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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Rosetta and James both had one child from previous marriages; James had one 20 year old son Charlie. Charlie had gone to college for two years but got heavily into drugs and couldn’t keep up with his studies. He moved home after dropping out and had worked on and off at McDonalds. He was very shy, and like his father very small, standing about 4 feet 9 inches and weighing only 60 lbs. He was extremely awkward around girls, especially pretty ones, feeling like he could never please them. Charlie had a fetish for big butted women, and masturbated for hours every day to pictures of black women with huge rear ends. It was to his great surprise when Rosetta and her daughter, Carmen, moved in.

Carmen was stunningly beautiful, with a body and mind mature well beyond her 18 years. She had a knack for reading people like her mother; she had an IQ well over 160, and with a memory sharper than anyone she knew. Physically, she was just as gifted if not more. She stood 6 feet tall, and like her mother had an extraordinarily thick lower body. Her buttocks were a sight to behold; tremendously wide, and preposterously protrusive, it stuck out well over a foot past her lower back. Rosetta marveled at how quickly her young daughter was becoming a strong, dominant woman like herself. Carmen had a huge sexual appetite, but gained much greater joy from making men give her anilingus. She loved making older men do it as well. Then she would threaten them to bring them to court, blackmailing them for all they were worth.

Carmen got straight A’s in school, and though only a high schooler, she had had several strong internships and taken many college level courses. She knew her intelligence and her body intimidated even grown men, and she had a much greater effect on younger men. She was mature beyond her years, already having published a book on the male psychology. She was going to be a doctor like her mother, and nothing would stop her.

Upon meeting Charlie, she smiled, seeing his eyes widen when she turned to the side, sticking her huge rear end out. He tried to hide his reaction, but he had given it away. At just 18, she knew his type very well; submissive, weak-minded, immature boy who probably spent most of his time masturbating.

When he was at work one day, she snuck into Charlie’s room and got onto his computer. The little boy had forgotten to clear his history, she saw gleefully. She looked at all the stories he read; her suspicions were right, but it went further than she expected. Large-butted black women farting on puny white men, forcing them to sniff their gas and lick their shitters. She read further, and began to get wet reading how perverted this boy was. Stories casino siteleri of men being forced to eat the shit of dominant women. She became so aroused she began masturbating thinking of shitting down Charlie’s puny throat, making him her bitch. As she came all over his pillow, she made up her mind that he would be her guinea pig, and she would experiment to find out how far she could push him.

She began hanging out in Charlie’s room. He came home from work to find her on all fours, using his computer. He stared at her enormous buttocks and his jaw dropped. Her ass was four feet wide, and protruded like nothing he’d seen, even in porn. She said hi, and asked him to watch with her. He sat next to her, and as they began to watch Netflix he started smelling rotten eggs and cheese. She turned her giant rear end towards him and the smell doubled. He felt his cock grow and begin to leak. She shifted her body so her big butt was pressed against his cock. She smiled, knowing exactly what she was doing. Suddenly, he heard the loudest fart of his life, as he literally felt pressurized hot air blow on his cock. Oops, she giggled, pushing her backside back against his now fully hard, throbbing cock. He was mortified, knowing without a doubt that she felt his erection. Suddenly, several things happened; the potent smell of her rear end blasted his nostrils and she released another magnificent burst of gas on his cock. He reached a fever pitch of arousal, and involuntarily his hips pushed against her fattened glutes as he spasmed and let out a soft groan involuntarily, ejecting a copious amount of sperm. She smiled deeply, pretending not to notice as she felt his tiny cock soil his underwear. I’m sorry I’m so gassy, she said with mock sincerity. I hope it doesn’t smell too bad back there. He was red as a beet and wanted to leave as soon as possible. However, he didnt want to offend her. No, it’s okay, he lied. After five more minutes of her passing gas on his exhausted cock, he excused himself, saying that he had to pee.

The next morning, Charlie was taking a shower when the door opened. He said he was in there. Its ok Charlie, its just me, Carmen told him. I hope you don’t mind but I really really have to poop and I cant hold it, she said with fake despair. She sat her huge rear on his toilet. Charlie became immediately erect. He heard a loud fart as Carmen let loose. She excused herself, and apologized again, smiling to herself. He said it was fine. She told him she had eaten too much for dinner last night. Charlie remembered; his dad had made on beef stew for the two of them and one for Rosetta and Carmen, 10 times bigger. However, Carmen and her mother finished so quickly they began to take from James and Charlies portion. They ended up leaving little for Charlie and canlı casino James.

She began to fart more, and Charlie suddenly was hit by a truck of smell. He felt faint but felt his penis leaking precum uncontrollably. Oh that feels wonderful, Carmen exclaimed, as Charlie heard a huge plop. She asked if he would help wipe her bottom when she was done. Charlie was terrified of her seeing his throbbing penis so he nervously said yes, hoping by the time he got out he would be soft again. Suddenly, he felt the curtain open and saw her shut the water off. They looked in each others eyes and Carmen looked up and down his frail body. Aww, your tiny little cock is leaking, she exclaimed. Its so small! Was it the smell of my poop that turned you on? Charlie turned bright red and wanted to die. He shook his head. A pervert AND a liar, Carmen said. Wait til I tell my mother. But first you said you’d clean me, she said, presenting her immensely, thick, round, shitty rear end to him.

He reached for the toilet paper. No, no, no, dear, she said. That is not how a loser like you cleans a queen like myself. Let me show you how, she said, guiding his head into her crevice. He felt paralyzed as she pulled his head slowly into her poopy valley. He felt his head become covered in her excrement, and yet she pulled him deeper and deeper. His ears were completely covered but he could hear her muffled laughter, as well as several clicks from a camera.

Oh I’m going to have fun with this, Carmen said sinisterly. Say hello to facebook, loser, she said as she bent down and pulled his phone out of his pocket. We’re going to live stream this. Charlie wanted to die. He was frozen with terror. Surely she wouldn’t do this? New profile pic, she said with a giggle, and he heard the camera snapping. You need to update this, Charlie, all your friends don’t know what a weak little pervert you are.

The stink became overwhelming and the humiliation of the experience reached a crescendo as his tiny penis throbbed before ejaculating rope after rope on the ground. Her laughs stung his ears as she grabbed his penis and began violently jerking out every drop of his cum. Yes Charlie, cum with your face covered in my shit, she said. This is all going online, keep cumming. Show your little facebook friends how obediently you’ll cum for my shithole. She kept going even after he was emptied, and his screams were muffled by her bowels. She released his head and he slumped to the ground, crying, face covered in shit, penis hurting like nothing he had felt. He lay there sobbing, as she wiped her shitter and dropped the paper onto him to clean up. She told him he wasn’t allowed to wash his mouth out or eat the rest of the day; she wanted him to taste only her excrement as training. He felt her camera snapping kaçak casino some more pictures of him, and then heard her leave.

He got up and did his best to clean off in the shower. He wanted to brush but decided not to, out of fear for what she would do next. The taste of her shit was worse than he could have imagined, but he did his best to keep it down. He went into his room to disappear for the rest of the evening. When he tried to log onto facebook, he saw his password had changed. He wasn’t able to log on. Horrified, he googled his own name and had his facebook page pop up. His heart stopped. His profile picture showed his face, unmistakably his, just after being removed from Carmen’s big shitty ass. It showed his face covered in crap, looking at her massive rear with terror in his eyes. His profile also was now viewable by everyone. He didn’t want to look at more, but he had to. He saw an album was posted 10 minutes ago, titled, “Where I Belong”. She had taken a giant shit on his entire life. His social life was ruined forever. What would everyone think of him?

He opened the album and saw images of his head being held inside her shitty ass, his face after being released, and him lying on the ground covered in poop. When he saw the video of him ejaculating with his face in her pooper, he felt humiliated beyond belief. He felt lower than he had ever felt, and he needed to get his account back. He tried to log on with his security questions, but saw she had changed those as well.

Angrily, he ran into her room. Why the hell are you trying to ruin my life? he shouted, tears filling his eyes. Dear boy, she said sweetly, you just need to know your place. That place is under me. And not just below my ass, but below my poop as well. I don’t think you knew just how much lower than my shit you really are, so I wanted to make sure you never forgot.

He demanded she give him his facebook password back. No, no, no, darling, your facebook is mine to manage now. You were pretending that you didn’t like eating dominant womens’ shit, so pretend no more; the truth is out now, she said, laughing. I will show everyone your true colors.

The people need the truth, Carmen said smiling. Now, unlike your lazy ass, I need to do some work, she said, returning to Charlie’s open facebook. Charlie saw his cover photo was a poop emoji next to a tongue emoji. In 15 minutes, she had completely destroyed his life. He saw she had posted statuses listing the links to porn videos he had watched. Every picture she posted had a caption, like “My mistress makes the best chocolate”.

He lunged for the mouse, but she grabbed him and threw him down easily. I am running your life now, she said, sitting on his chest. Now, I’ve told your friends that we’ll be having a new show every weekend, posted on your wall, called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You will be Charlie, and I think you can imagine what the Chocolate Factory will be, she said, looking at him with a twinkle in her eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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