Cabin at the Lake Ch. 11

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Adding mom to the mix results in excitement and drama.

Everyone is over 18.

Thanks, as always, to LarryInSeattle for his help.


“Mom!” Donna screams as she leaps up and runs toward our mother with outstretched arms. “What are you doing here? I can’t believe you’re really here!”

Mom returns Donna’s hug with a motherly embrace and pat on the back. Emoting is not her style.

“I’m happy to see you, too, sweetheart. I see no one has gotten around to dressing. How about coffee? Anyone gotten around to making coffee? I don’t smell any so I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’.”

She harrumphs but you don’t need a gift for reading minds to know she’s bubbling over with happiness and as about as far from irritated as it is humanly possible to be. I climb to my feet.

“I’ll get another pot of coffee going, mom, but first let me introduce you to Mark and Julie.”

“Gary, I know full well who Mark and Julie are. Go get the coffee going darling. I can give them a hug all on my own. Scoot.”

She shoos me away with one flapping hand. I ignore it, step around Donna, and lift mom off her feet in a bear hug. She squeals and bats at my shoulders but she has tears in her eyes and rests the palm of her hand over my heart when I set her down. Terry is waiting.

“Hi, mom,” he whispers. She pats his cheek and hugs him.

“I’m sorry, baby boy,” she says as she steps away. She includes Donna and I in her gaze. “That includes you two as well. I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Donna asks.

“For not being close to you for so long. I needed some time to sort things out after your father died. I was avoiding you. I was drawn to Haiti and I think you’ve all begun to understand why, but that was only part of it. I saw too much of your father in you. It was too hard. I ran away. That’s why I’m sorry.”

Terry stares at our mom but speaks to Mark.

“Hey doc, you know anything about senility? My mom seems to have stripped a gear or two while she was away.”

“Hush,” she smiles at him. “You aren’t too big to spank, you know. Although,” she continues with what can only be described as a devilish smile, “perhaps you’d enjoy a spanking more than you ought.” She pats his flaming cheek again. “Go on you three. I want a few minutes to get to know the doctor and his princess.”

Mark and Julie have been standing quietly behind us. They have manners. You don’t remain sitting on your ass when someone enters the room. Mark offers mom his hand. She sweeps it aside and gives him a hug.

“Young man,” she says as she steps back. “Don’t be bashful just because you happened to be nude. We know too much about each other to settle for a handshake.” She turns to Julie with open arms and Julie steps right into them. When they step apart, my mom raises both of Julie’s arms and looks her up and down. She might just as well have been checking out Donna’s choice of a prom dress.

“My dear, you are simply beautiful.” Julie smiles her thanks and gives mom another hug.

“Come on,” mom instructs and leads them back to the couch. “You two make yourself comfortable. I’ll pull over a chair so I can see you both.”

She waves a hand at Mark and I know he was getting ready to ask if they should go get dressed.

“Don’t be silly. Sit down. I’d join you but after spending most of the day in a plane and then a car with an air conditioner that wouldn’t keep an ice cube cool I need a shower before shedding any clothes. I’ll join you all later.”

We gather in the kitchen. I can hear the murmur of voices from the great room. They’re chatting away as if they’ve been friends for years. When the coffee is ready, I fill up mom’s mug. She hasn’t been to the cabin in years but that old porcelain monster with its spider web of coffee-stained cracks will always be “mom’s mug”. She takes it black. To her mind, the habit of adding cream and sugar to coffee is a certain sign of the collapse of civilization.

I hand her the coffee and ask Mark and Julie if they’d like a refill. They don’t.

“You hungry, mom?” I ask as Donna and Terry wander over.

“No thank you.” She gestures with the coffee mug. “Make yourselves comfortable. Mark and I were just trying to figure out how far back our last common ancestor was.”

I take the other chair. Terry sits on the end of the couch. Donna, appearing unperturbed by our mother sitting right in front of her, leans her naked side against her brother’s naked hip. If that bothers mom she keeps it to herself.

“You buy all this doc? That were all cousins or something?” Terry asks, trying to peer around the girls to look at Mark.

“Don’t you?” is Mark’s reply. “You had the same dreams, visions, whatever they were. Julie and I are distant cousins. You three are closer cousins to her than I but still not that close, though, not to sound like a broken record, but a lot closer than a random group of four people should be.” He looks across the room and out toward the lake. “The interesting thing is,” casino oyna he continues. “Across all those years, I don’t sense any of the health issues that degree of consanguinity,” He pauses, “consanguinity means…”

My brother interrupts him. “No offense doc but we know what the word means, ‘blood relative’. I’m a lawyer, Gary’s a lawyer, Julie’s a nurse, Donna’s a med student and our mother has a degree in comparative literature. Just because we’re from Texas don’t mean we ain’t got no education.”

I keep an eye on the doc. His face is calm but his words are a bit clipped to my ears.

“No offense meant on my part either but seems like I can’t win. If I use a medical term I’m pompous and if I use a lay term I’m patronizing.”

“It’s not a problem doc,” I tell him with a shake of the head. “Talk how you want to talk. If you loses us we’ll say something.”

“Anyway,” he continues, “given the closeness of some of the relations one would expect to see some of the diseases associated with intermarriage among families. But there isn’t, no hemophilia, no mental or physical defects, nothing, unless you count the weird psychic connection as a defect.”

“Mom told me we can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do.” Donna’s voice fills the silence that follows. “Is that true?” She looks around the room. “Anyone recall, or sense, an ancestor who used this gift for profit or used it to hurt people?”

I search my mind, feeling the others joining me. I shake my head.

“No,” I answer. Mom, Mark, and the others look at Donna and shake their heads as well.

“Don’t you think that’s weird?” Donna insists. “Every extended family has a black sheep or two or three. How can ours be so pristine?”

It’s our mother who answers by asking another question.

“How did you feel toward the people who said those ugly things about Julie?”

“Angry, furious,” Donna answers immediately. Mom looks at her, calm, waiting.

“And sorry,” Donna adds. “Underneath the ugliness, they were scared more than anything.”

“Exactly,” mom says with a firm nod of her head. “It’s my theory that when you understand people, as deeply as we are able to do, it becomes extremely difficult to hurt them.”

The room grows quiet. Mom drains her mug and stands.

“Julie,” she inquires with a soft smile. “Would you allow me to borrow your brainy stallion for a bit?”

Julie smiles. Mark looks shocked. Mom stoops and picks up his hand off the arm of the chair.

“I’m not that old, Dr. Mallory,” she scolds. “I’m afraid you may have offended me.”

Mark starts to stammer. Mom lays a finger across his lips.

“I’m teasing you Mark, about being offended anyway, but that’s all I’m teasing about.” She tugs at his arm and he rises from the couch. “It’s been a long time but I may have some tricks these youngsters have yet to learn. Come on.”

As she turns, she looks over her shoulder at Julie. “Why don’t you join us sweetie?” She throws a look at us. “I’m sure my three children will find some way to occupy themselves.”

They disappear down the hall.


Donna’s mother pulls me by the hand toward the boys’ room. Julie takes my other hand. In answer to my unspoken question, Donna’s mother turns and smiles.

“Call me Kat, or Katherine, either is fine Mark.”

As she turns, I “hear” her call to Donna, asking her to fetch her small bag. I “see” Donna rise from the couch and pick up the bag. The sensation is disorienting and I wonder if I’ll ever become accustomed to it.

“Here you go, mom.”

Donna hands me the bag and turns away. Kat smiles after her. She takes the bag from my hand as we enter the master suite.

“You two make yourselves comfortable. I’d love to feel your soapy hands on my body but I feel vile to myself. Give me a few minutes, if you don’t mind, and I’ll be out shortly?”

“Sure, Kat.” Julie smiles and turns toward the bed. “Kat?” The older woman pauses. “Can the others join us?”

Kat smiles. “Let’s see how things develop, dear.” She’s still smiling when she looks at me. “Mark, while it’s true I’m a few years older than you two, please stop thinking of me as ‘an older woman’. I started my family when I was young. I’m only forty-six.”

I feel my face flame as Julie laughs. “Busted,” she cries, amused as she jerks me toward the bed.

I sit on the edge of the bed and Julie lies beside me, one hand nonchalantly stroking my back. After the shower starts, I wait a few minutes then tug Julie to her feet.

“Come on.”


“I want to brush my teeth,” I explain. I do but I want more than that.

Kat doesn’t react as we brush our teeth. Neither does she react when, finished, I step into the shower.

“Kat, are you un-vile enough for me to join you?”

She reaches behind her to turn the water off and then opens her arms to me.

She is a small woman, smaller than Donna. Her breasts, not over large, have weathered the years better than canlı casino most. They sag but only a little. The hard brown nipples stare at me, challenging me. I put my hands on Kat’s hips and drop my head to her breast, sucking first one nipple then the other between my lips in rapid succession. Between my legs, I feel my cock rapidly growing stiff. I sense that Julie has joined us in the shower.

Kat’s arms go around my shoulders as I kiss my way up her chest. Her greedy mouth finds my own and her hands leave my shoulders to clasp either side of my head. Her tongue probes deep inside my mouth. Behind me I feel Julie’s hands on my shoulders and her nipples begin to draw circles on my back. Goosebumps ripple down my arms.

I grope between Kat’s legs and my fingers find her sex. She is already wet but not from the shower. What my fingers dabble in is slicker than mere water. My first two fingers slip inside her and my thumb presses lightly against her clitoris. With my thumb, I replicate the circles Julie’s nipples draw on my back. Kat sighs inside my mouth.

Without breaking the kiss, she “tells” me to add another finger, it’s been so long, she’ll never be able to accommodate my girth without some preliminary loosening. I do as she requests. I move my fingers in and out of her pussy, rotating and spreading my fingers. When I thinks she’s ready, I add a fourth. I can push my fingers nearly all the way inside her. She begins to grind herself against my hand.

No words are spoken, but Kat breaks our kiss, Julie moves to my side and I hoist Kat into the air. Julie’s hand guides my cock to Kat’s slit and steadies it until the head of my cock makes its way past the opening of her pussy. Kat’s legs wrap around my hips and her arms around my neck. I hold her up with my hands under her ass. Julie’s fingers trail over both our backs. Kat slowly relaxes her arms, allowing herself to become impaled on my cock. I’m no longer worried I’ll hurt her without realizing it. I’ll know if she wants to stop.

As Kat settles onto my cock I realize we aren’t alone.

I tell my brother’s to take a hold of my hands. For once they don’t argue.

“Mom?” I call silently.

“I’m busy honey.”

Though no words have been spoken, I hear the pant in her voice. I don’t need to ask my question. All three of us flinch as our mother opens herself to us. We’re with her, part of her.

I don’t know what the boys are feeling but I feel Mark’s cock bulldozing its way into my cunt every bit as much as my mother does. I feel Julie’s nails trace random patterns on ‘our’ back.

“Can you feel that?”

“Jesus, yes,” my brothers answer in unison.

I extend my feelings. I see Mark’s face through my mother’s eyes. I see his habitual look of intensity and concentration. He’s always so desperate to do the exact right thing. How exhausting that has to be.

“Mark,” I whisper inside my head. He hears me. I see it in his eyes.

“May I come in?” The phrasing sounds bizarre but I’m not sure how else to ask.

I feel his confusion. I see myself, waving to him, see him peer as if trying to tell if he knows the person he sees just beyond his range of vision. When he ‘sees’ me, he smiles. He opens his arms. The whole thing is fucking weird because none of it is actually happening. What’s actually happening is Mark is letting my mom’s ass rest on his muscular thighs as his cock stretches her wide. At the same time, I’m inside his head, feeling how my mother’s pussy feels wrapped around “my” cock, while I feel how Mark’s cock feels in “my” pussy. To add to the fun, my brothers share every sensation. They are simultaneously feeling their mother get fucked and fucking her, all while sitting in the living room, loosely holding hands with me.

The weird factor is quickly forgotten as the physical sensations build. Mom’s pussy is remembering how much it has missed fucking. Far from finding Mark’s girth uncomfortable, she is relishing the sensation of being totally full. She lifts herself, using her arms around Mark’s neck and her legs around his hips. He helps by pressing upward on her ass cheeks.

I feel my own cunt respond. My eyes are open and part of me is aware that my brothers’ cocks are rigid but my attention is focused on the action in the shower. I know what it’s like to have my pussy full of cock so I shift my focus to Mark. I want to know what it’s like to fuck someone. I had a taste of this earlier in the weekend. Now, I want the full experience.

My pussy fades. I have a cock. I feel the warm wet embrace of my mom’s pussy. It’s not perfectly smooth. I know this. I’ve had my finger inside my own pussy, felt the ridges and soft, yet rough, texture of my cunt. I’m surprised I can feel that with ‘my new cock’. The idea that a pussy feels good to fuck went from being an abstraction to a fully experienced fact. Cocks like the feel of pussies. Wow, who’d have thunk it?

I picture Mark’s cock, the way the foreskin is pulled back as he enters and then slips back kaçak casino over the head as he pulls out. I see the way mom’s pussy clings to his cock, milking it. I see the way her pussy accommodates him, molds to him, hugs him in the most intimate way imaginable.

I really must stop assuming life cannot possibly become any more strange. Although, at the moment, I cannot imagine what could be more strange than making love to a woman in a shower with my fiancé rubbing my back AND having the woman’s daughter sharing my mind, going along for the ride, if you’ll forgive me for expressing it that way. A short moment later, it gets even more strange. For a moment, I am not only fucking Kat, I am Kat, being fucked by, well, myself. I’m in her head, or in Donna’s head, which is in her mom’s head or some variation thereof. As Kat lowers herself onto my cock I feel my own insides swell and fill. It’s utterly bizarre and yet overwhelmingly erotic.

Kat is not a big woman but I need to support her with both hands. I tilt my head toward Julie. She leans toward me and her head touches mine. I don’t know if we have to be in contact but it makes it easier. She is with me now. She smiles. She knows what it feels like to have my cock inside her but she appreciates my gesture. It’s not that I wish to share with her. I want to share with her that I feel what Kat feels. I am feeling what it is like to have a pussy and to be made love to.

Everything becomes chaotic. I have trouble keeping track of where I stop and Kat begins, or Donna, or Julie. The sensation is rather frightening. Could I lose myself inside them? Would that be a bad thing? Isn’t that what we try to do when we love, lose ourselves?

My reverie is shattered as Kat’s orgasm overtakes her. She had said it would not take long. She lets her bottom rest on top of my legs. Her arms are tight around my neck. She bites my chest as her pussy begins to clutch at my cock and her body shivers. I feel her orgasm from the outside and from the inside. I feel the strange, almost painful tensing deep inside my body followed by the quavering release. I, or at least my cock, does not cum. As Kat catches her breath against my chest, I ponder yet another metaphysical twist, if I shared Kat’s orgasm did I in fact cum, even though I have not ejaculated?

Kat’s legs release their grip on my waist. I hold her around the waist, lift her off my cock and lower her until her feet touch the floor. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me in the center of my chest.

“Thank you, Mark,” she whispers before stepping back to look me in the eyes. “We must do that again, when I can savor it a bit longer.”

I kiss her cheek in acknowledgement.

“Am I too heavy to do that?”

It’s my Jewel, still caressing my back. By way of answer, I turn and lean my back against the wall. It’s cold tile but I barely notice. The floor at this end of the shower is dry, as are my feet. I won’t slip. I open my arms to Jewel. She steps on either side of my legs and puts her arms around my neck. With a little hop and a boost from my hands she rests atop my legs. As I’m wondering which of us should risk letting go to put my cock inside her. Kat steps forward.

“Let me help.”

Julie pushes against the wall with her feet, raising herself enough for Kat to free my cock. She rubs it inside Julie’s slit then holds it still. Julie relaxes and once more my cock is enveloped by the caressing warmth of a woman’s pussy. Not just a woman, Julie, Jewel, my fiancé, my love. I let her feel my love for her. I’m not sure who else shares in this. Kat? Donna? Both? I don’t care. I’ve never made a secret of my love for Julie and far from being ashamed of it, I want the world to know it.

She smiles at me, touches her forehead to mine, and we are joined. I’m part of her. She is part of me. I offer her my body. She accepts. It isn’t like a Disney movie. We don’t actually swap bodies, or at least I don’t think we do. I simply let her control mine and she cedes hers to me. It’s my cock but Jewel sets the pace. It’s her pussy but I control how far her body will lower itself onto my cock.

I’ll never worry about hurting Jewel again. My cock feels glorious in her pussy. Or maybe it should be “our” cock feels glorious in “our” pussy. I begin to move her body up and down on my cock, as fast and as deep as I can. Sharing everything this way, it is easy to coordinate our orgasms.

I feel mine and Jewel’s but I concentrate on hers. I’m amazed that I can feel ‘my’ pussy fill with ‘his’ cum. I’m shocked at how erotic it is to feel ‘his’ cum begin to flow down ‘my’ legs. I lift ‘myself’ off ‘his’ cock and lie down on the cold tile floor. I pull Jewel atop me. We are so wrapped up inside each other that ‘her’ and ‘I’ become nearly meaningless. She feels the tile on her back as much as I feel it on mine. I feel and taste my cock in her mouth as much as she feels and tastes her pussy in mine. For a moment, as a second orgasm rolls over us, we are a symbiotic being.

The connection fades, seeming to waft away on our panting breaths. But it doesn’t disappear. There is a piece of me lodged inside her mind and a piece of her in mine. I kiss the insides of her legs, delirious with happiness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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