Camp Bare A While Ch. 03

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I finally got around to writing more about Rob and Cindy. Hope you enjoy and will send me any feedback that you may have.

Lustfully, Ron


This continues the exploits of Rob, a small town reporter. Who after spending time at a nudist resort has more fun with his girl friend and others. Writer would love feedback and / or suggestions.


In the morning after cleaning up and having breakfast, saying goodby to their new friends and swapping telephone numbers, Rob and Candy started their drive home.

On the way back Rob suggested that they could write the story together giving the readers both the male and female point of view. They would have to leave out the hot sexy parts for the story in the paper because a lot of people would be offended.

“That’s fantastic.” Cried Candy. “I have some good ideas and we could get together to compare notes.”

“That’s one of the reasons I want to write it with you.” Ron told her. “I want to see you steady if I can?”

“Do you mean date or what?”

“Date, what, and everything.” He told her. “How would you like to go steady with me?”

“Yes, I would like that, I was hoping you would want to see me more but I wasn’t sure how you felt after all my fucking with everybody else this weekend. Yes.” She said. ” I would very much like to date you.”

“We both had a blast but it was best with you.” Rob told her. “I want to go back there again. We both loved being naked and the sex and I want more, but only if you go with me.”

“Thanks hon, We’ll date steady and we can write a nice article about the camp but your right, there are some things that we don’t dare print in the paper for obvious reasons.”

“Hey, we could write a whole X rated book about swinging just from the resort. Things we couldn’t put in the paper. We would have to go back for research, often.”

They laughed at the idea that all their fucking would be deducted from taxes, a business expense. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT. And one hell of a lot of fun. Good fuckin fun.

Getting to the paper at nine they went to their desks and did their stories about their weekend at the resort. Stressing the feeling of freedom of being nude in the sun, with all ages, sizes and shapes of people enjoying the friendship of nice compatable men, women and children.

The editor looked over the stories. “Great beginning, you’ll do more of these I hope?” He said. “We will probably get letters, some giving us hell but some will want more information. Can you do one every month?”

“Yes we can. we’ll have to go back every so often but no problem.” Rob said.

“Good, the paper will pay for your membership and mileage. OK?” He said. “With any luck your stories could be picked up by some of the large papers and that would be good for us all. Now take the day off to rest since I know you worked so HARD this weekend.” He winked at them, they had told him about all the sex stuff too. As he dropped Candy at her apt. she told him to get lots of rest tonight. Tomorrow she would cook him supper and they could watch TV for a while then she would fuck him cross-eyed. Okay?”

“OKAY!!” Rob said and kissed her goodbye.

Not wanting to waste the rest of the day he called on some clients, renewed several ads and opened a new account. Feeling good he stopped at his favorite diner for coffee.

Sitting at the counter and waving hi to several friends as Alma, his favorite waitress, brought him his coffee. Alma was about thirty five, dark hair, nice shape with big tits. Which she showed off by wearing low cut tops with no bras.

She was married to a rotten, abusive man but had a teen age daughter at home, so she put up with him. She had confided once that he only fucked her about once a month, was usually drunk and not very good for her. Had hinted that he could visit anytime. She was probably good in bed but he didn’t want to get shot by any pissed off husband.

Alma leaned over serving his coffee, showing her nice tits over the top of her blouse. She got more tips for her tits than she did for her service.

“Getting any strange stuff lately handsome?” She asked. “How many sexy broads did you screw with this weekend?”

“Same O, same O. Less than twenty. Ha, Ha. Hell, if I get any, it would be very strange.”

“Ha, ha.” She laughed. “I heard stories from some of the girls that used to work here about you, they tell a different story about your abilities and how good you are.”

Some new customers came in, Alma went to wait on them. He placed a dollar on the counter and waving to her, left.

In the morning he turned in the contracts to the office, stopped long enough to kiss Candy and check about what time to come over. He left, to drive around, nosing around for items of possible interest for the paper.

Listening to two special radios that were “borrowed”. One tuned to the local police and one to the state police.

Hearing of an accident at the mall he drove over. Two cars had collided at the entrance, nobody hurt, except for feelings. canlı bahis Took some pictures and got names for the paper.

He saw Harry, a friend on the local police, who asked him to meet later and talk. He had some things he wanted to discuss.

Later a call about a fight at a house out on the edge of town. When Rob got there the state police had separated two men. Both were bloody, one was fully dressed but the other was wearing just jockey shorts. A woman was sitting on the steps wearing only a pair of panties. Her head in her hands, crying. She was almost completely exposed, showing a well formed pair of titties. Rob gave her his jacket and led her inside. She then told him what had happened.

She was getting fucked on the couch by a neighbor when her husband came home a day early from a business trip and caught them. Stopping only long enough to hit her he chased after Al, catching him in the yard as he was trying to get dressed. She had called the cops.

Her friend had gotten away and was hiding in the bushes until the police came, he ran to them for help but Bill caught him again.

The police let Al gather up his clothes then took them both to jail. (In different cars.)

“Let me get something on, here’s your jacket.” She said. I’ll be right back.

She handed Rob the jacket then stood there long enough for him to get a good look at her. She had small, pretty breasts. Pointed nipples just made for sucking on. The panties were shear enough to see that she wasn’t a natural blond. Then she went to the other room.

Less than a minute later she returned, wearing a thin nightgown open down the front. It covered her tits but the nipples poked out through the thin material making his mouth water.

“Can I offer you a drink or – something, or anything?” She asked.

Rob knew what she was offering but decided not now.

“Can you stay a bit?”

She needed someone to talk to so he said he could stay for a little while but had to get back to work soon.

She sat on the couch and patted the spot next to her but Rob sat on a Chair opossit her as she told her story. Her husband Bill Hendrix went on buying trips, sometimes for a week at a time, he never takes her, leaves her here alone. But always has one or two of the girls from the store go along. (She mentioned an exclusive ladies store in town.)

“I know he’s fucking around with them but I’m not even allowed to go out alone. I have to take his sister wherever I go. What he doesn’t know is that his sister and her husband are swingers and they take me to some of their parties. I met Al and his wife at one of their swap parties. He cums over a couple times a week or I go to their place with them. SHIT!! Half an hour later, and we would have been done.”

Rob said that he best be going. That he had work to do.

She invited him back. “ANYTIME.” At the diner he saw Harry setting behind the wheel of the police car, waiting for him.

“Come on in , I’ll buy.” Rob said and led the way to a back booth if Harry wanted to talk about anything important they needed privacy.

As they sat Alma came over to take their order. “What can I get for you nice gentlemen?” She asked. “Anything on or off the menu can be yours for the asking.” As she shook her tits at them.

Harry didn’t even look up. He acted as if he had lost his last friend.

Rob answered her with. “One hot fur-burger covered with a pair of big tits.” Then continued. “Two coffee’s, two burgers with the works.”

“Okay buddy, what’s the problem?” Rob asked. “Lets see if I can help? Anything can be worked out.”

“It’s my wife Sally, I’m not sure but I think maybe she is running around on me. She’s been acting strange lately. Doesn’t want to screw half as much lately and when we do she wants to try a bunch of different weird things.”

“She claims that sex is getting boring just doing the same things in the same way every time. She says that she wants to have some variety in our loving. She wants to do some different things.”

“What do you think I can do to help?” Asked Rob.

“Your my best friend, can you or one of your girl friends talk with her? Find out what the problem is? What does she want?”

“I know a girl at the paper that might help, I’ll check with her.”

“Here comes our burgers, lets eat.”

As Alma served them she brushed her tits on Rob’s arm. “If you like fur-burgers, try this one.” She said in a low voice and slightly spread her legs.”

Rob ran his hand up the inside of her leg to find her hairy pussy with a wet slit in the middle. knowing they couldn’t be seen back here he inserted two fingers, moved them around for a few seconds.

When he took his hand away his fingers were covered by her juices. Rasing them to his mouth he licked them off.

Alma left with a twinkle in her eye.

“How could you do anything like that? Harry asked. “That’s a nasty thing. That’s what Sally wants me to do and she tries to do the same nasty thing to me.” He continued. ” She tried to kiss bahis siteleri my penis last night but I wouldn’t let her.

“Harry, what do you and Sally do when you make love?” Rob asked.

“Well, after the lights are out and we’re in bed, I play with her breasts until I’m hard enough, I roll over on top and put my penis in and screw her until I finish. I then go wash. Kiss her goodnight and then we go to sleep.”

“That’s all?” Rob was amazed. “Don’t you suck her tits or play with and kiss her pussy? Doesn’t she suck your cock?”

“No-o-o way, that’s what you do with whores, Sally is not like that, she’s a nice girl.” Harry quietly told him. “My Mother told me that only bad girls and whores do those dirty things.”

“I’m going to give you some videos and I want Sally and you to watch them tonight after you both have a few strong drinks. I want you to watch close and I want you to do each and every thing that the people in the film do, I mean every thing!”

Rob got the films to Harry and reminded him to have a few drinks, get a little high first, then watch them. “I’ll talk with Candy and we’ll get over tomorrow to visit.”

Over the radio came a call for a female officer to check about a disturbance going on at the high school.

Rob arrived at the same time as Rosie, the only woman on the police dept. Rosie was built like a mack truck, BIG. Not fat, just big, large tits, broad shoulders, thick arms, fire red hair and very attractive. Definitely a woman. She was a very nice person except when crossed and then she could be a real bitch.

She lived with two men, brothers, even the two couldn’t keep her happy all the time, she once told Rob. So every now and then she had to get some extra cock.

“Come on let’s go see what the problem is.” She said as she lead the way into the school.

They were met by the principal and the gym teacher.

One of the girls had shut herself in the locker room and was threatening to harm herself. They were all worried about her.

“Her name is Betty Hill.” The principal told them. “Her mother works as a waitress somewhere but we can’t find her.”

“Shit, I know her.” Rob said. “Call the Silver Diner, ask for Alma.”

They called through the locked door. “Betty please open, your mother is on the way, she’ll be here soon.”

Her answer was simple. “Fuck Her, Fuck You, FUCK ALL OF YOU.”

“Betty, at least talk to us.” Rosie called. “Where does your dad work? We can call him.”

“Fuck him most of all! Its all his fault, all of its his fault.”

A few minutes later Alma arrived.

“Baby, baby its me, its Ma. Please come out to us!” Alma said. “Everything will be okay, I’m here now.”

This was evidently what Betty had been waiting for. The door slowly opened, Betty peeked around the edge and then ran to her mothers waiting arms, crying.

“Ma, ma, I’m sorry, so sorry.”

Rosie and Rob chased everyone from the room so Alma and her girl could talk things over in private.

After a few minutes Alma came out with fire in her eyes, told Rosie where they could find her husband.

“Arrest the son of a bitch, charge him with child abuse, rape, incest, sex with a minor and any other charges you can think of. She’s only eighteen. If I see the bastard I’ll kill him! Lock him up for his own protection before I kill him.”

Understanding now what had happened, Rosie left. Going to the station for a warrant for his arrest.

Alma asked Rob to take them home. On the way Betty told them the full story.

Her father had been fooling around with her for the last couple years. They used to only cuddle on the couch and watch TV and he would hold her in his arms while Alma was at work. When she had started developing titties. He would tickle her and rub the small buds. As they grew bigger he rubbed an caressed them more often. She enjoyed this very much.

At first he played with her tits over her shirt but one day, wanting more, She pulled it up so he could caress her bare titties. After that she could hardly wait for the evenings that Alma worked. Right after her bath she would come to the couch, climb into his lap to watch TV and be caressed. Soon he started sucking on the nipples. She loved the way it felt and they did this every night when they were alone.

Sometimes she wore pajamas, leaving the top open so he could touch her but mostly wore only panties. She always got an itchy feeling in her lower belly and between her legs.

About this time she began to masturbate, first using just fingers to ease the wonderful itch between her legs. Playing with her titties with one hand and rubbing her hairless pussy with the other. She soon realized that it felt nicer with a finger inside. Then tried other things, the handle of her hair brush, a carrot, pill bottles, even tried a cucumber once but it was way too big for her small cunt. Carrots were best for her needs. She didn’t really climax but got a nice warm glow all over her body and the itch went away.

After she started having periods bahis şirketleri Alma and the school nurses explained all the things about growing up and to be carful around boys and men. She knew a lot about sex, what went where and what caused babies. Also that people fucked for fun. One of her girl friends swiped a video of her brothers and a bunch of them watched it. It showed two couples doing all kinds of different sex things. Another girl said that it wasn’t as good as watching her parents and their friends when they had sexy pool parties at their house on weekends.

She was enjoying what her father was doing to her and didn’t want to stop. Most of the time she could feel his cock get hard through his pants, then he would get up and go to the bathroom. Betty used to watch him as he jacked off in the sink or into a wad of toilet paper. She liked it better when he used the sink cause she could see the cum splash across the bowl.

“Then last summer when it got real hot, the air conditioner broke. It was a couple weeks before we could get it fixed. It was so hot in the house that even ma wore only panties and a bra most of the time, dad wore only boxer shorts. All I had on was a short nightgown that almost covered my naked ass. When I sat on his lap that night and he got hard his cock stuck up through the front and I could feel it hot against my pussy. I reached down an gripped him, wrapping my hand around his stiff cock and started to jack him off as I had watched him do to himself so many times. Dad started sucking my titties until his cock throbbed and spurted cum in my hand. I looked at the white cum on my hand, started to wipe it on my gown, then decided to taste it and licked my fingers.”

“The next morning was Saturday, no school. Alma went to work early. Dad was still in bed, sleeping, laying on his back, naked. His prick was soft, wanting to look at it, I crawled close and holding it up, kissed the tip. He was still asleep but started to get hard, moving my hand up and down he got harder and harder as I slowly played with his cock.”

“That must have woken him, he started to rub my pussy through my panties then pulling them off, rubbed my bare lips and inserted a finger in my wet slit, finger fucking me. I jacked him off faster and faster. When he started to cum I watched as his spunk boiled out the tip. Remembering what the girls did in the video. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and caught the cum in my mouth, sucking and swallowing it all.”

“Removing his finger he turned around and kissed my pussy. Sticking his tongue to me, he started to lick me. It felt wonderful. He licked and sucked at my cunny, I was tingling and quivering all over. I had my first real climax.”

“We spent half the day in bed just licking and sucking on each other. I decided that there was only one thing left. Sucking him hard again, I straddled his body and guiding his cock, lowered myself slowly onto his stiff prick. I knew it would fit because I had finally starting using cucumbers to masturbate with. Some were even bigger than his prick. Lowering myself, letting his shaft penetrate me I realized that I was no longer a virgin. I was getting fucked!”

“Dad had already cum several times that day so we were able to fuck a long time before he finally gave me my first load of cum inside me. I probably came about eight or nine times that day. Super fantastic.”

“After that day he didn’t have to go to the bathroom to jack off when we watched TV. He either fucked me or I sucked him. Once when I was having my period I tried to take him in my ass but he was too big and it hurt.”

“We have been doing this for about three months. Now I’m two weeks late with my period, when I told him that I might be pregnant he laughed and said that I should blame it on one of my boyfriends at school that I have been screwing with. When I said that I haven’t been with anyone but him he called me a fucking liar and a cheap whore like my mother who showed her tits at the restaurant and had been fucked by most of the men in town.” “Oh, Mom, why would he, how could he say such things to me? I loved him. I gave myself to him willingly.”

“I’m sorry mom, so sorry. What am I going to do?”

When they arrived at their house, Alma and Betty were crying, hugging each other. Saying only thanks to Rob they went in together.

Rob drove back to the police station, checking to see if they had picked up Alma’s husband. He arrived in time to see an ambulance pull away. Inside he found Rosie sitting at her desk drinking a cup of coffee with a large grin on her face.

“He resisted arrest so we had to subdue him.” She said, still grinning.

“Yea, I’ll bet you did.”

“Yea – and two of his buddies tried to help.” She told me. “And they’re in the cell next to him.”

“It’s been a busy day. Hendrix posted bail and we sent the other guy home in a cab. As soon as I can check out I’m going home, jump in the shower and get my men to fuck the shit out of me.” Then she asked. “How’s the kid and her ma, They OK?”

“They’ll be alright, Alma’s tough, they’ll survive.” Rob replied. “Wait till you hear the whole story, it’s not 100% his fault, maybe 75 or 80% because he started it,—- but the girl liked it and let things continue.”

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