Cassie , Grandad Ch. 7

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Cassie and Grandad drove on to Denver, absorbed in their own thoughts. Cassie had a smile on her face the whole trip and Grandad occasionally chuckled to himself. He was so happy that Cassie had come to stay , but was even happier that she was willing to let him show her the pleasures of fucking and loving. He had not meant to get involved with Cassie but when she discovered him masturbating in the shed on her first day there, he couldn’t help but let her persuade him into sex. She was eighteen going on nineteen and knew what sex was all about. But he knew more and was willing to teach her the art of lovemaking and all the extras that go with it.

His one fantasy was to have anal sex but doubted if even Cassie would allow him to stick his ten inch cock into her tiny ass. He had managed to poke a finger into her while he was fucking her but had not yet got up the courage to entice her into wanting him to fuck her ass. He would have to be careful not to tear her but he was sure she could handle it if he did it right. Like got her hot wet and horney. He could feel his cock switching in his pants and was surprised that he could manage to become aroused after the fucking session he had Cassie had had at the rest stop 40 minutes back. She loved his cock and what he did to her so maybe just maybe he could persuade her to letting him fuck her ass and spurting his semen deep in her bowels.

“A penny for them Grandad,” interrupted his thoughts. ” I was just thinking about where we will book into. Do you have any thoughts.”

“No I don’t mind where we stay as long as we can sleep together and enjoy ourselves’ He had to agree with her, the reason for their trip to Denver was to buy a bed so that they could fuck every night in their own bed. Not the spare bed at his house, or the bed he had shared with his wife for nearly 40 years, but a bed for him and Cassie. His Granddaughter.

They pulled into the left lane and drove towards the city, Cassie was looking at the motel signs and reading aloud what they had to offer. “Look Grandad, that one has a spa pool, sauna and King size beds.” A spa and Sauna would be fun, especially if we had it to our selves.’ Without answering, Grandad pulled off the road and drove towards the reception. “Come on Cassie, we’ll go and check it out.”

Grandad led the way into the reception area, where an man was flicking through a folder. “Good afternoon Sir and Madam may I help you.”

“We would like to have a look at your rooms please.’ Grandad, replied. “And the spa and sauna area too,” added Cassie. “Certainly, follow me. Picking up a bunch of keys from the desk behind him he walked casino oyna through a door and held it open for Cassie and Grandad. “How long do you plan to stay sir?”

“Just the one night, we are in Denver to buy a bed for my Granddaughter. Looking at Cassie with a smile he replied. You are a lucky girl, aren’t you” Cassie returned his smile and said “Yes’ I am.”

Climbing the staircase and entering a hallway the receptionist unlocked the door to the left. Opening it he walked in a opened the curtains. “This is our suite with a king size and adjoining door to a smaller room for your Granddaughter “and on this side you have a private spa and sauna. Indicating to the door on the right. “Does that suit”? he asked Grandad. Looking at Cassie she nodded and asked to see her room. Unlocking the adjoining door he directed Cassie into a smaller room with a queen sized bed. “I love it Grandad, she called, and with that he told the receptionist they would take it. “Ok come down to reception when you are ready and fill out the paperwork.” With that he handed Grandad the key and shut the door behind him.

Cassie ran into Granddads arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. “A king sized bed and an queen sized bed, we will have to try both and see what suits us.” Reading her mind, he agreed. “Tonight was going to be another enjoyable night, he thought to himself.

After filling out the paper work Grandad and Cassie went further in the city and stopped at a shopping mall. “We both need a change of underwear Cassie. How about I choose something for you and you do the same for me. I’ll meet you back here in half an hour..”

“Ok Grandad,she said as he patted her bum and walked in the direction of the men’s clothing store.

Half an hour later they met back at the decided place and Grandad was carrying a shopping bag with at least four or five parcels in it. Cassie has a small package wrapped in gold paper. “No peeping Cassie, this is a surprise for later:. “I can’t wait” Cassie giggled, wondering what Grandad had brought her.

“Let’s go and have something to eat to tide us over till dinnertime, I told reception we would order room service, is that ok with you” Smiling to herself, Cassie said, “That’s a wonderful idea Grandad. She knew that they probably wouldn’t eat later….not food anyway. They had each other.

Making their way back to the motel, Grandad decided to ask Cassie if he could fuck her ass. If she said no he would respect her answer and not mention it again. But the thought of poking her virgin ass with his huge cock was beginning to turn him on. His erection starting to grow in his pants as they walked canlı casino hand in hand toward their motel rooms.

Once they were back in the privacy of their room he reached for her and slipped his hands beneath her tee shirt. “You have the most lovely breasts Cassie, I just love to lick and suck them.”

“Any time Grandad” she said as she closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure he was giving her. Lifting the top over her head and throwing it across the room, he lifted her and carried her to the king size bed. Lying her down he slipped the skirt over her hips and stood to look at the beautiful view before him. Undoing his trousers his cock sprang to attention all to the delight of Cassie, who loved to see her Granddads cock standing to attention. Moving across the bed, Cassie removed her panties and threw them at her grandad. “Sniff these and tell me I’m not horney” she teased. Holding the crutch of her panties to his face he inhaled the aroma of her muskiness.

Climbing on the bed beside her he took her in his arms and showered her body with kisses and nips. He could tell she was ready to accept his cock in her pussy but he wanted to take his time seducing her. Wanted to wait for the right minute to ask if he could take her virgin ass with his massive hard on. As he licked and kissed her breasts and nipples he felt his way down to her pussy and explored her wet lips and hard clit. She moaned and encouraged him to play and massage her. Lifting her bottom he slipped his hand underneath her and slipped his finger down toward her puckered hole. The moisture from her wet pussy was enough to allow him entry inside her ass. He slowly pushed his index finger into her and moved it in and out simulating fucking. She moaned and pushed her ass down on his finger allowing him to reach further into her. “Grandad, would you fuck me there with you cock?” The words he had been waiting to hear. Cassie wanted him to fuck he ass. Not wanting to appear to forward he whispered to her, “But Cassie I would probably hurt you and I don’t ever want to do that. My cock is so big it would definitely hurt for a start until you got used to it.”

“I want you to try, your finger feels so good, I can only imagine your cock will feel better.”

Ok sweetheart, I will be gentle, he said with a smile on his lips. His fantasy was going to finally come true. He was going to fuck his granddaughters tight ass. ‘If you do as I tell you Cassie, it should and hopefully will be enjoyable for both of us.”

Lie on your back and lift your legs over my shoulders. This way you ass is in a direct line with my cock and it should be more natural than kaçak casino fucking you doggy style. Cassie did as he asked and lifted her legs up over her granddads shoulders. Slipping his fingers back in her saturated pussy he finger fucked her to help her relax and then wiped his fingers on her waiting virgin ass. Then he slipped his engorged cock into her and trusted deeply into her making sure his cock was covered in her delicious wetness.

Once he was well lubed he stopped and asked her if she was sure this was what she wanted. “Yes Grandad I want you to fuck me in the ass, I saw some pictures in the penthouses in your shed and it looked really hot I have wanted to try it since but have been to scared to ask you to do it, in case you were disgusted with me”

“There is nothing that would disgust me when it comes to sex Cassie, you are going to learn that as we go along.” I have plenty of fantasies and this is one of them.” With that he pushed the head of his cock against her hole and forced it into her. Holding her tightly against his chest he continued pushing until the mushroom sized head was inside her ass. Cassie yelped but begged him continue. ” I can handle it grandad, please don’t stop!” Taking her to her word he forced his cock into her hard and stopped as six of the ten inches disappeared. The feeling was better than he expected, as he started to slowly fuck her ass, the lubrication helping to ease the friction. Cassie yelped but encouraged him on, pushing herself forward inviting him to go faster. It was long before he felt his balls tighten and the feeling of the cum rising in his cock.

Sweat was covering Cassies forehead as he pumped her sweet ass the same way he pumped her beautiful pussy. Looking down he could see his cock shining with her ass juices and the stretched ring of her anus hugging his cock. That was enough to make him cum, spurting his semen deep inside her he pushed all ten inches in her ass. Cassie screamed as he came, the feeling of her bowels being flooded by her granddads sperm made her cum as well. The feeling was incredible for both of them.

As he slipped from her ass he gently lowered her legs and stretched out beside her. “Sorry, if I hurt you honey, but I couldn’t help myself”

“I loved it Grandad, and want to do it again, but not to soon, my bum is a bit tender.” Taking the hint he the slid down the bed and opened her legs. Holding her buttocks he lifted her bum and gently licked her burning ass. Kissing and licking his own cum from her ass was the one thing he could do after she let him fuck her ass with his massive cock. And yes he would fuck her as again soon, next time doggy style. He would have to remember to buy a tube of KY gel for that though. God how he loved Cassie it was certainly going to be fun once they brought the new bed. Tomorrow he whispered, won’t come soon enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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