Chapter 4 Mel finds a parter in crime

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Please pay attention to the tags. If you’re squicked by hardcore shit, please don’t read it and give it negative ratings. As I’ve developed Mel’s character, I’ve decided to move this to the Dark Fantasy genre, and take the story in a much darker direction.

The warm sun shining on her face brought Mel slowly awake. The last thing she remembered was being lifted out of the bathtub and dried off, before being carried to the bed. As she slowly became aware of her surroundings, she realized that the warm body next to hers was the bodyguard who had helped her kill the owners of the motel. Was it just last night, or a lifetime ago? She realized that she had no sense of how long she had been asleep.
Opening her eyes, she saw that her face was buried in his smooth chest, his massive body easily dwarfing her petite frame. Opening her mouth, she took the steel ring of his right nipple in her mouth and began sucking on it. With that, he began stirring, taking in a deep breath. Sucking harder on it, she at first gently bit on his nipple, then tugged harder on it with her teeth. “Harder” he whispered to her “make it bleed”. Mel didn’t need any encouragement. She bit harder into the nipple behind the ring till she tasted blood in her mouth. With that her cunt began aching, she felt the juices starting to flow. She also felt his cock begin to push against her thigh as it got hard.
Reaching down with one hand, Mel gripped his cock, it was then that she realized how big he was. The shaft of his cock felt as thick around as her wrist, about ten inches long. Letting go of his nipple, she slid her body down his till she was facing his hard-on. He was uncircumcised, the skin the dark brown of tanned bullhide. Tattoos and ceremonial scars matching those that covered his chest also covered the shaft of his cock. Dark blue veins running the length of his cock throbbed with life. Opening her mouth, Mel pushed her tongue underneath his foreskin, running it around the purple head of his cock, tasting his musk and the salty pre-cum leaking from his tip. Pushing the head into her mouth, Mel pushed his foreskin back, revealing the head. Sucking on it, she let her spit run down the shaft, and began stroking the length of his now hard cock with her hand.
She lifted her head off his cock, looked up and looked into his eyes for the first time since waking. He returned her gaze and smiled, “you know what to do now, don’t you?” he asked. Smiling, she sat up and straddled his cock. Spread her cunt lips, she pushed the head of his cock against her hole. Pushing against his cock as she began to sit on it, at first her cunt resisted the violation. As she relaxed, her hole opened and she moaned as the head pushed past her lips to fill her cunt. Once past the initial resistance, she pushed her weight down and her cunt swallowed the rest of his cock. Mel briefly wondered how her small body was able to swallow the length of his cock, but then she realized that she didn’t care. All she cared about was the glorious sensation of being impossibly filled with his meat.
Slowly rocking her hips back and forth, she began grinding her cunt into his smooth crotch. Her juices were now running out of her cunt, covering his dark skin. Mel could feel his heartbeat through her cunt, his cock pulsing, stretching her cunt to its limits. Leaning forward, Mel again began chewing on his still bloody nipple. With one hand he reached behind her head and pushed it firmly into her chest, encouraging her to attack
?the nipple. With his other hand he reached underneath her and began playing with her clit, pinching it casino siteleri hard. The pain, combined with the taste of blood from his now freely bleeding nipple inflamed Mel’s senses, she began losing any awareness of her surroundings. After getting his fingers slick with her juices, he reached around and forcefully pushed two of his thick fingers into her asshole. With that, Mel gasped and she felt herself begin to cum. She felt his fingers pushing against his cock through the thin flesh separating her cunt from her asshole. Her breath ragged, her cunt gripped his cock tightly, her muscles milking it. With a violent thrust, Mel felt his cock begin to shoot cum deep inside her. She kept grinding her hips into his, jerking his cock back and forth with her body weight. After what seemed like an eternity, his cock stopped. Cum and juiced from her cunt leaked out around the shaft of his cock.
Leaning forward, Mel rested her sweat covered body against his chest, his cock still filling her cunt. Wrapping his arms around her, the bodyguard whispered in her ear, “I’ve been waiting for you longer than you can imagine”. As they both lay there, their deep breathing began to match each others in cadence. His cock slowly softened, then slid out of her aching cunt.
Lying quietly, Mel realized that she heard ragged breathing from the other side of the room. Looking up, she spotted Bill, the clerk she had been bribing with blow jobs for the last several months allowing her to stay almost rent-free at the hotel while she turned tricks at the truck-stop next door. It was that arrangement that had prompted the motel owners to confront Mel, and that had resulted in their well-deserved deaths. With their deaths, their preternatural powers had been transferred to Mel. She still wasn’t completely aware of what that meant, but she knew that her life would never be the same. Bill was lying naked on the floor of the seedy motel room, breathing raggedly through his bandaged nose.
Rolling her body off of the bodyguard, Mel softly said “I think it’s time we put him to work”. Sitting up, the bodyguard smiled and nodded his agreement. Standing up, she could see that his naked body was solidly muscled, his black skin still shiny with sweat from their fucking. Walking over to the clerk lying on the floor, he reached down and gently pinched his nose closed and covered his mouth, cutting off his breathing. After a few seconds, Bill’s eyes opened in panic and he jerked his head to the side, drawing a deep ragged breath. With that the bodyguard hooked his hands under Bill’s armpits and lifted him up as is he weighed nothing. “Get over there and make yourself useful to your new owner”. Stumbling, Bill staggered over to the bed that Mel was lying on. His naked body was skinny, covered in livid bruises from Mel’s encounter with the motel owners.
Spreading her legs, Mel said “get down there and start licking me clean”. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, Bill stuck his face in Mel’s cunt and began licking, at first tentatively, then with more enthusiasm as he realized that he was doing what was expected of him. As he was licking, Mel pushed her cunt muscles, expelling the slimy cum from the bodyguard into his mouth. As he was doing this, the bodyguard walked up behind Bill, reached down with one hand and began tightly squeezing his balls, pulling them painfully backwards. This drew a scream of pain from Bill, which was quickly muffled
?when the bodyguard used his other hand to push his face back into Mel’s soaking cunt. Leaning forward he whispered in Bill’s ear “You weren’t given permission to stop”.
With canlı casino that, the bodyguard flipped Bill up onto the bed, on his back with his head hanging over the edge. With one swift motion he forced his cock into Bill’s gasping mouth, pinning his arms so he couldn’t struggle. Thrusting his hips, he slowly began fucking Bill’s mouth. As Bill began relaxing, accepting his fate, the bodyguard began rhythmically fucking his face. Lying on the bed next to them, Mel idly fingered her cunt, enjoying the show. As Bill’s cock began to stiffen, Mel leaned over and took it in her mouth. She was very familiar with the taste of this cock, she had been sucking it for months to get out of paying full rent at the motel. This was different though, she no longer needed to satisfy Bill to continue staying at the motel, she was the new motel owner by virtue of killing off the old owners. Mel decided to enjoy herself at Bill’s expense.
The harder the bodyguard fucked Bill’s face, the harder his cock got. Taking the full length of his cock down her throat, Mel closed her mouth and roughly raked her teeth along the length of his shaft as she pulled her head back. She didn’t draw blood, but it was enough to draw a gagged groan of pain as he arched his back in pain. Mel enjoyed his reaction, so she swallowed his cock again, and again raked her teeth along the length of his shaft. This time she drew blood, and Bill began to struggle. The bodyguard stopped fucking his face, shifted his grip on Bill’s arms and pinned him more tightly to the bed. Leaning forward, Mel whispered in his ear. “Keep struggling and you won’t leave this room alive. We want to keep you alive, but you’re going to have to learn your new station in life.” Pausing for a moment to allow her words to sink in, Mel felt Bill’s body relax.
As he relaxed, the bodyguard pulled his cock out of Bill’s mouth, turned around and spread his ass cheeks as he sat on Bill’s upturned face. “Clean him” Mel whispered in his ear. With that, Mel reached forward and began licking the blood from Bill’s cock. She then began sucking and biting on his balls, drawing blood from the tender skin. Looking up, she could see Bill’s tongue pushing into the bodyguard’s asshole. Burying her face in his balls, Mel began roughly chewing on Bill’s ball sack. The metallic, salty taste of blood filled her mouth, inflaming her further. Sitting up, she straddled Bill’s crotch, and lowered her cunt over his stiff cock. As she watched Bill cleaning the bodyguards asshole, she smiled and began pissing on Bill’s bloody cock and balls. Bill let loose a muffled scream of pain as the salty piss felt like it was setting his cock on fire. Mel kept pissing till her bladder was empty, then in one motion she sat on his cock, burying it in her asshole.
That was all it took for Bill to cum. For months Mel had denied Bill the pleasure of fucking her, allowing him to only receive her blow jobs. Now Mel could feel him shooting his cum deep into her ass. After Bill finished draining his cock in her ass, Mel slid off him, his cock was slimy with blood, mucous, cum, there was a small lump of shit smeared across the head. Leaning down, Mel took his cock in her mouth. She could
?taste the bitter, pungent taste of her shit, she reveled in the taste as she greedily licked and sucked him clean.
Sitting up, she gently pushed the bodyguard from behind. He stood up and turned around, Mel could clearly see that his his ass hadn’t been clean, the evidence was smeared across Bill’s face. The bodyguard gave Mel a wide grin, looking into his eyes, she smiled back. Moving forward, kaçak casino she straddled Bill’s face, spreading her ass cheeks as she settled down over his shit smeared face.
As soon as she felt Bill’s tongue push into her asshole, she sat down, resting her weight on his face. Reaching down, Mel began finger fucking her cunt, grinding her ass into his face as the bodyguard began sucking on her nipples. Pushing, she could feel the cum being forced out of her ass into his mouth, his tongue pushing into her waiting hole. As she felt her shit pushing past her asshole, Bill began to choke. Grinding her ass into his mouth, Mel rested her entire weight on his face. She felt the warm shit being smeared across her ass and Bill’s face as he struggled to keep up. Still finger fucking her cunt, the bodyguard bit down hard on her nipple, she felt like her tit had been set on fire. Mel came, her entire body shuddering.
Standing up, Mel’s knees were weak. Reaching up she held onto the bodyguard’s shoulder as she turned to look at Bill. He was a mess. Squatting down next to his head, Mel was almost overcome with the rich, rank smell from the abuse they had inflicted. His cock lay limp against his stomach, fresh blood still seeping from his wounds. Whispering in his ear, Mel explained the situation to him.
“You see Bill, my friend and I are the new proprietors of this establishment. After carefully reviewing your job performance, we’ve decided that you’re not reliable enough to work the front desk anymore. After all, you did let one of the whores live here almost rent-free for months, just for the sake of getting a few blow jobs. I know how much money that cost your previous employers, and if you were willing to do that for me, then you’d be willing to do that for the next slut who crawls between your legs and unzips your pants.”
“So we’ve decided that you’re going to earn back some of the money you’ve cost this establishment. We’ve both seen how much you enjoy sucking cock, so we’re going to put you to work for us. Some of the truckers who come through here aren’t interested in girls, some don’t care who they use, as long as they get to abuse a warm body. Hell, you and I both know there are are a couple who don’t even care if the body is warm. Before we put you to work though, you need to clean yourself up. I can think of only one or two truckers who’d want to use you in your current condition, and they’re not due to come through for a couple more weeks. Go clean up and meet us at the front desk in 30 minutes.”
Bill knew there was nowhere he could run. All of the drivers passing through the truck stop knew who he was, nobody would help him. They were all too mercenary, too afraid that they would be banned from returning to the motel to relieve their pent-up sexual
urges. Realizing that, Bill crawled off the bed and staggered out the door of the motel room, naked, covered in bruises, blood, cum, mucous and shit, slowly making his way to the room next to the front desk where he had lived for years.
Left alone, Mel and the bodyguard looked at each other and began laughing. Mel ran and jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his midriff. Reaching down, the bodyguard took the head of his cock and slipped it into her sopping cunt. With a groan of pleasure, Mel sank down, burying his cock to its base in her cunt. Carrying her into the bathroom, the bodyguard started the shower and stepped into the tub, allowing the steaming water to wash over both of them. Whispering in her ear, he said “by the way, you can call me Marcus”.
“I’m Mel” she replied, before biting his nipple hard enough to taste blood. With that, he came, shooting hot cum into her waiting cunt for the second time since they woke up.

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