Brotherly Love

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Growing up in a large family made me close to several of my brothers but not very close to my sister. In fact we didn’t get along very well at all. As an adult I found her opinionated and argumentative. In short I didn’t care to be around her that much. In spite of this my wife and I ended up living in the same neighborhood as my sister Kathy. She and my wife worked as flight attendants for the same airline and were usually gone 3 or 4 days a week. After my sister took this job I began to hear rumors about her. There were stories coming from different people that she apparently used the time away from home to have some extramarital sex. At first I discounted the tales as just talk but they persisted and even got wilder as time went on. My wife had even seen her pick up guys, both black and white, in bars while on overnights and take them to her room. I even heard stories about her giving head to guys on the airplane. My sister had become quite the little slut.

This went on for a couple of years and my sister became pregnant with her first child. The pregnancy went well and all seemed to be going ok for she and her husband. Several months after the birth I went to see her and the child. During the visit she sat on the sofa in just a robe and breast fed her child. At one point the child let go of her nipple and it was suddenly exposed to my view. Now my sister is a very attractive woman with blonde hair and blue eyes and even before the pregnancy she had very large breasts and a well rounded firm ass. Quite a looker and now with her breast feeding her breasts were simply huge. I had seen many a tit before but never had I seen a nipple like this one. It must have been 3 inches across at the base and sticking straight out at least a half inch with milk squirting out of it. It was something to see and I caught myself staring at it.

Kathy noticed my interest and said, “what’s the matter, you never seen a nipple before?”

I responded, ”never one like that”.

She laughed and said. “ I wish my husband would look at me like that again.” I asked her if they were having problems and she said, “never mind, it’s nothing for you to worry about.”

I was curious and managed to bring the subject up again several months later, shortly after she had returned to work. I was at her house helping her move a piece of furniture and asked how are things going now since the baby. She got us both a glass of wine and confided to me that she and Steve had not had sex since the pregnancy. She went on to say this was causing a problem and she was having to get sex elsewhere. I didn’t let on that I knew about her promiscuosness and tried to be a good listener for her. She said she had tried different approaches to get Steve interested again, including role playing, dressing up as a prostitute and so forth but nothing seemed to work. My mind raced at the thought of her dressed up in heels and stockings and looking and acting like a whore. I felt my cock begin to rise in my pants. I asked what types of things she had worn for him, suggesting maybe they were not hot enough to interest him.

With that she jumped up and said “wait here and I’ll show you.” The time seemed to stand still but after a while she reappeared with an outfit on that was unbelievable. A black lace teddy that didn’t cover up much of her tits except for the nipples, black garter belt, sheer tan stockings and black high heels. “So what do you think, should this have excited him?”

I blurted out “you look like a whore.”

She said “well yeah, that’s kinda the idea.”

I then told her that I had known for some time about her fooling around while on the road and that I was surprised by her behavior. I think this shocked and hurt her because she took a seat beside me on the couch and began to cry. I felt sorry for her. Between the tears she said she only started doing it because she wasn’t getting any sexual gratification at home but that later she continued with it because she enjoyed it so much.

She seemed ashamed and embarrassed. I put my arm around her to comfort her and told her “it’s all right, everybody loves to fuck, we just don’t get to do it like you do.” She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes full of tears and kissed me full on the lips. I was taken back for just a moment but instinctively returned the kiss in similar fashion. casino siteleri Soon we were locked in a loving embrace kissing each other like two teenagers on a first date. This went on for a few minutes and I soon found myself lying on my back on the couch with her on top of me kissing me like I’ve never been kissed before. I realized the situation was bizarre. I was making out with my sister, she was kissing me with the same lips she had used to go down on and satisfy all those guys on her trips. It was strangely erotic and I began to enjoy it.

My hands found their way down her torso sliding over the top of her garter belt and to the stockings on her legs. They were silky and warm and felt so sexy. I took the opportunity to run my hands over them for a few minutes while we kissed and slowly let them rise to her hips and up the straps of her garter belt to her ass cheeks. They were nice and firm and round and for the first time I was able to touch them, not just look at them from a distance through clothing. She was now beginning to thrust her hips against me in a rhythm.

She raised up and supported herself on her hands for a moment and asked “are you ok with this, if not we’ll stop and never speak of it again?”

I said “ I never really planned on this happening but must admit I’m really enjoying it so far and you are quite a beautiful woman.”

She got a huge smile on her face and lowered her face to mine again. It seemed very loving and not wrong at all. By now my cock was swollen to it’s full 7 inches and I’m sure she could feel the outline of it through my jeans. She seemed to center her thrusts against the bulge in my jeans. It felt good and I wanted it to continue.

After a few more minutes of this she again raised up and said’ “I know you like looking at my tits, I’ve seen you checking them out several times but I didn’t want to embarrass you. Would you like to see them?”

“Of course I would, “ I said

“Good, I’m very proud of them and love to show them to men who appreciate them,” and with that she pulled her teddy down freeing her breasts and giving me a full look at them with their swolen nipples. I brought my hands up to them and gently and lovingly began touching and squeezing them while she just sat there on my crotch with a smile. She still had milk from the breast feeding and soon the tips of her nipples were getting wet with breast milk.

I asked “ are you still breast feeding?”

She responded “no, I stopped about a week ago but still have to use a breast pump once in a while until I stop making milk, I hope it doesn’t turn you off.”

“Quite the contrary,” I said, “ I find it amazing and beautiful. Do you mind if I take advantage of it? “

Her big grin answered my question and she proceeded to lower herself until her nipples were inches from my face and l was given the gift of her breast milk. It was a wonderful experience. I now was experiencing a love of my sister that I had previously not even imagined possible. It seemed so natural that I didn’t even question the situation.

After a few minutes of enjoying those magnificent breasts she said “ let’s go to the guest bedroom where we’ll be more comfortable.” We both got up and walked down the hall while disrobing along the way. She didn’t have much to take off and at my request left her stockings, heels and garter belt on. I had managed to get everything off but my underwear by the time we got to the bedroom.

She asked “is there anything special you would like to do?”

It just about blew my mind that she was willing to do anything I wanted and the possibilities raced through my mind. As if it was a negotiation I asked “well is this going to be a one time deal?” If so then I want to make it count. “

She laughed and reached down and grabbed my swollen cock through my underwear and said, “well it depends on how good you are, whether or not you can satisfy me.”

Now I was beginning to feel a little pressure. I told her “I know you’ve been with lots of men and probably most of them were bigger than me or better lovers but I’ll do my best and I always give my partner whatever they want.

” With that she said “really……. that could lead to some interesting situations. But for now I just want a good fucking. “

“Well I think I can take care of that canlı casino for you” I said. At that moment she dropped to her knees and began kissing my cock through my underwear and rubbing her face against it. I was already leaking some pre-cum and she licked the spot with her tongue. I could look straight down and see her beautiful breasts and wet nipples swaying with her every move. I just leaned back against the bed and enjoyed it as she pulled down my shorts freeing my swollen cock.

“You really do have a nick cock, long enough and very thick and I like them like that.” This grew my confidence as she opened her mouth and lowered her head engulfing my cockhead in the warm wet environment of her mouth. The same mouth and lips I had just been kissing. It felt incredible and I closed my eyes while she worked her way up and down the shaft of my cock leaving it wet and aching for more.

She only sucked me for a few minutes and suddenly stopped and said, “that’s enough of that for now, lets get on the bed and have some fun together.” We climbed up and she got on her back with her legs spread. Without saying a word I kissed her again and began kissing my way down her body, pausing long enough to kiss the droplets of milk from her swollen dark red nipples. I then proceeded lower until I was just above her pussy.

Now never having seen her pussy before I wanted to take my time and check it out closely, especially since this might be the only time I would ever get to see it up close. She apparently trimmed her pubic hair because it was neatly cropped above the lips and shaved completely clean all around the entrance. Very convenient for someone who likes to eat pussy like myself. I looked up after my examination of her most private area to see her closed eyes and her fingertips gently rubbing her huge nipples. I lowered myself between her legs and began to kiss and suck on her clit the best way I knew how. I had never had a problem satisfying a woman with my mouth and hands but I didn’t want to make her cum like this, only get her so hot she would beg me to fuck her.

I took my time between her legs, occasionaly looking up to admire those beautiful tits and see her nipples as she smeared the droplets of milk all over them. I quietly slipped my hands around and under her ass while licking and sucking her pussy and began gently squeezing her ass cheeks. She seemed to enjoy this and I allowed one finger to invade the crack of her ass and slowly probe her tight asshole. It slowly began to open up as she relaxed and I allowed my index finger to enter her and massage the rim of her asshole as it slowly and gently stroked in and out of her. She began moaning loudly and I pulled away briefly.

She said “ is teasing me all your gonna do, or are you going to give me some of that nice cock of yours?”

As if that was my que I climbed fully on top of her and gave her a deep kiss as my cock slipped into her dripping wet pussy. The first thrust into her gave me such deep pleasure it’s hard to describe. We started out slow meeting each others thrusts and kissing each other, but pretty soon we were going at it full force. I was fucking her hard and she seemed to push back against me with all the strength her pretty hips could muster. We were breathing heavily now and beads of sweat began forming on both of us. Her breasts heaved and bounced with every stroke.

We changed positions briefly. She got on her hands and knees and I entered her from behind giving me a full view of her beautiful ass.

I love fucking like this but soon she said, “let’s go back the other way, I want to see your face and kiss you when I cum.”

I silently agreed and we went back to the missionary position. I was having so much fun I didn’t care how we did it. After a few more minutes of this action she erupted in orgasm, with muscle spasms and screams of pleasure. I could feel her pussy contract around my cock and tighten slightly. I looked down to see a most beautiful woman with a look of complete ecstasy on her face.

I let her lay there with my cock still in her for a few minutes to savor the moment but soon I began to slowly fuck her again.

She opened her eyes and smiled up at me and said, “that was fantastic, now what can I do for you?”

Again the possibilities seemed endless but I settled for what seemed kaçak casino the most important at the moment, that being to experience the pure pleasure of fucking this luscious, hot sexy woman any way I wanted. This woman, whom previously l could only have private lustful thoughts of, was now beneath me, dressed in the sexiest way possible, with my hard cock buried deep in he pussy and wanting nothing more than to please me. It was a magical moment.

I eventually responded to her question by saying, “ I want to fuck you some more, maybe try some different positions before I can’t hold back any longer and have to cum.

Again she smiled and rolled me over climbing on top of me while keeping my hard cock deep inside her pussy. Once on top she slowly worked her hips back and forth giving me a great fucking.

She seemed to enjoy it as much as I and I commented on this. “You really do like to fuck don’t you.?”

She laughed at this and said very matter of factly “ Yeah, I love to fuck, I can’t seem to get enough of it. Does that surprise you?”

I responded, “No, I heard that you’ve been pretty busy.”

This changed the mood of the moment and she got an air of defiance about her.

She said, “ Oh yeah,…… what kind of stories have you heard about me, ….. and why did you listen to them anyway. Maybe you like hearing about your sister getting fucked. Is that it, …… do you like hearing about guys ramming their big dicks in my sweet little pussy?”

With that she touched a nerve. All this time she had not stopped rocking back and forth on my cock but it seemed like a completely different fuck now. She seemed to be in charge and she seemed to be liking it. I couldn’t quite bring myself to look in those beautiful blue eyes, fearing it would give her even more power over me.

She lowered her upper body until her tits were resting on my chest and her head was beside mine with her lips almost touching my ear. She kissed the side of my face and began to whisper in my ear while she continued fucking me. “You do like hearing about it don’t you, you dirty little boy. You like to hear about your sweet little sister getting fucked by all those guys. Hearing about me sucking off complete strangers, even black guys…….. Yeah, that’s right, I do black guys too, especially black guys because they have the most beautiful cocks you could ever imagine. They’re all huge and they all love to fuck some sweet looking blond like me, so I don’t have any trouble at all finding a nice, hard, black cock to fill my little pussy with whenever I want . “

My mind raced with the images of my sister being mounted by some big black stud. I could no longer control my cock and it exploded inside her, spurting jet after jet of my cum deep inside her warm sweet pussy.

It was the best session of fucking I had ever had. We fell asleep in each others arms and slept for about an hour before awakening. We got up and went to the guest bathroom and showered together, gently washing each other in a most loving way.

She said “you dirty boy, I had no idea you were interested in fucking me.”

I then told her I had heard so many stories about her fucking other guys that I began to wonder if they were true and if so what she must be like in bed.

She laughed and said, “well I do get a lot of cock, and now you know a little of what it’s like to fuck me. “I now know you liked hearing those stories about me, so how would you like to hear them from me, with all the dirty little details.?”

I said “I would love that.”

She laughed and said, “maybe you could meet me on one of my overnights, and we’ll have some fun together in a hotel room. You said you’ll do anything to satisfy your partner and I have some ideas about taking advantage of that willingness. Nothing mean, just hot adult fun. “

By now my imagination was trying to take over again and my cock had returned to it’s previously swollen state. She noticed it immediately and again dropped to her knees and sucked my cock fully into her mouth for a few minutes before pulling off and saying, “that’s enough for now you horny boy.”

We barely spoke a word while we dried off and got dressed. Before leaving we hugged each other and kissed deeply. I told her I loved her very much and was so thankful we could share a relationship like this without guilt or remorse. She agreed and said it would be nice to have someone close by that she could trust completely and have some fun with once in a while. I left her smiling and content and wondered when my first road trip with her would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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