Brighton Hall Bi Boys

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The sounds of cocksucking bounce off the cinder block walls of our tiny dorm room. My straight roommate, Colin, is naked now and has begun stroking his growing erection as he watches us from his bed. The feeling of a hot, wet, obviously-experienced mouth greedily feasting on my cock begins to fill me a familiar pleasure that tells me I won’t last long. Normally, it would be a buff wrestler or swimmer down on his knees servicing me for this level of quality blowjob. Normally.

Today it is a big-breasted, blonde cheerleader that Colin has brought home with him. To my horror, she’s doing a damned fine job of turning me on! Not that I have anything against women, mind you. I just prefer guys. Yes, I’m gay and I’m proud of it. I’ve gotten a blowjob or two from girls I went to school with, but in my experience they don’t really know how to please a man orally. Most of the time they’re too afraid of cum and they act like it’s dirty or something. But not this girl! This girl is a pro!

Colin and I have been roommates since we met at a frat party our Sophomore year. That was two years ago. He liked to get drunk with the guys and I liked to see how many drunken frat boys I could suck off in one night; call it a test of my skill if you like.

For a straight guy, Colin has always had a very open mind, and we quickly became “friends with benefits” even before we became roommates. Whenever he’s too drunk to pick up a girl or when he strikes out (which isn’t very often at all), he can always rely on me for a quick and easy blowjob.

Colin is a center on the football team of the University, and he has an athletically toned body that is known for turning heads. Blowing him is always a pleasure, not just for his huge nine-inch cock, but for the visual feast of flesh his incredible body provides.

Colin is lying back on his bed watching us and jacking off. It may have started as a joke, but it has become something more. He’s enjoying this. Our eyes meet and without a word he flashes me that “What are you gonna’ do about it?” grin that he does so well. He was mocking me and I will not give him the satisfaction of getting to me.

I look down into her face, is she enjoying this as much as I am? Her expression is all too familiar, I’ve made it myself plenty of times. She was definitely into this! Eyes wide open, watching me, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes shining back at me. The pleasure of arousal was intoxicating, as much for me as for her. God, if only she were a guy… I shouldn’t be enjoying this so much.

How the hell did I get here!? I have to pick up Gloria in an hour to drive her up to Atlanta for her flight home. It’s fall break and the University is on hiatus until late next week, a lot of people are going home. Colin and I are among the few staying on campus. My best friend Gloria, affectionately known as Glory-The-Fag-Hag, talked me into taking her to the airport last night when her ride cancelled on her unexpectedly.

I had been in the shower, minding my own business, jacking off to the memory of that guy on the wrestling team I sucked off last night. What was his name? Mark. Oh yeah, that was it… My cell phone rang. I let it go to voicemail so I could devote all my attention to my dream wrestler. I could almost feel his big meat in my mouth as I fisted my cock, the feeling of his heavy balls as a rolled them around my fingers, his heady man-funk filling my senses. I could feel orgasm beginning to approach when my cell phone rang again. FUCK! This time I couldn’t ignore it. I got out quickly, grabbed a towel and answered the phone. “Hello?” It was Glory.

“You awake yet, bitch?” She chided.

“Yeah, bitch, I’m awake! I was just in the shower.”

“Well, quit playing with your big gay pee-pee and hurry it up already! We have to be there two hours early to get through all the security screening thingies.”

“I know,” I answered, “we’ll be there in plenty of time.”

“You know, Kyle, I really appreciate you doing this for me. You’re a real lifesaver!”

Glory and I had been tight friends since we showed up at freshman orientation four years ago. She was like a sister to me, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. But I wanted to get back to my shower and my wrestler.

“Hey, that’s what friends are for! You’d do the same for me. Listen, I was just in the shower so…” I said with a smile, hoping she’d take the hint and let me get back to my shower.

Suddenly, the door of our tiny dorm room flew open and Colin came bursting in locked in the throes of passion with an attractive blonde girl with the biggest tits I’d ever seen. There I was, naked, dripping wet, with an erection, speechless.

Kissing and groping each other as they ripped away at each others’ clothes, casino oyna Colin and his playmate didn’t notice me at first. I suppose the prudent thing would have been to quickly retreat to the bathroom, but before I could, I was busted.

She saw me first and her eyes got as big as saucers. When she stopped kissing him, Colin opened his eyes and then turned and looked at me. I knew what he was going to say before he said it. I braced myself for some snide comment, but he didn’t speak to me. He just smiled that evil little crooked smile of his and whispered something in the blonde’s ear.

“Uhh, Glory, can I call you back in a little while?” I managed to stutter into the phone. The towel I had been holding with one hand was not even partially concealing my nakedness.

The blonde cracked a smile of perfect white teeth and began slinking toward me, staring at my hardon like a fat man looks at babyback ribs.

“Colin just came in and I’m standing here naked, let me let you go, Gloria.” I almost pleaded, wondering what the blonde was up to.

“Tell that fine roommate of yours I said hello! Is he still dating that slut, Sara?” Glory asked.

Before I could get another word out, the blonde was down on her knees in front of me. Colin was over there snickering, having obviously put her up to this. Without a word or wayward glance, she took my waning erection into her mouth and swallowed every inch of my cock, all the way down to my pubic bone.

A rush of molten intensity flooded through me. I had never felt such a soft, slick, hot throat like this.

Colin was enjoying watching me squirm. He knew how into guys I am and there can be no doubt that he did this just to see how I would tell her to stop. He expected me to queen out and throw a fit and make her stop. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction, not today.

With my now waking cock shoved all the way down her throat, she applied some suction and slowly pulled her head back, titillating my shaft with the warm wetness of her mouth, tongue and lips.

I shivered involuntarily with pleasure.

“Kyle? You there?” Glory’s voice came over the phone.

“I… I, uh… I’ll call you back, Glory.” I quickly hung up and put the phone down. Colin was still laughing as he started to get undressed.

“Kyle, bro, say hello to Marissa! Marissa’s a naughty girl. Not bad, eh?” Colin teased.

The blonde glanced up at me and we made eye contact for a second as she sort of smiled with my dick in her mouth. Then she just kept right on sucking. In one stroke she would go from having the head of my cock between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, all the way down until my pubes pressed against her lips, and then all the way back up again. She let my cock slide easily down her throat as she gripped and pulled me into her mouth with her lips. She sucked my cock as though she had been doing this all her life, and she was a master of the craft. She wriggled her tongue along the underside of my shaft all the way down and all the way up, taking a moment to flick the underside of my cockhead before beginning the cycle all over again.

As she continued tending to my growing hardon, I watched Colin pleasuring himself. Damn, he can make me so mad, but he IS so fucking hot! Stroking his cock with his right fist, he begins to slightly buck his hips in rhythm with his stroking. Was he imagining fucking Marissa while she blew me? He stopped for a moment, spit in his palm for lube, and went back to his stroking. I was getting more and more turned on watching Colin and I knew any minute I was going to shoot off down Marissa’s skilled little throat.

My breath was coming faster as Marissa began getting serious about making me cum. Again, I felt the familiar stirrings of an orgasm when Colin spoke up.

“Why don’t you two come over here so we can all play?” His voice was low and almost tender. Was this his plan all along?

Marissa stopped, took one long sucking stroke off my cock, before licking her lips with a loud smack. “Oooh, goody! Yes, let’s!” she giggled. She stood up and led me by the cock over to Colin’s bed.

“Umm, sorry guys, but I have to go pick up Glory…”

“There’ll be time for that later, Lomax” Colin said. “For now, why don’t you get over here and help her eat my nuts?”

His invitation was tempting. I could go back to the shower and finish jacking off… But then again, who doesn’t prefer the real thing?

“Well, maybe I have a little time to play.” I conceded.

Colin was lying on the bed on his back with his legs spread. Marissa and I crawled up between his muscular thighs and got straight to work. She licked and nuzzled his right nut, while I tended studiously to the left. Marissa’s left hand found its way down to canlı casino my still-hard cock and began stroking it.

As we lay there, servicing Colin, I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Here I was, lying next to a naked woman, licking a straight man’s nuts while she jacks my dick. If you had told me 24 hours ago I would be here doing this now, I would have laughed and told you that you were crazy.

Marissa was stroking and fondling my cock and balls as she licked and sucked Colin’s ballsack. Her pendulous breasts were brushing against me as we collided gently working on Colin. As breasts go, hers were really nice, rather large, much more than a handful. Her body was slender and curvaceous, with an hourglass shape. She obviously took good care of herself, judging from her flat stomach and hints of abdominal muscle definition. Clear skin, sparkling blue eyes, with blonde hair out of a bottle, she looked like something out of an 80’s teen movie. But boy did this girl love cock!

Reeling from the enjoyment of having my face in Colin’s crotch and Marissa’s stroking my cock, I realized I was having a once-in-a-lifetime experience that a lot of people would kill for. I looked at Marissa, she was enjoying the taste of Colin’s big dick. I reached down to her pussy and began gently rubbing her clit. She breathed in audibly and let out a soft moan. Her pussy felt nice. She took Colin’s cock in her mouth and swallowed it all the way down to the base while I kept sucking his big nuts.

Marissa’s pussy was getting really wet. I fingered her hole with my middle finger while rolling her clit under my thumb. Marissa began grinding her hips in rhythm with her sucking movements and her moaning became much more constant. The more turned on she got, the faster she sucked Colin’s massive cock. She pumped her head up and down like a piston, slurping and sucking, like a person possessed. Even in my most turned-on state, I never reached this girl’s intensity. She was unbelievable!

“Unh.. fuck. Lemme’ eat your pussy, baby!” Colin gasped.

Marissa stopped sucking Colin and licked her lips with a “smack.” She looked into deeply into my eyes, smiled coyly, and repositioned herself straddling Colin’s face. I shifted my position so I could lie on my stomach and really get to work on my roommate’s big dick.

Without the hindrance of a cock in her mouth, Marissa became very vocal now as Colin’s tongue went to work on her wet snatch.

“Fuck yeah, baby, eat my pussy…” she cooed. Moans became panting gasps, which became near screams as Colin’s expert tongue found her every hidden place. Marissa was rolling and grinding her hips into Colin’s face and his cock started getting even harder.

Finally getting him all to myself, I took his balls in my right hand, encircled his shaft at the base with my left and I took him fully into my mouth. He was still sloppy wet from Marissa’s ministrations and his dick slid slickly in my hand. I stroked and milked his cock as I sucked it, simultaneously jacking him off and blowing him.

Colin must’ve been getting really turned on eating Marissa out because suddenly he was pre-cumming a lot. The slightly salty, viscous precum blended with my spit as I slathered the wetness all over his meat. As I sucked and bobbed up and down on his pole, the warm softness of the skin of his cock tantalized my tongue as I caressed it.

Marissa’s moaning was at a near fever pitch and I thought surely she was going to cum soon. Colin was lying on his back with Marissa straddling his face facing away from me, while I was on my stomach servicing Colin. Marissa would roll her hips forward and back and I could see Colin’s tongue lapping and darting in and out of Marissa’s soppy wet pussy.

In a sudden burst of frantic movement, Marissa grabbed Colin’s head with both hands, entwined her fingers in his brown hair, and with a sudden jerk pulled his face tight into her crotch. Her face had the expression of a person screaming at the top of their lungs, but the only sound that came out was a slight sound of air escaping her lungs. Her eyes shut tightly, her mouth wide open, she was holding her breath as her body shuddered with the powerfully intense orgasm that washed through her.

Colin reached down with one hand and tapped me on the head. I knew from experience that meant to stop sucking, he was about to cum and he didn’t want to shoot off yet.

When Marissa could breathe again, she dismounted Colin’s face and sort of collapsed on her back beside Colin.

“Was that good, baby?” he asked. He even had a note of tenderness in his voice that almost surprised me.

“Oh FUCK yeah!” Marissa panted. “I want some more!”

Colin smiled that wry smile at me. “C’mon dude, time to make a man out kaçak casino of you.” He said.

Wiping the spit and precum from my chin, I helped Colin reposition. Marissa moved to the edge of the bed, still lying on her back with her head leaning back off the edge of the bed. She opened her mouth wide and said “Ahh..”

Colin got down on his knees on the floor in front of Marissa’s mouth, slid one hand under the back of her neck, and slid his cock neatly in, all the way down her throat without any resistance. He threw his head back and let out a deep moan before bucking his hips slowly all the way in and then all the way out of her mouth and throat. Then he looked at me.

“See, dude, this girl really knows how to handle cock.”

I had to admit I was impressed by her ability to take a dick so easily. It had taken me a long time to learn to deepthroat without gagging. Marissa seemed an absolute natural at it. I wondered how such a youthful girl became so worldly.

“Now why don’t you get up there and get some pussy for the first time?” he teased.

By this time I realized that the boundaries had been torn down. I had never actually fucked a girl before, and I was aching to cum. I looked at Colin as he continued slowly facefucking Marissa. Her nipples were hard and she was rubbing her pussy when she reached out and started stroking my dick again.

I climbed up between her legs, hooked her knees in my elbows and rolled her pelvis back, exposing her pussy to me fully. She reached down and directed the head of my cock against her opening and I pushed forward sliding into her hot love tunnel.

The feeling of hot pussy enveloping my cock for the first time was incredible. The warm softness wetly engulfed my cock as I slid inch after inch into her until I was balls deep. Her pussy began gently spasming, clenching and massaging my cock, it was even better than her deep, soft throat. It was very different from fucking a guy, her pussy was softer, wetter, hotter somehow. Slowly I fucked her, pushing all the way in and pulling almost all the way out. The feeling was unbelievable. I could feel my face starting to get hot and my nuts were aching with the need to cum.

Colin was now face fucking her with his eyes locked on the union of my cock in her pussy. He looked like he was in a deep trance of some kind. Holding her head by the back of her neck, he was now fucking her mouth like I was fucking her pussy. His stroke became quicker and shorter and his breath was coming in short gasps now.

As the tension in my balls built beyond my ability to contain it, I began fucking Marissa’s pussy faster and faster until I was pounding her as hard as I could. I looked into Colin’s eyes, and his gaze met mine. Marissa’s moans were stifled by Colin’s cock as he rammed it in and out of her throat.

In one great cacophony of lust, the orgasms began. I felt mine begin to erupt like a volcano that had slept for a thousand years. The first burst of cum blasted into Marissa’s pussy with a force I know she could feel, rocking my body with shockwaves of ecstasy that took my breath away. At the same moment, Colin thrust his hips forward, slamming his cock to the hilt down Marissa’s throat, threw his head back and let out a very loud “Ohhhhh FUUUUCCCCCK!” as he pumped every drop of cum in his body down Marissa’s eager gullet. I could feel Marissa’s pussy walls clamping down on my cock even harder as I pumped blast after blast of hot milky cum into her, her body heaving with the force of Colin’s cock impaling her throat and mine plunged deeply into her cunt as wave after wave of orgasm overtook her.

Colin slowly pulled out of her to let her breathe and a long trail of spit and cum remained suspended between his cock and Marissa’s mouth. He just wiped it off with a stroke of his fist and collapsed on the bed beside Marissa. I had shot a huge load and I could feel my cum mixing with her pussy juice as I slowly continued fucking in and out of her, reveling in the slick morass of her sex.

Before any of us could say a word, my cell phone began ringing again. SHIT, I had forgotten about Glory and now I was late. I let it rollover to voicemail. She was going to kill me.

“Sorry guys, I really have to get going.” I apologized.

“No problemo, dude. We’ll find something to keep ourselves occupied.” Colin said, snuggling up with Marissa as he began fondling her breasts.

“It was very nice to meet you, Kyle.” Marissa said sweetly. “Hope we can all do it again some time soon.”

“Likewise.” I said.

Colin and Marissa began playing anew and I hurried back to my shower. As the hot water washed over me my thoughts turned again to the previous night’s wrestler. What was his name again? Oh yeah… Mark. That was it. When my erection started growing again I thought, finally, I could jack off to that delicious memory. As I began pulling my pud, my attention was ripped away once again…

…by the ringing of my cell phone.

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