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I’m asleep in my hotel room in Portland.

Just after 11pm the phone rings, sleepily I answer, “Hello?”

I hear your voice, “Randy?”

“Yes?” I reply.

“I need to talk to you,” you say.

“OK, is something wrong?”

“No, could you please come over?”

“Tonight??” I ask.

“Yes, please”

“OK, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

As I leave the hotel parking lot, I roll the windows down, letting the warm Summer air rush in and wake me up. I’m wondering in my mind why you would call me so late at night and insist I come over. Being the friend I am, I don’t mind, I’m just concerned, hoping you’re alright.

I drive through your development and pull up in the parking area and walk quietly to your front door. I can see a warm glow through the windows. I quietly knock on the door and it opens slightly, as it was not latched. I push the door open there are votive candles, probably 100 of them in the downstairs areas. As my eyes adjust to the light I realize you’re not in the room.

I step inside and close the door quietly behind me. Unsure, I call out to you, Linda? In a low voice you answer, “Yes” then you say, “Please come to me.” I look up the stairs and there are candles every other step giving a low flickering light. It’s then that I notice the tray, a silver tray with a chilled bottle of French wine in a silver ice bucket, a pair of crystal wine glasses and a corkscrew. I pick the tray up and I realize there is a trail of rose petals leading up the stairs. Hmmm, “isn’t this interesting” I think to myself, smiling.

I proceed up the stairs and I hear your voice again, “Please, don’t make me wait” I reach the top landing and I can see the Candlelight emanating from your room. I carry the tray through the door and gasp slightly as I lay eyes on you for the first time since arriving. You are laid out on your bed, propped up on a mountain of pillows. Your flaming red hair is splayed out over the pillows; large candles on stands are around your bed and in the corner of your room stands a knight’s armor. In the knight’s hands is a huge broad axe. “This is my protector,” you say. But tonight, I need a real knight. Your deep green eyes are sparkling in the candlelight, the embers of passion beginning to glow in them.

I set the tray down on a small table and uncork the bottle, I pour each of us a glass of wine and hand you yours. “To us” you say as we toast our friendship. We both sip of our wine, I sit on the side of the bed, and you set your glass down on the night table. I place mine next to it. I look at you, taking in a woman whom I’ve adored for a long time. You are dressed casino oyna in an antique nightgown. It’s off white with a handmade lace bodice. The gown is tied all the way down the front by a gold cord. Your ample bosom is very prominent, rising and falling with each breath.

You pull me to you. “I have waited so long for this moment” you say, “I did my best to resist you, but the attraction was too great. Tonight, you belong to me.” you pull me close and with trembling lips we exchange our first kiss, tentative at first, then more urgent as the passion builds. You have your fingers in my thick hair, you pull me close again and soon I am stretched out beside you, locked in embrace. “I’m glad you came to me, Sir Randy. My desire for you has grown for months.”

As we are lost in embrace, our hands begin to explore, and roam over each other’s bodies. I am gently kissing your neck. You are moaning softly as you reach up and untie the cording that is binding your bodice together. You pull open the bodice and expose your magnificent bosom. I gasp as I take in their beauty. You smile wickedly as you pull my face into your full cleavage, my mouth finds one of your rose tipped breasts and you moan with pleasure as I suckle and gently nibble on a hardening nipple.

You begin to unbutton my shirt and pull it out of my pants, and soon I am down to my brief underwear. I move my attention to your other breast and you lay back and sigh softly. “I do love the way you make me feel, Sir Randy, I knew the first time that you hugged me that it would come to this.” I look up at you as my lips and tongue make love to your engorged nipple, you are smirking at me and you place your hands on my shoulders and gently begin pushing me downwards. I sense what you’re doing and what you desire. I leave a little trail of tiny kisses from your bosom down across your abdomen. Your pushing becomes more insistent, but I am taking my sweet time, savoring every kiss I plant on your firm body.

As my lips brush your neatly trimmed red triangle, you shiver and you part your legs and try to draw my face in. I have other ideas as I begin to leave a trail of tiny kisses down the inside of your left leg passing the spot that you so much want me to pay attention to. You are writhing and moaning as I kiss your foot and plant kisses on each of your toes, the toenails painted a passionate red. I switch to your other foot and give it the same attention as the first, slowly making my way up the inside of your right leg.

You are becoming impatient and attempting to pull me upwards. I am inching closer with my lips to the liquid core of your desire. My canlı casino lips graze over your red patch and you firmly press my face downward. This time I allow you to guide me to the place that is in such a state of need. I part the velvety folds of your dusky pink blossom with my tongue and you moan loudly and your body stiffens slightly as I come upon your very prominent pearl of pleasure. You cry out in a ragged breath as my lips encircle your crown jewel. My tongue is rapidly flicking it as my lips suck it deeper into my mouth. Your body is beginning to undulate.

You have your fingers in my hair, pulling me ever tighter into you. You begin to moan loudly as the speed of my probing increases your hips begin to thrash uncontrollably. I find I have to hold you firmly to keep you from throwing me from the bed in your wanton state of passion. I push one, and then two digits into your steamy womanhood. You arch your back and cry out in pleasure as wave after wave of intense sensations wash over you. You finally fall back, onto your mountain of pillows. Your breath is coming in gasps. “That was beyond my wildest dreams Sir Randy.”

You lie back with your eyes closed, your heart racing and your breathing deep, causing your glorious bust to rise and fall. The rosy red tips still in a high state of arousal.

As I stand and stretch and try to limber up. You are taking me in and smiling at the things you’re seeing and the effects you’ve had on me. I leave you momentarily to wash, but soon return. You are lying back, with a warm glow about you and the candles flickering in your sparkling green eyes. “Come to me Sir Randy” you, command, having regained control from the temporary insanity of your climax. I climb onto the bed and kiss all over your face you giggle as my moustache tickles your skin.

You reach down between my legs and take hold of my turgid manhood. “MMMM, I have wanted this for oh so long” you sigh. You pull me upwards and I start to mount you, you chuckle and say “no, no, no, no, this is Lady Linda’s choice” You push me down onto my back and swing a leg over me straddling my chest and pinning me to the bed. While I was washing, you removed your nightgown and your lean body is magnificent to behold in the warm glow of the Candlelight.

You are strong and confident as you have me pinned to the bed. You smile down upon me and say “Now Linda gets to have HER way with YOU” your knees have my arms pinned down and you are running your fingers through my hair and pressing your firm breasts against my face teasing me. You begin to slide down my body and release my arms. You say, “I know what I’d like to do” kaçak casino and you turn around so you’re facing my feet. You order me to lay still and with your teeth you grasp the waistband of my underwear and you tug them down exposing my swollen member.

“Oh my”, you comment, “look what we have here” you bend down and place a little kiss right under the head, I gasp in pleasure and you giggle. “Mmmm now isn’t this fun” you say, “You know, you did so well earlier that I’m going to allow you to do that again.” With that you once again have my mouth on your pearl of pleasure, but this time I am pinned by your strong legs. While I am doing as you as you asked, you lean forward and in one swift motion you take the entire length of me into your mouth. I jump in response, you pull back and say “hey, pay attention to the task at hand, or mouth, for that matter, he he.”

You lean forward again and your talented mouth and tongue work it’s magic again and again, you take me to the brink of spilling my seed and then you slow down. I am moaning and you are enjoying the vibration. You stiffen and begin to shudder as my tongue takes you over the top again. “Whew”, you comment “you have such a talented tongue I just might keep you here as my love slave.”

You turn around and lean forward, kissing me deeply. You begin to slowly slide down to my manhood and you slither over me and press down hard with your dampness. “So, Sir Randy, this is what I’ve been wanting for months and months, I tried to resist, but resistance was futile”

You reach between us and rub the head of me up and down the warm, wet folds of your womanhood. Slowly it finds its way into the tight channel. You press down and slowly but surely I watch myself being swallowed up by you. Once you have me entirely inside of you, you begin to rock your hips, grinding your swollen pearl into me. You moan in ecstasy as you begin to pick up speed and rhythm.

You reach down and take my hands and place them tightly on your breasts, the rock hard nipples pressing firmly into my palms. You place your hands over mine and hold them there. Your hips are picking up speed and urgency and soon, with beads of perspiration on our bodies, we cry out in unison as we climax simultaneously. You collapse on me and kiss me deeply, thanking me for coming over at so late an hour. We lay quiet for a long time, holding each other.

Finally, as our breathing and heartbeats come back to normal, you slide out of bed and make your way downstairs. You blow out each of the candles downstairs and then up the stairway. You reenter our love parlor and quietly extinguish the candles around the bed until the faint glow of the streetlamp shines through the window. You curl up with your face on my chest and we gradually fall into the deepest, most satisfying sleep either of us has had in ages.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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