Broke Oak: Millie’s Backyard Neighbor

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{Note: You do not need to read any other of my stories, although this might make slightly more sense if you read “Broke Oak: Millie” first as this is follows that one in my series of stories about living in a nudist resort in Texas called Broke Oak Resort.}

I am not that unusual in many ways. There are quite a few folks that live full time in a nudist resort. On the other hand, few of them write about the experiences, so I am unusual in that respect.

The day after our initial romp, Millie and I had met at the picnic table between our mobile homes. With a couple of glasses of iced tea and shade that was welcome on a hot south Texas morning, we started with simple neighbor-speak, almost as though wee were avoiding the experience of the morning before when we had first had sex.

In spite of the mutual avoidance, I noticed that Millie did seem very much lighter and more cheerful than her usual demeanor. I was happy that she seemed to have come through the sex with positive results!

+ + +

. . . Millie caught me between sips of iced tea when she said “Gus, remember how you touched my bottom, and I said ‘only on the outside’?”

“Of course,” I responded, “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable; some women like it and some don’t …”

“Oh, I like it. I like it a lot. And I hope that doesn’t scare you away … but I REALLY like it a REAL lot. It’s just that I like to be, shall we say, ‘prepared,’ before doing anything ‘internal’ if you know what I mean.”

“I think I understand, do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

“Yes, I really do. Gus, have you ever done anything with enemas?” ….

Thinking this was a sensitive area, I carefully answered “Not really, Millie, I suppose when I was a kid, but I can’t even remember them. Are you talking about enemas for health or enemas as sex acts? I hear that there are people that get off on having very large or very hot enemas and such and to be honest, I don’t understand all that. It doesn’t repel me at all; I just do not understand it.”

She looked back at me and I knew that she was made more comfortable by my honest answer. “I don’t get off on the enemas, sexually I mean, but I do enjoy the intimacy and intensity of anal sex. But it is an embarrassing area and I just have always wanted to have the anal sex be as ‘clean’ as possible. I can’t relax enough if I am worried about — well, you know — the messy part of it.”

After a moment when she realized I was still listening, she went on “I like to both give and receive anal pleasure, but the only way to get comfortable about the topic is to bring it out in the open and talk about it, even though it is so embarrassing at times. The embarrassment of the talking about topic avoids the embarrassment of the act, I guess.”

“I understand. You know, I do like anal stimulation, you already know I am fine with giving it — well, I am ok getting some too, although I haven’t had a great deal of experience. What do you specifically want to do? I mean what type of penetration and such? Do you mean fingers, toys, or a dick?” I responded.

“All or any of the above, Gus. I really do like the stimulation. Another thing folks do, but I don’t know how you feel is to do oral and as long as we are both squeaky-clean, I enjoy both giving and receiving that as well. But I hope that doesn’t offend or scare you…”

I became aware that here I was sitting outside with my neighbor, where the occasional passerby can look and see us, and the topic had given me a tremendous hard-on. I am not big, that’s not what I am saying, but just being hard in public view can be a big no-no in a nudist resort. I guess when I glanced down and then shifted how I was sitting; Millie saw me and figured it out. “So, if this is making you hard, does that mean that you are interested?”

“Absolutely, but I don’t want to get us kicked out of the resort, so I thought I’d obscure the evidence just a bit.” I responded.

Millie shot back that “If we go inside, you can just let it stick out anyway it wants. Interested?” But Millie clearly was giving more of a command than a question as she got up and with her towel, the tea pitcher, and her glass, juggled her way to the back door. It crossed my mind that when I got up and headed for the same door, I was heading toward two back doors at once!

Once inside, I was not worried at all about my erection. But I did want to finish the discussion before I made any mistakes in this sensitive area. I had indeed had anal sex with a few women in my life. It was neither my favorite nor was it displeasing, it was just another aspect of sex. As I watched Millie’s ass sway toward her house, I imagined how it would be to explore her anal sexuality. But it turned out that I was in for a bit of a surprise!

When free spin we had gone in and were seated, Millie continued as though there had been no interruption “Gus, I’d like us to continue having sex like we had yesterday and I’d like it to include anal play as well, but I just need us to level set with each other over what and how and such. I have intense sensitivity anally, but it is an embarrassing area also. So I’m just going to blurt all this out and then, please react and respond so I know I haven’t turned you off…

“I like anal play to be as clean as possible, I know it is never ‘totally’ clean, but it can be a hell of a lot less-messy. I want the play to be both ways, I want to play with your ass also — touch it, enter it, stick toys in it, and stuff. And I want us to clean out first, where we have enemas to make it less messy — an enema and a hot shower can be super fun and make the way for super sex.

“Gus, I have a strap-on that I would like to use to do you. But I also really want to feel you enter me and have you cum in my ass. But on days we don’t ‘clean up’ we can still have sort of ‘external’ play, like yesterday.

“Well, does that seem okay to you? And if it does, would you find it fun to enema together or alone? How do you feel about me doing you? Hell, I need to shut up and let you talk ….” She tapered off and I could sense that she was really dreading any awkward silence.

“Millie, I am very anally sensitive also, but I am barely experienced in that line of fun. You will have to be the teacher and I cannot thank you enough for breaking the ice. I have never had anything stuck in me other than the odd finger here and there — docs and ladies both, but I am very willing to try. Hell, YES! I’ll work this out with you. And as to the enemas, we might as well enjoy this together. We could share enemas and then shower together to start the fun!

Millie just beamed and took my hand to lead me toward the master bedroom. “Gus, I wasn’t sure, but I took the chance you might say yes and got some stuff ready …” so we went down the hall and I saw that the foot of the bed had a couple of beach towel sized waterproof sheets along with more plumbing than I could recognize.

I gulped and said “you’re on, Millie. But you need to run the show here.”

Millie said “Trust me” and guided me onto my back on one of the sheets “you are first”. As I lay there, half scared, half filled with anticipation, Millie roamed about. As the bathroom sink ran water, she babbled about this and that — probably just to keep me from being nervous — and I tried to just relax, but made a mental note to learn how she did this so I could return the favor.

Being a nudist, a guy has his ‘stuff’ out there on public view at all times, but there is still something sexy about a woman walking up to you and openly focusing her vision and between your legs. ‘Junior’ began to re-inflate and a sense of excitement rose with his growth as Millie approached with her hands full of assorted items.

Millie had me spread my legs wide and she took a warm, almost hot, washrag to my penis, testicles and anus. Then she took some lubricant and placed a good sized dollop on the tip of her middle finger and worked it gently around my rectum. She didn’t exactly push into me, but simply worked the lube around in a circle and as my sphincter relaxed, her finger entered slightly — probably to the first knuckle. Millie then lubed the enema nozzle. Instead of the narrow nozzle the size of my little finger and intended for enemas, she had decided to use the broader nozzle the size of my thumb and intended for douching. Once lubed, she slowly eased this nozzle into my anus. Of course I tensed up, but Millie spoke soothingly repeating “Relax, just relax” and with her left hand, massaged my lower belly.

Junior, which had been inflating a couple of minutes prior, was now quite flaccid, but there was still an erotic feeling to this and when Millie reached and unsnapped the valve on the hose, I could feel the warm, soapy solution running into my belly. Junior again began to swell.

“It looks like he enjoys this feeling” Millie observed as she saw my circumcised head enlarge. “Let’s no have him go off early though — I want him deep inside me when he unloads.”

After a couple of minutes, which seemed like an hour, Millie shut the valve off and continued to massage my belly. Surprisingly, I was not really uncomfortable or desperate to relieve myself. Millie later told me that she had used a small and very mild mixture, just enough to clean out the ‘close end’ of the system.

After she was satisfied that I had been waiting long enough, Millie helped me up and aimed me toward the bathroom to empty myself. Meanwhile, she took this time to get bonus veren siteler the other enema set ready for herself — a set I was soon going to learn how to use on her.

Indeed, surprisingly with no cramping at all, I was able to expel my enema and I am amazed to admit that there was a very real sense of feeling cleaner. I had not expected to feel better as I had only viewed this as part of a process to prepare for sex.

In any event, I cleaned up and returned to the bedroom, where Millie was just settling onto the other waterproof sheet. With her (patient) guidance, I positioned her, prepared her, and then administered the other enema bag to her. I really enjoyed the act of getting her rectum lubed. She has a beautiful vulva and it was so exposed as I circled my finger around her anus, I let my left hand linger on her labia and open her lips to view as my right hand prepared her backdoor and then I used the other tube and nozzle to penetrate her before turning the valve and allowing the soapy solution to flow.

As she had done for me, I gently massaged her tummy in a circular motion and helped her stay relaxed for the minutes it took to flood her bowels. When the flow had been stopped and after she had left it to do its work for a few minutes, I helped Millie up and she headed to the bathroom. For the time it took her to expel, I tried to straighten up what I could, but also wandered into the kitchen to give her all the time she needed to finish.

Soon, Millie came in, two new towels in hand, saying “Let’s go shower over by the clubhouse and we’ll be so squeaky-clean we can just let ourselves go.” So we walked over to the outdoor showers and enjoyed the sensation of being cleaned inside and out and especially knowing we were getting ready for our new sex adventure.

After we got back to her house, Millie stopped me in the kitchen and looked intently into my eyes “Gus, are you okay with everything we just did? Has any of this ‘weirded you out,’ I mean?”

“Millie, I’m really fine. It was fun, different, and it wasn’t at all upsetting.” And to cement my response, I hugged her leaned down so I could kiss her.

She broke the kiss and led me to the bedroom. With the drapes drawn, the daylight gave a muted light, but one that allowed us to see our partner and our play.

We began by hugging, kissing, and generally rolling about the bed. When our hands were wandering, we let them freely also go to the other’s bottom. Millie had mentioned that it is healthy to keep a hand or finger that does go to the anus and one that does not, so a lot of what we were doing is rolling about to free this hand or that arm. Eventually, we ended up in a 69 position and as Millie moved from my cock to my balls, she broke the first oral-anal ice by preceding further to rim me. This is something that feels so very good, but I have only experienced a few times. At first, I was shy and tensed up — then I realized, this was one of the reasons for the inside and outside cleaning we had done and I relaxed, trusting and opening myself to her tender caress. Likewise, when she went back to take my cock in her mouth, I eagerly worked my way to Millie’s bottom. My tongue first circled and then centered on her anus. Millie at first tensed the way I had, but very quickly, she began pressing her hips into my invading tongue, responding in a very heated and desirous way. I can’t be positive, but I think that her muscles open a little to let the tip of my tongue almost enter her nether hole.

After a few minutes of this around-the-world activity, we again ended up face to face embracing as we had begun. Millie whispered to me “Gus, will you please fuck my ass while I use a toy on my clit? I want to feel you cum in my ass.”

In answer, I reached for the bottle of lube. Seeing me, Millie reached into her bedside drawer and retrieved her vibrator. We met in the middle, so to speak. “How will you be most comfortable?” I asked.

Millie rolled onto her left leg, with her right knee drawn up toward her chest. I saw that I should straddle her straight left leg while she could reach under her right leg with her vibrator. And with the lube, I began to prepare her anus for my cock. As she had shown by circling mine, I realized that I should gently circle her rosebud rather than simply insert a finger into her. I spread lube liberally on my cock, especially the head, and simply placed it at her opening. As I heard the vibrator start, I felt Millie’s free hand grasp my hip and she pushed herself against my cock, in total control of the penetration.

As I played with her breast with one hand and supported my weight with the other, I felt my penis slowly open her and the head disappeared inside her. I needed to see this and as I looked, I was deneme bonusu veren siteler amazed ant how sexy her ass looked with me entering her.

Gradually, with virtually no movement on my part, Millie pressed down on my cock. The vibrator brought her spasms, twitches, and hip rocking that worked to cause her to accept my cock more and more. Eventually, when I would look, I could see that I was completely inside Millie’s ass. Past experiences with anal sex had been sort of ‘in the dark’ and almost embarrassing to me and my partner, but this open, premeditated, planned … and FUN!

A vagina feels wonderfully warm on a penis, this felt deliciously HOT. As she moved for her vibrator, I began to move against and with Millie’s motion. I am a little less than six inches long, but I was eventually moving almost that entire length out and then back into her as Millie climbed the vibrator’s staircase to orgasm. I sensed that she was close and through clenched teeth, Millie urged “Fuck me, Gus, fuck the hell out of me — I want to feel you cum — fuck me deep” as she pushed back onto my shaft.

I did my part and increased my rhythm, I put extra pressure on the inward thrusts and I got closer and felt an extra urgency to cum. Suddenly, Millie began to quiver as her peak hit. Instead of saying anything, she simply began to cry, and that pushed me over the edge into an orgasm that felt especially strong. Her rectum was so hot, tight, and gripping on my cock, I felt each spurt in a new way. I unloaded in her as Millie held my hip and pulled it closer and tighter to her own.

As we stayed in this position, I reached forward and kissed her. In a whisper I asked her if she needed me to pull out, but she held my hip and whispered back to stay.

And it was like that that we stayed until my penis deflated enough that gravity and her tight muscles eased me out of her hole, onto her thigh. With her vibrator turned off, Millie eased onto her back and guided me to lie next to her. She cuddled in my arm and whispered that it had been years since she had had that wonderful feeling of intimacy this forbidden act gives her.

After we had dozed a bit, Millie got up warning me to stay where I was. She came back with a hot washcloth and a towel and proceeded to clean my penis and testicles, then used the towel to dry them. How tender her motions and how sweet — but she was not done.

Millie bent down to take my soft penis gently between her lips, sucking it back to life, encouraging another erection. I usually need more time for recovery, but she did get me quite hard.

“Now, you let me give you something new” she calmly said. And when she reached for the lube and her vibrator, I squelched the initial fear and decided to leave myself in her hands.

Skillfully, Millie lubed my anus, then her vibrator. She moved the vibe in gentle circles around my anus with just the slightest inward pressure. When I first felt the beginnings of penetration, she bent back down and took my still erect penis back into her mouth. With each extra movement of her mouth, she also eased the vibrator farther into my rectum. Soon, Millie had a very arousing rhythm working between the vibrator, her mouth, and my own reflexive movements. I was truly enjoying it, when she suddenly shifted the vibrator’s angle to press just right on my prostate. WOW!!!

In just a few moments, I felt the deepest of urges I had felt for a long time and knew I was going to cum. But even before I felt the first spurt, the pressure on my prostate had caused a milking to start and Millie was getting a load in her mouth. Since she had taken me orally the day before and seemed fine with it, I let myself go with the flow and just enjoyed. I have read of men talking about being ‘milked’ like this, but had no idea what it was about. Millie simply kept the flow of semen going and swallowed until I was finally, totally spent.

Millie turned the vibe off and gradually eased it out of my bottom. Again, she used the washcloth (no longer warm!) to clean my bottom and then she returned to my side and gave me a long, lingering kiss that included some of my sperm — just to remind me of the load she had taken.

We relaxed for a while, then got up and wandered back to the showers by the clubhouse to clean up.

When we returned, we shared glasses of a dry Merlot and we both thanked each other and looked at each other, and our relationship, differently. Certainly, we were now backdoor neighbors in a totally new way.

As I later walked back to my home, I wondered how this would all work out.

– – – – – –

Please let me know how you like the Millie stories. I share things that happen here the best I can, but I want to share the things you most want to hear. Your suggestions guide me. I have had far and away more response for the first Millie story than any other — in spite of the short time it has been available.

Cheers to all, and if you are ever here at Broke Oak (and nudists know the real name) look me up, ask for Gus – I am the guy with the Oakland A’s cap!

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