Can’t You Knock First?

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Jim was a 21 year old average 6 ft blond haired blue-eyed guy who attended the local community college in his town. He was studying to be an athletic trainer since he was interested in playing sports such as football and baseball while in high school. His sister Marilyn was an 18 year old stunning 5’8″ blond haired green-eyed beauty who turned the heads of every guy she walked by. She had her share of boyfriends but only few got to go all the way.

Jim was no exception to the head turning as he thought about his little sister as a woman and not his sibling. Not a night went by as he thought about his head being between her creamy thighs. He often wondered what Marilyn tasted like as he imagined his tongue piercing her pussy and lapping up each drop of her nectar that leaked out. Jerking his cock he would cream all over his stomach breathing heavily after each session. This is how the story begins.

One night during his time alone in his room he had built up to a point of blowing his load thinking about his sister when she came through the door

“Jim I’m looking for my CD did you borrow….” she suddenly stopped as she saw her brother stroking his 7 in thick cock. “Oh my gosh….I’m so sorry” she gasped as she tried to turn and leave.

Jim’s head had popped up and he was trying to stop but it was too late “Marilyn..I ..I” he let out a long moan as he erupted all over himself.

Marilyn gasped as she watched his balls tighten and his load squirting. Truth is she loved a man cumming and her brother was no exception at the time. She watched his hard cock continue to gush like a fountain her panties instantly wetting as her pussy swelled and got sensitive from the sight. Jim could not get himself to stop as the beauty of all his masturbation was finally watching him. He quickly imagined Marilyn accepting his load emptying deep into her pussy as her walls would squeeze and massage his long shaft.

Finally the orgasm had passed and Jim struggled to cover his cock with his boxers. “Geez Marilyn cant you knock first before barging in” he asked.

“Sorry,” she said as she snapped out of her cock crazed stare “but I cant find my CD.”

Jim sighed as he reached over and grabbed it “Here” he said extending his arm. Coming over to get it she couldn’t help but look at the lump in his boxers

“Wow the girls must be all over you” she said “that there is a gift.”

Jim blushed and shook his head, “Truth is I haven’t even gotten that far. I could cop a feel of the girl but never any farther than that.” Even though Jim was a jock he was pretty clumsy with the opposite sex and couldn’t get past first base.

Marilyn snickered, “So my older brother hasn’t had casino oyna the joy of being inside a woman with that pole between his legs?”

Jim shook his head in regret as his cock started to stir from half mast back to full at his sisters words.

She strode over towards her older sibling and sat on the edge of his bed, “Well its been about 4 weeks since I got laid and I need a cock desperately. I think I know a cock that could do.” With that she leaned down and began to lick up the cum that pooled over his stomach, “Mmmm but first lets get you cleaned up.”

Jim couldn’t believe his eyes as the one he desired in his dreams was licking the very sperm he had always hoped her to take in was licking it off his stomach. “Marilyn,” he tried to protest but was too late in stopping watched as her tongue lapped up every drop of cum off of his stomach.

“Mmmm very tasty big bro. However, I prefer straight from the tap.” She straddled his lower thighs as she started to pull his boxers down revealing his thick man meat. She cooed once she saw his cock stick straight up in the air leaking gooey clear precum from the tip. “That’s a good start,” she said as her head lowered and her tongue extended lapping up the first bit of that precum. Jim twitched as her hot breath hit the mushroom head and her wet tongue grazing it sent jolts of pleasure through his body.

“Marilyn, oh sheesh sis please suck it ….please.” Marilyn giggled as she loved the power over men that was given to her as she obliged and closed her mouth over the tip of his cock trying to suck the rest of his love juice from it. Both moaned as they enjoyed the feeling of being purely naughty in this act of incest. Both saw one another not as bro and sis but as man and woman at that moment with feelings of pure lust. Taking his cock deeper into her mouth Marilyn began to bob her head gently applying more suction on his cock as her hand slowly reached down and gently kneaded his balls hoping to get her prize sooner.

Jim moaned a little louder than before enjoying his cock being devoured, however, could not go at it alone. “Sis…please let me suck…mm your pussy.” Marilyn looked up at him with her lovely green eyes as his cock came out with an audible pop.

“Alright big bro.” she replied as she turned around on him and pulled off her short shorts and pink thong exposing her creamy mound to him. She was more used to the giving of a blow-job but hardly any return on her part that she enjoyed her brother’s willingness to eat her out. “Alright Jimmy if you wish. Ohhh eat my pussy good.” She lowered her swollen pussy onto his face as his tongue flicked her sensitive clit bringing a soft purr from his younger sibling. Marilyn quickly canlı casino resumed her head bobbing of his cock enjoying a slippery wet tongue drilling her pussy.

Jim could not seem to grasp the situation as he speared her pussy opening with his tongue finally getting to taste her juices. He again let out a moan as his sister tried to deep-throat his cock her throat clasping his cock like a pussy possibly would. He got a sneaky idea as he read stories on the internet of asshole licking getting a girl off. He looked at her puffy asshole as he ventured upwards and gave it a soft brush of his tongue. Marilyn quickly shot her head off his cock as she drooled onto it.

“Wow Jim” she exclaimed “You’re such a dirty boy licking your sister’s dirty butt hole like that. Do it again.” Jim nodded and this time brushed her asshole again this time poking at the opening with his tongue. She started to quiver as she enjoyed the feeling and started to drip like a leaky faucet from her pussy to his face. “Two can play at this game” as she tried to move down and leaned her head into his ass-crack and started to spear her tongue at his hole as he got the idea and started to raise his hips to give her easier access. Both moaned as they continued to drip fluids from the intense feeling of asshole eating.

Finally, Jim called out, “sis..I’m gonna cum!”

Marilyn moaned as she got an idea and wet her finger with her saliva and started to swirl it around his asshole “Do it bro. Shoot your load into your sisters mouth,” she moaned as she stuck the fingertip in.

“Oh gawd” he shouted as he started to spurt feeling his sister trying to violate his ass. Marilyn quickly had engulfed his manhood before he started to shoot catching all of his spunk in her warm mouth causing her brother to moan and empty what seemed like endless spurts into it. She reached down and fondled his balls wanting to get every drop he had to offer which he did.

After the spurts died down she had lifted her head and swallowed his load eagerly. “Mmmmm good stuff Jimmy.” She sat up and turned over as her wet pussy slid over the head of his still rock hard cock. Marilyn snickered as she teased him letting the mushroom head poke into her most forbidden passage and popping it right out. “I think two times isn’t good enough for my big bro. Maybe third time’s a charm?” she asked as she kept taking in an inch at a time. Jim felt the folds of her pussy squeeze at his cock electing a soft moan of pleasure as she finally went all the way her ass touching his soft sack. Marilyn moaned as she felt full from his hard cock spearing her forbidden passage for siblings.

Jim had glanced over at the clock and looked up at Marilyn, “Sis our folks will kaçak casino be home any minute” She snickered at her older brother as she started to ride his pole.

“Then we’ll have to worry about that when the time comes now wont we?” Moving up and down like a cowgirl, she took his cock hard and deep as it seemed to hit every sensitive spot in her vagina. “Jim, damn your cock is so good. Fuck me…fuck your sister” she moaned loudly as her juices made his cock glisten.

Jim’s hips moved with hers as she continued to ride him enjoying the feel of his first cunt which was his very sister’s. “Damn your tight Mary, man its better than I imagined.” he confessed.

“Mmmm so big bro always wanted me? Well you have me…ohh gawd I’m gonna cum!” she said as her cunt walls quivered and squeezed his cock. Jim felt a warm gush of fluid on his ballsack as he realized his sister was a juicer as he very imagined her being causing his third orgasm to approach. “Sis I’m gonna cum…quick get off.”

Marilyn shook her head, “I’m on the pill…fill me up with your forbidden sperm big brother. Imagine you’re getting me preggers.” she said.

The front door of the house opened up, “Kids we’re home!” their mother shouted. Both siblings did not care as they were trying to ride to orgasm. “Kids?” their mom asked again as she started to climb the stairs.

Their father went back out the front door, “I’ll get the rest of the groceries dear,” he said.

Their mom nodded as she headed towards Jim’s room hearing some noises. Opening the door she expected both to just be talking but found something more, “Kids I ….what the!?” she exclaimed.

Marilyn looked behind her as she gasped out, “Hi mom….oh my gawd Jim…shoot it!” not caring her mother was there seeing her.

Jim looked over and saw his mom, “Oh shit mom…I’m cumming!” he shouted as he starting to erupt his cum into his sister’s hot cunt.

Their mother stood there watching her sons cock expand and pulsate emptying its contents into her daughter’s pussy. She couldn’t help but stare at it like a train wreck as she could not believe her innocent children we’re like lovers looking for a sexual release.

Marilyn snickered as she lowered her pussy to catch the cum shooting from her brother’s manhood knowing her mother was there watching it. She rose up as his cock popped out and her pussy leaking his very cum he just shot into her. “Oh Jim that was a good fuck” she said as she squeezed her pussy muscles making it leak. “Looks like mom liked watching it. Look mom its your sons cum…mmm its so warm…ohh i can feel his sperm wiggling its way in my pussy. We’ll be down in a minute but I need a little more cock.” Marilyn grasped the cum coated shaft of her brother and slid her pussy back down on it riding slowly.

Their mom quickly shut the door and started to breathe heavily excited but yet ashamed at her kids.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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