Caught in the Act Kiss and Make Up

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Rachel was not happy when Stella became her new step-mom. In Rachel’s mind Stella was a tyrant at worse and tolerable at best.

Stella became Rachel’s stepmom when Rachel was 17. Rachel had been living with her father since she was 15. Rachel had become somewhat of a wild child and her mom said she had a hard time controlling her.

The truth being told, Rachel resented the fact of her mom leaving her dad and didn’t like her new step-father. As a result, she decided to act out in protest hoping she could get away from her mom’s new family.

Her father agreed to let Rachel live with him which Rachel had been wanting to do. Rachel figured she could more easily manipulate her dad seeing that she was a daddy’s girl but soon she found out that wouldn’t be the case.

Rachel’s father got the real scoop on Rachel from her mother and soon she found out that instead of being liberated, she had just gone from one prison to another.

Once Rachel moved in with her father, he laid down the law and Rachel was shocked but reluctantly agreed. Rachel’s father told her that she had a choice. Either she could live with him and abide by his rules or go to a strict all girl Catholic boarding school.

Rachel was faced with a tough decision. She could either do what her father said or face the dreads of an strict boarding school. Rachel weighed her options and chose what in her mind was the lesser of two evils in her mind.

She decided to stay with her dad. Rachel knew she would be living in one of LA’s most affluent suburbs so she figured she would bide her time until after she was 18 and graduated high school then she could move out on her own.

Rachel had it all planned out in her mind. She figured she could break into the modeling business after she turned 18. It wasn’t like she didn’t have the looks for it because she did.

Physically speaking, Rachel stood about 5’7″ tall weighed about 110 pounds and measured 34B-22-32. She also had straight shoulder length blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Her original hair color had been brown but she had always wanted to be a blonde so she dyed it.

Rachel was a hot little teen number and had no trouble getting the boys to look at her. She knew she was hot and planned to use it to her advantage in the modeling world. She also had a secret aspiration to be stripper and with her looks she figured she would have no trouble.

Stella came into Rachel’s life about two months before Rachel turned 18. At first, Stella seemed she was going to be a “cool mom” on the surface and Rachel would have an ally in her fight for liberation. However after a couple of weeks after Stella married Rachel’s dad, Rachel soon found out that wasn’t going to be the case.

Unbeknownst to Rachel, her father had told Stella all about Rachel’s wild side so she became the enforcer as it was of Rachel’s dad’s rules. This put an immediate rift between Stella and Rachel and soon Rachel was counting the days until she turned 18 and could move out on her own.

Another thing that put a rift between Rachel and her stepmom Stella was the fact that Rachel’s stepmom Stella was far more attractive than her real mom and only 12 years her senior. Rachel found herself becoming jealous over Stella’s looks.

Physically speaking, Stella was a knockout and what most guys would call a Smoking HOT MILF. At 39, Stella stood about the same height as Rachel but was much more developed than Rachel. Stella measured 34DD-25-36.

Stella also had very short brownish-blonde hair she kept cropped close to her face and even though she wore glasses, she was still stunning. Deep inside Rachel was attracted to Stella but because Stella was Rachel’s stepmom it made the whole situation awkward.

Shortly after Rachel turned 18, she figured she was liberated but Stella quickly put that theory to rest. Rachel told Stella that she was going to move out and getting her own place. Stella said okay but she told Rachel that she had get a job and support herself.

Rachel was shocked and seriously bummed out as her dream had turned into a nightmare. Rachel had grown accustomed to the allowance her father had been giving her and the creature comforts she was enjoying. She soon realized that if she didn’t want to give up her affluent lifestyle she had become accustomed to, she had to “tow the line” as it were.

Faced with this predicament, Rachel had no choice but to acquiesce as it were but she found a way to get the sex she wanted. She began having sex at her boyfriend’s house.

Rachel thought she was getting away with it but Stella knew better. Just because Stella hadn’t caught Rachel having sex in the house with boys didn’t mean that Stella didn’t know what was going on. Stella had been young once and knew Rachel had been having sex, she just couldn’t prove it.

It was the summer Rachel graduated high school when she decided to make a bold move. Stella told Rachel she was going to be out for about three to four hours running errands and while she was gone, casino siteleri Rachel was not to have any boys over. Rachel agreed but secretly she concocted a scheme to go behind Stella’s back.

After Stella left, Rachel gave it about fifteen minutes before she made her move just to be sure she was going to be alone. However to be certain that was the case, she had to check something first.

Rachel had secretly obtained Stella’s Apple I phone id and password and did a search to make sure Stella was gone and it seemed to Rachel she was. Rachel then called her boyfriend over and told him her stepmom was going to be out for a while and to come over and have sex.

Dave, Rachel’s boyfriend came over and after smoking a few cigarettes and having a few drinks in the living room they went to Rachel’s room and began making out. Little did Rachel know that Stella had forgotten something at home and had returned home to get it.

As Stella pulled into the driveway, she noticed a Jeep Wrangler™ parked outside. Instantly she assumed something was wrong and figured the worst. Stella was certain Rachel had gone behind her back and had a boy over but she had to make sure.

“That little wench,” Stella said in an exasperated tone as she was fuming mad with anger. “If that little bitch thinks she is going to get away with this she has another thing coming. I am going to fix her little red wagon for good.”

Stella entered the house and right away, she figured she had all the proof she needed to bust Rachel in the act. Lying on the coffee table were several objects. First there was a bottle of 151 proof rum which she knew had come from the liquor cabinet.

There were also two glasses sitting beside it as well as an ashtray with some cigarette butts in it. She smelled the glass it reeked of liquor. Stella also noticed a wallet lying on the table. She picked it up, opened it and saw a driver’s license. The name on the license said Dave Johnson and Stella then knew she had Rachel dead to rights.

Instead of retrieving what she had returned for, she immediately went upstairs to make sure Rachel was doing what she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

As Stella turned into the hall from the head of the stairs, she heard moaning sounds from Rachel’s room. As she got closer to Rachel’s room she realized that the moans were sexual in nature.

Rachel’s bedroom door was slightly ajar and Stella looked in and saw Dave on top of Rachel as they were in the middle of having hot passionate sex.

Stella was furious and she barged in.

“What the hell are you doing young lady,” Stella said in a loud stern matronly voice and her hands on her hips.

“Oh fuck,” Dave said as he quickly got off of Rachel’s naked 34B-22-32 body and stood up, quickly grabbed his clothes and tried to hurriedly dress.

“You, stay right where you are,” Stella sternly exclaimed as she pointed her finger at Dave. “I will deal with you in a minute,” Stella added in an equally stern tone. Dave just sit on the edge of the bed and covered himself up with the blanket.

Stella then turned her attention to Rachel and began read her the riot act. “What have I told you? No boys in the house. Am I right missy,” Stella said in a very strict matronly as she looked at Rachel.

All Rachel could do was to nod timidly and sit with her knees pulled up to her chest with a look of dread on her face as she rocked back and forth.

“Now you have done it young lady!!! I am going to call your father and let him will deal with you.”

“Oh please, oh please don’t call him,” Rachel said pleadingly as she was now on her knees on the bed. “I promise I will do anything you want but please don’t tell my dad.”

“You knew the rules and you chose to break them so now you must face the consequences,” Stella said as she pulled out her cell phone to call Rachel’s dad.

“Oh please, oh please I will do anything, just don’t call my dad,” Rachel pleaded even harder with a look of desperation in her eyes.

Stella then looked over at Dave and a wicked thought passed through her mind.

“You will do anything I want,” Stella inquired with a sly tone looking at Rachel.

“Oh yes,” Rachel pleaded even further. “I promise I will be good just don’t make me get in trouble.”

Stella was getting hot looking at Dave’s 6 foot tall muscular body with his chest and his six pack abs. She couldn’t see the rest as the lower part of his body was covered by the blanket.

” Okay, I will make a deal with you then,” Stella replied. “You are so eager to be a naughty little slut and fuck your boyfriend behind my back and in my house no less, well then I want to fuck him right here in front of me” Stella said. “If you are that much of a shameless little hussy then you should have no problem doing that.”

Rachel didn’t know what to think. She turned to Dave and then back to Stella.

“Those are my terms missy,” Stella said flatly with her arms crossed. “Either you be a trashy little whore with me watching or I canlı casino am calling your dad right now” and as Stella threatened to dial the number, Rachel succumbed to Stella’s demands.

“Alright, alright you win,” Rachel said in a semi defeated tone not knowing what to think but if it could get her out of trouble she was willing to do it.

“First, I want you to suck his cock in front of me and show me how much of a tramp you are,” Stella said as she ripped the blanket from Dave’s body and ordered him to lay back on the bed. “If you are so willing to be a trashy little whore, then by God I want you to show me you mean it.”

“Go on suck his cock,” Stella repeated flatly as she had Rachel get into the position to do it. “I want to show me just how serious you are.”

Rachel got on her hands and knees and began to half-heartedly suck Dave’s cock but she was still hesitant to do it.

“Oh come on now, you can do better than that,” Stella said sternly. “Suck it like you mean it. If you are the dirty little trashy whore you want to be then I want you to prove it to me.”

Rachel went down on Dave’s throbbing 8 inch cock and began sucking it like Stella had told her and didn’t hold back.

“That’s it Rachel suck that big dick for me,” Stella said as she began hot watching Rachel suck her boyfriend.

Stella then got on the bed beside Rachel and put her hand on Rachel’s head as Rachel continued to suck Dave.

” Mmmmmm yes suck it,” Stella with a lustful tone as her once angry demeanor softened and was now more erotic and sensual “Oh yes show mommy how you suck that big long hard schlong,” Stella added as she began to lovingly stroke Rachel’s hair.

“Make mommy proud,” Stella purred as she began to softly kiss Rachel on the neck. Instead of being put off by Stella’s advances Rachel found herself getting aroused by them.

“Oh yes go all the way down on it baby,” Stella moaned. “Take it all the way in like the trashy little whore I know you are.”

Stella put her face to Rachel’s and turned Rachel’s head towards hers and planted a soft kiss on her lips.

“You like sweetie,” Stella said with a sensual seductive purr.

“Oh yes” Rachel crooned softly and deepened the kiss.

“You wanna share your new play-toy with mommy,” Stella purred as she ran her tongue in Rachel’s ear.

“Ah hah” Rachel passionately moaned.

Stella removed her pink three-quarter sleeved v-necked ribbed fabric sweater then her pink bra revealing her sumptuous all natural 34DD breasts. She then slinked out of her grey skirt and removed her lace panties revealing her sweet sumptuous form.

Dave’s eyes lit up as he saw Stella’s body as did Rachel’s

“I knew you were hot but I didn’t realize just how much,” Rachel said as she admired Stella’s hot body with her eyes.

“Thanks hon, you’re not half bad yourself,” Stella purred as she put her hand on Rachel’s chin.

Stella then got on the bed knelt beside Rachel and took Dave’s cock in her hands and began stroking it “Oh Rachel hon you sure know how to pick them,” Stella said with a naughty grin.

Stella then took Dave’s cock and took it all the way in. As she did Rachel began lovingly stroking Stella’s hair.

“Mmmmmmm your boyfriend’s cock is so long and hard,” Stella lustfully moaned. “Perhaps I was being a bit hasty when I said no boys over. I think I will l have to reconsider that decision.”

“Mmmmmm sounds good to me,” Rachel crooned as she kissed Stella again. “I don’t mind sharing with you whenever you want.”

“It’ll be our little secret just between us girls and your dad doesn’t have to know,” Stella replied as she lovingly returned the kiss.”

“Let me suck his balls while you go down on him some more,” Stella added and with that they gave Dave a blow job he soon wouldn’t forget.

Stella took Dave’s balls and sucked on them as Rachel deep throated him. Dave didn’t know what to think about what was happening but at this particular moment he didn’t seem to care.

After sucking on Dave’s balls Stella moved back to his cock and Rachel let her take it all the way in.

Dave could feel his cock swell with cum and he knew it wasn’t long until he was going to cum. He let Rachel know he was on the verge of cumming then Stella said she wanted to jerk him off.

Stella spit on Dave’s cock to get it wet and slippery then she stroked Dave’s slick rock hard tool and pumped it with her hand.

“I want to show your something that is extremely naughty” Stella said with a lustfull purr. “Put her face down next to mine and you will see what I mean.”

Rachel put her face next to Stella’s and touched her cheek with her face.

“They say good girls suck and bad girls swallow, well trashy sluts love facials,” Stella said with a naughty grin. “I am going to have your boyfriend spew his load all over our faces. It is so deliciously naughty and delightfully decadent and I think you will agree.”

“Mmmmmm sounds wonderfully kinky, I love it,” Rachel purred kaçak casino as she positioned her face for the treat to come.

Dave’s moans signaled the readiness for him to spunk his load.

“Oh shit yes I’m cumming, Dave grunted. “Oh fuck yes.”

“Gimme that hot jism of yours baby,” Stella purred as she continued stroking Dave’s rock hard cock with her hand.

Seconds later, Dave came spewing his hot cum all over Stella’s face lips and glasses. Dave’s manhood also spewed right on Rachel’s eyes but she didn’t care. She loved it.

“Oh god baby your cum is so hot and tasty,” Stella crooned as Dave’s hot jism splattered hot her waiting tongue. “So what do you think sweetie,” Stella added as she watched Rachel’s face being covered with Dave’s manhood.

“Oh God yes it’s so fucking hot,” Rachel concurred as she licked Dave’s hot semen from her lips.

“Let’s share our treat,” Stella said as she kissed Rachel on the lips and shared their tasty treat with each other.

Rachel and Stella kissed deeply their tongues touching as they shared the hot jism between them.

“Now I want to see Dave fuck that sweet little pussy of yours,” Stella crooned. Get in the doggie style position and Dave you get behind Rachel and thrust your hard cock into her. But first we gotta get that sweet little pussy of your ready.

Rachel got in the position Stella told her to and then Stella got behind Rachel put her tongue on Rachel’s sweet little pussy and began tongue fucking her to get her wet.

“Mmmmmm your sweet little pussy is so hot,” Stella crooned as she ran her tongue up and down Rachel’s slit. “You like baby?”

“Oh fuck yes,” Rachel exclaimed as she gasped for breath fighting to get the words out. “Suck me mommy,” Rachel added. “Get my hot little snatch ready for Dave’s hard cock.”

“You like watching me eat your girlfriend’s pussy out Dave,” Stella said with a naughty tone.

“Uh huh,” Dave replied with a big cheesy grin on his face.

“She is such a sweet little nasty whore isn’t she,” Stella added.

“Oh yes mommy,” Rachel crooned. “I am your trashy little slut just like you said.”

“Wanna help me get her ready,” Stella said as she invited Dave to savor Rachel’s hot little cunt. “Put your mouth next to mine and we will get her primed and ready for your hard tool.”

Stella licked Rachel’s sweet little pussy and inserted her index finger and finger banged her. Dave put his tongue on Rachel’s sweet little cunt and ran it up and down her slit.

“Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s,” Rachel moaned as the pleasure inside her slowly built and soon she reached a crescendo and she came flooding Stella’s finger.

Stella put her index finger in her mouth and licked Rachel’s sweet juices on her finger.

“Oh baby you are so sweet,” Stella crooned as she savored Rachel’s honey dew nectar. “Now get ready for your boyfriend’s hard cock,” Stella added as she took Dave’s cock lined it up with Rachel’s sweet pussy.

Dave thrusted his massive hard-on into Rachel’s waiting pussy and slowly began pumping her.

“OH yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s,” Rachel lustfully moaned as Dave’s massive tool slid inside her sweet pussy.

“That’s right honey fuck your sweet little girl friend’s pussy and fuck it good,” Stella moaned as she positioned herself behind Dave’s body.

Dave began building up speed and soon he was hammering Rachel hard and fast.

Stella wrapped her arms around Dave’s body and laid on top of him her warm soft naked body next to his.

It didn’t take Rachel long to cum again and soon she flooded Dave’s cock with her sweet cream.

“I wanna fuck your boyfriend,” Stella crooned with a sultry voice. “I wanna feel that hard cock deep inside of me.”

Rachel smiled and allowed Stella enjoy herself.

Stella had Dave lie on his back as she mounted his hard tool. Stella lowered her sweet pussy on to Dave’s tool and slowly began riding him.

“Cum here sweetie, I wanna to see your boyfriend eat your pussy he fucks my hot snatch,” Stella lustfully moaned and with that Rachel sat on Dave’s face as he ate her out.

Stella began riding Dave’s hard cock hard and fast and soon she was riding him like a wild bronco. Deep inside Stella’s passions were steadily building and soon they had reached a feverishly pitch.

“Oh God yes fuck me Dave,” Stella passionately moaned. “Make me cum baby.”

Stella continued to slap her body up and down on Dave’s hard tool and Dave was sure she was going to grind it down to a nub but he didn’t care. He was having too much fun to worry about that.

Stella arched her back as her orgasm peaked and she flooded Dave’s cock with her sweet sticky cream.

“Do me doggie style baby while I eat your girlfriend’s sweet snatch,” Stella lustfully moaned as she assumed the position.

Rachel laid back on the bed and spread her legs while Dave entered Stella from behind.

Stella moaned with passion as Dave hammered her hard and fast. Dave could feel his cock swell with cum and soon it wasn’t long until he was ready to cum.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum,” Dave grunted.

“Gimme all of you baby,” Stella purred with delight. “I gotta feel that hot manhood of yours deep inside my pussy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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