, and I was tired of jacking off to my Aunt’s porn, or fantasies of ripping that one-piece from Mommy’s body, mounting her from behind and…

You get the picture.

Well, I won that battle. Freshman year was at a college four hours away from home. My friends were sympathetic to my sexual needs, and they had friends on campus. They tipped off the right people that a hot, young, throbbing, virginal freshman with a big dong was coming in hot and needed a place to land.

Enter Gail, the woman who didn’t so much take my virginity as steal it. She was a Senior with a tight-body and a magnificent ass, blond hair, and blue eyes. UNF

Gail had spent her freshman, sophomore, and junior years perfecting her cock-sucking technique. One of the first things she did with me was take me in her mouth and make me see stars. My thickness was a “real challenge” for her, she told me. “This is a nice cock. Seriously, Ryan. Jesus. Some girls will tell you they don’t care about size and feed you a line about ‘the motion of the ocean’, no. They care. Every girl wants to have something like this inside them.”

Those words were followed by a thirty minute blowjob that had me gasping, crying, and yelling by the end of it. I passed out long enough for her to grab me a glass of water, which I gulped down.

“I swallowed every drop,” she whispered, when I was done hydrating. I grinned. Aunt Jenny had given me a DVD for my eighteenth birthday that featured Nina Hartley demonstrating proper pussy-eating technique.

I flipped Gail on her back and went to town. Shit got loud. Best birthday present, ever.

The first month of college was a blur of sex, sex, and studying. Gail blew up my phone whenever she had a free moment, jonesing for my dick, tongue, and fingers. I obliged, we fucked everywhere.

One weekend I decided to go home and visit Mom, get a break from the cock-hungry senior that couldn’t get enough of me. Gail promised me that when I got back, she’d let me fuck her ass, no one had ever been inside it, so she said.

And it was all mine.

The four hour drive back home was filled with visions of my thick eight inches being swallowed by her tight ass. I left campus late because we fucked longer than I had originally meant to. First world problems.

I got home around 11:00PM. The house was dark. Aunt Jenny’s SUV was in the driveway. I parked my piece-of-shit Toyota Corolla behind hers and grabbed my weekend bag and heaved it inside. I’d stuffed all my laundry into this big bag along with a few bricks masquerading as textbooks. I huffed and puffed it through the front door, up the stairs, and into my room.

Only when I dropped it on my bed and take a few restorative breaths did I hear it.

The sound of my Mother having an orgasm.

“Oh god, oh god, oh gggaawwwddd, I’m coming!”

I heard my Aunt Jenny’s voice bark something at my Mom that I couldn’t make out. She replied:

“GOD YES! Please, I do! I want it!”

Judith’s shrieks grew, plateaued, then petered off into soft moans.

By that time I was naked, sitting on the edge of my bed, fists clenched, staring down at my painfully erect cock.


Real incest.

I’d jacked to my Aunt’s porn before. Fantasized about her coming into my room and taking my cherry, breaking me in, riding me, shoving those huge udders in my face…I’d even jacked to thoughts of my Mom from time-to-time.

But there was a certain amount of appropriate guilt that came with each of these fantasies. I hadn’t emerged completely canlı casino unscathed from my Mom’s (now obviously bullshit) puritanical attitudes towards sex.

They were fucking. I could hear the bedstead thumping against the wall. Aunt Jenny is fucking Mommy Judy. Mommy, not Mother or Mom or Judith.


I stood up and walked out of my room, padding down the hall, cock bobbing, to my Mother’s bedroom door. It sounded like they were going at it pretty hard.

What are they doing?

Was Aunt Jenny fucking Mom with a dildo? A strap-on? Her fist?

I clenched mine and walked, quietly, back down the hall to the bathroom.

I locked the door behind me and turned on the water.

Cold shower, that’s what I’ll do. Cold shower.

I turned the water on hot and stepped under the spray. I stroked my length and tried to picture Gail’s mouth wrapped around it. Gail turned into Jenny turned into Judith, Mommy. Who then morphed back into Aunt Jenny.

She’d tell me what a nasty boy I was, wanting to fuck Mother, and how she might be able to help me do it, if I wanted.

“But you’ll have to fuck me first Nephew,” she said, offering me her big round ass, pussy swallowing my…

I cranked the water from hot to cold, gasping and planting my cock in the middle of the spray.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

I stepped out of the shower a few minutes later, shivering, toweled off, went back to bed, and laid down. I puts in some earbuds, turned on white noise track, and fell right to sleep.

My dreams were full of tits and ass and Mommies and Aunties and sucking, fucking. Gail was sitting on a cloud, watching me screw the hundreds of slutty relatives lined up to service me, clones of Aunt Jenny and Mommy Judith. She shouted encouragement and kept up a running commentary in multiple languages.

I ejaculated onto the ground and an apple tree sprung from my seed. My Aunt took a bite from a big fat red one, juices ran down her chin and onto her huge tits. She offered one to me and I licked, slurping the fruit’s juice from each one of her nine nipples.

She mounted me and whispered that every single drop would be hers.

Gail was in a timeout, pouting. My Mom took Gail over her knee and spanked her with a big wooden paddle.

“Bad girl, bad girl, bad girl!”

Eventually I woke up.

It was 11:34 AM. I slept in. Big surprise.

I stretched, naked. Everything felt sore. So fucking sore.

The house was silent. Thank god. I wanted to put as much time between seeing my Aunt and Mom as I could. I really needed to piss.

I pulled some boxers on and went to the bathroom. The light was off, door unlocked, but a wave of hot air hit me as I opened the door and the mirror fogged.

I flicked on the low-light switch so my retinas wouldn’t burst into flame, and shuffled towards the toilet.

We have a larger than average bathroom, with a separate shower and bathtub. As you come in on the right, there’s the sink, mirror, and toilet. Directly in front is the shower. On the left is the tub.

I heard the sound of water shifting, dripping, a husky voice purred:

“Hey tiger.”

I freaked, I jumped, I went “AH!” and turned towards the noise, simultaneously backing away. The back of my knees hit the toilet and I sat down hard.

My Aunt Jenny was in the bathtub. Her long red hair was put up in a bun. The noise I’d heard was her shifting in the tub so she could face me, the upper half of her torso was not submerged. One hand covered both tits. The crook of an elbow hid one nipple, her palm hid another. The pale tit-flesh threatened to swallow both hand and arm.

Fuck they’re big. So Big.

“Hey tiger, Ryan?”

My cock was at attention even though I wasn’t.

“I’m sorry Aunt Jen I didn’t know you were in here I uh, um.”

“That’s okaaayyy,” she stretched the word, “I didn’t lock the door, so it’s kinda my fault, you know? Don’t worry about it. Do you need to use the bathroom?”

“Yeah, yeah, I kinda do.”

She sank back into the water, suds swallowing her fat tits.

She turned away from me and said “Go ahead and go, babe, that thing looks about to burst.” She giggled.

I awkwardly stood up, unleashed the beast, pointed it at the toilet, and pissed. It took a few seconds for the stream to get started. When I was finished, I flushed, washed my hands at the sink and turned to g-

Ripple, ripple, splash…

“Don’t go yet, Ryan, I haven’t seen you in a while. Let’s chat,” the sultriness in her voice was turned up to well-past eleven. She goddamn well-knew the effect she was having on me, goddammit.

“Okkaaayyyyy,” I said, stretching the word, turning from the sink to face her.

The top of her breasts were visible, a long line of cleavage led down into the water.

She smiled at me, her lips were red. An unnatural shade of red, was she wearing lipstick?

“What do you want to tal-”

“I want to talk about that,” she interrupted, kaçak casino pointing at my erection. “I bet the girls are loving you at college, right? With a fat cock like that, I bet you can take your pick.”

“I do okay,” I replied reluctantly.

“Your Dad was a big boy, too, I’m glad to see you inherited that from him.”

“Um…Me too?”

She giggled. “Oh, you’re all sorts of turned on right now, aren’t you? ‘Me too,’ ” she mocked, playfully.

“Get in the tub with me,” she commanded, suddenly, voice different. Her face lost the naughty smile it held a moment earlier.

“Get in,” she repeated, sultriness returning, mixed with an almost embarrassed kindness, as if suddenly conscious of how harsh she’d sounded. “The water’s hot…”

I swallowed.

“Okay, I guess I can…” I trailed off and started to get into the tub.

“Lose the boxers first, silly boy.”

I paused, brought my foot back to the floor and, to my own surprise, did as she told me.

I looked deep into her blue eyes as I did it, maintaining eye contact. I pulled the waistband down until my cock freed itself, smacking against my washboard abs, stickily. I dropped the boxers and stepped out of them.

Her grin got wider and her eyes left mine to travel down my well-muscled chest and admire my manhood.

“Hot damn. Look. At. You. How big is that thing?”

“A girl at college told me eight inches, so, eight inches. You like what you see Aunt Jenny?”

I could hear the blood pounding in my ears. Suddenly I was naked with an object of my deepest, darkest, sweatiest, stickiest, naughtiest, most taboo desires.

It was heady stuff.

She didn’t answer my question, just looked me in the eye and said: “Tub?”, arching an eyebrow expectantly.

“Oh. Yeah.” I said, stepping into the bathtub.

The hot water felt so good after my night of sexual frustration.

It felt even better since I was sharing it with the fucking babe that was my Aunt Jenny.

Our bathtub is big. Big enough that my Mom didn’t like to use it very often because she thought it wasted water. It had two “seats” in it that faced each other.

I settled into my seat and let the hot water seep into my skin. Aunt Jenny’s breasts floated enticingly just a few feet away. Her legs and mine were touching, slickly rubbing together in the hot water.

She purred and began to play with one of her nipples, making circles with her fingers beneath the water. She’d dropped some kind of scented aromatherapy stuff into it that made it frustratingly opaque.

“Did you hear,” she said, thrusting her chest out, “What I did to your Mommy last night?”

My cock hurt, she was so fucking sexy, this was right out of every fantasy I’ve ever had times a thousand.

“You…You fucked her,” I said, emphasizing ‘fucked’.

She raised her eyebrows.

“What a dirty mouth you have. Yeah, I fucked your Mommy last night. I fucked her good. Your Mom and I used to do the nasty all the time when we were younger. Your Dad sometimes joined us. Well, often joined us.”

I was speechless. She continued:

“Judy wasn’t always a prude. I tried really hard to fuck you on your eighteenth birthday. I wanted to take your cherry so much. But your Mom stopped me. Last night was the first time she’s let me inside her in a while. I made her make up for the fact that she got in the way of me taking this,” she leaned forward to wrap her hand around my cock, “inside me.”

“You wanna fuck your Aunt Jenny, don’t you Ryan?”

“God, yes!”

“I bet you’d like to fuck your Mom too?”

“Yes, I want to fuck her so …”bad

“You want to feel Mommy’s pussy wrapped around your Big Boy dick?”

“So much, I want it so much…”

She let go of my cock and sat back in the tub, then rose out of the water.

Breastflesh surged from the depths, sudsy water cascading off two massive orbs, pale skin with large areolae, pale pink, topped with two fat red nipples that looked painfully hard.

“If you want to fuck your Mommy,” she purred, “You’re going to have to fuck me first.”

She stood up completely, water splashed everywhere. The curvature of her body was perfect, her thighs and belly exquisite. I stared up at two enormous, titanic-sized breasts, her face eclipsed from view by their udder magnificence.

Aunt Jenny was voluptuousness defined. Like an ancient fertility goddess. I could imagine her laying upon an altar, in a temple, with hundreds of men waiting in line to mount her and spurt their seed into her hungry womb.

All of these thoughts ran through my head in an instant, then evaporated, because I finally saw the one thing that threw my perception of reality into disarray and made me wonder if I was still dreaming.

Between my Aunt Jenny’s legs, there was an erect cock. A big cock, a giant cock.

Below that cock, balls. Big balls.

Aunt Jenny wrapped a hand around the base and gave it a squeeze, a glop of clear fluid oozed from the head. She let go, took two fingers, and pressed them into the tip. They sank into the spongy flesh and she moaned huskily. She slid them in and out with a ‘shlick, shlick, shlick’ noise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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