Carrie Awakens

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Chapter 1

Carrie lay warm and comfortable under the covers of her bed. Her mind was reeling and she had a deep, foreboding pit in her belly. She’d awoken from a vivid dream but she wasn’t sure if it was a really good dream or a terrible nightmare. She did know, however, that her pussy was soaking wet and her mind was filled with the indelible image of a fit, muscular black man thrusting his big hard dick into her tight married pussy.

She had never been with a black man before and in fact she’d never even thought about it before her husband had told her about a dream he’d had. Her hands moved over her big supple breasts and across her soft round tummy to her dripping sex. She rarely, if ever masturbated, but her body was on fire and she needed to cum.

Her fingers curled over her pubic mound and she dipped three of them inside her needy hole. She moaned softly and her legs twitched as her palm made electric contact with her engorged clit. The rich aroma of her arousal hung heavy in the air and she breathed deep, drawing it into her lungs.

Her free hand clutched at her big natural breasts and her eyes closed letting the image of the faceless muscular black man fill her head. He was an amalgam of the countless images she looked at on line since her husbands admission that he’d dreamt about her cheating on him with a man she’d met in a bar.

She couldn’t believe that he thought about getting fucked by other men nor that he told her that in his dream he wasn’t angry at her for her infidelity. He’d said he was turned on in his dream and the fact that the guy was black excited him even more.

Carrie had been disgusted and angry at first. How could a man love a woman and not feel jealous at the thought of her having sex with another man? And why was he excited about the guys race? But in the days that followed she began to warm to the idea. She looked on line at cuckold forums and found an entire subculture dedicated to hotwives and cuckolded husbands. It certainly wasn’t mainstream but it wasn’t nearly as outlandish and perverse as she had first thought.

Her legs trembled and she bit hard on her bottom lip to quiet her shrill cries of orgasmic bliss. She pushed her pinky into her pussy and groaned as intense waves shook her thick jiggly body. Her pussy was soaking wet and her small hand slid easily inside her. She imagined the faceless black man’s cock would be about as thick as her hand and her hips wiggled to meet the thrusts of her imaginary well hung lover.

The intense waves of her climax ebbed and she breathed deep and steady. Beads of sweat dripped from her brow and she wiped her juices from her hand onto her thigh. The climax had taken the edge off and she felt like she could think clearly but the image of her fantasy lover continued to dance in her lust clouded mind. In her husband’s dream she had spent the night with a sexy interracial couple. She had to admit that the idea was exciting but she had zero interest in having sex with a woman.

Chapter 2

Chuck stepped into his darkened bedroom and inhaled the familiar smell of his wife’s arousal. He smiled and walked around to his side of the bed peeling off his shirt and dropping his uniform pants to the floor. He’d spent the night working at a police officer and he was ready for bed.

He slid under the covers beside his sleeping wife and spooned up behind her, draping his arm over her thick waist and snaking his hand between her big natural breasts. Carrie was a full figured woman with wide hips and meaty thighs.

“Good morning Beautiful,” he whispered softly before kissing her head. Her body was warm and still damp with sweat and he chuckled knowingly. For more than twenty years Carrie had insisted that she never masturbated and Chuck had no reason to not to believe her until recently. She had never been a particularly sexual person but he’d noticed a change since he’d told her about his dream.

His cock started to stiffen as he pictured his curvy wife playing with her wet, hairy pussy. It strained against his boxer briefs and pressed against the valley between Carrie’s ass cheeks.

“Hey Baby,” Carrie purred as she pushed her fat ass against his stiff prick. She had always enjoyed sex but truth be told she had never thought about it until they were doing it but since her husband’s dream she had been on edge. She thought about sex constantly. She checked out men and especially black men and she was always horny.

Chuck moved his hand from his wife’s big breasts and guided her onto her back. He slid his hand down her naked body to her ravenous sex. He could feel the heat emanating from it and she twitched when his fingers made electric contact with her hard, swollen clit.

“You’re so wet Baby,” Chuck observed as his fingers slipped into the slick wet folds of her molten core. “Were you playing with your kitty before I got home?”

“Yeah,” Carrie replied sleepily. She felt her cheeks warm and she reached for her husband’s hard cock. Chuck had a nice dick. It was only casino siteleri 6 inches long but it was nice and thick and she had always thought that it was perfect for her.

“What were you thinking about that got you hot Baby?” Chuck asked. He pushed his underwear down his thick thighs and then kissed his way down to Carrie’s big breasts.

“Your dream,” she confessed. It was easier than telling him that she had a dream about a well hung black man.

“The idea excites you doesn’t it?” Chuck asked as he nibbled on her tits and 00rubbed her engorged clit. Her hips wiggled and she moaned wantonly.

“Kind of yeah,” she replied with an impish smile.

Chuck moved down his wife’s curvy body. His cock throbbed and twitched as he kissed her fragrant pubis. He spread her labia and dragged his tongue along her dripping pussy making her shudder and quake.

Carrie clutched at her husband’s head and closed her eyes. The image of her faceless dream lover appeared over her and she moaned loudly. Intense climactic waves washed over her and she cried out as she came hard. Her copious juices poured from her ravenous sex and soaked Chuck’s handsome face.

Chuck moved up his wife’s hot sexy body and sank his dick balls deep inside her molten core. He was as hard as he’d ever been and he knew that he wouldn’t last long.

“Do you wish this was his cock inside you?” He panted as he looked into Carrie’s pretty brown eyes. His hips began to thrust hard and fast and his wife’s shy smile was all the answer he needed.

His climax built quickly as his pelvis slammed against her needy cunt. His wife, historically a quiet and reserved lover, grunted and groaned. Her big breasts heaved as she breathed deep and steady and she clutched at his ass, her French manicured nails dug into his flesh.

Carrie’s legs quivered and she bit her lip to quiet her urgent cries. She had never before climaxed without clitoral stimulation and she’d never cum so hard and quickly. Her hips thrust to meet her husband’s cock and she thrashed about like a fish out of water.

Chuck watched his wife cum and he fucked her hard until her climax ebbed. His balls tightened and his breathing labored.

“Oh fuck,” Chuck groaned as he unleashed a torrent of thick cum into his wife’s warm, fertile womb. He collapsed on top of her with his spent dick still inside her.

“I love you Baby,” Chuck said softly. He kissed her tenderly and smiled lovingly. He felt closer and more connected with his wife than he had in years and he rolled onto his side next to her. He caressed her soft supple body as he gazed into her pretty eyes.

“I love you too,” Carrie said with a smile. She felt her heart swell and she touched his chest feeling his heart beat in sync with hers.

Chapter 3

Carrie’s heart thumped loudly in her chest as adrenaline coursed through her veins. She felt naughty and wicked as she typed on her phone. She’d been texting and emailing with Max for a few days and it was clear that they had great chemistry. She felt bad that she was texting Max behind Chuck’s back but she found it hard to admit her new obsession to her husband even though he’d told her countless times that the idea excited him.

“I can’t stop looking at that picture you sent me yesterday,” Carrie text messaged. She had connected with Max through a hot wives web site while investigating the lifestyle. She was surprised at how exciting it was to explore.

Carrie had led a mostly vanilla and sheltered life. She had never imagined that there were thousands upon thousands of men and women in the cuckold/hot wife lifestyle and exploring had awakened her long dormant libido to the point that she felt almost insatiable. She and Chuck were having sex almost daily and not just sex but hot passionate sex but rather than satiate her ravenous desires the effect was the opposite. The more they fucked the more she wanted so for the first time in her life she was masturbating regularly and looking at porn.

She had started with traditional porn but soon started exploring cuckold sites and for the last few weeks she’d become obsessed with well endowed and muscular black men fucking chubby housewives. She had never been particularly attracted to black guys. They’d never been her type but her husband’s dream two months earlier had ignited a fire inside her that had grown into a raging inferno.

Her phone hummed and her pulse quickened when she saw Max had replied.

“Which one?” He asked. She could picture his face and almost hear his deep baritone. She had talked to him on the phone for the first time the night before while Chuck was at work and she’d had her first phone sex experience.

“All of them were hot but the one with your whole body naked and your semi erect cock hanging between your legs makes me so wet,” Carrie replied. She had the picture up on her ipad and the fingers of her left hand were teasing her soaking wet pussy while she typed on her phone with her right hand.

Her body twitched canlı casino as she teased her aching clit with her fingers. She had never been a visually stimulated person but Max was a physical specimen unlike any she’d seen before. He was tall like her husband with deep ebony skin wrapped tighly over a fit athletic physique. His shoulders were wide and his waist was narrow. He had powerful arms and thick muscular legs and between them was a cock that looked bigger than any she’d seen outside of fetish porn. It wasn’t fully erect but it was at least 8″ long and as thick as her wrists with a gorgeous pink tip.

“So when do you want to meet?” Max asked. It was clear that would happen but Carrie, despite her aching desire, was scared and nervous. She hadn’t been with anyone but Chuck in more than 20 years and she had never been with anyone as big as Max.

“I’m ready now,” Carrie replied jokingly. Max was at work and couldn’t get off so it was a hollow offer but truth be told despite her trepidation she was so turned on that if he showed up at her door she would likely have attacked him.

“Baby you’re always ready ain’t you?” He chided. She had been flirting with him for several days and she was fast approaching the point where she’d be ready to take it to the next level.

“For you. Yes. I need to tell Chuck about you before we do anything. I owe him that.”

“Okay Baby. If wanna facetime at lunch I know somewhere private so you can watch me work the dick,” Max offered.

“Yes please,” she replied immediately. She chewed nervously on her bottom lip and put down the phone. Her fingers slipped inside her frothy hole and she rubbed her palm against her hard, needy clit until she came hard. It took the edge off but she needed more. She needed cock, his cock, and she needed it bad.

Her body shivered as she looked at his picture with lust filled eyes. He was a beautiful and sexy man and she imagined him laying beside her fingering her dripping pussy as they kissed like a couple of teenagers. Her breathing labored and she squealed and bit her lip as an intense climax rocked her quivering body. Her hips bucked and she imagined him easing his big black dick inside her.

Carrie had only slept with two men in her life. The first had been a drunken romp in high school a few months before she started dating the man who became her husband. He was not especially well endowed but she had been a virgin and she remembered it hurting a lot. Her husband had a nice dick and he hurt when he fucked her from behind. She’d never cared for pain but for reasons unknown she wanted to feel Max tear up her tight pink pussy.

Carrie was still in bed when her phone rang. Chuck was back working the first shift after a month on overnights and she often stayed in bed until after noon. Both of their kids were away at college and she had nothing to do but watch television and look at porn. She had never been fond of porn but Chuck’s dream had sent her on a journey of self discovery down the rabbit hole.

She clicked on facetime and smiled at Maxwell’s dark, handsome face. His dark complexion was in striking contrast with his bright smile and big eyes and she felt a familiar tingling between her thick legs.

“Hey beautiful,” he said in a deep sexy voice that sent shivers down her spine.

“Hi,” Carrie replied happily. Her cheeks warmed and moisture invaded her ravenous sex. “Where are you?”

“I’m at a friend’s apartment. She’s at work but I let her dog out at lunch so I’ve got a key.”

“Nice. So you’re alone?”

“Yes I am. Is there something you want?” He asked with a knowing smile as he kicked off his shoes and waited for Carrie’s reply.

“I want you,” she sighed. “I wish you were here right now. I want to taste you.” She had never been much into dirty talk but he brought out the best in her.

“Soon Baby,” he said soothingly. “Ain’t got much time. Looks like you’re ready.”

“I’ve been ready. I’ve been soaking wet all morning. My room smells like sex. You’re wearing too many clothes,” Carrie pouted. Her hand was between her legs and teasing her pussy and her heart was racing.

“Is this what you want to see,” Max asked confidently. He liked teasing her and he lifted his shirt to his pecs, exposing his taut 8 pack abs.

“Fucking tease,” Carrie giggled. “I want to see all of you. Please? Please Daddy let me see your beautiful body and big delicious cock.” She knew from their earlier conversations that he liked being called Daddy and she found it oddly sexual and arousing. Her bottom lip pouted and her big breasts heaved. Her small nipples hardened and her eyes widened as Max lifted off his shirt and stepped back letting her watch his pants and underwear drop.

“Better,” he teased as he fisted his big black cock and started to stroke it.

“Much better. God you’re gorgeous,” Carrie moaned. She spread her legs and showed Max her dripping wet cunt. She had recently trimmed her bush and shaved her labia and she pulled her lips apart exposing kaçak casino her juicy insides.

“Good girl,” He praised. “put three fingers inside and then show me how wet you are.”

“Okay,” Carrie panted. Her clit tingled and her body was throbbing from head to toe. Her pretty brown eyes were affixed to her ipad watching him stroke his beautiful cock and she pushed three fingers into her depths. She wiggled them around stirring her honey pot as she pinched and teased her taut nipples.

Max smiled and watched Carrie finger her pussy. He knew that she was new to the lifestyle and she was still just beginning to accept herself as a hot slut wife. He, however, was an experienced bull and he considered himself the perfect man to bring out her inner freak. He had lost track of the number of married white women he’d been with but he took pride in being a conscientious, open minded and skilled bull.

Carries head was spinning and her body was on fire. She couldn’t believe the effect Max had on her. If Chucks dream awakened her libido everything about Max had sent it into overdrive. She’d only been attracted to one black guy in her life before and that had been her friend Eddie in high school but she had been raised in a small New England town in the 1980s at a time when “good white girls” didn’t date black boys. Since high school she hadn’t looked at a black guy as a prospective sexual partner but her husband had opened that door and there was no way to put the Genie back into the bottle.

Max’s hand moved over his wet, glistening cock and Carrie’s tongue slowly circled her lips as she imagined it in her mouth. She was not usually an enthusiastic cock sucker. She didn’t like the salty taste of Chuck’s dick and she hadn’t sucked him without his asking since they were in their twenties but she ached to take Max’s big beautiful dick into her wet, eager mouth.

“Cum for me Daddy,” Carrie panted wantonly. Her voice shook with tremolo and the knot in her belly grew tighter with each passing moment. Her hips writhed and she gazed longingly at her ipad.

Max’s big heavy balls tightened and his hand was a blur on his slick, wet cock. He watched Carrie with a keen eye as her fat tummy jiggled and her abs clenched. He had an affinity for thick white women with big tits and fat asses. He found them better at taking the length of his manhood and he liked the way their bodies moved when he fucked them hard.

Carrie cried out loudly as she came. Her head thrashed from side to side like a fish out of water but her eyes focused on Max’s hard cock. Her stomach fluttered and her eager eyes soaked in his beauty as ribbons of thick white cum erupted like an angry volcano from the circumcised tip of his epic cock.

His massive load coated his shaft and gathered at its base as he grunted like a wounded animal. He slid his hand up and down his cum slickened dick until the final drops oozed from its hole.

“You need to clean this up Baby Girl,” Max said playfully. He had teased Carrie that she would need to earn a good fuck by swallowing his load first and she had agreed, albeit reluctantly at first.

“Yes Daddy. I will be a good little slut for you,” she answered in a small, soft voice. Her fingers continued to tease her unsated pussy, stoking the fire in her loins. She had loved watching him cum but just like her fantasies and the phone sex the night before it had made her want and need her more.

“So when are you going to tell your husband about me?” He asked firmly, pressing her to remove the only thing stopping them from meeting.

“I’ll do it tonight. I promise,” she replied nervously.

Chapter 4

Carrie’s stomach churned and her heart raced. She felt terrified and she chose her words carefully.

“You remember that dream,” she asked. It was a stupid question. They had talked about it numerous times in the two plus months since he’d told her about it and they had fucked like rabbits every time they did but she had insisted that she was a one man woman in practice if not fantasy and it would never become reality.

“Of course, I haven’t stopped thinking about it,” Chuck replied excitedly. His cock grew instantly rigid in his boxer briefs and he smiled knowingly at his pretty wife.

“What would you say if I told you that I have been talking to a man who is an experienced bull?” She asked. Her heart felt like it was going to burst and her voice was trembling as she looked into Chuck’s pretty blue eyes trying to gage his reaction.

Chuck was a good looking guy and all of their female friends were into him. He was tall like Max, and somewhat muscular but he was in his mid forties and soft and doughy around the middle.

“You what? Who?” Chuck stammered. He’d never mentioned the word bull to her and though they had been exploring their fantasies related to his earlier dream he had not delved into the cuckolding lifestyle with her at all.

“I was confused by your dream at first so I started to research and I stumbled onto a website called,” Carrie explained. Her pulse was still fast but beginning to slow and she was building confidence as she spoke. She had planned what to say and she’d practiced it several times before he had gotten home.

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