Changes 03

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Thanks to MitchUncensored for editing this. I know that it’s been a long time in coming, but I haven’t been able to post. I’m working on the next chapter which will be even better yet. Please see chapters 1 & 2 before proceeding, and as always : Enjoy!

John looked over at his wife from under his lashes, she was contemplating the small bottle of Southern Comfort like it was her last hope on the planet. He wondered what had gotten into his wife today, When he had left this morning for work, she was his cute disheveled housewife. Lately he had noticed that he and his wife had fallen into a routine, work, dinner, and in bed by eight. They didn’t have a life outside of their home, sure they worked but they never got out anymore. There had been a knock on the door right before lunch that afternoon at his office. When he opened it, he was surprised to see Jason on the other side of the door. Jason came in and they stuck up a quick and easy catching up session. Jason told him about his company and small photography business he had on the side. Jason owned a large costume manufacturing company, they produced costumes and theatrical equipment for movies and on the stage. His photography business sprung up out of it as a small side gig that seemed to be taking up a large part of his time, but producing great profit. He claimed he was in the office trying to find a new accountant for his enterprise and happened to see his good buddies name on the directory.

John then filled his friend in on things at home and with his life, they got to talking about routines and john told Jason how he felt things at home were getting, well, boring. Jason agreed that when things get to that point, you need to let loose, or lose all your fun. Jason told him that he and his girlfriend were going out to celebrate some great business deal and invited John and Maria to join them. “Its been such a long time since we all hung out. Besides, it will be my treat, no need to worry about anything, I wanted my girl to gain some friends in the area, we met while on a business trip, and she moved out here with me when some of my things got relocated. Wanted to set up some ties in the area, you know? Get some friends here, help keeping her from thinking that she is all alone.” John nodded and thought it was a great idea and that he was going to talk to Maria when she got home.

“I’m not an accountant, but there are a few in this building that would be perfect for what you need. I will call over Derek over for you, or better yet, here is his card. I send most of my clients to him when they need their books looked at. He can get you on the right page, he is a whiz.” John looked over at the clock and thought about the Meeting that occurred a little over an hour ago. He was representing a small local business that wanted to break ground on a new store, he was waiting to hear back from both the inspector and the land owners any moment.

“Am I keeping you from something John? You keep staring at the clock.” Jason laughed.

“No, I just had a big meeting with the board of some prestigious little committee for some business owners. We have come up with the building designs for a new store but this little committee has something against small owners and was fighting the sale. The land owners belong to the committee so it is a battle, and plus they will not decide anything until the building plans have been thoroughly inspected buy their people. It’s just a bit of a hassle.” He put his hands on his eyes and sighed. “But I’m looking forward to a verdict is all.” Jason nodded.

“Well, I’m going to go. I will take this and give your guy a call. Hey, just remember, I always was your lucky charm,” he smiled and gave a small wave as he left the office, not two min after the door was closed behind him did the phone ring and he closed the deal.

John smiled back at the memory as he pulled himself out the tiny bottle of Wild Turkey, and pulled a swift draw from it. Jason had been one of his better luck charms when it came to certain things, Jason was partially responsible for his meeting his wife, although he would never tell her that.

Jason and their other buddy Chris were supposed to go pick up Chris’s cousin and her friend from the airport. Jason pled sickness and asked John to go instead. When Chris and John got there, he met Chris’s cousin Kelly, and her friend Maria, his future wife. Later Jason had admitted that he pled sickness because he had a crush on Maria and didn’t think he would be able to keep his mouth shut. Maria began hanging out with the boys more often and eventually became their friend. Jason had always maintained that he had a crush on Maria, but since Maria was John’s girl, she was way off limits and would not overstep.

Jason was always a little quiet and shy, but as Maria joined our group, her infectious personality had helped him open up too. Maria and Jason became fast friends, and Jason claimed he was over his crush. When Maria and John decided to get married, john only wanted casino oyna to have a best man and a bridesmaid. Maria had insisted that Jason, Chris, and their other friend Tom, all had to be in the wedding because it was only fair and that she would find extra people to be her bridesmaids. Maria had a very over inflated sense of right and wrong, and she always told you her opinion.

After the wedding, everyone started to head their own way. Chris joined the military and was now an elite SEAL training some troops somewhere. Jason and Chris stayed in contact through the computer mostly, but they still chatted on occasion. Tom went to school and headed down to Miami where he resides with his wife and son. Jason had gone up to New York to pursue what he wanted to do, and that was the last he had heard from the guy. He did get the annual dirty Christmas card, and everyone got a birthday card in the mail, but they were from a New York address. After Maria and John had gotten married they had headed out to the west. They settled in a small town outside Vegas and made the trek to California on occasion.

A hard bump jostled John out of his memories and he looked back at his wife. She seemed to be in her own little world also, he chuckled and knew that it wouldn’t be too soon before she would be tipsy. It didn’t take Maria much to get to drunk, not much at all, and she tried to not drink because of it, although this would be an experience for them. They would be going to dinner and night clubs afterwards, like normal adults. Maybe that is why she indulged.

John took in her demeanor, and with it, that decadent dress she wore. When he had cheekily suggested that the boys take her shopping he didn’t think she would agree as easily as she did. And when she came out of the store looking like a woman who had reinvented herself as a sexually charged vixen, John nearly had a heart attack. Where did his cute, mousy wife go? The one who would cuddle u with a book on the corner of the couch and chuckle to herself, the bookworm who struggled to get Zac through spelling classes because of his dyslexia? The woman who stepped into his living room only moments ago was not the same woman who had birthed twin sons without swearing like a trucker, or nursed them when they were sick. The woman who stepped into this car with him was something out of a wet dream he had once. She didn’t seem to think that she wielded any kind of power over the male form; she didn’t realize she was radiating sex and making John want to tell Ian to return them home.

John was not really a possessive man, he never really was, but tonight with his wife in that dress he felt like a damn wolf, wanting to mark his territory. This might just turn out to be one of the hardest nights of his life. He knew that his wife was not wearing the outfit to impress anyone but him, but he still knew that every man in their right mind would have their eyes on her long, lean legs and her supple breasts. His wife was always looker, and when she had the boys her breasts swelled in size and she tried to hide them away. She thought that they were too big for her body and always wanted to cover her chest. Tonight’s attire, however, did little to hide their size, and the bra she was wearing made them appear like they were going to slide out of the top of that dress. John licked his lips as he stared at his wife’s chest, and then took another pull from the bottle.

The ride to the city passed in relative silence except for the soft music coming out of the radio. Maria stared out her window watching the small little neighborhoods pass by, and John kept his eyes on his wife. He hoped that she didn’t get completely drunk later this evening. She never went too far, but he had a feeling some things were going to change tonight. Something seemed to be bothering her tonight, but he just couldn’t figure out what it was. He wasn’t sure it was nervousness, because she seemed jumpy even before he told her about this evening out with Jason.

Her anxiety perplexed him. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary today. She went to check on a few cars she had earmarked for the boys, but she had been checking all over the place for the last three weeks, so nothing out of the ordinary there. There was another large bump and John looked over at his wife. She seemed to be pulled out of some sort of day dream. Her face was flush and her breathing was ragged, almost like she had been running a marathon. The heaving her chest was doing was making John stare, even the tops of her breasts seemed flush. “You ok?” John asked his wife, and found that his voice sounded deeper than normal. She glanced over at him and smiled nervously, almost like she forgot he was there. She nodded and bit down lightly on her full lower lip. John stared openly at this and licked his lips.

Maria watched him lick his lips and her eyes flickered up to his. His eyes were glued to her face, but mostly at her lower lip, and she realized that she had bit down on it. She parted her lips to try and canlı casino break John’s concentration, and he looked up at her. His eyes had gone dark with arousal. He set down his little bottle of liquor and his hand reached out to pull Maria’s face closer to his. His kiss was light at first, and then it turned hungry. His tongue snaked its way inside her mouth and she moaned. John pulled his wife onto his lap and slid his hands up and under the tiny hem of the dress. His hands came to rest on her lace covered ass and he groaned into her mouth. He kneaded the flesh through the material and shuddered when Maria used her nails on his scalp. The stopping of the car in the front of the restaurant jolted John back to reality. Slowly he released his wife and set her on her side of the car. She looked at him with a frown, and then she too noticed that the car had stopped.

She looked out the window to see the bright lights of the restaurant and she quickly became nervous again. She looked down at her dress and noticed for the first time that the hem of her dress had been pulled up to her waist by her husband. She gasped and quickly started to try and pull it back down. John saw Ian approaching his side of the vehicle and tried to block his wife from view. When his door was pulled open he stepped out quickly. “Just give her a moment.” He said and Ian nodded. The older man pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to John with a smile. John stared down at it for a moment and then back at Ian. The older man laughed and gestured to John’s face. John quickly understood and bent down to look at his face in the side mirror. His wife’s lipstick was quite literally all over the bottom portion of his face. He smiled ruefully as he wiped most of it off, his lips and some of the surrounding tissue seemed almost stained with a slight red tint.

When John stood straight once again he could see that his wife had exited the car and was smoothing down her dress. He stepped over to his wife and dabbed at her mouth with the piece of cloth in his hands, until her face was also cleaned of her run away lipstick. “Seems like we got a little carried away there, love.” She blushed and nodded. She leaned down into the car and John groaned as the material of her dress pulled tightly over the curves of her ass and exposed just a little of the lace to his view. Maria looked up over her shoulder at her husband and saw the pained look on his face, then thought of the position she had just put herself in and smiled. She grabbed her purse and slowly, ever so slowly, straightened herself.

John knew that his wife had done that on purpose, so he foisted her in front of him as they proceeded into the restaurant. He held on tightly to her trim waist and followed her closely as they entered the crowded place. There was a hostess about four people in front of them and they decided to just wait in line. As a few people moved forward, John took this as an opportunity to rub his erection against his wife’s plump bottom. She squeaked in surprise, which drew the attention of a few people in line ahead o them. She blushed, and apologized as she rubbed her as back into him. John moaned in frustration as they were next to speak to the hostess. John realigned himself in his pants and stepped in front of his wife. “We are looking for Jason Herring, he told us to meet him here.”

The woman looked over at her little book and smiled. “Yes, Mr. Herring has a table reserved for this evening. He isn’t here yet, but he said we could seat you when you arrived. This way please.” She grabbed two menus off of her table and led the way through the very upscale restaurant to one of the tables near the back of the place. There were small sections of the restaurant sectioned off, which were obviously for private parties, and seated them in one of these sections. “Olivia will be your waitress for this evening. She will be over in just a moment to tell you about our specials for this evening. Please enjoy your meal.” The hostess bobbed in a slight bow and exited the area. The table was a giant booth and John decided that he should sit in front of Maria, so she couldn’t frustrate him further under the table. Maria frowned at his choice of seating, but said nothing as she pondered the menu.

As Maria was looking over her menu she noticed that there was someone standing at the edge of the table, she looked up to see a little waitress. “My Name is Olivia; can I start you folks off with something to drink tonight?” John looked over at his wife, and then down to the menu, which had absolutely no prices on it.

“Do you serve beer?” John asked and spotted Maria rolling her eyes. “What?” she just shook her head as the waitress laughed.

“Yes, the list is in the small booklet there.”She pointed to the small book at the end of the table. He reached over for it and flipped through the pages to the beers. “For you Ma’am?” The waitress turned her attention to Maria.

“Just a coke for now, please.” The waitress nodded and turned back kaçak casino to John jotting Maria down in her little book.

“I will have the Sam Addams in a bottle, please.” John said as the waitress looked back over at him. She nodded. John looked over at his wife. “Are you sure you don’t want a mixed drink? They have those in here to.” He motioned at the book. She looked at it, then back to John, then back to the book. She bit down on her lip again.

“John, I think I…” Maria started to say, but she stopped as the waitress returned with their drinks, and another couple. Jason had arrived. Maria looked panicked, and grabbed John’s beer before he could grab it and chugged some of it.

“John, glad to see that they seated you before we got here.” Jason spoke in his deep voice. “Alice here couldn’t decide what she wanted to wear, and we got caught in traffic.” It was then that Maria noticed the very petite blonde woman at Jason’s side. She was small in stature, and had an almost pixie like appearance. She reminded Maria of Tinkerbell. A slow wave of disappointment crept over Maria that Jason would have a girlfriend, but she shoved it ruthlessly aside. “Guys, this is Alice, Alice this is John and his wonderful wife Maria.” he smiled. “At least, I think that’s Maria.”

Maria slowly lifted her eyes to his and saw amusement twinkling in their depths. She gulped, and took another swig of John’s beer. She then realized what she did and smiled sheepishly at her husband and handed him back his beer. Alice smiled at both of them and sat down next to John. Maria felt herself flush as Jason sat down beside her. His arm brushed against hers and she felt like she just might go up in smoke. Maria busied herself flipping through the pages of the little black book John had handed her..

John looked over at his wife and shook his head. He had no idea what she was up to, or even a concept of what was running through her brain. He took a sip of the beer she had thrust back at him and smiled ruefully that there was only about a half of a bottle left, he would have to order another one when the waitress came back around. He then looked over at Jason.

“Its been a long time since we all sat down and had dinner together.” Jason looked over at his date. “I think the last time I was at the table with John and Maria, she threatened to chop off his balls and bake them into a pie.” Alice looked shocked, all John could do was choke on his beer and smile.

“I remember that, what the hell did I do to make you that mad hun? Do you remember?” John looked at his wife as he could see she was mentally flipping back pages in her head trying to recall.

“You had been flirting John. From what I remember, Maria and I had swung by your work to pick you up and you were flirting with a very leggy blonde. Maria was so aggravated at you.” Jason laughed. “I swear I don’t think she uttered so many curses at once before that day.”

“I remember that.” Maria spoke up quietly. “Jason is right. We stopped to pick up some fast food on the way home and I wouldn’t say one thing to you. You got all upset with me and kept asking what was wrong. I told you that if I ever saw you do it again, I would seriously think about chopping your balls off while you were sleeping and bake them into a pie.” John stared at his wife recalling the event. “That is when Jason here piped in that it would be even more torturous if I then forced you to eat said pie.” Maria laughed at the pained expression on Alice’s face.

The waitress took that moment to pop back in and gather drink requests from the new arrivals. Jason ordered a beer, and John piped in that he needed another one too. The waitress eyed him but said nothing. Maria conferred with the book before she ordered herself a “Blushin’ Russian” , and Alice ordered herself a frozen daiquiri.

Jason stared over at Maria for a moment before returning his gaze back to John. “Do you think she would have gone through with the plan John?”

John chuckled, and took a sip from his bottle before answering. “No, but I do know she was really pissed at me that day. I don’t think I ever made her as angry as that night.” He took another sip and looked over at his wife who was now worrying her lower lip again. He groaned and shifted in his seat. “She had some self confidence issues back then, I think we have worked thought them pretty well, and she knows that there is only one woman for me. Right Honey?”

Maria looked up at her husband and knew that he had asked her a question, but she couldn’t for the life of her, answer it. She hadn’t heard it. A group of people had walked by their table on the way to their own private haven and Jason’s cologne assaulted her nose. Her brain had momentarily shut itself off just to savor the scent. When her brain finally registered that there was a silence she looked up at her husband’s waiting face. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” Jason’s laugh rumbled up from deep in his belly and Maria’s stomach clenched. The sound was so husky and erotic that she thought her brain was just going to short circuit. She wasn’t even looking at the man and he was teasing all most all of her senses. She closed her eyes as she felt the blood rush to her face.

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