Caught with a Mouthful

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How did I get here? What happened? Did I ever think I would find myself in this kind of situation, or even anywhere close to the path that would have led me here?

It’s strange the kind of things that run through my head at different times. Before my first kiss I tried to remember, quickly, if I forgot my wallet at home and while I was kissing her I gave my pockets a quick slap to be sure. When my girlfriend said she was breaking up with me the first thing that entered my mind was what was I going to do with the movie tickets I bought for that weekend. My mind always strayed away from the situation at hand to think of something slightly off and it was doing it again right now.

First of all I’m tied up. Willingly of course, but I’m still bound at each wrist and each ankle and restrained to the bed. Well, actually, first of all I’m tied up and naked. Again, willingly of course.

Secondly, I’m not alone.

When I started my day I didn’t know it would end up like this. I woke up and went about everything as a normal Sunday, quiet and uneventful. But as the day went on I grew a little bored and a little horny, which led me down a path to where I am right now.

The normal means of self gratification wasn’t really doing it for me so I went in search of something more. I wanted another mind to play with, not just frolicking through the depths of my own depraved thoughts, so I logged onto my Fetlife account. It had been a few months since I was last on but its always there when I need it for a quick and kinky jaunt around the city to perv at some attractive women and, lately, men too.

There have been more and more moments that I’ve been interested in sexualizing men. It began shortly after my girlfriend broke up with me. I was looking at porn and began searching for more and more porn with multiple men with huge cocks fucking the same girl. It was hot and turned me on more than anything else at the time and the phrase “huge cock” or “thick cock” became part of my regular search entry when looking to get off.

After a while I even incorporated some gay porn into my jerk off sessions. I had to search for the right kind though. I didn’t like videos with twinks or a lot of facial shots with moaning and talking, all I wanted to see was a hungry pair of male lips and a thick piece of meat sliding in and out of them, and after a short while of pumping if the video turned into someone getting their ass pounded I wasn’t going to stop to find something else. I just settled in until my body shuddered and I came into my underwear.

So when I logged into Fetlife and noticed an event nearby that promised kink and debauchery I was struck with a lot of interest. Whether it was the lack of sex in the past few months or a slow bubbling need to explore more, I felt the need to go exploring.

I read the ad; public shows, private rooms, live sex, hook-ups, dancing and drinks and fun.

“Why not?” I said to myself.

So I went. I showed up and walked around and noticed all of the goings-on. People generally having fun. Some were dancing to the music blaring in from every angle. Some were making out against the walls. Some were drinking and talking. The lights were flashing and it felt like a giant party.

As I walked through the hallway the lights faded from a club-like flashing to a reddish hue. The rooms didn’t have doors on the hinges and I could see what was happening in each one. Some were empty. Some had people wandering around in them and looking out as each person passed by, hoping someone would stop in. Others were filled with a variety of people having many different forms of sex.

At first I tried not to catch anyone’s eye for fear of having to tell them I wasn’t interested. Not because I wasn’t but because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to or not. Some people were more attractive then others. Some people were a little more adventurous than I’d care to get involved with. I was nervous and I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

Until Victor said hello.

Victor was a well built, masculine man with a friendly but confident looking face. He was charming and, basically, he made my dick hard just having him call out to me.

“Hey,” casino siteleri I looked up at him calling towards me from a doorway.

“Me?” I answered.

Victor nodded and gave me a nod in his direction.

I made my way over to him, surprised at his singling me out and my developing erection from the situation.

“Hey man, I’m Victor, well Vick but you can call me whatever. What’s going on, you just looking or…?”

He let the words hang out like a leash for me to pick up and be guided in by.

“I uh, I don’t know really. I’ve never-,” as I was talking he cut me off with a smile and his hand on my back.

“Well come on in then, lets have some fun.”

I felt a surge run through my body. I felt like I was melting at his strong hand on my shoulder and I bit my lips to steady my heavy breathing.

“So, you’ve never been here before?”

“No,” I said timidly and shook my head. I had a hard time looking at him in the face. His eyes were looking right into me and it felt like he could read my mind. Like he could see the image of me on my knees with his dick in my mouth and him using my lips as a cock cozy.

“Good thing you’re here now then, huh?”

As he said this his hand ran from my shoulder down my arm and squeezed around my waist. Shortly after hugging my hip to his he gave my ass a grab and leaned in for a kiss.

His lips were hard and forceful. He turned me towards him and pressed himself into me in the door way. We were making out. I was making out with a guy, or more accurately he was jamming his tongue down my throat as his massive erection pressed into my pelvis.

Victor was forward. Very forward. More forward with me than I had been with any girl I had ever been with. He wanted something and he was having it. I was enjoying it too.

He could tell.

“These clothes huh? How about we lose’m?” His eyes were filled with lust as he peered at me through the red air.

All I could do was nod.

He led me over to the bed, the door wide open and my mind left there wondering about anyone walking by that might see me with another man. My first time with another man being displayed for anyone and everyone walking by.

Victor pulled his shirt over his head and then took his pants off. He either wasn’t wearing any underwear or they came off with the pants in one swoop. Quickly after becoming completely naked he wanted to help me lose my clothes as well. As I lifted my shirt he unbuttoned my pants. I let out an audible sound of surprise, shock and excitement, “ah!”

He looked into my eyes and smirked, “if that’s enough to get you going just wait until we get them off.”

My shirt was off and he, like he did with himself, pulled my underwear down with my pants. My cock bounced out and as he knelt to help me step out of my jeans he moaned loudly and took my cock in his mouth for a full, warm, deep-throated suck.

“F-f-f-fuck-,” I mumbled at a volume level I can’t be sure.

He pulled off and stood up. He was naked. I was naked. I just had my cock sucked by another man and I had no idea what was going to happen next. I was putty and could have been molded into anything at that point. He did plenty of molding too.

Victor kissed me again. A full, deep tongue filled kiss and I kissed him back this time, as much as I could with the force of him against me. His arms wrapped around my naked body and pulled me in. I instinctively wrapped my arms around his naked body as well and pressed our bodies tightly into each other. His cock pressed against me and mine pressed back against him. He cupped the back of my neck and held me against his lips as his mouth open and closed against mine. Then he leaned me back onto the bed and laid half on top of me as we continued to kiss and make-out with his thigh splitting my legs apart.

I was in a state of euphoria.

As I was enjoying being kissed and having another man’s hips grind into mine the kissing stopped and Victor looked down at me with that big, manly smile.

“So you’ve never been with another man?”

I stammered, “I uh, n-no-.”

I gave him a nervous smile and blushed. He grinned down at me and kissed my lips canlı casino again, “how would you like to kick it up a notch then? Make your first time kind of something to remember?”

I didn’t know what to say. The thought was intriguing but also a bit scary. Everything up to this point had been such a surprise though and turned out to be exactly what I wanted. Why not, right?

I nodded and smiled. A wide grin spread across his face.

“First, though, I have to ask. Do you mind being restrained? You can ask to be removed at any point and everything will stop.”

My eyes shot back and forth from his to his lips then to his mouth. The thought of being restrained had always been a fantasy of mine, but it always involved women teasing me. It never entered my mind in my brief history of homosexual fantasies. Something in me wanted to try it though. Something inside of me wanted to be adventurous and experience something exhilarating.

I let it all out of my mind. I forgot my hesitation. I forgot my nakedness. I forgot where I was and who I was with. I let it all slip out and smiled up at Victor and said, “go ahead.”

And so I ended up here. Each arm to each post of the bed with each foot to their respective side as well. Tied, unable to pull more than an inch or so. The notion of being on display for everyone who might peek their head in the door was a bit nerve-wracking and my erection began to shrink. Victor was there still though so my need to continue didn’t waiver.

“Now,” he said while looking at me and running his finger through my hair, “tell me when to stop. Tell anyone when to stop. But, until then, would you like to see how many different men’s cocks you can suck before you tap out?”

The smile on his face was so big. The shock on my face was the same. My body gave away my excitement though. I felt a tingle down my back. Sweat started to bead on my chest. My cock jumped into attention. Victor noticed and cupped my balls and began to stroke me up and down slowly. I closed my eyes and moaned.

“No, no. Not yet,” he let go of my cock and then climbed on top of me. He pressed his cock to my lips and said, “open up.”

My body reacted. I’m not sure if it did it on its own or if my subconscious took over and was telling me, you’re doing this, but my mouth dropped open in a hungry way. His hips followed my lead and pushed forward. The warmth of the room and our body heat and his cock made me sweat even more. His cock was in my mouth and my lips curled around it tightly, sucking. He slowly pulled back and pushed forward again. Then, he leaned forward, grabbed the headboard and started a steady back and forth of fucking my slutty, hungry mouth.

Victor fucked my mouth for what seemed like both a long time and way too short a time. His hips glided towards me and peeled back as the tip of his cock teased its way towards the edges of my mouth as if it were going to pull out, but every time it plunged forward and made me take as much of it as I could. I gagged. I choked. My eyes were red and tears ran down my cheeks on occasion, but he kept going and I was drunk on what he was giving me.

The end came though, eventually. It came and he came. His movements became stuttered and his hips slowed until I felt a salty fluid fill the back of my mouth. I swallowed and more filled as Victor’s groans filled the room. His body was tense and his muttering unintelligible. I had just sucked a man’s cock until he filled my mouth with cum, and then I swallowed it.

He pulled out and hunched over at the waist, resting his forehead on the top of my head. He let out a loud, stretching groan and dismounted me, sitting at the edge of the bed. His hand grabbed my cock, now dripping with pre-cum and gave it a few more strokes before wobbling to his feet and finding his way to a chair across the room from the bed I was in.

“Ready for nexts?” He smiled lazily at me.

I didn’t answer with words but the look on my face read visibly confused.

Victor looked at the door and my eyes followed his, “anyone want to see how many cocks this guy can take before he taps out?”

I snapped a look back at Victor. I didn’t know he was serious. kaçak casino I mean I guess I thought he might be but it also left my mind while he was using my mouth as his personal fleshlight. I forgot about saying no. I forgot about tapping out. All I could do was watch four men of various colors, shapes and sizes push into the room and begin stripping.

Victor had a grin on his face. What I could see of his face anyways, there were men becoming increasingly de-clothed between us.

The first man, stout and hairy, moved next to me and dropped his cock in my face. It didn’t nearly measure the equivalent of the rest of him and actually seemed much smaller due to how big he was. It was erect though and pointing eye to eye with me as he reached down to cradle the back of my head and pull it towards his waist. I moved with him docilely. His balls pressed against my chin and his cock fully in my mouth.

He thrust quickly and moaned and shuddered loudly and like that he was done. His cum in my mouth and a little leaking down the side of my cheek. He backed up and disappeared among the crowd as I had now had two loads of cum swallowed with a number of men waiting in line to offer their own.

They continued to come too, physically and sexually speaking. Strong, muscular men with aggressive thrusts that made me choke and gag. Smaller, skinny men with long thin penises. Two attractive pre-op trans women came over at the same time to slap my face with their dicks and push them both into my mouth. They called me names and continued to ask how much I loved their dicks. All I could do was gargle an answer, but they saw from my erection that I enjoyed their dicks a great amount.

Some men’s cocks were so big that I could barely open my mouth wide enough. I was drooling around them gasping for air whenever they would pull out. There were a few times where the men wanted to suck me off at the same time, lying down next to me in a 69. I was afraid I was going to cum in their mouth and have to deal with the post orgasm daze while I was being treated like a glory hole, but thankfully they finished well before I did.

As the men continued to come and go, each emptying their balls in my mouth, a crowd began to form. As each man shuddered and fell limp forward on top of me there was a raucous number cheered out.

“9!” They all said when a big, burly man who looked like an offensive lineman stumbled backwards with his cock spent.

“10, 11!” When the trans-women half came in my mouth and half came on my chest before stumbling out together.

“14!” When another man nearly fell asleep in a 69 position on top of me after cumming and nearly dozing off.

Finally, after number 15 was cheered from the crowd I had to tap out. I was finished being used in the absolute dirtiest way I could ever have imagined. I never thought anything like this would happen to me and my jaw was sore, my cock nearly needed to be nudged and it would have exploded. My stomach was getting turned upside down and the cum was drying into my skin all around my mouth.

“Time. Tap out. I’m done. Whatever I need to say. Unlock me please!”

The crowd cheered and the murmur died down fairly quickly after that. The room emptied and the halls filled again. My hands were undone and then my feet. I was free for the first time in an hour. I opened and closed my jaw and wiped my drooling, cum soaked face. It was disgusting what was on my hand after doing so.

I wiped my face on the bed and shivered when I felt a hand on my hip. Victor had come over and sat next to me on the bed, pushing me back to lay down.

“Your turn,” was all he said as I collapsed backwards.

“Close your eyes.”

I did as he said. I closed my eyes and laid back and felt his warm hand on my balls. I felt him grab my cock and begin to stroke it slowly. I was nearly there already. All the build up from the last hour was hitting me and I wanted to cum.

“You’re the dirtiest fucking cock-sucker I have ever met, do you know that?”

That’s all it took. His hand on my cock slowly and lazily stroking and those words. My cock went into convulsions and erupted. My cum spilled all over my stomach and my body jerked and twisted as I cried out and curled up. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had and it came from a few strokes from another man.

Well, after I had spent an hour servicing other men’s cocks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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