Camping Fun!

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I’ve never been one for camping in the great outdoors. My idea of a weekend away was a luxurious hotel with an in-room hot tub, and a decent bar downstairs. My girlfriend Jo however, loved nature but rarely got the chance to enjoy it as she always left the planning of trips to me. This time however, she had put her foot down and planned a weekend’s camping in the great outdoors. I began to look forward to a few saucy nights of fun cuddling up to my beautiful girl under the stars.

Friday came and I called home before I left the office. I wanted to know what the plans were and to tell my girlfriend that I was leaving a bit early so we could get to wherever it was we were going. To my surprise, she told me that everything was loaded in the car and all I had to do was come home, have a shower and we could get going. This was great! I hated the process of packing the car and making sure we have everything we needed. I actually remember riding the train home with a smile on my face and looking forward to the weekend which was already off to a great start.

I arrived home, had a quick bath and we were off. Jo had packed a fairly large tent we had bought from Argos the previous weekend, some clothes, food and of course the ever so necessary alcohol. This was going to be great – just what I needed after a busy week in my new job.

We pulled in to the campground and paid for our site which was on the edge of a lake. The sites were far apart from one another, which was nice because there would be nobody around to bother us. There were washrooms and showers near the main entrance and a small store that sold necessities and fire wood.

We got situated, erected the tent, and got the fire ready as it was almost 19:30 and it would soon be dark. The whole time we were getting set up we were chatting and drinking. We didn’t eat before leaving and we did not want to stop and make something because it was getting dark. So we kept drinking in order to fill our stomachs and by the time we were ready to sit and enjoy the fire, we were pretty drunk and giggling like idiots. Once the fire was lit, I needed to pee badly from all the beer. Not being one that loved nature as much as the average guy, I decided to make the short walk to the washrooms, rather than get poison ivy peeing in the woods. My girlfriend laughed and told me she would go later.

I got to the washrooms and was taking a piss in the urinals when a guy came up beside me and whipped out what I thought was a fairly large cock and started to take a leak. He was standing there with his eyes closed and did not see me take a glance at his rod. I don’t care what other guys say, if there is a chance to measure yourself against another guys dick, you always take a peek. It’s natural to wonder how your cock measures up to others. And in this case, his was much bigger than mine, a feeling I did not enjoy.

And then I actually noticed his face. It was my friend Steve! I hadn’t seen him for about a year as he and his wife moved to another town.

“STEVE?” I asked.

Then he turned toward me and I knew it was him. “Hey Nathan, what are you doing here?” he asked. “Camping’s not your thing is it?”

“No, not usually” I replied. “But Jo really likes camping so I thought it would be nice to do it at least once this summer.”

“That’s great!” he yelled. “Jessica and I are here for the night and then we are stopping by her folk’s house on the way home tomorrow.” He told me that they decided to get one last weekend of camping in before the cold weather came. They camped quite often, and it made sense to work in a visit to their parents while they were here.

“Do you mind if we stop by and have a drink at your campsite before turning in?” canlı bahis he asked.

“Not at all” I replied. “Jo would love to see Jess again and catch up.”

“Ok, we’ll be over in a bit” he said as he left the washroom and went to get his wife.

I made it back to our site and told Jo what happened. She was excited about seeing her friend, just as I suspected she would be. Soon after, Steve and Jessica showed up and we were all talking about things in our life and my girlfriend and I continued drinking and still had not eaten. I think Steve and Jess knew we were pretty drunk and they weren’t far behind us. And then it happened. It started to rain. It was light at first and Steve and his wife were deciding whether to run back to their tent or hang with us and wait for the rain to stop. Then is started to pour and Jo made the decision for all of us. We all climbed into our tent. It was certainly big enough as it was a six man tent and there were only four of us. The rain continued for a long time as we played cards by the dim light of the lantern. I think the idea of staying there all night crossed all our minds. Jo made fun of the fact that Jessica would never go out in the rain and get soaked to the bone and Steve and I laughed and agreed.

Pretty soon, we were all lying down in the tent. Jessica had passed out beside me in the corner and Steve was sleeping over in the other corner. That left my girlfriend and I in the middle, facing each other. With the others safely asleep, we decided a little kissing and touching wouldn’t hurt. I was running my fingers through her hair and she was kissing me and sucking on my tongue. She was always a bit of a handful when she had been drinking, as she lost all sense of right and wrong – which was fucking great! I didn’t realize just how drunk we both were until I began to fade a bit. I was still aware of what was going on, but I just didn’t have the strength to fuck. I knew she wanted to, because she kept moving her hips back and forth across my knee, grinding on it in hopes of turning me on or failing that, simply getting herself off.

I obviously was out of it enough that I did not notice Steve was awake and facing my girlfriends back. He had been buried in the corner facing the tent wall, but the movement and sounds must have woken him. He was almost as drunk as we were, but was alert enough to take advantage of the situation.

He carefully unzipped the other side of the sleeping bag Jo was in. The side facing me was already open as I was partially in it. This exposed her back and legs to his view. My girlfriend was wearing a t-shirt and a thong that was half down her arse from our groping session. He slowly moved towards her and his chest was now against her back, the large bulge in his jeans was almost touching her uncovered arse. Jo was clearly still “in the mood” and the warmth of his body started her up again. I think to this day she was unclear who was behind her – at least at first. She kept her eyes closed most of the time and I still wonder if she had have opened them whether she would have realized I was in front of her, not behind her. Would she have cared? We had discussed how much of a turn-on the thought of watching her with another man was for me and during our hottest sessions together she had admitted that she would love to make my fantasy come true because the thought of it turned her on no end! Was this to be the day..?

Her hips began to push her arse back towards Steve. She was rubbing against his crotch, which he was unzipping slowly. I could hear his belt and the button of his jeans come undone, revealing his large member which had to have been as hard as a rock. My dick was at full attention just watching the events unfold. bahis siteleri As he slid my girlfriend’s jeans further down her arse, you could tell from the little smile on her face that she could feel the girth of his cock against her arse cheeks. Finally her jeans were down to her ankles, after Steve forced them the rest of the way with his knee.

I could see his hand under her neck as his fingers came up from under her hair and into her mouth. She began sucking on them and pretty soon her lips and chin were covered in her saliva. I knew she was wet down below because one of her hands made it down to her pussy and she was rubbing her clit. She was having a bit of trouble as she was lying on her side and her legs were still together, making it tough to reach it properly.

By this time, Steve was rock hard. His fully erect penis was working its way to my beautiful girlfriend’s pussy. The tip of it was wet and he used his hand to rub her juices down the full length of his shaft. I knew Jo would be thrilled with the size of Steve’s cock after seeing it earlier in the washroom and that was in its flaccid state. From the quick glimpse I caught of his dick in all its glory I estimated that it must have been 10 inches and twice as fat as mine. The look on her face confirmed my theory. As he pushed up into her, she moaned softly and let out a deep sigh. His fat cock must have stretched her lips wider than she was used to but she enjoyed every second of the feeling and so did Steve. She began to push her arse towards him, taking more of his shaft inside her. His was exploring parts of my girlfriend’s pussy I had never reached before and she shuddered as it rubbed against her g-spot. As he rhythmically pumped his massive cock into Jo I realised Steve had no trouble hitting it each and every stroke and it was making her convulse in extacy.

It was too much for her. She opened her eyes and looked at me – she was studying my face to see if I was okay with what was happening. To her relief, I must have looked aroused, because she continued to let Steve pump her. Steve looked over her shoulder at me and knew I liked what I was seeing.

And then a look of fear washed over my girlfriend’s face. She was about to cum and was worried about my feelings. She didn’t want me to see another man make her cum, as if I was the only one that could make her have an orgasm. But two or three more thrusts from Steve and that was it. Jo moaned loudly and put her hand on Steve’s arse, pulling it towards her own, urging him on. I thought it was all over but Steve had other plans. He wasn’t done yet. As my girlfriend continued jolting and bucking, Steve pulled his member out of her soaking wet pussy and pushed the end of his shaft against the opening of her arse. She looked at me again but this time there was pure lust in her eyes. She loved being fucked hard in the arse and was obviously very excited at the thought of getting this big fat cock inside her. Steve was grinning, drinking in the sexy sight of my girlfriend reaching back and spreading open her perfect little cheeks to let him slide in. And eventually he did. Jo gasped for air at first, as if she just came up from a dive in the lake. The sheer size of her new lover was a new sensation for her, but she quickly adjusted to the feeling of the massive cock in her butt. Steve was moving it in and out slowly, never letting it get all the way out at first but before long he was pulling out completely and driving his prick back into Jo’s gorgeous arse, making her cry out with pleasure each time..

The sight of my beloved girlfriend getting fucked by another man 2ft in front of me was more exciting than I had ever imagined. Laying back to enjoy the show, I slipped my boxers off bahis şirketleri and stroked my hard cock, pre-cum dribbling down my shaft as I did so. It would be so easy to make cum and enjoy a thunderous orgasm but I forced myself to resist the temptation. I had fantasised about this moment for a long a time and I was determined to enjoy every last second. Sadly, mother nature and 8 cans of Carlsberg conspired to ruin that idea! I suddenly needed to pee, which meant either leaving my girlfriend to enjoy another man without me or attempt to break up her fun. Listening to the groans of pleasure coming from her and the way she was gripping two handfuls of her sleeping bag as Steve slammed his big cock into her, I didn’t rate my chances of stopping Jo even if I wanted to, so I quickly pulled on my jeans, unzipped the tent and dashed out in the rain to relieve myself.

I couldn’t find a secluded enough natural spot and ended up having to run all the way to the toilets so I was gone for almost 20 minutes. When I returned, I half expected to see my them asleep but to my surprise and delight, Jo and Steve were still going at it! He was no longer in her arse however. He was laying on his back on a bunch of pillows, sitting kind of upright, while my girlfriend was jamming his massive shaft into her mouth. She was travelling up and down his dick like a piston. I couldn’t believe how much she was getting into her throat. I thought she was trying to get him to cum but to my surprise she was trying to get him hard again. I was waiting for him to spray his load into her mouth when suddenly she stopped and got down on all fours, presenting her soaking wet pussy to him. Steve didn’t need a second invitation, quickly taking up position behind Jo and slamming his mammoth cock into her. Holding her hips roughly, he fucked her as hard as he could, sweating and grunting as each violent thrust forced the air from her lungs and made her whimper in extacy.

I couldn’t watch from the sidelines any longer and seized my opportunity to force my rock-hard dick into my girlfriends mouth as she continued to be fucked by Steve. She eagerly took me in and the lips of her mouth were actually touching the base of my cock and her tongue was coming out and licking my balls once my dick was all the way in. I knew I would cum fast unless I stopped her. I pulled out and got down on my back, leaning against the pillows where Steve once sat. Jo knew what I had in mind and so did Steve. He stopped long enough for my girlfriend to get on top of me and slide my cock into her pussy. It was hotter than ever. She started grinding me, sliding back and forth the full length of my rod. Steve re-entered her little arse and now she was being fucked by both of us.

Steve soon got the inevitable urge to blow his load. He kept slamming into Jo’s arse as he came violently deep in her butt spraying load after load and crying out like an animal. The feeling of him cumming in her arse combined with being fucked by two cocks at once had tipped Jo over the edge and she threw her head back and came with a scream of pure joy. It was time for me to finish. Jo jumped off me and moved her face down to my member. She started sucking like never before. My dick was covered in her own juices as she wrapped her lips around my head and sucked it in. I came within minutes, at the very point where she had me in her mouth as deep as she could. This surprised her and she swallowed the first shot with my cock still half way into her neck. The second and third shot filled her mouth and she let it drip out onto my cock. My cum and her spit ran down the length of my shaft and she used her hand to jerk the rest out of me.

Our fun was over (for the night anyway). Steve dressed his wife and carried her back to their site as the rain had stopped during some point. My girlfriend and I cuddled up to each other in our tent, hot, sweaty and out of breath but still very turned on…and very much in love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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