Cathy Ch. 02

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It had been several days since Cathy and her boyfriend had been to the lake house and had swapped partners with Constance and Luther, Cathy was on a holiday from school and her boyfriend was at work when the phone rang, it was Constance, “Cathy, dear, Luther and I wondered if perhaps you would like to come over for a visit. We promise that it will be enjoyable.” She felt a slight twinge in her pussy, thinking about how wonderful Luther’s big cock had felt in her, she agreed right away and set out for their home, looking for some of the enjoyment she had experienced last time. Since their first visit, she and her boyfriend had experienced numerous orgasms together, her thoughts having been on Luther’s large cock whenever she was presented with her boyfriend’s.

Constance met her at the door and showed her to a bedroom, without any warning, she kissed her, plunging her tongue into her mouth, she didn’t want a woman, she wanted Luther, but she didn’t want to anger her either, so she returned the kiss and didn’t hesitate as Constance moved her hand to her tit and Cathy began to rub it, feeling her nipple harden. Constance broke the kiss and removed her hand, Cathy hoped she wouldn’t want more, all she could think of was Luther’s cock, Constance pointed to the bed and there was a schoolgirl’s outfit, complete right down to the white cotton panties.

“That video is Luther’s favorite,” and she began to strip Cathy, then helped her dress in the schoolgirl outfit, white cotton bra, white cotton panties, kneesocks, plaid skirt and white blouse, then she pulled Cathy’s hair into a ponytail and stood back to admire her handiwork. “Honey, you look perfect. I can just see Luther’s cock standing at attention when he sees you dressed like this.” When she led her into the living room, she saw his reaction, it was enthusiastic, then she saw a fatter, older man in a chair nearby, “This is Olaf, Luther’s brother. He wants to watch,” Cathy hoped he would not participate, she thought he was kind of gross. Then she saw something that made her cringe, a video camera on a tripod, “Since we’re not going to watch a porno, we want to make one,” Cathy was uneasy with the idea, but felt like she had no choice.

“Come on over and sit by Daddy,” Luther said as he patted the sofa next to her and she went and sat, his hand was immediately on her thigh as he worked it up her thigh and under her skirt, Constance was busily filming, “How was school today, Baby?” Cathy hesitated, she was nervous, but Constance kept urging her to get into her role, “It was good………Daddy,” his hand was now on her panty covered mound and she felt the familiar heat inside as he traced her slit with his finger, then pushed just inside, taking the cotton material with it, casino siteleri she gasped at the eroticism of the act. She looked over and Olaf had removed his clothes and was jacking himself as he watched, he had a large cock as well, but she still thought he was gross and hoped he wouldn’t get involved.

Luther’s hand now held the gusset of her white panties aside as he slowly sawed a finger in and out of her wet pussy, she groaned out her pleasure at his touch. His other hand fumbled at the buttons to her blouse, finally exposing her white cotton bra and he lifted the cup off of her tit and dropped his head to suck on it, his other hand relentlessly sawing in and out of her dripping pussy, she threw her head back and let out a loud sigh. Olaf was watching in anticipation, slowly jerking his big cock, watching his brother play with the young girl, hoping for a chance to get some himself, he hadn’t had sex in over a year.

Luther stopped and slid onto the floor between her legs and gently reached under her skirt and grasped both side of her panties and tugged, she raised her ass to let the panties slide over her hips and he worked them down and off her feet, then he brought them to his nose and inhaled deeply, it excited them both. He grasped her behind her knees and pulled her to the edge of the sofa, then he pushed her skirt up to her waist, his eyes transfixed on her perfect pussy as he continued to sniff the panties, then he dropped them on the floor beside him and pushed her knees apart, gliding his head between them. “Daddy’s going to eat his little girl’s pussy now,” and he ran his tongue the length of her slit, splitting her labia with it.

He paused at her clit, sending shivers down her spine as his tongue danced on it, then he worked his way back down to her anus, thrusting his tongue against it and it feel like a jolt of electricity had hit her anus, but she drove it to him, “OHHHH, DADDY!!!!” His thumb rubbed her clit while his tongue expertly pushed at her puckered anus, she felt like she was in heaven, it was odd that her first introduction to anal sex had not been pleasant, but now she loved anything to do with anal sex and she recalled how good his large cock had felt in there on her last visit. Constance had taken the camera from the tripod and was now zooming in on the action as her husband fucked the young girl’s ass with his tongue, Cathy no longer noticed the camera or anything else, her mind was filled with the pleasure she both wanted and needed from Luther.

After what seemed like hours and numerous orgasms, Luther now stood and helped her get naked, then sat her back on the sofa while he stood before her, “Do you want to taste Daddy’s cock?” she reached up and undid his trousers, canlı casino letting them slide down his legs, then she pushed his shorts down as well, licking her lips as she saw the object of her desire jutting out proudly from between his legs. He took his shirt off, then stepped out of his trousers and shorts, kicking them off to the side, he grasped his hard cock and rubbed it over her lips, “Suck daddy, Baby,” and she opened her mouth and he slowly inserted his cock, the feeling was reminiscent of their last encounter and she prepared herself for his deepthroat that would inevitably come before long, she had practiced on her boyfriend, so that she could do it without gagging.

Olaf was still busy jacking off, he had incredible staying power, for someone who had gone without sex for so long, but it wasn’t totally true, he had jerked off so much, that he was able to resist cumming until he was ready. Constance was also getting very turned on, her own clothes had since been removed and her finger was rubbing her clit as she taped the little porno movie unfolding in front of the camera. Cathy tensed as she felt the huge cock at her throat entrance, but she started swallowing, just like she had practiced and he went into her throat without much effort, she felt so full and he loved the feeling of her tight throat on him, he held it there momentarily, relishing the feeling, before he began to fuck her mouth and throat, his hand grasping her ponytail as he fucked her face.

His free hand dropped to her chest, grasping a nipple as he squeezed and pulled at it, it was slightly painful to her, but the pain was soon forgotten as the cock fucked her faster and faster, she felt it began to swell, knowing that he would soon cum, she braced herself to swallow, he had copious cums and she knew it would come soon. Just as she felt he was about to cum, he pulled out and held her head still by her ponytail, she felt the hot bursts of cum coat her face, some went up her nose, some hit her in the eye and the rest saturated her face, she could feel the heat and then the feeling of it dripping across her face, he shoved his cock back in her mouth as she sucked the last bits of cum from it. Shae started to wipe her face, but he stopped her, then moved her to the floor on her back, she looked to see that the monster was hard once more and she knew that she would get fucked again by this tool, her body couldn’t wait.

He angled his cock at her waiting pussy and she gasped as it broke through her labia and began to sink inside, then she noticed Constance kneeling by her side, she looked to see the camera back on the tripod, filming the whole scene as Constance dropped her head and began to lick her husband’s cum from Cathy’s face, kaçak casino while her husband worked at filling her pussy delightfully, he began to knead her tits again, but all the feeling coming at once left no room for pain. When Constance had finished cleaning her face of cum, she kissed her deeply, then grasped her ankles and pulled them back, letting her husband go even deeper into Cathy, it brought forth a huge orgasm from Cathy. As she was gasping, Constance lowered a nipple to her mouth, she sucked hungrily, eager to please them both as they pleased her, Luther paused and told Constance to increase the angle as he lined up with her ass and pushed in forcefully, making her gasp around Constance’s tit in her mouth, but there was no pain, only intense pleasure.

She began a nonstop orgasm that came in waves, sapping her strength from her as he pounded her ass, Constance’s tit was still in her mouth, but she was moaning constantly now as her toes curled with one orgasm after another. She felt close to passing out, the session was intense, then she went over the edge one last time as Luther unloaded in her ass, the hot cum bathing her insides and he fell on top of her, his body pressing her ankles to her shoulders as the last of his cum dribbled into her ass and he panted in her ear. Cathy was exhausted, unable to move or speak as she herself lay there panting, she barely felt Luther roll off of her, but Constance kept a grip on her ankles as Olaf climbed between her legs and rammed his large cock into her pussy, it felt even bigger than Luther’s as it filled her to almost stretching and he began to rut into her.

She was disgusted, but unable to even protest as Olaf continued to fuck her hard, his thrusts raising her ass from the floor while Constance kept a grip on her ankles. Olaf fucked her continuously, her poor body once again succumbing to even more orgasms, she was close to losing consciousness. She vaguely felt empty, then there was the hot streaks of cum coating her stomach and tits, there was a large amount and she vaguely heard Olaf moaning as her body was coated, then he reentered her to deposit the last few spurts. Luther now held the camera, catching his brother’s orgasm on tape and then his own wife, as she licked his brother’s cum from Cathy’s body, she placed her own pussy over Cathy’s mouth, but Cathy was near comatose, so she just rubbed it over her mouth as she cleaned up Olaf’s cum, even delving into Cathy’s pussy with her tongue to get the last bits.

Cathy was sore and exhausted from her afternoon of movie making and fucking, Constance helped her dress and Olaf drove her home, she was so afraid he would want to come inside for seconds, but he settled for a blow job in the car outside her building, her heart wasn’t in it, but he came quickly and she wiped her mouth as she climbed the steps, she stripped and climbed into the hot shower. Meanwhile, back at the lake house, Luther and Constance were watching Luther’s new favorite video tape.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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