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My name is, Rick, I’m a single father of a beautiful, 19 year old daughter. My daughter Trisha and have been together since her mother walked out on us ten years ago. She was one of the types that was always saying, I have to find myself”. I say bullshit. She just missed being fucking by five or six men a night.

We have a great life. I work for one of the biggest construction companies in the world. We get to travel all over the world and we have a great time. As for money, I’m loaded. I make thousands of dollars a month.

Trisha is a very pretty girl. She’s about five foot, seven inches tall. She has very light brown hair, it looks so good. Pretty green eyes that are covered by little gold glasses. Trisha is one of the many girls in the world that thinks she’s fat. She only weighs 120 pounds.

Her 34C sized breast are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Her areola circles are a nice deep, pink color. The nipples are very small and always hard and standing up. I love watching them when Trisha wears a thin blouse.

The best parts of Trisha are her hips, ass and legs. They are not fat but full. The kind you can grab a hold of when your fucking the shit out of a girl. The two things that really pisses me off about her is that even with all of the money we have, she wears the ugliest, baggiest clothes you’ve ever seen. And she never, I mean never goes out of the house. No dates, no friends of any kind.

It was New Years Eve, we were in Los Angles for the holidays. That night we had been drinking, getting ready for the new year.

“So, daughter of mine, what is your New Years resolution?” I ask.

“I don’t know, what’s yours Daddy.” Trisha replied.

“I have no idea.”

“I know what it should be,” she placed her hand on her hip, “It should be, THAT you start finding women to go out with.”

“Oh really? What if I’d rather stay home with you?” I was shocked after I said that. “I know what yours should be.”

“Oh thank you, Daddy,” she hugged me, “What should mine be?” She ask.

I was kind of embarrassed, “You need to start dressing sexy,” I hugged her, “for me.”

Her face turned red, she replied, “Would you like that Daddy?” She stood up, going to re-fill our drinks, “I think I’m fat Daddy. My butt is to big and my hips are TOO wide.”

I was in shock, she’s a babe, “WHAT? You are a sexy woman,” my hands reached to her hips, ” take off your shirt.”

” DADDY!.” Trisha yelled.

” Go on, do it.” I said.

Trisha being a great daughter, took it off, “Look, these are wonderful,” I said, caressing her bra, “now, your pants.”

“Daddy, what’s gotten into you tonight?” She smiled, and slid off her baggy pants, “I better cut off your drinks.”

I just gazed at her hips and legs, “Fuck, you’re beautiful, “I pulled her to me, pressing my face against her tummy and my hands reached around her, caressing her wonderful panty covered ass, “Oh baby, you’re not fat. You’re pretty, sexy and a beautiful woman.”

I pulled her on my lap, placing a soft kiss on her lips, “You turn me on, a lot.”

“Really? You know what Daddy? You do the same to me.”

“Lets dance together,” I stood up, pulling her into my arms, “You feel so good.”

“OUCH,” Trisha said, ” Your jeans are rough.”

I pulled away from her, taking off my pants. I forgot I didn’t have on any briefs, “Oh Daddy… you’re so big.” Her eyes gazed at my hard cock pole.

” Lets dance,” I said, she moved into my arms. My cock slid between her sexy legs. Finding her illegal bahis wet love spot.

“Oh Daddy, it feels so good.” She purred.

We danced to the soft music, as the new year came. My cock between my sexy daughters legs and her wet love on me. We moved as one with the sexy music. Our hips pressed together as tight as we could get. My hands caressing her ass, pushing her into my stiff meat.

“Oh Daddy, I’m going to explode,” she moved her hips on my cock, “Oh, oh help me. Help me cum.”

I walked us to the sofa, Trisha laid across my lap, “So, this… is the wonderful thing that made me,” her gentle hands held my cock, “Why did mom ever leave this? If it was mine,” she looked up to my face, “I would have it inside me day and night.”

Trisha caressed me and started placing little kisses all around my love pole. Her hands were so warm and delicate. She moaned as she played with me.

“Oh girl, we need to stop this. I could go to jail.”

“No, Daddy. I’m a grown woman. Let me, please.” She said in a little girl voice and she stuck out her lower lip.

I had a painful look on my face, “I don’t want anything to ever come between us,” I stroked her hair, “It would kill me to loose you.”

“Daddy, you’ll never, ever loose me. I love you.” She said and then sucked my cock head, into her mouth.

“Oh baby, yes, yes.” I moaned.

Her mouth worked my cock, it was so wet and warm. She sucked the head, as her tongue licked. I hadn’t been with a woman in a long time, I knew it would only be a few seconds before I started shooting cum in my daughters mouth.

“Oh baby, STOP. I don’t want to cum in your mouth.” I pulled out of her mouth.

“Daddy, why did you do that?” she grabbed my cock, “Please, let me finish. That’s the best part.” Trisha gave me the most sexy look, I had ever seen in my life.

She sucked me a little harder, her tongue licked me faster. Her hands moved up and down my cock shaft. She moaned and groaned as she pleasured me.

“OH BABY, OH YES, HERE…. IT…. CUMS.” I yelled.

Trisha sat up driving my cock down her throat. Sucking me hard. Draining me of all my cum.

” Oh baby,” I pulled her into my arms, ” I love you, so much.”

She hugged me back, ” Daddy, I love you.”

“Come Monday, I’m taking you shopping. Whatever I buy you, you have to wear.” I told her.

” I’ll do or wear anything you want, Daddy,” She drove her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deep, ” Oh Daddy, take me, I’m on fire.”

” Baby, I can’t. I don’t have any rubbers, and you’re not on the pill. You might get pregnant.”

She started rubbing her pussy mound around my cock, ” OK, but, you’ve got to help me cum. I’m hurting, Daddy. PLEASE.”

I kissed her, ” Lay back, spread your legs.”

I moved between her legs, kissing and sucking her wonderful thighs. Slowly moving up to her young sex. Placing my mouth over her panty covered mound, I moved my tongue up and down her wet pussy slit.

“OH DADDY, YES…..YES,” Trisha screamed. As I ate her, ” GOD DADDY, MAKE ME CUM. MAKE ME CUM.”

I gently pulled her panties over and ask, ” Can I put my tongue you? Can I lick inside you?”

Trisha pushed her pussy in my face, ” OH YES, DO IT. MAKE ME CUM, MAKE ME CUM.”

I drove my tongue deep inside her body, while my mouth sucked her pussy mound, ” OH GOD. OH DADDY. YES… YES… OH DADDY.”

I moved my tongue in and out of her burning body. My hands found her young breast and I squeezed her tender nipples. Her hips and pussy moved illegal bahis siteleri in little circles around my face. My tongue moved with her body. She became so wet, her juices flowed from her body.

” Oh Daddy, I’m ready. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” She moaned, sucking in her lower lip. She laid back, letting me please her every need. I kept tonguing her body. Making sure I pleased her, as she pleased me.

” Oh Daddy,” Her hips thrust up in the air, ” yes….. oh yes.”

She came hard. Her juices squirted from her pussy so hard, it looked like she had pissed on me. I just kept sucking, tonguing and eating her hot pussy. I squeezed and pulled her delicate nipples hard.

She started crying as her orgasm ended, ” Daddy, I love you so much.” She moved into my arms. I held her next to me until morning.

I woke up the next day, Trisha, still in my arms. I watched her as she slept, a smile was on her pink lips. All I could think about was how wrong it was to have made love with her. I would have to make sure it never happened again. I knew it be very hard, she is so sexy and hot.

We went through the day hugging a lot but, not really getting sexual with each other. I thought it was great, maybe she thought the same thing as I had. It all went good until bed time.

I took a shower and walked into my room. There lay Trisha on my bed, wearing only a very small pair of panties and a sweet smile.

” Hi Daddy,” she purred, ” I was getting lonely.”

I watched her laying there, looking so sexy. My cock pole started growing, ” Oh Daddy. Did you miss me to?”

I moved to her, pulling her into my arms. Kissing her like I had not seen her in years, hard, deep and very passionate. My hands caressed and squeezed her firm ass, pushing her pussy into my stiff cock. I humped her pussy over her wet panties.

” Oh girl, you’re killing me,” I laid her down, covering her body with mine, ” I could take you so, so easy.”

” Do it, make me yours. Use me, anything, Daddy.” Trisha begged, as she humped her pussy on my cock.

” I can’t, you’ll get pregnant.” I kissed her again, as I shoved my cock against her panties, ” It might hurt you ,or worse.”

“It would be wonderful having your baby. My belly would grow more and more each day. We would know it’s ‘Our’ baby. Our symbol of the love we share. As I grew each day, you could caress my tummy and suck my warm milk from my swelling breast. As you sucked my milk, my body would become inflamed needing you to love me again.”

“Yes, it would be wonderful.” I said caressing her face.

” DADDY, I’M CUMMING. I’M CUMMING.” Trisha screamed.

I pushed my stiff cock on her pussy, rubbing it up and down her wet, hot pussy slit. Hard and fast, I wanted my baby girl to cum on my cock. Tomorrow, she would be cumming on my cock, when it’s inside her body.

Trisha giggled and said, “Damn, the one hurt. I can’t wait until tomorrow,” she moved down my body, taking my stiff cock in her hands, “Is Daddy all horny now?”

She took my hard, pulsing cock in her hot mouth. Trisha sucked me down her throat, hard and fast. Her pretty eyes watched as she worked her wonderful talent on me. Up and down her mouth moved on my cock, bringing me closer to cumming.

“Go baby, go, suck Daddy,” I caressed her face, “make me cum.”

She sucked my cock pole harder then before, taking it down her throat. Moving up and down the shaft, she sucked it all. She moaned as she pleasured me, her entire body was on fire.

“Oh baby canlı bahis siteleri girl, here I cum,” I shot cum in her mouth, down her throat and on her pretty face, “I’m sorry..” I wiped her face with my cock, placing it in her mouth. Again, she licked my cum off.

“That was great, Daddy,” she hugged me, “I can’t wait till you get some condoms. I need you in my hot pussy so bad.”

“I can’t wait to be in you baby.” I replied. We slept together until morning.

I awoke with Trisha on top of me. Trying to get my half-hard cock pole inside her pussy. She pulled off her panties and sat right down on my cock. But, it wasn’t at full hardness and with her being so tight. It wouldn’t go in her.

“You better stop little girl,” I gave her a little love slap on her ass, “are you that horny?”

She was crying, “Daddy, yes, I’m burning.”

“OK, I have an idea,” I reached into my night stand, and pulled out some sex gel, “turn over baby. Pull your ass up in the air.”

“Will it hurt Daddy,” she watched as I greased my cock, “your so big…will it hurt my butt?”

“Oh no, I’d never hurt my girl,” she turned watching as I rubbed the gel on her anus, “I’ll be slow and easy. It’s good, baby, trust me.”

“I trust you Daddy, you can do anything to me.”

I caressed her tender bottom, as I moved my finger to her wanting body. I placed it to her tight little anus, slowly moving it around her hole. Then I moved my finger tip inside, her muscles locked on me. Gently, moving deeper inside her virgin ass.


I pulled my finger from her body, putting my cock pole to her burning ass. Gently pushing the head inside her. Again, her muscles locked around me.

“OH DADDY…. YES, YES.” She screamed.

Creeping deeper inside her tender ass, I knew I would be cuming soon. Her muscles massaged my cock, as I made my way in her body. Until, at last, I was deep in her bowels. I laid on her back, kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Daddy, it hurts but, it feels soooooo good,” she started moving her ass, trying to pump my cock, “fuck my ass, Daddy, fuck me.”

I held her down, flat on my bed. Not letting her move an inch, I was going to fuck her tight ass, nice and easy. I didn’t want her lust hurting her. As horny as she was, she would have really hurt herself.

“Easy baby, you can’t do this fast. It’s your first time.” I told her.

“Make me CUM, I’M ON FIRE.” She yelled.

I moved my cock in and out her tight bowels, bringing her and myself closer to an orgasm. Slowly pushing my rigid cock inside her delicate body, she began to cum.

“OH… MY… GOD…” She screamed, as her body came. My cock still buried deep in her tight bottom, “DADDY, YES…YES…OH DADDY.”

I pumped faster as she came, I needed to cum in her. Her body jerked and spasmed as she came. I held her down, hard, with all my strength. Her tight ass muscles squeezed and locked on my hard cock pole.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming…. Daddy’s cumming in you… in your ass.”

“YES, YES, CUM IN ME, CUM IN ME.” Trisha screamed, as I shot jet after jet of my cum in her ass, in her bowels.

After we had finished, she moved into my arms, “We need to clean up, I’m taking you shopping, remember.” I said.

“How could I forget that. I get to buy all kinds of sexy things to wear for my man.” She purred like a kitten.

We walked through the mall like two kids in school. Hugging, kissing and trying to feel each other up. We looked at all the shops for young girls but, none really caught our eye. We were just about to leave when we spotted a small shop. They had everything, mini skirts, see through blouses and spandex pants. Everything I had in mind for Trisha to wear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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