Chance Meeting Ch. 03

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Sara had tossed and turned all night trying to come to some kind of decision. Both Kate and Pete had let her retire to the guest house alone so she could think over what she was going to do.

Pete and Kate had talked long into the wee hours about how they could convince Sara to move here with them if she decided not to. They had tried to think what each reason would be for her not to, so that they could counter with reasons why she should.

Sara had just showered and was dressing to go meet Pete and Kate for breakfast with her decision. No matter how much she wanted to take them up on their offer she knew she was going to have to refuse for various reasons.

Sara arrived right at 9am as they had planned. She took one look at both of their faces and knew that they had had a restless night as well. She decided to just get it over with quickly so everyone could relax.

She sat down at the table with them and told them that she wanted to stay very badly but she just couldn’t.

“Why not Sara, what is that is holding you back,” Pete asked her?

“I weighed every pro and con last night believe me you guys, but one thing above anything else made me decide that I would have to refuse your kind offer. It’s not because I would miss my family because I would, but I could always visit them and they me as the distance is not all that far. But, it is because of my family that makes me have to decline your invitation.”

“What do you mean Sara,” this time it was Kate who spoke?

“I can’t lie to them Kate, they would want to know all the details of why I would be moving here and on such short notice. My children as well as my brothers and sisters would want to know everything. I don’t know what to tell them without having to lie to them to explain myself.”

“Is that your only reason for not moving here with us,” Pete asked her? “Yes, Pete. I can’t lie nor will I lie to them.”

“Honey we have that all worked out already. We knew that you could not just up and leave without a good reason that your family would accept so Kate and I came up with a reason for you to do so weeks ago when we started talking about having you move here with us.”

Sara looked at both of their smiling faces trying to figure out what these two had come up with that she hadn’t thought about already. “What do you mean Pete?”

“Sara your going to tell them that your moving because you were given a job offer that you could not refuse and that will be the truth Sara. I need an assistant now that Mary is going to retire and your going to be my new assistant. I’m offering you a real job that will be three days a week, with benefits, good wages, a house provided because you will be on call for any emergency where I may have to go out of town on business for. This is not a fake offer Sara but very real. I will have Mary start training you in two weeks before she leaves at the end of the month. Your family would not question that and as you said you can always visit them and they you.”

“Are you serious? I’m not qualified for any type of job like that Pete.”

“The job doesn’t require any kind of qualifications Sara. You will be making reservations, answering the phone and doing some simple filing for me. You’ll go with me on short trips where I will need you to see to booking hotels, meals, invitations and so on when I have to go see a client. You’ll take calls for me while I’m in meetings and only get in touch with me if it is necessary that I need to speak to the caller. You can tell your family that is why you have been here all week and have decided to take the job.”

“Your really serious aren’t you? Just how am I’m going to explain that I’ve been looking for other work without them knowing about it. Pete my kids would have known had I been looking for another job.”

“Tell them that we met months ago, which is not a lie Sara. Tell them that I’ve seen you a half dozen times since then and had just offered you the job, also not a lie Sara. I’m sure that your kids know that you would do just about anything to have a better job anyway dear and this will let them know you have found one.”

“Think about it Sara, you have all day yet. Let’s enjoy breakfast and we will let you have the rest of the day alone to think about it without bothering you dear,” Kate told her.

“Ok, but let’s just say that I agree and know that my family will accept my moving, how am I to explain coming to work for you and living in your guest house as well. Don’t you think people will think that kind of strange?”

Both Pete and Kate laughed out loud at her question, and it took them some moments to get their laughter under control to explain to her why no one would ever question it at all.

It seems that Mary had lived in the guest house 10 years ago before she met her husband and got married while working for Pete. She lived there so she would be readily available for his often quick trips that he would need to take. So no one would ever question her living there.

After casino oyna breakfast Sara went back to the guest house to think over the proposal. Actually she admitted to herself there was nothing to really think over as she knew she was going to do it now that it had a valid reason for her moving. She decided to call her kids tell them the good news and tell them she would explain it all tomorrow when she got back to town.

She walked back over to the main house to tell them her decision. As soon as she had told them she had accepted both of them hugged her and kissed her deeply. Pete’s kiss was very long and lingering with his hand finding it’s way to her breast and cupping her tit softly.

“I think we should retire upstairs to finish this celebration Sara,” he told her leading her and Kate upstairs to their huge master suite. They spent the rest of the day in sexual bliss, all three of them totally exhausted by late afternoon.

Sara’s family took her moving better than she had thought. All of them were thrilled that she had found a far better job with such great benefits. She took care of all the necessary details of moving and was ready to leave at the end of the week. She cried when she kissed her family goodbye. All of them had taken her to the airport to say their final goodbyes and this touched her heart deeply.

“We will all miss you mom but I’m so happy for you. It’s about time something good happened to you,” her son told her kissing her goodbye.

Kate had the car and driver waiting for her at the airport when she arrived. Kate didn’t come to the airport to meet her flight, telling her that she had some last minute things to take care of before Sara arrived. She had given the driver instructions to call her as soon as they were a mile from the house.

Kate was waiting for them when they pulled in the drive. She hugged Sara and told the driver to take Sara’s bags to the guest house as she led Sara into the house. As soon as the door closed behind them she kissed Sara deeply.

Sara still could not get over the fact of how much kissing another woman was such a turn on for her as she kissed Kate back. She let her tongue caress Kate’s in their searing kiss. She felt Kate’s hand slip inside the waistband of her slacks , her fingers finding their way to her pussy. She spread her legs a little further apart giving Kate’s fingers better access to her now wet pussy.

“Come with me my little slut, I want to taste that pussy of yours right now,” Kate told her leading her to her bedroom.

Kate wasted no time in undressing Sara. She lifted her breast to her mouth and began sucking Sara’s right nipple as soon as she had freed her huge tits from her bra. She sucked harder when she heard Sara’s deep moan of pleasure. Sara had her hand at the back of her head urging her forward more deeply into her breast.

“God Kate, you know that drives me crazy when you suck my nipples like that.” Sara held her head steady at her breast a couple more moments before urging Kate’s mouth to her other nipple. She was already short of breath as Kate aroused her even more than she was already.

“Lay down slut and spread your legs wide so I can eat your pussy.”

Sara did as Kate asked and felt her warm mouth sucking on the outer lips of her pussy. She felt Kate slip a finger in her snatch while she licked and teased her clit.

“You like that don’t you slut, you’ve missed my fingers and mouth at your pussy? I’m going to make sure that your pussy is well and truly fucked and sucked this week slut. Kate jammed two fingers into Sara’s pussy, finger fucking her snatch hard. “That’s right slut press that pussy into my fingers. Squeeze your nipples slut.”

Sara did as she was told, playing and squeezing her nipples while Kate fucked her pussy with her fingers. She sucked in her breath when she felt Kate’s mouth suck her clit in deeply. She arched her snatch up towards Kate’s mouth. Kate sucked her clit hard, pressing her tongue hard onto her clit then sucking it again. Sara felt the wave of pleasure overtake her as Kate brought her to her first climax.

“Get on your hands and knees slut,” she told her kneeling on the floor beside the bed. She pulled Sara back closer to the edge of the bed for easier access to her pussy.

Kate slipped two fingers into Sara’s wet snatch finger fucking her fast and hard while her other hand rested on Sara’s ass. Kate leaned forward and let her tongue lick all around Sara’s asshole. She heard Sara’s intake of breath just as she slipped her tongue up her ass.

Sara had never had anyone tongue her ass before and she liked it. Kate’s tongue was driving her ass crazy while her fingers slowly fucked her pussy. “Oh my god Kate! Don’t stop Kate, please don’t stop, that fucking feels wonderful,” Sara almost screamed out her pleasure at her!

Kate had already came twice while tonguing Sara’s hole, and now Sara was begging for it more. She tongued her ass, letting her tongue dive in and out of Sara’s hole. canlı casino She pressed her fingertip to Sara’s clit and began rubbing it hard and fast.

Sara was really moaning now, she had dropped her head down onto the bed moaning in her pleasure as Kate tongue fucked her ass and played with her clit. Sara felt her body stiffen as her orgasm exploded, her body twitched with each jolt of release from the intense pleasure Kate had just given her, she collapsed face down onto the bed.

“Ah slut you did enjoy that didn’t you? I think I’ll have Pete come all over your ass tonight so I can push his cum in your hole and lick it out of you.”

“Damn Kate, I had never had anyone do that to me before, it took me by surprise in how much I loved you doing that to me.”

“I could tell sweetie. You had a very powerful climax and I enjoyed mine right along with yours. Come on let’s take a quick shower then I’m supposed to take you to the office so Pete can introduce you to everyone this afternoon.”

Pete’s eyes lit up when he saw Kate and Sara walking into his office. He was just as excited as his wife was that Sara was here. He looked forward to all the nights of pleasure he was going to share with Sara and his wife.

Pete introduced her to the dozen people who worked in his office. Mary was a sweet lady who smiled genuinely at Sara when Pete introduced her. She told her she was looking forward to showing her the duties she would be doing in her new job.

Tim was Pete’s second in command and took over the office when Pete was away. He was tall, dark haired and nice looking. When he shook Sara’s had he held it a bit longer than was necessary. Nice to have another pretty face in the family he told her. So he was also a flirt Sara was thinking to herself as he backed away after shaking her hand.

“Knock it off Tim, don’t go scaring Sara before she has even begun to work yet,” Pete told him laughing. “Don’t mind Tim Sara, he’s our sweet talker, I use him to deal with my female clients.” Everyone laughed when Pete said that.

After all the introductions Pete told his secretary that he was taking Sara and his wife to lunch and would be back in a couple of hours. He took them to a fancy restaurant where they all had a wonderful seafood salad for lunch.

“Cherie’s is expecting you two at 2 dear,” he told Kate. “You and Kate are going shopping Sara, your going to need some business clothes and Cherie and Kate know what you’ll be needing so you girls have fun and I’ll see you both at home this evening.” He kissed his wife then kissed Sara on the cheek sending them on their way in the limo.

Cherie’s was a huge fancy place where Kate it seemed got most of her clothes from. Cherie was ready for them when they arrived and when they left two hours later it was with bags full of shoes, two coats, lots of lacey under things, bed attire, gloves, boots, and a dozen pair of slacks, blouses, sweaters and six suits that had been fitted and would be delivered at the end of the week.

Sara had always had a hard time finding clothes that fit right being a larger woman but this boutique catered to the fuller figured woman. She was shocked at the price of everything but Kate told her it was being put on the business account for tax purposes and not worry about the cost.

Sara couldn’t believe all these beautiful clothes she was now in possession of with more to come. She had been just as shocked when Pete told her that she would be making $900.00 a week in wages with a company car provided for her. Sara had no living expenses at all to worry about so her money could just be banked. She was very happy that she had taken them up on her offer.

Kate had told her last night after they were all going to retire to bed to be ready to go to town at 10am that they had some more shopping to do. They had played till 2am but this time Pete did not accompany her to guest house after the three of them had enjoyed each other for a couple of hours.

Sara met Kate at the main house right at 10am. She was driving them today she told her as they were going to a couple of places and Pete would need their driver today. They were in the huge Caddy driving down some country roads when Kate told her that they had an appointment at three that afternoon at her salon.

They had been driving for about twenty minutes when Kate pulled down a side road that led down a two lane road further out into the country. Soon they were pulling up in front of this nice house, out in the middle of nowhere. Kate parked the car in the driveway and told Sara they were stopping here to visit with a friend for a few hours that she wanted Sara to meet.

Kate introduced her to Cathy who had met them at the door telling Sara that she was a friend of hers. Cathy looked to be somewhere in her middle to late forties. She had dark brown hair cut very short with some waves in it. She had the darkest green eyes Sara had ever seen on a person and wondered if they were real or colored contacts. She was kaçak casino tall probably around 5′ 8 or so and built kind of rugged like she worked out.

Kate walked up behind Sara and put her arms around her which both shocked and startled Sara that she would do that in front of someone. It wasn’t long before she understood why Kate had done that.

Kate reached up and cupped Sara’s breasts with both hands. “So what do you think of my slut Cathy?”

Sara was to shocked to move when she heard what Kate had said to the woman standing in front of her now.

“Unbutton her blouse Cathy,” Kate told her.

Sara just stood there frozen, still not believing what was going on. She watched as Cathy moved closer to her and began to unbutton her blouse. As soon as her blouse was unbuttoned she felt Kate unsnapping her bra. Kate pulled her blouse and bra off her then grabbed her tits. She lifted her tits up and told the woman to play with Sara’s nipples.

Sara was having a hard time breathing as the woman played with her nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger tugging them gently now and then.

“Let’s go to my room Kate. She took hold of Sara’s hand pulling her shocked body along beside her. She led them back to a huge bedroom. She moved Sara to the bed and pushed her gently down in a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She and Kate removed Sara’s shoes then pressed her back into a laying position on the bed.

Cathy leaned down and took Sara’s left nipple in her mouth and began sucking it while Kate pulled her slacks off tossing them on the floor. Kate undressed quickly and then lay down on the other side of Sara and took her right nipple in her mouth and began sucking on it as well.

Sara was lost now and getting into the feeling of pleasure of having both her nipples sucked on at the same time. She felt someone’s hand at her pussy pressing her legs apart so they could get their fingers in her snatch. She realized that it was Cathy who was playing with her pussy as the hand came from the left side of her body.

Cathy stopped sucking her nipple long enough to undress. They had Sara move to the center of the bed where both women began sucking her nipples and playing with her pussy.

One woman’s fingers were finger fucking her pussy while the other was rubbing her clit. Sara couldn’t help but moan in her pleasure while the women played with her body. It was not long before they had brought her to her first of many orgasms.

“Suck her nipples Sara,” Kate told her as Cathy leaned forward towards her mouth giving her a nipple to suck while Kate continued playing with her pussy. “Sara likes to suck nipples too Cathy and she also likes to get her fingers in a pussy as well. Stick your finger in her cunt Sara and play with it as much as you want,” Kate told her.

Sara was enjoying sucking on Cathy’s nipples and fingering her pussy. Sara was beginning to squirm all over the bed as Kate rubbed her clit and sucked on her right nipple while Sara played with Cathy’s body.

She heard Cathy growl deep in her throat then move down between Sara’s legs so she could eat her pussy. Christ! She attacked Sara’s clit with a vengeance sucking it hard and deep into her mouth so her tongue could flick it as she did.

“I knew you would enjoy this slut,” Kate whispered in her ear. Now I think it’s time you learned to eat pussy while I have a taste of yours slut.”

“Sit on her face Cathy, she wants to learn how to eat pussy now,” Kate told her.

Cathy straddled Sara’s face then lowered her snatch down to her mouth. Sara licked at her pussy for a minute or so getting used to it, then she stuck her tongue in her as far as she could tasting her woman’s juices for the first time. She moved her face so she could lick at her clit then felt Kate’s mouth on hers moments later.

Sara latched onto Cathy’s clit and sucked it hard. Cathy was riding her face now and Sara had to grab hold of her hips trying to hold her still over her mouth so she could suck on that luscious clit of hers. Cathy had a huge clit, easy for sucking and for learning to eat pussy with.

Sara’s body started to stiffen and her hips raised as Kate brought her to a torrid climax. Sara sucked at Cathy’s clit hard as her climax came bringing Cathy to climax as well. Her juices covered her face as she licked as much of her as she could.

Cathy got off her face and told her to get on her hands and knees. As soon as she had, Cathy had her tongue licking her asshole while Kate played with Sara’s pussy while watching her.

Cathy shoved her hard tongue deep into Sara’s ass making Sara moan loudly. Now it was Kate’s turn and she shoved her tongue deep inside Sara’s ass while Cathy played with her pussy and clit. The two women got Sara off three times tonguing her ass and playing with her pussy before deciding it was time to fuck her.

Kate handed Cathy some lotion and a small dildo telling her to get her ready.

Sara felt the cool lotion being put on her ass then the tip of the dildo sliding in slowly as Cathy began to get her ass ready for her fucking. By the time Kate had put on her strap on with the huge fake cock Cathy had Sara’s ass ready to be fucked.

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