Camilla Ch. 111

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Continuing with her reliving of her unwitting incest with her son, unconscious Camilla was re-experiencing the morning after her third sexual encounter with Eros. She got out of bed and put on a bathrobe to cover her nakedness.

“This is the third time I’ve found myself naked in bed, but I don’t remember undressing and coming up here,” she said as she left her bedroom. Naturally, she suspected, but couldn’t prove, Eros’ acting out of his desires for her.

Hearing him eating breakfast in the kitchen, she slowly went downstairs, scanning his mind for thoughts about sex with her from the night before. She found no such thoughts, nor did she sense him blocking her scanning with his own psychic abilities.

Of course, his skill with Nigrovum was already so advanced that he could easily trick her into believing he was innocent. Also, she simply wanted to believe he was.

“Good morning, sweetie,” she said as she walked into the kitchen. She yawned.

“Good morning, Mom,” Eros said, shovelling a spoonful of cereal in his mouth. “Did you sleep well?”

“Baby, don’t talk with your mouth full,” she said. “And yes, I did sleep well…a little too well.”

“Oh?” he asked, pretending not to know anything about the night before.

“Yeah, I dreamed about making love with Joey, a boy I lap-danced…oh, I shouldn’t be talking about that with you.”

“Why not?”

“You’re too sweet and innocent to hear that kind of talk,” she said, closely noting what his reaction would be.

“I’m not that innocent,” he said, more than slightly annoyed, but careful not to think about any of the sex he’d had with her, for he knew that’s what she was psychically scanning for.

Sensing no guilt in his thoughts, she said, “No one’s an angel, but you’re pretty close.” Relieved to have found nothing implicating him, she kissed him on the cheek. Then she felt, ever so slightly, her lust-energy in him again. He’d allowed that, but nothing else. “Why is it every time I kiss you, baby, I psychically feel my desires?”

“Well, as your son, I am part you, and therefore, part your desire.”

“Yeah, but it feels stronger now.” Her suspicions were coming back.

“How much stronger?” he asked, finishing his cereal.

“Well, a bit.”

“Then casino oyna what’s the big deal? A little stronger one day, a little weaker the next. Maybe it’s stronger because you need a lover.”

“Eros, nice boys don’t say things like that to their Mommies.”

“Mom, I’m a man, not a baby.” He stood up.

“Maybe I need a lover? Maybe I’ve been having one.” She looked up in his eyes, scanning again. She felt nothing. Either he’s innocent, or far better with Nigrovum than I am, she thought. Well, innocent until proven guilty. I sure don’t want to believe he’s been fucking me. She walked out of the kitchen.


Three days after that one, she’d been working like a dog teaching those summer classes in McGill University. It was now Tuesday, during the first week of August.

That night, she came home exhausted again. Instead of fixing herself a drink, this time she went upstairs and straight to bed.

Maybe Eros has been using Nigrovum to expand the alcohol I’ve drunk, making me too intoxicated to resist his advances–assuming he’s been making advances, she thought as she got undressed. I’m sober now, so I should be more able to stop him, if he’s doing what I think he is.

Naked, she got in bed and quickly fell asleep, her exhaustion overpowering her worry’s ability to keep her alert.

Eros, also naked, had been sitting on his bed meditating. He visualized her dreaming about the burning mansion. Two minutes later, he got up, left his bedroom and went into hers. He used Nigrovum to make her open her eyes, but still see the dream.

Indeed, when Camilla looked around, she saw the burning walls of a large room in the mansion on Grouse Mountain, as well as all her former lovers surrounding her. Not one of them had a look of hate in his eyes, though; nor did she see any masked men, for Eros naturally didn’t want his mother to feel afraid as he made love with her.

As for Eros, he’d made himself look like Chris, the boy who ate Camilla’s ass in her English class from seventeen years before, during a lecture on Chaucer.

“Oh, hi Chris,” she said, sensing no hostility in him, as had fortunately been the case with her old lovers’ ghosts recently. “Wanna lick my ass again?”

“Yes, Goddess,” Eros said in Chris’s canlı casino voice, then got on the bed.

She pulled the blankets away, exposing her beautiful naked body to his eyes, which were aglow with excitement. Then she rolled over to get on all fours, spread her legs, and pushed her butt back so he could see her asshole and pussy. He got behind her and let his tongue slide up from her perineum to the top of her butt-crack.

As he licked her asshole, he thought, You’re all clean now, but I’d lick you even if it all tasted like shit. I want to show you just how much I love you, Mama. I’d endure anything for you; I’ll endure the masked men for you one day…you’ll see.

He kept rolling his tongue against the wrinkles of her asshole, worshipping every inch of the goddess that was his mother, even the dirtier parts. Then he moved his head down and began eating her pussy.

He wrapped his lips tightly around her swollen left labium and gently pulled on it. She moaned softly at his already expert touch. Then he sucked on the right labium. He slid his tongue inside her vagina and vibrated it quickly, panting heavily, since this was his favourite part of her body, his uncanny sight of origins. His panting massaged her vaginal walls and got her even more excited. He gluttonously drank up the moisture she was dripping in his mouth.

He moved his head down a bit and began sucking on her hard clitoris. Her moans had changed to squeals. As he sucked on and licked her clit, he gently slid his finger in her asshole. Sensing that she was about to come, he opened his mouth wide, sealing her vaginal opening with his kissing lips. She gushed her plentiful orgasm in his mouth, and he swallowed it all, not missing a single drop.

After that, she lay on her back and he got on top of her, careful not to put all of his weight on her, and putting his hard cock between her tits. He wrapped them tightly around his cock, and began sliding it back and forth between them. He looked down in her eyes, wishing she could have been ready to see his eyes instead of Chris’s, so she could know the full depth of his love for her.

He loved the feeling of his mother’s soft breasts caressing his cock as he moved it up and down. Oh, those breasts, which had nursed him as kaçak casino a baby, now pleasuring his cock. Not wanting to come on her face, as he felt it would have been degrading for her, he let go of her breasts and after a few more minutes of tit-fucking. Then he went down and slid his cock inside her soaking wet pussy. She sighed and squealed as it went in.

As he fucked her missionary style, he cupped her breasts in his hands and gently squeezed them, pinching the nipples. He brought his head close to her face and gave her cheeks and lips soft kisses.

“I…love you,” he panted. “Oh!”

“I’m sorry…I made you…dress like a girl, Chris,” she moaned. “Ah!”

“I’m not…mad about that,” Eros said, sighing in Chris’s voice. “Unh!”

“Still,” she sighed. “it was wrong. Oh!” He felt unusually big and heavy on top of her, notably more so than Chris ever had; indeed, her lover felt more like Eros’ mass. He’d intended her to feel that, making her only see and hear him as Chris, to get her closer to accepting him as Eros, the lover he hoped he would be from then on. Though her reawakened suspicions were troubling to her, she was too disoriented and tired to scan for Eros’ psychic presence.

The feeling of her wet vagina tightly hugging his cock was as thrilling for him as it was to contemplate the pleasure he was giving her. He didn’t want her to come all over her sheets, though, because cleaning them would have been more difficult for him, as she was lying on them. So before she could come again, he came inside her, then pulled his cock out, got off the bed, and left her bedroom to go back into his. He, no longer looking or sounding like Chris, got in bed, psychically released her from her ‘dream’, and soon fell asleep, happy to have more of her come, and therefore more of her, inside his body.

She pulled her blankets over herself after ‘waking up’, and as she slowly fell asleep again, she could feel the energy of ‘Chris’ all over herself…or was it the energy of Eros? She wasn’t sure, and was too tired to pursue an answer to that question.

The Camilla of two months later, still unconscious and dreaming all these shocking memories, had no idea what she could do with this psychic energy her son had given her, though she knew he also had her psychic energy in him. For fighting off the masked men, what use would he have with her psychic vibes, and what use would she have with his? Maybe this exchange was nothing; then again, maybe it was everything…

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