Canoe Camping

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I started canoe camping before puberty, but after puberty I tended to imagine that any male-female couple I saw camping must be having sex in their tent. A reasonable conclusion (although when I got older it was not very true for me and my wife).

One day I was exploring a small island on which I had camped with some other guys, and discovered that a couple had camped on the other side of the island, which was probably only a couple of hundred yards diameter, but had dense woods with few paths.

Being somewhat of a voyeur, I was hoping to see some sexual contact. The male seemed to be ignoring the woman, who was middle aged but not flabby- a ponytail and nice tits in a T shirt and short shorts with wide legs. Nice rear end also. She was being very attentive to him, offering kisses and even grabbing at his crotch once- but he was gathering his fishing gear and finally got in the one canoe, and paddled away.

I considered watching more, but instead I just blundered into their campsite- as if I had been exploring the island (which was true) and had just arrived at her campsite (not true).

I gave an alert, “OH!” … “sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was camping on this island- my friends and I are on the other side.”

I was probably going to blunder back into the woods, but she quickly asked if I wanted some coffee. “Sure! we usually have a cold breakfast, no fire- coffee would be GREAT.”

I was 18 at the time and a freshman in college. She had to be over 30, but had all the parts of a woman and was actually very pretty even without makeup.

I accepted the mug and she poured the coffee- then made a very slow effort placing the pot near the fire, with her butt toward me (and not that far away). I imagined I could smell her pussy, and actually the leg holes of her shorts were big, and I imagined I could see some pussy hairs hanging down when she bent over- what I could not see was any panties!

I had NO idea how to propose sex to this woman, but the coffee was really good and so I started talking about different lakes we had been to. She started talking about how her husband had left her to go fishing, even though they had been fishing the day before and caught nothing.

I asked how she liked sleeping on the ground, and she explained that they had a really good air mattress that filled their small tent- so the ground was not a factor. I explained that I had never used an air mattress- and she offered to let me “try it out”.

As I started into their small tent, she suggested I take off my boots so I didn’t get dirt in the tent. As I kneeled, my knees did touch down to the ground when they compressed the air mattress – and she explained that I needed to spread out to prevent contact- and once I did that (and agreed that it was really comfortable- she explained casino oyna that it was inflated for two people- and she hopped onto the air mattress next to me.

“What happens if your roll together?” I asked. “I have never slept in a bed with someone else, much less on an air mattress.”

“Oh…” she explained.. and laughed… “the air mattress is soft for sleeping, but for sex, it is not like a bed at all. Let me show you.”

WOW! I was wondering how to bring up the sex idea, and she was way ahead of me. Of course she knew I was interested, because I already had a hard-on from when she had bent over in front of me!

She undid my shorts, and slipped them down and was sucking my cock before I could say anything, but what would I have said?

“Have you ever had a girl do that before?” she asked.

“No, but I certainly like it. I don’t want to make a mess though.”

… was the way I put it.

“Why don’t you go ahead and make a mess in my mouth!” she suggested, “and then you can help me with something for a while before you get too excited again- I understand what it is like to be a young man.”

She started sucking and licking again, and it didn’t take more than a minute before I had come in her mouth- and she swallowed it all. Then had her shorts off, and moved up so her pussy was in my face. It smelled really sexy, and although I was not sure what I was supposed to do- she was way ahead of me and suggested EXACTLY what she wanted me to do, and while I was doing it she commended me. She also described what she knew other women liked and had me try that (but she liked exactly what I had been doing first and told me to return to that). She really did seem to be enjoying it- then suggested that she could lie down- and when she did she flopped her legs far apart and pulled up her knees- “put a finger then two in me while you are licking like you just did, OK?”

Easy enough, but even though it had only been 5 minutes, I was already getting another erection.

She was watching, and encouraged my cock with her hand… and commented what a nice thick cock I had.

“Would you like to learn some sex positions?”


So she instructed me to move up and “put it in where your fingers were”. She gave detailed instructions of how to tease her pussy with the tip of my cock. Of course I assumed that she would not have any disease and had protection from pregnancy- typical stupid horny guy assumption!!

It felt amazing to be in her cunt and eventually to slide it all the way in- she sort of groaned when I got it all the way in- and explained she could feel me pushing her cervix around. I had no idea what that was, but asked if I should stop or back up some- “NO! just do exactly what you are doing”.

After a minute, she said, “Time for another canlı casino position before you get too excited.”

I pulled out and she turned on her side and eventually got me in position to enter her from behind sideways- it was less embarrassing for me because she had been staring me right in the eyes while I was fucking her on her back.

In about a minute she must have known from my increasing pace that I was about to come- because she sort of pushed me back and said- “I think you will really enjoy coming in doggy position”.

She got on her knees but not on her hands, her chest was right down on the air mattress- “See if you can guess what you do?” she laughed. And I was between her knees- she had long legs and spread them so her cunt was right at the level of my cock- and I slipped it in the same way she had taught me when she was on her back- teasing and a little- and out and back in more- until she became impatient and commanded, “get it all in there- I need to be fucked now.”

I started humping hard and was surprised that she came before I did, but not by much. Damn that was so much fun… it felt so good… that I was wishing I could be doing it again even though I had just finished.

I collapsed next to her and she started kissing me- and moved my hand to between her legs- I was busy trying to learn how to kiss (by matching everything she did to me) and remembering to keep my fingers moving on her pussy- she really wanted my fingers above her cunt where she had showed me to lick, not in it so much- but I found a way to do both that she really enjoyed- and she came again while we were kissing.

And again! I didn’t get hard again fast enough to fuck her again – because we heard a sound of a canoe hitting the shore.

I was really SCARED, even panicky, but she was calm and said I could make it into the woods before her husband noticed anything, and he would think she had been masturbating.

So I grabbed my shoes and snuck into the woods, staying low. I don’t even remember her name! Carol maybe. or Carolyn. I didn’t know any girls with her name, that part I remember.

I got my shoes on, and was thinking I should go back and pretend to be there for the first time- so I could get her name. But I chickened out and was walking back to my camp when I thought I should try to do it as much as she would let me do it. She seemed to have a totally good time so why not?

I realized that I might not get another chance- and my fear of her husband had worn off now that he could not find me with her in the tent. So I turned around and walked back. When I was in sight, I hailed “Good Morning, I didn’t know anyone else was camping on the island. Sorry to bother you.”

Before I could turn around, her husband asked if I would like some coffee, they still had some. kaçak casino So I went and sat down and met her husband, then she came out of the tent and I “met” her (Karen).

I was thinking how clever I was when her husband mentioned that they had seen us camped on the other side of the island, and he smiled and mentioned that he really appreciated my efforts- he had hoped at least one of “you handsome healthy young hunks would find my wife and service her.”

HUH?!! They both started laughing, and she told him- “He came twice in less than 10 minutes! Once in my mouth and once in my pussy. I came about 4 times! He has a hell of a lot more energy than you do, Honey, but I love ONLY YOU.”

Turns out that her husband could not keep up with her libido- and thought it was A-OK for her to fuck with other guys as long as she did not “cheat” on him by fucking guys without his knowing it.

I didn’t know what to think, but realized that my plan to keep fucking her was now a lot more likely, and entirely without risk of getting killed by the husband. So I obtained contact info, and they were very happy to provide it because they lived in a small town about 20 miles from where I was going to school, and Henry did not want to have local guys fucking her. My ability to drive over and fuck her at least twice a week turned out to be a great service for them both (and they even paid for my gasoline! and provided food etc.)

Of course it was not really work for me.

I learned a lot from Karen, but my self-confidence increased so rapidly that I became successful with girls my own age once I knew they might enjoy sex (and knew how to let them enjoy it!). I eventually cut back to visiting her only once a week, then I missed a week because I was fucking two girls from school. She was a little upset, and called to find out if I was sick or something. I said I was “busy”… but she must have known that it would not go on forever?

I suppose I should not have been surprised when she asked if I would send over one or more of my friends to visit her, if they were as good looking and horny as I was. Two at the same time is perfectly OK, she added- but not if they are shy.

She added, “I like to have people watch me get fucked- you may not have realized that? The mirror in my bedroom is a one-way mirror like the cops have, and we have great videos of you fucking me, so please try to control what you say about me to others, OK?”

I was upset but strangely not worried that they would cause me trouble- like posting video on the internet. So far all she had caused me was more and more pleasure, and it seemed that she was willing to replace me with another young guy who would please her- so I really did not have anything to worry about. Plus it was a valuable lesson in more ways than one- you can’t trust horny women- because you don’t really know what they are going to do with you or to you, when it suits them. Maybe that is simply true of all women, more likely it is true of ALL PEOPLE??

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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